【Translation】 Sexual Activity ~Kuzu na Dansei Futari ni Seiyoku wo Butsukete Aisareru~ Animate Tokuten

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Komatsu Shouhei (小松昌平)

Track 1: Makoto・Even More So When Drunk


It’s getting more and more crowded.

I know that you’re not used to walking around in getas. Does it hurt?

I’m glad it doesn’t.

Even so, it was a good decision to go to a Yukata and geta rental service. The dress you wore before looked good too, but you look perfect in traditional clothes.

Oh? Really?

I think I look good in them too, so I’m happy you say the same.

There’s a hot spring famous for its footbaths a little further down the street. Why don’t we take a break there?


Forget about Seiji. Who cares about a guy who didn’t show up.

That damn homebody, just how many souvenirs is he gonna ask for?

You’re having too much of a laugh.

Anyway, let’s get the souvenirs on the list and relax at a hot spring.


Ah, the alcohol was great. I might’ve drank a little too much.

I’m so sleepy. Let me sleep for a bit.

No, I’m fine. I’m not feeling sick or anything.

Stop eyeing my face as I sleep. It’s not like you’re actually concerned about me.

Getting all excited because I’m drunk for once…

Well, fine by me. Since you’re so interested, why don’t you experience me in full with your body?


I’ve tied your hands with the obi.

A little loss of freedom is just right for the mood, wouldn’t you say?

Come on, lift up your ass. I’m pushing aside your panties.

You’re not being very convincing when you’re going around braless. Have you been like that since getting out of the hot spring?

You’re raring to go, aren’t you?

I haven’t put it in. I’m just rubbing against the gap between your inner thighs.


You’re all wet. Do you want me to just put it in like this?

Your entrance starts twitching every time I poke at it, though?

Should I just put it in?

What? You’re cumming already? I haven’t even put it in yet.

You want to cum, don’t you? Cum.


It’s too early for you to be exhausted.

Whatever, just lay down, then.

You’ve been dripping, so your panties are completely soaked.

I’m taking them off.

Spread your legs a little.

I’m putting it in, obviously.



Oh, condom? …Who knows.

Don’t start clamping down in joy.

It’s honestly nice how you’re tight like it’s your first time.

Can I start moving now? I’ll give you a good pounding deep inside.


Your moans have been pretty sexy. Aren’t you a liar for saying you aren’t enjoying this?

Look, I’m almost at your depths.

And I’ve reached it.

You’re tightening up deep inside too.

It feels good.

Yes, yes, just enjoy yourself and ask for more.


What? Is it not enough?

I guess there’s no helping it.

What is it?

You’re almost there? You’re gonna cum while getting a massive creampie?

You’re seriously enjoying this, huh?

As you wish. I’m going to pour it all deep inside you, so make sure not to let it spill.


I’m going to cum now, so tighten up.

Seriously? You’re actually cumming while I’m ejaculating. You can feel that I’m still cumming, right?


I let out a huge load.

You… Have you still not noticed?

Turn a little this way. Roll yourself over.

Have a good look. I have one on, do I not?

I thought you’d be relieved, but you look somewhat disappointed instead.

If you want the feeling of it raw so badly, why don’t you use your mouth?


Here you are looking like it’s delicious.

Take it in nice and deep.

You’ve gotten pretty good. Do you like it that much?

Look, like you wanted, I’ll cum inside, so be sure to swallow it all.


Sucking so intensely like that… Does it taste that good to you?

That’s the end of it.

As if I’d wither from just that. If you want it then spread your own legs open.

Look, I’ve put one on, so let loose and enjoy yourself.


You and your lewd noises.

What’s wrong with that? You like being kissed, don’t you?

Stick your tongue out more.

You feel another wave of pleasure coming?

Let’s cum together this time, so hang on a bit longer.


You did also drink, after all. Your eyes are glazed over and you’re getting all horny.

It feels good when I say it, doesn’t it?

Come on, let loose some more.

You can’t hang on any longer?

I’m at my limit too.

I’m cumming. …Cumming!


It’s not stopping…

This is what happens when you try to poke fun at me.

You don’t have to apologize. It’s all good, as long as we both had fun.

Grabbing a towel is too much of a hassle.

I finally got it clean, so don’t start getting even more wet.

What? I wasn’t licking you with that in mind, but you still felt it?

Guess there’s no getting around it.

It’s okay. Cum.


You’re all trembly already.

We’re almost there, so hold it.

Okay, okay, I’ll stop.


Yes? What is it?

It’s just been licked. …Though I guess that applies to me too.

Damn, your boobs are so soft.

Oh, right.

The obi has left a bit of a mark. Does it hurt?

Really? That’s a relief, then.


I’m drunk. I’m still drunk so at least let me lick your nipples.

Huh? Do people normally start patting someone’s head in a situation like this?

Why are you being so nice?


Anyway, you drank too, so you must be sleepy, right?

It’s okay to doze off. I’ll get you cleaned up after a bit of rest.

Alright, then, let’s bathe in the hot spring together tomorrow.

Yes. Good night.

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