About me

Well, hello there! I’m Criy and the sole person behind this translation blog.

Compared to many out there, I’m still relatively new to working on CDs.

But anyways, I’m just a tired-as-hell local dying nurse. So if I sound dry, it’s probably because of that. I won’t go into detail, but you do witness a lot in this profession. Ehehe…

You’ll find me randomly translating whatever my morbid curiosity leads me to, but also a fair share of vanilla.

Bias – Makino, oh and did I mention Makino? and uh…that’s about it I guess. I’m a simple girl with simple needs.

Why? You might ask. I fall asleep to him even if he’s there laughing like a crazy maniac or whatever other crazy shenanigans he does (considering how many yandere roles this man keeps on doing), and it controls my spending. Stares at literally hundreds of CDs sitting on my bookshelf… Also, he’s the motivator behind why I got myself into this translating hell hole in the first place.

Jokes aside, I also love Okitsu, Satou, Nojima, Majima, and Yamanaka.

Anyhow, please enjoy the translations!
I don’t leave my thoughts/opinions on my posts in order to remain as neutral as possible, but if you ever want to chat, I’m always floating around on Discord.


  1. AlisaHoone

    omggg, I just came here by chance and I wanted to say you’re so coool! I can see you’ve put a lot of effort in translating these DramaCD, and their mostly the newest version DD: !! Goodluck in trying not to accidentally kill anybody xD and thanks so much for taking the time to translate these and sharing them !! With these I could enjoy DramaCD’s wholeheartedly !!

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