【Translation】 Fukinshin Residence ~Otonari ni Sumu Kamen Namahaishin-sha to no Deep na Kankei~

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フキンシン・レジデンス ~お隣に住む仮面ナマ配信者とのディープな関係~

CV: Mitsuhashi Wataru (三橋渡)

Track 1: Welcome to the SAM Channel


Hello! Welcome to the SAM channel.

In other news, we’ve surpassed 1 million subscribers! Thank you so much! As you can see, this is the new set.

It’s a nice way to commemorate my move.

Oh, the reason?

I’m sure you can guess.

Today, in honor of our one-millionth subscriber, I’m going to answer everyone’s questions in ASMR.

Take a look. What do you think? It’s a mic with ears. Please put on your headphones.

If I get close to the ears…


Do you have a bra and panties on?

I like the white ones you have on today, but I would like it if you were braless and pantyless.


Did you all hear that?

Anyways, question, “SAM can tell how much experience a woman has by looking at her at a glance, so what kind of woman is your type?”

All girls are my type. I’m open to everyone.

I’m fine with both older and younger. If a girl has a face or style complex, well, to put it bluntly, it’s a treat…

They would say “My boobs are small” and I would say “Don’t worry about it, I like your boobs the way they are” and suck on them. I’m not concerned about size, girls are all omniversal.


Alright, next question. “I wanna ask you, SAM, since your body count is over 300, how do you know if a woman’s faking it or not? She says she came but I’m not sure I can believe her.”

Oh, I see, I see.

Also, I think 300 is a bit of an understatement, though I guess it’s still in the realm of 3 digits.

Anyways, enough about that.

Where were we again?

Ah, right, “How to tell if a girl’s faking it or not?”

Well, this is something that all men go through at least once, isn’t it? Anyway, when she comes, she’ll…SQUEEZE up, so has that ever happened? Or maybe she starts quivering or grabs your hand.

But you know what? Shouldn’t you be happy when a girlfriend’s willing to fake an orgasm for her boyfriend?

Anyhow, let’s choose to believe her.


Next question. “SAM, you’re able to undo 10 bra hooks within a minute with one hand, if I can’t unhook them properly and it’s awkward, is there any way I can fake it?”

You watched that video. Thank you.

Let’s see… A way to fake it.

You can put your hands behind her back as I kissed her and remove them with both hands. Sorta like this.

“Ah, it’s not coming off.”

“It’s finally off. You’re such a tease, you naughty girl.”

You know the feeling when a girl’s bra comes off? I love it. Make that your goal and good luck in your quest to get there.


Next question, “SAM, a proven popular guy, says that five lines are standard for daily sex, but it’s obviously a lie and the mask is just to hide their ugliness, and the women who come to him are just looking for money.”

I don’t mind you antis. I don’t really care what is said. Please say whatever you want, I really, really don’t care.

Alright, that’s it. That’s the end of it.

Next question, “I had a failed relationship and it’s been rough, what should I do, SAM?”

A failed relationship, huh… It must be difficult. I understand how you feel.

Do not worry, the more you cry, the better you can be. You’re now a better woman. …Congratulations, you’ve leveled up! Guys, go get this girl!

It might be difficult now, but one day you’ll be glad you’ve experienced this broken heart. It’ll all end well.


Now, to wrap up…

I’m going to turn off my camera. Let’s do an ASMR quiz. I want you to guess what I’m licking.

Does it tickle?

Here’s a hint. It smells sweet and juicy.


It’s so wet now.

It’s firm and delicious.

The correct answer is…this! Shine muscat!

I got so many responses. Thank you for participating.

Did you like today’s stream? If you enjoyed it, please like and subscribe to the channel. Until next time!


Track 2: Nice to Meet You


Hello, I’m the new person who moved in next door.

Nice to meet you, Touga Natsuki.

Really? So it’s been only half a year since you moved here yourself, huh?

Thank you very much for your kindness. If I am in serious trouble, I will ask you for help. Sorry in advance.

As part of our meeting… Here, have some shine muscats.

I’m glad you like them. They’re delicious, right?

