【Translation】 Fukinshin Residence ~Otonari ni Sumu Kamen Namahaishin-sha to no Deep na Kankei~ 300DL Track

Thank You to Spoon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Mitsuhashi Wataru (三橋渡)

Track 1: Filming Sex at the Famous Pool


Hello! Welcome to the SAM channel.

Today, I’ve come to the famous pool.

Yes, I’m going to do an R-18 stream. I’m prepared to get flamed for this, so come at me you antis!

Now then, I’m going to start filming. My partner will be my cute girlfriend.

What do you think? The bikini suits her, doesn’t it?


What I meant by “famous pool”?

Oh, don’t think too much about it. It’s a famous pool used for special photogravure and film shoots. The windows are slanted, you see.


Eh? I’m serious, I’m serious.

How does it feel to have a mask and bikini on?

Is it embarrassing?

It’s okay, your face is hidden. Plus, we’re about to do things even more embarrassing.

Though I’m filming right now, so I can only use one hand.

Now then, let me push aside the shoulder strap.

Your shoulders are scrunched together and just by poking at your nipples a little, they’ve become hard.

Your face is red from a single finger.


Ah, it’s practically the same as being outside.

The sight of you having your breasts fondled under daylight is there for all to see. You can see their softness even through a smartphone screen.

Look, my finger’s being pushed back.

They’re so springy.

You’re moaning already, huh? You’re so cute that I want to use both my hands. But, this little bit of frustration is nice, right?

You just go at it.


Look directly at the camera.

Yes. Turn your gaze this way. Now spread your legs more.

Little more. Make that proud place of yours visible.

You can see a stain already and I’ve barely touched you. My girlfriend gets wet so easily and with a little touch, she’s already dripping down to her ass.

See? She’s drenched. It’s like she’s wet herself specifically when she gets touched by me. And when I put my finger in…

It’s super wet. You can’t stop the flood of pussy juice, can you? …And it’s only my index finger.


See? I did say we’re special. When I part your slit… Your pussy juice starts pouring like you’re a broken dam.

When I move my finger in and out, it’s like I’m stirring it up.

You squirted, didn’t you?

What do you all think? It’s erotic, right?

She’s getting increasingly sensitive… It wasn’t like this when we first started going out, so I guess you could say she’s become like this after having lots of sex.

This is how you know that your bodies are compatible.


I want you to touch me too.

With a few strokes of her hand, I’m leaking a whole load of precum. And there are threads forming.

We just seriously lose all reason when it comes to it. I’m hopelessly erect.

Hey, it’s hard for me to move, so come on top of me.

Come here.

And now, she’s going to put my dick inside her. I’m going to capture that entire moment in full.


I’m being enveloped…

The feeling is too strong. Just this moment alone is enough to get me trembling at my knees.

You’re about to cum just from taking it deep inside, right?

Normally you’d already cum a little?

I get it. You’re nervous because you have a camera pointed at you. But…the face you have the moment you cum turns me on so much.

Then, I’ll move too.


You’re joining in and wanting more too…

Then I’ll go along with you…

I’m in so deep. When you come down, you rub against the base, the tip…the whole shaft.

You’re about to cum?

Go on. Cum whenever you want.

The deep parts of her pussy are clamping down. Seriously, my girlfriend cums so easily.


But, today, she’s holding back a little.

There’s no reason for her to be worried about the camera, she’s such a shy girl.

As her boobs jiggle around, they bounce straight up when I thrust up from below. It’s super sexy.

Honestly, I’m scared that I might drop the smartphone.

She’s tightening up inside… The feeling is amazing! I’m going to be wrung out while she cums nonstop!

My lower half feels numb…


Hey, look this way.

Look toward that camera and tell me how many times you’ve cum.

Your face is bright red.

If you aren’t going to say it, then…how about I pick on you a little?

How is it feel? I’m going to pound your most weakest spot with all my force.

You’re clenching up… I can feel shivers down my back…

That was close. It felt like I’m going cum before you.


Say it. Say how many times you’ve cum.


9 times?

I thought it was amazing at first, but for us, that’s relatively normal. When it comes to me and her, I cum especially easily and the climax is incredible…

I’m about to cum too.



And now that’s exactly 10 times.

And when we start kissing, we can never seem to stop.

“And now, the camera shall be turned off. We’ll be off our time together. This had been the SAM channel.”

Alright, I stopped kissing.

So? What do you think about your own porn video?


You figured as much?

It’s hot even watching it yourself, right?

Your pussy’s already…

Look, my hand’s around drenched. Ah, it’d be a waste to let it drip.

Looks like you really like the little film.

On that note, how about we take another one? A film of us having sex while watching ourselves have sex or something like that, I don’t know.

No way! I’m not going to make you regret it. I don’t want anyone else to see it nor am I going to make copies.

You belong to me alone. Videos include.


You’re seriously adorable.

Do you want my dick inside now? Or do you want to insert it inside yourself?

Do as you like.

You aren’t going to say it?

It’s unfair that you’re this cute. It’s fun being with you and the sex is special. I love you more each day.

Ah, you love being spoiled, don’t you?

How about we do just everything? …All in order.

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