About me


I’m just a dumb as a potato 19 yr. old student trying not to accidentally kill someone during their clinical practicums and drowning in tears over their grades.

You’ll find me randomly translating whatever my morbid curiosity leads me to, but also a fair share of vanilla.

I just do whatever, whenever. Since it is still tedious work, what I’m working on depends on my mood that day or y’know nothing bcuz I’m too lazy that day lmao. I try to keep a relatively consistent schedule, but life happens.

Bias – Makino, oh and did I mention Makino?
and uh…that’s about it I guess. I’m a simple girl with simple needs.

Why? You might ask. I fall asleep to him, and it controls my spending.
Stares at shelves full of CDs

Jokes aside, I also love Okitsu, Satou, Nojima, Majima, and Yamanaka.

Anyhow, please enjoy the translations. I don’t leave my thoughts/opinions on my posts, but if you ever want to chat I’m always floating around on Discord@Criy#2748, Twitter @Criytl works as well.


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