We have a lot of them at home, so I’d like to share them with you.

I know, right? When you try to buy yourself, it’s hard to find ones of this size?


Well, this is my gift to you, so take a bite. Please enjoy it as soon as possible before it goes bad.

I ate a whole bunch last night.

Is there something wrong?

If that’s what you say.

Sorry, this is our first time meeting and here I am talking away. Is there something on my face?

Is it this? This spot on the base of my mouth?

It’s not dirt, it’s a mole.

No, no, it doesn’t bother me. There are a lot of people like that, aren’t there?


Huh? Is that a rhodochrosite ring?

I knew it. It symbolizes eternal love, right?

No, I don’t know all that much. I was into it for a while, and I enjoyed looking up the meanings of crystals.

I bought only crystals to ward off evil.

Well, indeed, yeah.

Was there a reason for you? When people buy crystals, it’s usually because they’re going through something.

You could say again. I guess we’ve both been through a lot.


Oh, sorry, it was only supposed to be a simple greeting and yet I’ve taken up so much of your time.

I’m a freelancer, so I’m at home at odd times, but if you need anything, please feel free to let me know.

I’ll be in your care, Neighbor.


Track 3: The Story Behind the Drunken Stupor


Neighbor, are you okay!?

She hit her face… Is she… Did she drink too much?

No, it’s fine, it’s fine. I can just wash later. Right now, I’m worried about you.

Did you drop your key? Is it around here?

Your key’s gone…?

Hold on. Let’s go to my place.


Have you settled down now?

Here, hot chocolate.

There’s no way I could ignore a girl who’s obviously in trouble. I can at least give you a place to shower and a shirt to borrow.

Stay here until we can get in touch with the building manager.

How are you feeling? It looked like you drank a lot.

It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Everyone has times when they want to drink away their sorrows. If you want to, you can talk to me about it.


Is something wrong? Did something happen?

A fight with your boyfriend?

Could you tell me more?

I… I see. You refused to have sex and so he yelled at you to get out.

So he only thinks about himself during sex?

Is your boyfriend inexperienced? There’s often a lot of pressure on men, so it might be that he isn’t thinking about you, his girlfriend.

It’s fine. You’ll feel better when you open up about it to people, so keep going.


He would lie to you… And when he’d cheat, he’d be unusually nice… But, that boyfriend can’t live without you…

I understand. You’re kind, aren’t you? You’re able to accept your boyfriend for everything that he is and that’s why this makes it all the more painful. It’s the people that are kind that berate themselves over it.

I like that saying too. Difficulties are opportunities for growth.

Though it might sound a little pretentious.

Yes, “the more you cry, the better you can be.” It really is true.

“I knew it”…?

Is it?

What? That’s really sudden. Why are you asking that now? Are you saying that I act like a Youtuber?


Could you give me an example?

Voice, huh?

Are you the type of person who has absolute pitch?

Aren’t you getting too worked up about it? The sound quality can be quite poor.

Same voice as the ASMR recording…

I wonder about that.

The moon is all over the world here, that’s weak evidence.

The house I moved to? The shine muscat?

And? Is there anything else?


The mole at the base of my mouth…

So you’re saying I am SAM…

My voice is the same when it comes to it… But…

I went through all the trouble of moving. Don’t tell me you’re a stalker? A liver? Or is this some hidden camera joke?

No, I get it. You’re trying to blackmail me!

They all say that, you know, coming up to me and smiling. I’m tired of it.

What? Are you trying to come up with an excuse at this stage?


Oh, uh, I guess that is true.

You’ve exposed a lot to me, and even if it’s a setup, it might seem like too much work.

Eh? A video where I captured an injured white cat?

Oh yeah, I did film one. That was quite a long time ago. Though, because it showed the injuries, it got deleted.

If I remember correctly, it was when I first started the SAM channel.

It was a time when very few people knew about me and I even got scratched by the white cat I had caught

Yeah, yeah, I was so happy when I found them a foster home, but I started to think that I would never see him again, and I found myself balling.


That was when I finally decided that I would take this seriously.

