【Translation】 Dekiai do H Kareshi no Sasayaki Love H ~ Do-S Do-M Ryoukyoku-sei Kareshi ~

Thank You to Anon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

溺愛どH彼氏のささやきラブH ~ドSドM両極性彼氏~

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Track 1


Look, it’s the drink you love.

And this beer…


It’s been so long. I’m finally able to see you again.



That hit the spot.

You want to have a drink of this?

I guess I can’t say no. Open your mouth, then.


Is it good?

I’ve turned off the light, so relax.

You’re so cute. This is our first kiss in a long time. It gets your heart racing, doesn’t it?

You had to live with constant self-restraint, right? After all, we haven’t seen each other in so long.

Were you lonely?

I was so lonely. Every day I would jack off while thinking of you.

It’s true.


Whenever I message you, I feel the loneliness of not being able to see you and my sexual urges would rise up. And I would get pent-up, y’know?

So, today, I want to go at it like rabbits. Can we?

Can I fuck you until I’m satisfied? I want to mess you up.

I want to make it so that the only thing on your mind tonight is me. Understand?

You’ve said it. But, I want you to show that you’ve missed me with your attitude. …Come onto me.


Come on, leave your drink over there.

I’ll sit right here, so take the initiative. Do what you want to me.

Take off my clothes.

Let’s kiss.

Yes. Good girl.


It tastes of alcohol.

Take the shirt off too.

It’s such a freeing feeling. Now, lick my nipples.


It feels good…

You’re flicking it with the tip of your tongue… Please lick around my nipple in a circle.

It feels good. It feels good.


Bite down on them gently.

Make it so that it hurts a little.

Yes. The pain from being bitten by you makes me incredibly happy.

Do the same for the other side too.

I don’t mind if you leave a mark. I belong to you.


It feels good.

Kiss me.

You were super cute when you were sucking on my nipples.

I love you. I love you a lot.


I’ll stick my tongue, so entwine yours with mine and lead me along.

Come on.

It feels good…

Hey, suck my tongue.


Wow, my entire mouth is feeling good.

I love you. I love you.

I can’t wait any longer. I want you to touch that place too.

Take off my pants.


Can you tell? I’m embarrassingly hard right now.

I kept enduring it and enduring it while thinking of you.

I am really aroused right now. Thank you for undressing me. Because it’s been such a long time I want you to use your mouth and lick it a whole bunch.

I really love it when you lick me.



I got harder just by kissing you like this.

I mean, I love you.

It’s out of my underwear, so try dragging your hands along it.

It feels so good being touched by you.


It feels good…

I can’t… I’m going to cum just from your touch. It’s so good.

Use your mouth too.

Let’s take off my underwear…


I’m completely naked now. It’s a bit embarrassing being the only one, but I don’t mind since it’s you.

It’s standing at attention.

I get embarrassed when you bring your face so close to it.

Lick it.

Yes, from the top.


Oh, it feels good…

Yes, lick it starting from the balls.

It feels good.

This is bad… You’re licking so slowly and yet I’m about to cum. Ah, I’m about to blow. It feels good…


Take it down to the base.

Oh crap, it feels so good. You have a somewhat good understanding of where my sweet spots are, huh?


It’s so warm and pleasant. I’m so deep inside your throat.


You’re so dirty.

If you go so hard, I’ll cum… I’ll cum… I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming.

I’m going to blow. I’m going to cum inside your mouth.



I came so much… I came so much in your mouth.

Turn this way.

Wow, that’s a lot of cum. Seeing you swallow all that is super hot.

Come on, make sure to swallow everything that’s trickling down from your mouth too.

I’ll scrape it back into your mouth.

Open your mouth and savor it together with my fingers.



Does it taste of me?

Come on, swallow. Gulp it down.

And it’s gone inside you.


You’re so cute. I love you.

It has my taste to it.

It’s mixed in with your saliva, so it’s a very lewd taste. A bit salty.

Use your tongue and let’s meld into each other.

You’ve become very lewd now, haven’t you? Thank you for taking all that initiative. It made me very happy.

Now this time, I’ll take the lead and devour you until I’ve had my fill.



These cute ears belong to me too, right?


And your cute earlobes… I’ll nibble on them.


They’re very soft.

Let me stick my tongue inside your ear holes.

It has your taste…


This earlobe here is cute too.


Hmm? It feels good?

You’re so cute.

You’ve become so sensitive now and feel it so easily.



