About me


Well, hello there! I’m Criy, and the sole person behind this translation blog.

I’m just a dumb as a potato and tired as hell nursing student trying not to accidentally kill someone during their clinical practicums and drowning in tears over their grades.

You’ll find me randomly translating whatever my morbid curiosity leads me to, but also a fair share of vanilla. Compared to many out there, I’m pretty new to working on CDs. Hehe… I’ve only been around a bit over a year or so, so I’m still got ways to go. Yes, I surprisingly haven’t around long, lol.

Bias – Makino, oh and did I mention Makino? and uh…that’s about it I guess. I’m a simple girl with simple needs.

Why? You might ask. I fall asleep to him even if he’s there laughing like a crazy maniac or whatever other crazy shenanigans he does (considering how many yandere roles this man keeps on doing), and it controls my spending. Stares at literally hundreds of CDs sitting on my bookshelf… Also, he’s the motivator behind why I got myself into this translating hell hole in the first place.

Jokes aside, I also love Okitsu, Satou, Nojima, Majima, and Yamanaka.

Anyhow, please enjoy the translations. I don’t leave my thoughts/opinions on my posts, but if you ever want to chat I’m always floating around on Discord.


  1. Liliana Maribël Stöchiberg

    Hello Criy. Do forgive me for my English and the grammar mistakes I’ll made. I do apologise for the length of the text.

    This year have been really rough for me (lost several family members to COVID-19 and was admitted in the hospital for it, lost my job and literally ran out of money which sadly disables me from making commision nor donation) as weird as this might sound for this blog, the translation you’ve made had save me from mild case of depression and anxiety since life is simply overwhelming for me (and all of us, ofc) right now. I’m sorry if this post sending sympathy or attention-seeking vibe but I honestly want to thank you and the commisioners for doing this.

    I have some of the drama CDs but my Japanese isn’t proficient enough to fully understand them (truly for the plot tho lol not just the eroi scenes) and the translations you’ve made have definetly lift up my spirit and made life a lot better. I don’t have the words to properly explain how it made my life better, but it surely did since I don’t have much hobby nor particular interest in many things. Allow me once again to thank you for making my life (and not just other, truthfully) better again while make me happy and excited for your translation.

    I do apologise and hope not a single entity cyberbully nor jeapordize your translation (at least give credit amd notify you…..) and I prayed for your wellbeing. Please do take care of your physical and mental health while staying safe during this time. Sincerely and humbly, I thank you for the countless of time you helped me despite not knowing each other.


    1. Criy

      Thank you for your heartwarming message!
      I hope situations improve for both you and your family.
      I’m glad that this small blog is making a difference (however slight that may be), and I’m happy that my translations were able to lighten up your day even a little during these dark times.


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