It felt nice to make people laugh and make them happy. Are you that Shironeko that would leave comments from time to time?

I never knew that I was the one who inspired your handle name. I had no idea.

Though this is my first time hearing about it, I guess there’s no way I could’ve known.

No, this is like a dream… I’m happy to finally meet Shironeko.

No, uh, to tell you the truth, the reason I moved was because antis got a hold of my address and I would get followed. I thought this was it and I panicked, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.


Oh, would you like more hot chocolate?

But seriously, I almost had a heart attack. I put on a mask so people wouldn’t find out, but I never thought I’d be exposed so quickly.

No, I’m happy you’d say that. You’re the only one other than my staff that knows what I actually look like.

Eh? I’m fine, I’m fine, a burn like this is…


I, uh, think it feels a little better now.

No, umm, go ahead.



Okay, okay, I’ll bear it.

You’re very familiar with treating burns. If it had been just me, I would have been in big trouble later.

Oh, you worked part-time at a dry cleaner? I guess you do use irons there.

No, uh… It’s okay for you to hold onto my hand… And also, you’ve treated my burn.

Where the first-aid kit is?

I think it’s on the top shelf if I’m not wrong.


Oh, I guess it is hard to wrap bandages with only one hand.

I’m a little impressed with your technique.

A burn like this isn’t a huge deal. I can still continue uploading videos. And if it’s burns, the daily flames are much worse.

Oh right, I’m sure you know all about it because you’ve seen my videos.

Flame wars, being accused of staging events, and such… It happens but there are also a lot of people who support me.


Wow! It doesn’t hurt at all! You’re so good at this, I’m shocked.

Thank you, you’re such great help!

Have you finally got in touch with the building manager?

Now you can go back to your house.

Yeah. I’ll see you around, then.


Track 4: I Will Make You Forget



Oh, it’s you, Shironeko? Wait just a moment.

Oh, my shirt.

You could’ve given it back at any time. It’s been ironed so wonderfully! You weren’t lying when you said you’ve worked part-time at a dry cleaner.


Could I ask you a favor? I have an iron, but honestly don’t know how to use it.

Oh? My bandages?

Yeah, I’m really bad at that too.

Eh? Are you sure? It didn’t hurt at all when you did it, but when I do it myself it does.

Then, come on in.


Take a seat over there.

Let’s see… I’ll leave this to you.


It hurts a little, but I’m a man, so I can bear it- Ow!

Oh, it’s gotten a lot better.


It’s finally over…

Oh! You really are good at wrapping bandages! Now I’ll be able to stream easily!

You’ve been a lot of help. Thank you!

I had my shirts and iron out, but you know, my hand was hurting, so I’m thankful.

So that’s how it works.

Ah, you’re done so quick.


Uh, umm…I want to apologize to you.

I’m sorry for saying those terrible things to you the other day. You know, when I went accusing you of being a stalker or a liver. That was terrible of me.

I’ve been way too on guard. …And it was me finally meeting Shironeko.

You have such a big heart. Another other person would’ve been angry.

You’re too kind, Shironeko, and that makes me worried. And not just that, you’re… You’re a precious person who’s supported me all this time.

No, go ahead and take the call.


What’s wrong? Did your boyfriend say something to you?

He needs you immediately…?

Is there something he has to give you, Shironeko?

What? How many times has it been?

That many…

I’m just asking to be sure. Is this the first time?

Hold on, answer me. Is this the first time? Hasn’t this happened many times before? And each time, you’d cover for your boyfriend, right?

Has your boyfriend ever repaid you?


It may not sound very convincing coming from me, but Shironeko, aren’t you being used here?

If you give him the money now, it’ll only cause more suffering for you later. Is that what you want?

He’s only taking advantage of your kindness!

Shironeko, you have to cherish yourself.

If you insist on going, then I’ll make you forget.


Don’t go to a man like that.

For someone to take advantage of your kindness…

I’m sorry that it had to be this way, but I don’t want you to go to them.


I don’t want the mood to be so somber.


Stay here.


Your ears are sensitive, aren’t they? And it’s not just the sound you hear. They’re sensitive to this too.