I’m so happy being able to see you like this.

I love you. Because we haven’t kissed in such a long time, it makes me want to kiss you a million times over.

It’s embarrassing being the only one naked, so I’m going to undress you.


Lift up your arms.

Let’s get you completely naked. Let me get everything on the bottom off too.

Now we’re both completely naked.

It’s just us, so there’s no reason to be embarrassed, right? We love each other, after all.

I’m happy just touching your soft skin.

I’m going to give a bunch of kisses to your nape.


Let me leave a mark on your beautiful skin to show that you are mine.

I’ve left a kiss mark.

Let me leave more.

You’re worried about them being visible?

Don’t worry, I left them down below, so they can’t be seen. With this, no pesky bugs will come near you.

No, I’m not doubting you. I just want people to see that you are mine. …Especially those around you.


I’ll lick your cute nipples a bunch too.

I’m going to tease these puffed-up nipples with the tip of my tongue…

They’re hard now. Hehe.

This side too.


They’ve become sensitive, haven’t they?

They’re sticking out already. What a lewd body you have.

When I suck on them…


I’ll flick these stiff nipples around with my tongue as I suck on them.


You’re really feeling it, aren’t you? When you’re this sensitive, your entire body feels good, right?

I’ll kiss your stomach a bunch too.

Your navel is cute.


It tickles?

From your hips to your sides… I’ll make love to it all.

I’ll eat you up completely.


You taste so sweet and so good.

Should I stir the inside of your belly button with my tongue?

It’s very loveable.


Bend your legs.

Yes. Your legs are very cute too.

Let me lick your knees.


Is it warm, the tip of my tongue?

Every part of you is cute.

Does it tickle?


Lift your feet.

Your toes are cute too. I’ll lick the in-between of your toes one by one.


I’m going to stick your big toe in my mouth.

I’ll lick this place too.


I’ve licked you from your ears down to the tips of your toes.

Now then…

I’ve left the best place for last.

You’ve been wanting me to lick it, haven’t you?

You’re so cute. I’ve been aching to lick it this whole time. Spread your legs nicely if you want me to lick it.

Hold your legs open.

And keep them spread.

Yes, yes, that’s sexy. You’ve become so lewd now.


If I drag my fingers along…

Take a look.

Look, there are strings forming. You’re soaked.

See? You’re completely drenched.

I’ll stir it up with my fingers for you.


You’ve softened up so much inside.

Did you want me to tease you?

Gaping open like that… It’s ready to take me in, isn’t it? But, we’re not getting to that yet.

I’ll tease your G-spot here with my fingers.


You’re wet and twitching inside.

I got to keep going with how wet you are. You wanted me to do this, didn’t you?

I’m going to use two fingers…and mix you around inside.

I’m going to churn you up until you lose your mind.


Go on, you don’t have to hold back.

Your G-spot is where it feels greatest, right?


Don’t close your legs. You have to keep them open.

Incredible. I’m going to give your little clit a lot of licking while fingering your G-spot.


This feels pretty good, doesn’t it?

I’m going to suck on your little clit and play around with it inside my mouth.


I’ll tease you through and through.

So good. Your pussy juice tastes so good.

Having both places toyed with is making your mind go blank, isn’t it?

You’re making a very indecent-looking expression, but it’s also one of the cutest expressions I’ve seen.


Your womb has come so far down.

I’ll give your womb a good taste of the hard and thick rod. If you’re feeling this good from my fingers, I wonder what’ll happen if I put my dick in?

You like my dick, don’t you?

Look at this. It’s rock-hard.

I’ll insert this…slowly inside you.

I’m sure you’ll cum when it reaches as deep as it can go. You’re quite sensitive, after all. I’ll grind this girthy tip against your deepest regions.


Let’s face each other.

It’s so wet and so dirty. I only gazed at the underside against you and it’s already feeling so good.

Being enveloped by you like this is dangerous.

Your face is telling me that you’re begging for more.

I find that perverted expression extremely adorable. I love it.


Use your mouth and tell me what you want.

What of mine do you want there?

“Please shove your dick inside me.”

Good girl. I’ll insert it slowly inside you, then.


Let me slip the tip in…

The top bit’s been swallowed inside.

This is bad… The feeling of your pussy walls just touching the head and tip is already too good.

It’s going inside you. It’s going deeper inside you…

Do you feel the tip touching your womb?

