【Translation】 Cabaret to Kakuzato -1958- Fuwa Manabu DLsite Tokuten

Thank You to Alejandra for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: A Pledge to the Future


There is still plenty of time before the stream train arrives, so why don’t we find somewhere to eat near here?

What do you want to eat?

You’re gazing at the Tokyo Tower again.

In the few days that you’ve been here, this has already become your daily routine.

I never noticed that you can see the Tokyo Tower from this window.

Yeah, I guess it was a missed opportunity. I could have seen the steel frame being put together from scratch.

I suppose that means I never had the time to be looking out the windows……


It’s almost complete now. It’s amazing how little more than a year has passed since construction began.

The area around this house was a burnt-out wilderness, but now it’s all gone.

I’ve decided to leave it in the hands of someone I trust. After all, it would be destroyed in a matter of seconds if it were handled poorly. Even if there was valuable Taisho architecture that survived that war, in this day and age…

One day, we will return.


Today we will say goodbye to this place too.

Here… With a view of the soon-to-be-completed Tokyo Tower…

Hmm? The people in the neighborhood?

Don’t worry about them.

It’s the middle of the day and everyone is too busy to be paying attention. And we won’t be back for a while even if they do hear us.

Or shall we just sit back and let them hear?

Then, put your hand on the window sill.


Stick your hips out.


The inside of you feels amazing as always.

Not to mention the Tokyo Tower that seems to reach into the sky…

To be able to look at the symbol of Tokyo’s progress into a new era with you in a house that is a remnant of the good old days…

It’s a wonderful, yet indescribably strange feeling.

When we return, this scene will be gone. I have no doubt that there would be many buildings built around it and we won’t be able to see the Tokyo Tower like this.

Tokyo is changing.

It will rise up again from the burning ruins and build everything anew.


And they will tear down everything old that remains…

It’ll be like all those things never existed. It’s frightening.

I want to kiss you. Turn your face this way.


I’m going to begin a new life with you in the darkness, but it’s all become quite meddling.

I’m always giving you <Sugar Cube> via mouth, huh? It’s become quite the habit.

Let’s go around Japan. I’ll take you across the whole country.

And the place where we grew up in Nagoya too.

Yes, I promise you that.


There may not be traces of it, but let’s search for it.

The vestiges of the scenes we saw, the memories of the loving times with your Father and Mother…


You’re about to come?

Ah, me too.

Here it comes.



Your lips too…

Your place should always be by my side. Okay?


It’s about time we set off.

Let us part from the Tokyo Tower.

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