Look this way. Let me kiss you.

You’re feeling it, aren’t you?

Relax. You’re very cute. …And it’s completely wet down there.

No, I won’t stop. Your eyes are dazed and…I’m incredibly turned on.


I’m going to take off your clothes.

There’s no point trying to stop me. I desperately want you.


What pretty nipples. When I nudge at them with my finger…

Ah, I only rubbed them a little and they’re hard. You’re sensitive, aren’t you?

I can’t stop.

Having your nipples slowly licked and sucked and your breasts fondled is making you wiggle your hips, you know?

It feels good, right?


Like I thought, you’re completely wet. You can even see the stain you’ve made.

If I glide across with my fingertip…

You tell it’s wet, right? It’s soaked in your pussy juice.

It’s such a waste to let it overflow. I wonder what it’s like under there? I’m going to take off your underwear.


Your beautiful pussy is a soppy mess.

It’s glistening…and it looks delicious.

I think I might get addicted to the taste of your pussy.

You’ve never been this wet, you say? Then I guess you’re super wet today.

And inside your vagina too…

I’ll suck on and expose your clit too.


Your back turned all the way back.

You came a little there, right? I’m so happy.

You can feel it, can’t you? It’s like you’ve completely wet yourself. And when I put my finger in, you can hear it seeping out.

Your insides are hot and they squeeze up nicely.

I’ll lick your clit and finger you deep inside.


You came again.

You’re so lewd, you’re shaking and trembling. Tears are even welling up.

Hey, let me put it in. I’m rock hard and I’m leaking precum everywhere.

I want to do it raw.

Can you feel it against your pussy? It’s all sticky with precum.

It’s too big?

Sorry about that. I’ll make sure it doesn’t hurt when I put it in.


Here I go.

So tight.

Slowly… As deep as it can go…

There, I’ve reached it.

You’re clenching so much. Don’t tell me you came just from having it deep inside you?

A pussy that’s just cum feels good. My dick feels like it’s about to melt.

I want to churn you up completely.

I’m gonna move.


Huh? What you had just now was an orgasm. You’re even convulsing inside. …Don’t tell me you never knew?

You’re tightening so much…

Your entrance is amazing. It feels like I’m going to be wrung dry.

Go a little more, a little more crazy. I want to see more of your lewd expression.

Cum as many times as you want from my dick.

This place. I’ll grind against this place deep inside you.


I wonder if you know it feels good to dig your nails in when you cum?

You’re so engrossed in it… It’s cute.

Your pussy is just too amazing. I can’t stop my hips.

You… You like it deep, don’t you? My dick is being sucked inside you.


Hey, look at me.

Your boobs are bouncing all over.

Can you feel me pounding that deep spot you love? I’m against your exposed clit and your wet pussy is making my dick feel so good.

Damn it. I want to, I want to be connected to you for longer, but…I’m being sandwiched between your legs…

We’re pressed right up against each other. It’s incredible.

My body’s just moving on its own. It’s like magic. Your climaxing pussy feels so good! It feels like I’m about to give out.

I’m… I’m at my limit too. You’re just tightening up so hard.


Hey, let’s cum together.

I want to make the cute you cum non-stop.



Your moans were amazing. I found it adorable.

I love you. I don’t want to let you go.

Your nose, your cheeks, your eyelids… They’re all adorable. I’m so hopeless that I even surprised myself. It’s like my mind left me.

It’s okay. You can stay here. Here inside my arms-


Are you still planning to go to that man…?

Wait! Listen to-


Track 5: Right Now, Just Look at Me


It’s been the same ever since I was a child.

I’d change and brush my teeth, and then I would have toast and hot chocolate for breakfast. That’s it. That’s my routine.

Now today’s question, “I have a crush on the girl at the reception. When I tried to ask her on a date, I got rejected. Is she just being shy or am I hated?”

A one-sided love, huh.

Isn’t it super exciting to be in love with a person? You’d try to act cool and you’d be happy just by seeing her, so don’t make it complicated. Just trust in yourself and give it your all each day.