Soon enough, I’ll be plunging it deep inside so that the tip reaches the entrance to your womb.


It’s all in there now, isn’t it?

Your place there is squeezing around me so tightly…and taking upon my shape.

You’re twitching happily while feeling the shape of my cock.

I’m going to start.


Wow, you’re convulsing inside.

Cum. Feel all of me and cum.

Climax more and tighten up around me more. I want you to feel all of me and cum.


When I rub against you, you tighten around me…

Ah damn, your entire body’s now sensitive. What’ll happen if I kiss you?

Open your mouth.

You’re twitching down there…


I haven’t even started pistoning yet.

I’m happy that you’re feeling so good. I feel so blessed.

Then I’ll start by moving slowly.

I’ll make sure to grind the tip against your entrance, your folds, and your womb.


It feels good, doesn’t it?

I’ll tease you slowly.

It feels good. It feels good… After all that close intimacy and grinding…it’s become a wonderful for-my-use-only pussy.

I’m so happy.


You’re quivering even when I’m moving this slowly. You sure are sensitive.

What’ll happen if I go harder?

I’ll gradually move faster then…stir you up inside.


I don’t think I’ll be able to stop my hips. It feels so damn good.

I can’t stop, it feels too good.

I’m losing all sense of reason. I can’t control myself.


I can’t hang on much longer, so let’s both…

Here it comes.

I’m going to pump a large load inside you.

Let’s both…let’s both cum together.

Cumming. I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m-


You’re clamping down so hard.

It’s all leaking out of you… What a naughty pussy you have.

It’s the best. To me, there is no better pussy than yours. You have a lewd body.

I love you. I love you, I love you.

I love you. I love you.


I love you more than anything.

I won’t let go of any part of you.

I can’t think about anything but you, so stay with me forever. Okay?

I’m happy.


We haven’t seen each other in so long, so I’m super pent-up. Just this isn’t enough.

I want to go in from the back.

Turn around.


It’s not going down at all, after all.


Yes, go down onto the bed and lie face down.

Lift your hips up a little.

I’m going in from the back. I’ll have my way with you, prone-bone style.


You’re squeezing up so much…

Since you’re clamping up, you can feel my shape, can’t you?

Turn this way. Let’s kiss.


Your back is very beautiful too.

You feel it even from your back, huh?

It feels good…

I want to fondle your boobs, so prop your body.

Get on all-fours.


It feels good. Even from the back you still squeeze up so tightly.

You’re such a naughty girl. I love it.


Lend me your arms.

By pulling on your arms, I can put more force into it and ravage you through and through.

Quivering as you’re being fucked from the back… You’re so cute.

It feels so good… I feel like I’m going to cum again soon.

Here it comes. I’m going to pull on you and go even harder. I’m going to ravage your pussy.


Oh, it feels so good.

Crap, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum…

Let me pump loads into you again.

Come on, when I cum, I want us to cum together.

Come on, cum.

I’m cumming again… Cum.

I’m cumming!


Are you okay?

Let me kiss your back.

You held in there. Good girl.

I’m pulling out.


My semen is overflowing from your pussy and trickling down… How dirty.

After seeing an indecent sight like that, there’s no way I’d be able to hold myself back.

Come this way.

It’s still not enough. I want to fuck you while staring at your face.

I want us to cum together while I have a full view of that perverted euphoric expression…


Put your legs on my shoulders.


I’ll thrust down on your hard from above.


Ah, it feels so nice.

Come on, match your little response with my movements. I’ll pound you even harder.

Your hips are bouncing up and down…

That’s so erotic.


Let’s cum together while pressing closely to each other and kissing.

You’re so wet…

I love you. I want to stay like this with you forever…and savor all this pleasure.

Let’s cum together.

Here it comes. Let’s cum.

Cumming, cumming, cumming, cumming… I’m cumming!


I’ve completely emptied my load. Your body felt too good and I ended up pumping everything into you.

But…the night’s only begun.

Let’s make love even more to make up for the time we were apart.

I want us to stay together forever.

Even if you have reservations, let me take control. That way we’ll be together forever happily.

And then we’d do things that feel good like this.

It’ll all feel good before you know it.


Just kidding. It’s just a joke.

I love you.

Come inside my arms.

I’ll pat your head.

You’re so cute. I love you.


You’re tired, right? There, there.

Take the time and rest.

But, when you wake up, make sure to wake me. I still want to make more love with you. Okay?

Good girl.

Good night.

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