【Translation】 Seika Sasayaki Sex~Daisuki na Kare no Apartment de Sugosu, Watashi no Natsuyasumi.~

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

盛夏ささやきセックス ~大好きな彼のアパートで過ごす、わたしの夏休み。~

CV: Houjou Toshiki (北条利樹)

Track 1



Having a beer right after a bath is the best feeling! You can’t go wrong with grabbing a cold one.

Oh, are you getting any breeze over there?

Oh? Then give me a second here.

Fan strength…

It’s a little less effective, but with both an air conditioner and a fan, you’ll be catching colds the next thing you know.


Thank you for making dinner.

I didn’t know what to expect when you said you were going to make dinner.

No, I mean, my kitchen is small and I only had a pan and kettle, but I never imagined that you could make khao man gai with the rice cooker like that. I was really impressed because it tastes like it does in the restaurants.

I got the cooking method down, so I’m going to be making this a lot.

Plus, there’s still nam pla and hot chili sauce left.

Also, now that I think about it, that was the first time we’d gone to a supermarket together, right?

Yeah, yeah. Thank god there was coriander.

We couldn’t find it, so we had to get a store employee to search for us. That coriander. When we saw the price, we were both silent for a moment.


No, we were right to buy it. It gave it that authentic taste and it was delicious.

Ah, it was fun.

Well…! Of course I’d feel a little lonely. It’s super fun having you around.

When I thought about how you were going to leave tomorrow, I…



The summer break really is ending, isn’t it?

Did you have fun too?

Yes, I enjoyed it too. It’s not like we did anything special and you had to deal with this dingy apartment, but when I’m with you, the usual ramen, the usual grocery shopping… They all feel completely different compared to when I’m alone. It was really exciting.

Let’s kiss one more time.


Sorry, I got hard.

Touch it, please.

Wait. What’s with the way you’re touching it? You’re grazing at it over my underwear. Are you trying to be a tease?

Don’t be touching it so lightly, put a little more strength in it… Grab it properly.

Yes, yes, that.

It feels good when you grab it tight and stroke.


I’m so hard right now.

Yeah, It’s good.

How many times did we have sex last night? Do you remember?

Since you’ve come here, I’ve been holding back, but that night… We even did it first thing in the morning today.

After that, we went out for lunch and then did it again when we came back.

Seriously? Isn’t this a new record for us? We’re doing it way too much. So much that my body can’t keep up with the pace. It might be just watery the next time I cum.

Wait! Why are you-


Don’t pinch my nipples all of a sudden.

No, it doesn’t hurt, but…it kind of tickles and it makes me restless… It’s a strange feeling.

What? You’re asking me if I’ve ever touched them myself?

I don’t touch my nipples when I masturbate!

Hey, are you going to keep touching my nipples? Take your fingers off.

Seriously, where did you learn this?

I’m telling you, having you touch my nipples while you stroke my dick is…

This whole pinching and rubbing my nipples thing… Its, it’s dangerous. It feels good. I think I’m liking it when you touch both.



It feels good… I’m cumming. I’m cumming. I’m going to let out my load…

Rub them. Rub my nipples and the tip.

That feels good… Cumming, I’m cumming…

I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


I came.

Hey, don’t start licking! Also, why are you licking it in the first place? Just wipe it.

Even without tasting it, you can tell it’s thick…

You can’t just blindside me like that. Don’t tell me you were studying off of videos too?

Haha! So we were thinking the same thing.

Then, it’s time for us to switch turns.


Take off your panties.

Oh, it’s been dirtied already.

I’m not lying. Look. My fingers are just sliding around. You’re so naughty for getting wet so quick.

Ah, my finger went in.

One… Two… Wow.

My fingers… Do my fingers feel good?


Let’s see… Ah, it’s here, right? Here. The place that feels good. I’ll rub it a bunch.

Come on, loosen up.

It’s payback for before. I’m going to keep rubbing your G-spot.

No, it’s not going to be payback if it’s just your pussy. Here too. When I sucked on your earlobe you tightened up.