I’m sure that one day, your feelings will reach her. I’m cheering you on-


It’s me, Natsuki. I want to talk to you.

Erm, umm… I’m really sorry about the other day! I want to apologize to you properly, so-

Thank god you’re finally willing to see me.

Ah, uh…I know it’s not proper to just stand around and talk, but err…

Oh, right! You never saw my filming set, right? Would you like to come over?

Uh-huh, then let’s go.


This is the camera. And yes, that is my signature.

And this here is the sofa I’m always sitting on.

I built the set immediately after moving in. I didn’t want to take a break from shooting videos.

Coming up with ideas every day, attending meetings… I know things don’t always work out, but I think it all comes together in the end.

Oh, you found my mask.

You can try putting it on if you’d like.


It suits you. And while you’re at it, why don’t you do some dirty talk?

You finally laughed… I’m so glad.

Ah, I’m sorry for thinking that I’ve been forgiven, but, I’m happy that you laughed.

That day, I really didn’t want to let you, and I couldn’t help myself. Deep down I realize that it was a terrible thing to do, but…I don’t regret it.

I’ve thought about it a lot since then. …About you.

Would you be willing to hear me out?


I want you to smile… I don’t want you to go to a man who makes you shed tears.

If it was me, I would protect you. I promise to make you happy.

You’re hesitating, aren’t you?

In that case…

Look at me. Let yourself be touched by me. Let yourself feel the pleasure.

You don’t have to love me. I swear to turn you around, so right now, just look at me. Feel me.


I’m painfully hard from just kisses too… I’m obsessed. This is the first time my dick has ever been this hard.

Touch it.

Your hand is warm.

It’s unsightly to be this turned on, isn’t it?

Is your pussy like that too? Is it wet from just kisses?

Turning bright red like that… It’s so cute. You don’t have to say it. I’ll check directly.


You’re super wet. You can hear the wetness.

It’s making your panties see-through and when I trace around it with my finger… More keeps flowing out.

You have a hard time getting wet?

Not at all. Come on, you can hear it, can’t you? The squelchy sounds of me stroking you?

Your clit is poking out and you’re soaked in your own pussy juice.

Does it feel good here?

When I pinch and twist this place…


Out comes an entire flood. Your clitoris feels good, doesn’t it? I’ll tease it a whole bunch.

And my fingers slipped right in.

Can you feel my fingertips reach the sweet spot?

Your entire pussy’s soaked, huh?

You shot out so much. You must’ve squirted, right? It’s like you’re wet from waterworks.

This is your first time?

Then it must’ve felt quite good. Ah, you’ve lost your strength.


If you look at me with those eyes… I’ll be overcome by my urges.

Huh? Why are you trying to take out my dick?

Oh? Are you going to use your hands?

Is it big?

That’s right, this was inside you.

Don’t be a stickler… Squeeze it.

Why… Why does it tickle so strangely?


Sorry, my hand stopped, right?

Let’s feel good together.

Your handjob…is amazing. My own hands feel like they’re going to stop.

My dick…

This is bad! I’m going to cum. …Wait! Stop!


You’re so kind, saying that it’s okay for me to cum and all… But as expected, I want to cum inside you.

Can I put it in? I’ll put on a condom.

I’ll go in from the back.

I’ll insert it slowly…


It’s in all the way.

I’m getting shivers. It feels completely different when doing it from the back.

Huh? I haven’t even moved yet.

Don’t tell me you came from just me putting it in?

Thought so. I could hear your voice quiver. You actually cum very easily, don’t you?

Your pussy is twitching too and it feels like I’m being pushed out.

I’m going to start moving.


It’s such a turn-on. The more I churn you up and the deeper I go…

It’s so hot. I can feel my dick tingling.

It has completely melded to my dick. It has completely melded to my shape.

Oh my god, my mind feels like it’s about to leave me. It feels so good.

I can feel it all at the tip…


Did you cum again?

I know, every time I thrust into your climaxing pussy… It makes me want to churn you up more.

You feel like you’re about to faint? Even though you want to enjoy it more?

