【Translation】 Otona no Sharehouse Bangai Hen

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Kamio Shinichirou (神尾晋一郎), Kumagai Kentarou (熊谷健太郎), Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: Crank-up Wrap Party


Kento: I’m so boreddddddd! It’s so boringgg without the girls around. It’s so boring, it’s so boring, it’s so boring, it’s boring!

Kyousuke: They’re only out to buy some things. They’ll be back before long.

Kento: Ehh. I get bored if they’re away for even a moment.

Ren: Then you should’ve gone with them, Kento.

Kento: If the one in charge tells me I can’t go out shopping, I have no choice but to listen and do as I’m told. I’m a good boy, you see.

Kyousuke: If you’re so well-behaved, then you should keep your mouth shut. The girls are trying to be accommodating. Today’s the wrap party for the end of the drama shoot.

Ren: It was the right idea to have the wrap party at the sharehouse with just us. We’ll be able to go at it without worrying.

Kento: You’re so dirty, Ren.

Ren: I never said anything tasteless. God knows what is going on in your head.

Kento: You wanna see?

Ren: I’m impressed you can even act with a head like that.

Kento: Huh? Are you sure you should be saying that, Ren? The Ren who got coached by Mr. Kagura and was practicing in tears?


Ren: I never cried.

Kento: Really?

Kyousuke: That’s correct, he never cried. And he had spirit and passion. I mean, at first, it was headache-worthy, but by the end, he was playing the part

Ren: Headache-worthy?

Kyousuke: Isn’t that why you came crying to me?

Ren: Came crying?

Kento: Hahaha! Mr. Kagura, Ren’s face becoming scarier by the moment! Come on, come on, everyone, let’s make up and have another toast.

Kento: Go on, go on, take your glass.

Ren: Guess I have to go along with this, huh.

Kento: Then let’s first give a toast to our senior in the industry, Mr. Kagura!


Kyousuke: That’s me, I guess. Then, ahem…

Kyousuke: Thank you to everyone who worked hard on Crank-up. First off, Ren, I’m sure you faced a lot of difficulties since this was your first acting gig, but thank you for sticking with it until the end. As a model by trade, you’re skilled at expressing yourself. It was an aspect that worked very well, and the results speak for themselves. And-

Kento: Me, me! Praise me too!

Kyousuke: Alright, fine. You did a great job of not letting up until the very end too, Kento. Though I was quite disgusted by your frivolous theatrics at the beginning.

Kento: Ergh…

Kyousuke: But, once you got into the actual swing of things, you were amazing. I guess you could say that you have a natural charm that beguiles people. You have the power to attract everyone. It’s something you were born with, a gift from God, and it’s not something everyone has, so I hope you continue to use that charm to-

Ren: Too long.

Kento: It is long, but I’m happy.


Kyousuke: Okay, I’ll end it here, then. Thank you for all your work in Crank-up. From now on, we’ll be supporting each other and-

Kento: Cheers!

Kyousuke: Eh-

Ren: Cheers.

Kyousuke: Cheers…

Kento: But still, it was really tough shooting a drama.

Ren: Yeah, and then to make the drama more realistic, they locked us up in a shared house.

Kyousuke: It’s not like we were boarded up in here. I didn’t know what to expect at first, but thanks to the manager and you guys, I was able to make it work.

Kento: Mr. Kagura does have a difficult personality. Doesn’t seem like the type to live with others.

Kyousuke: I won’t deny that.

Ren: I don’t like it either. It’s cramped, I can’t do what I want, but because she was there-

Kento: The house manager, right? I didn’t expect Ren and the cute sharehouse manager to get together. It’s super unexpected. I love it.


Kyousuke: Why are you acting like there’s fun in it? People become attracted to one another, what’s so surprising about that?

Kento: Doesn’t matter. If I find it amazing then it is. Besides, I only got over my hump because I had a caring girlfriend. Thanks to her, I’ve shedded my past and become a much better man.

Ren: Hmph. Talking about yourself like that is just like you, Kento.