You really like having your ears licked, huh?

I’ll go even deeper…

Both your ears and your pussy.


You’re getting tight and twitching inside… Are you enjoying this?

You’re so lewd.

Whenever you feel good, your body naturally tries to escape from me. If I do this while holding onto your entire body, you can’t escape.

It’s so cute how you’re quivering inside my arms. I love you.

Are you about to cum?

Go on. Cum from my fingers.


Let yourself give in. Let yourself drown in the pleasure…and cum.

You’re trembling so hard. Your ears macerated too.

You’re sweaty again after cumming. Should we take another shower?

What’s with that expression? It’s like you’re trying to say that we’re still in the middle of having sex. You’ll get tired if we go at it without stopping, so I’m implying that we should throw in a break.

If you look at me with those eyes, I won’t be able to stop.

Are you sure? I really won’t. I’m going to enter inside this pussy that just came.


I’m already back in action…as you can see. If anything, I’m harder than I was before.

Forget the break, do you just want it now?

Roger that.

Okay, come on here. Come on top of me.

I’ll thrust from below, so insert it yourself.

Lower your hips just like that.

Good. Slowly. It feels good when I enter slowly.


It’s in…

The way it’s in down to the base is fully visible to me.

Lower your body onto me. And then if I cover ourselves with the futon…

If we’re under here then it should be okay for you to moan a little louder, right? You were trying your best to hold your voice back earlier, but I want to hear a little more of your cute voice.

It’s fine. You’re not heavy. It’s okay for you to put your weight on me.


Let me hear the sound of you in pleasure.

I can’t go at it hard in this position, but you’re up against me and your insides are grinding against me… It’s nice.

I’m all the way deep inside you and…

It feels good. My dick feels like it’s about to melt.


Am I rubbing against it? The sensitive spot that you just came from earlier?

So the tip is grinding against it, against your sweet spot?

I don’t mind. Cum as many times as you want.

Cum. Cum for me.


Call. call my name. My name.

You’re tightening up so much… You’re clamping on my dick like a vise.

Was it good?

Then, l will too while the lingering feeling is still there.


This time, I’ll be on top.

Your hand… Let’s hold hands.


Deep, deep inside… I’m hitting the deepest spot inside you.

Can you tell? My dick is grinding against this area of your stomach…

Oh crap, even though I came earlier, again I’m…


Let’s kiss.

I don’t want to let you leave.

I love you. I love you… I want, I want to be with you for longer, and yet…

I’m sorry, I can’t hold it any longer.

You’re so cute, I love you.

Cumming! I’m cumming! …I’m cumming!


Sorry, I got you all soaked in sweat. I had my mouth on yours the entire time, right? Are you okay? Were you able to breathe?

Here, water.

The condom’s completely filled. Haha.


Uhh… Now do we take a bath?

Or, or do we have another beer? To rehydrate, rehydrate.

No, uh, it isn’t really anything. I felt like I said something really embarrassing earlier and…

No, no! It wasn’t a lie! It wasn’t a lie, but… But…

Fretting on the final night​ over not wanting you to leave… Does it make me seem like a kid?



I see. So we both were feeling sad over it.

This came to mind when we were at the supermarket… 

If we lived together, then every day… Well, maybe not every day. Every weekend would be like this.

Coming up with what to eat together and running with the cart being like “We’re missing that” or “Where do we find that thing?”

You’ve thought about it too, haven’t you?

Yes, yes, it’s a bit like we’re newlyweds.


It was an enjoyable summer break, wasn’t it? Thank you for coming.

Since you’re leaving tomorrow, should I bring you to your house?

It’s fine. And once we’re there, I’ll have a meal before I leave. This time you’ll be telling me what your favorite ramen place is.

Eh? Surely you have one, right? A favorite restaurant or two.

Tell me. I want to have what you usually have.


You don’t want ramen? …Why?

If you’re worried about calories, I don’t mind “moving” around a bit more with you. Shall we have more sex-ercise?

Don’t run away!

First, we’ll get in the crunch position, and then…

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