In that case, I’ll change positions.

Lay down on the sofa. Yes.

It’ll make it easier.

I’ll lift your leg.


Whoa, the feeling’s changed again.

Damn, I really don’t think I can stop myself. The lower half of my body feels like it’s about to melt.

I changed position because I wanted to be connected to you more but it’s like the base and the tip are being strangled by you…it’s amazing. I’m being absolutely swallowed up.

It’s so cute. I can finally see the face of you drowning in pleasure.

You really have been cumming, huh? How many times has it been?

I want… I want to see your orgasmic face more, but I’m…


This final time…

Look me in the eyes.

Let’s cum while gazing at one another.


It’s erotic, the way your boobs are bouncing.

I’m…I’m going to cum.


My head’s all white. I’m covered in so much sweat.

This isn’t good… I still can’t stop.

Huh? Did she seriously faint?

Hey, can you hear me? Are you okay? Hello!

Oh, you’re awake. You really caught me off-guard there, I thought you actually lost consciousness.

You’ve never cum that many times?

That makes me pretty happy. I mean, this is your first time cumming so many times in a roll and it felt so good that it made you faint, right?

Have my feelings reached you? I really do love you. I want to protect you from the terrible men out there. I want to make you mine. I can’t help but want to kiss you.


What is it?

Don’t say anymore. You don’t have to concern yourself with anything else, so stay here.


Track 6: Let’s Be Happy


Eh? What happened? You’re completely soaked. Did you lose your keys again?

You’re shaking and your hands are so cold.

Are you sure you’re okay? You should warm yourself up. Not to mention, your eyes are red.

You’ll catch a cold, so come in.

If you’re okay with the usual hot chocolate, I can get that for you.


You have to first dry your hair.

Did you have a fight again?

Eh? I’m referring to your aforementioned boyfriend.

You finally broke up with him, that’s good to hear. You’ve put yourself through a lot.

Come here.

I don’t think it was the easy way out. I know how much you cried and worried. Breaking up must’ve been scary, right? It was very brave of you. You’ve done your best.

After all the suffering you’ve been through, let’s be happy.

I’ll cherish you. I will protect your smile, Shironeko.


I am super happy! You’re one of the people who’ve supported me since the beginning of my channel.

The words you left were so warm and supportive, and they kept me going.

When you found out that I was SAM, I re-read them… Your comments, Shironeko. I receive massive amounts of comments on my videos each day, so there are very few that I remember. But when I looked back on it, they were almost all from you, Shironeko.

You’d defend me when I would get attacked online and you were there to speak up for me when there were things I wanted to say but couldn’t.

There were many times when I wanted to just snap against hate comments…but then, I would see your comments, Shironeko.

Your kind words would ground me back to earth.

It’s saved me many times.


Also, you must’ve noticed how my mind got clouded, right?

Haha… I figured.

When I found out you were Shironeko, my heart started to race like crazy. At first, I felt terrible that my true identity was revealed, but then I found myself wanting to see your smile.

You’ve been supporting me for a long time, far before we even met.

I’ll say this again.

I’m in love with you. Please go out with me.


Thank god…

Oh, sorry! I must’ve hugged you too tightly. Let me distance myself a little.

Eh? Seriously?

I am too. When I touch you, my feelings take on a form of their own.

You remember saying “I’ve never been this wet” or “This is the first time I’ve climaxed,” right? So that’s what it was.

I’m the same. When I first kissed you, it just overwhelmed me…no, it overtook me, and I wasn’t able to stop. That’s why the second time, I made sure to wear a condom and tried to make it not so sensitive…but it wasn’t very effective.


Oh damn, this feels like a miracle.

Ah, I can’t wait any longer. I want to make intense love to your entire body.

Just kissing you is…

I’m sweating and my body is burning up.

Your nipples are erect already. You’re just too sensitive.

Your knees gave out?

Are you okay? …I’m throbbing and completely aroused too. My senses are a complete mess. All I did was kiss and touch your body.

This way.

Spread your legs. I want to lick your pussy.


It’s already wet and gaping. It’s a sloppy mess.