Kento: Hehe. Thank you.

Ren: That wasn’t a compliment.

Kento: Is it? My girlfriend really is amazing, though! She made a person like me grow-no, change.

Ren: You do have terrible taste in women, Kento.

Kento: I don’t want to be told that by the popular sexy model, Ren.

Kyousuke: Both of you are too licentious.


Kento: Too “licentious”? Haha! What kind of word is that?

Kyousuke: What’s so funny about it? You two are licentious no matter how I look at it. I’m the only one here that’s serious. I’m devoted to the manager and I plan to be with her for the rest of my life.

Kento: Heavy.

Ren: I intend to stay with my girlfriend for life, though.

Kento: What!? Wait, you’re all being unfair! I am too, I am the same! I love my girl for life!

Ren: Don’t force yourself.

Kento: I am not! Without my girlfriend, I would be out there flirting with all the girls.

Ren: Look at what you’re saying… Don’t use your lover as a stopper.

Kento: I can’t?

Ren: There’s no point acting cute. Your fidelity is your own problem.

Kento: Eh? But she’s always taking care of me. She listens to my problems, and it’s fun being with her, and I want to her know. And I want to have lots of sex with her!

Kento: I would love it if I could be with her forever. I can’t imagine a life without her. I’ll die without her.


Kyousuke: There’s your answer right there.

Kento: What?

Kyousuke: You really do love her, don’t you? That’s enough.

Ren: Yeah. It seems like you’re more head-over-heels than you thought.

Kento: What… What!?

Ren: Though, my girlfriend is still better. The food today, and also this, and this, and this, and also this… They’re all my girlfriend’s handiwork. She’s basically a pro.

Kento: I admit that her cooking’s delicious, but my girlfriend’s good too! It was her that made this gratin!

Kyousuke: It’s the manager who organized this wrap party.

Kento: It wasn’t you, Mr. Kagura?

Kyousuke: Geh-


Kyousuke: It was me, but…she helped around with a lot of things. I have my trust in her and she carries out her job perfectly.

Kento: Oh?

Kyousuke: What’s with that look?

Ren: Hmph. Well, I guess we can’t help but compete. They’re the ones we chose, so they’re obviously good women.

Kento: I agree with that thought!

Kyousuke: No, this is rude to them. They are their own person and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity-

Ren: Looks like they’re back.

Kento: Yay!


Kento: Welcome back, welcome back! I was about to die from waiting. And you know, just now, we were talking about you…

Kento: …And I boasted about how much I liked you. I let them know that you’re the one who made me a man.

Kento: Let me thank you once more.

Kento: Thank you for everything until today. I’ll continue to be forever, forever, foreverrrrr in your care.

Ren: Looks like Kento is making a show off it.

Ren: How was the shopping trip?

Ren: Yeah, I talked about you too. …I made sure to make them understand how wonderful of a woman you are. And how much I loved you.


Ren: I made a declaration in front of everyone, after all. I will never leave you. Tomorrow you will move into my house, and you will forever be with me, Got it? You belong to me.

Kyousuke: Kento and Ren are shameless as always. But, today’s an exception, so let me convey my feelings to you.

Kyousuke: Manager, thank you for supporting me until now. I want you to forever be closest to my side. I love you. I want to journey through this life with you.

Kento: Eh? What did you say at the end there, Mr. Kagura? Tell me, tell me.

Kyousuke: It’s a secret.

Kento: What a killjoy. I want to know! I’m so curious that I won’t be able to sleep at night!

Ren: Then there isn’t a problem. Now, let’s continue this home party. I’ll pop open a new bottle of wine.

Kento: Yeah. Let’s have a toast.


Ryousuke: How many toasts do you plan to have?

Kento: It’s okay, we don’t have to toast to you anymore. You talk too much.

Ryousuke: That’s not-

Ren: What’s the big deal? It’s a day of celebration, so let’s have our toasts. Today marks a new beginning for us. Cheers!

Kento: Cheers!

Ryousuke: Haa… Cheers.

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