You’re going for it too?

Then, let’s both.


It’s so wet… What a cute slit.

Your blowjob is amazing. My dick is about to melt!

I want to make you feel good too.

Your clit is completely sticking now.

You’re dripping with so much pussy juice. You came from your clitoris, didn’t you?


If you keep licking the underside with your wet tongue…

It feels good.

Wait, wait! Stop! Stop! I’ll really cum!

A real fellatio from you is just too much for me. I’m going to cum.


You swallowed it, didn’t you? I’m happy.

You’re so good at fellatios. I thought I was about to melt from your licking.

I’m only like this with you.

You’re adorable. I want to treat your entire body…all of you, gently.


You really feel it from your ears, don’t you?

I’m sure other parts of your body are like erogenous zones too.

Like I thought, we’re special. It’s just us that’s so enamored with each other that we lose all common sense.

I want to put it in. I want to slam my rock-hard dick inside you so badly.


Sit here. Come over.


Your pussy is soddenly wet and twitching.

I only pressed the tip against it, but it’s so wet that I slipped all the way in.

It’s warm and it makes me wanna move.

Crap, because we’re doing this bareback…I’m a million times more sensitive.

You’re cumming non-stop too, aren’t you? You’re shaking your hips. It’s like you’re lewdly dancing.

You’re trying to match me to rub your deepest parts, aren’t you?

Our timing is matching.


Making that orgasm face… Let your voice be loud. Don’t hold it back. I want to hear it more.

Then bite my fingers.


Is it no longer embarrassing?

That just now was incredible. I’m being tightly squeezed.

Your breasts are jiggling in front of my eyes and you’re orgasming… There’s nothing hotter than that.

I’m being sucked dry by your pussy!


I’m going to cum…

Cumming, I’m cumming!


I came so much.

Your pussy’s all sticky now, my semen is flowing out of you.

Eh? What? Finger?

It’s fine. There’s a bite mark, but it’s no big deal.

You’re still cumming, aren’t you?

I can tell, you’re still trembling. Seriously, you look like you’re completely out of it. And your feet are arched. You’re cumming with your entire body, aren’t you?

And seeing that has made me ridiculously hard again too.


You’re truly the only person I’ve experienced anything like this with.

Are you sure? You must frankly be exhausted, right? It’s not like I can’t control…

You’re not forcing yourself, are you? I’m so happy. The more I have sex with you, the more I want to do it with you.

Lay on your stomach.

Your back is beautiful. It’s white like porcelain. Not to mention, it’s covered with sweat.

Tasty. Your cute ears too.


The nape of your neck too.

I want to just lick you all over your entire body.

Jumping and quivering like that… You can cum just from being licked, huh?

This place here… I’m going to enter your wet insides.


It has plunged right in.

It’s hot and an absolute fit. Prone-boning you feels completely different. I can feel you against my weight when you clamp up.

You came again, right? You and your climaxing pussy…

Your body’s so light that I want to just go at it.

You’re squeezing my dick and it’s making me woozy. It feels good. I’m pounding you deep and…

I’m grinding against your womb.


Go all in…

The inside of your pussy is billowing like waves… It’s tight and feels too good.

You came again, right? How many times has your pussy cum?

When that happens, it sends shivers through me too.

You feel like you’re about to faint?

You did cum countless times. I’m also…

Inside… I want to pump it all in you.

Cum- I’m… Cumming!


You’re in a daze, right?

I wish I could kiss you forever. But then, I’d want to keep going.

You could say I’ve fallen in love with you again.

Your face is burning. I’m so happy to have sex with someone that I love so much and have my feelings reach them.

Seriously, I’m getting excited like a child.

Is this the power of crystals? “Eternal love” and “warding off evil,” was it? The two powers must’ve combined.



Uh… Are you crying?

Thank god. My chest tightened when I saw you cry, but if you’re happy then I won’t say anything.

You’re right, you’ve suffered a lot up until now. Cry as much as you want.

Then after shedding all your tears, let’s enjoy a bunch of laughter together.

I’m really glad I met you, my dear Shironeko.

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