【Translation】 Seiza Kareshi Series Vol.7 Starry☆Sky ~Cancer~

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星座彼氏シリーズ Vol.7「Starry☆Sky ~Cancer~」

CV: Ono Daisuke (小野大輔)

Track 1: Touzuki Suzuya ~Self-Introduction~


“I’ll always be by your side”…isn’t that what I promised?

I will protect you.


Ah, ah, ah, ah. Okay!

My name is Touzuki Suzuya. I’m blood type A, and I am a Cancer born on July 1st.


Hey, you laughed just now, didn’t you?!

Who was the one who said they’d help me practice interviewing for a part-time job?

I’m glad you remember.

What? I don’t have to tell people my star sign during an interview?

Oh, you’re probably right. But if I can leave an impression, doesn’t it make it worthwhile? It’s kind of like giving myself a catchphrase.

If it were me…

I’m the guardian mom of the group, the Cancer, Touzuki Suzuya!


No, cross that. Cross that!

What on earth am I saying…

Well, it seems that constantly looking after others is a Cancer trait.

What? I’m just like that?

I knew you’d say that. Other things include being an emotional and mood-driven person, being proactive and living life, and having the perseverance to overcome hardships are also Cancer traits, but…

Huh? That’s right on the money too?

Is that so…

I’m happy to hear that directly from you. You’re the most supportive person I know, and I want to be there to support you too.

In the past, it was as childhood friends, but now it’s as boyfriend and girlfriend.

And then one day…


No, it’s nothing. I’ll tell you when the time comes.

What I want to say now is… What I want to convey to you now is…

“Let’s be together for a long time to come.”


Track 2: ……Hey, close your eyes and open your mouth


Today’s finally the day. It’s been a while since I last went on an outing alone with her.

Oh, right, I set an alarm.

I sure must be excited, I woke up even before my alarm.

Hmm, there’s still plenty of time left. It’d be a waste to just sit around in my room.

Alright! Let me go make some sweets!


Hmm… What should I make?

Butter…I have. Eggs too.

Okay, okay, there’s flour too.

Alright! Cookies it is!


She loves chocolate cookies, but I don’t have enough time to make the dough. I’ll just melt the chocolate and pour it over the cookies to coat them for today.

Oh! The weather looks great outside!

If it’s like this, we could even go on a trip.

But, just in case, let me check the weather report.


Alright! They’re done.

Let’s see…

They’re tasting good.

Oh, I’m right on time. I should get ready to leave now.

Wait… She’s here already? My clock isn’t behind, is it?

Yes! I’m in the kitchen!


Good morning. You’re here a bit early.

Eh? You were so excited about the outing that you woke up early?

I see, I see. You’re really cute.

……Hey, close your eyes and open your mouth.

What an honest response. Wonderful, wonderful. As a reward…

Yes, chocolate cookie.

Does it taste good?

I’m glad to hear that. To tell you the truth, I woke up early too, and I was killing time by baking the cookies you like.

We two are alike, aren’t we?


Why are you suddenly bringing your hand toward my face?

Oh, I had flour on my face.

My face is red, am I okay, you ask?


When you do that without warning, it makes me embarrassed…

No! It’s nothing! I’ll head back to my room to get ready.

Oh, I forgot to say thanks.

Thank you.

But, you know… I would’ve preferred it if you had kissed me.


I’ll quickly get my things together, so wait just a bit longer.

……Yup, she’s adorable.


Track 3: You’re so cute that I just had to kiss you



What’s the matter?

What? You might be late?

Is that it? It sounded like you were crying, so I thought something had happened to you.

Don’t worry about it.

Yes, take your time.

I’ll see you later, then. I’ll wait for you under the shrine’s torii gate.


Oh, there she is.

Oh, sorry. I’ve seen you in a yukata many times before, but I just thought “she’s getting cuter by the year.” Also, this year, you wore it for me to see, didn’t you?

I’m happy.

Why don’t we hold hands?

Come on, don’t be shy.

There we go. Now, let’s go.


When we were young, we held hands so we wouldn’t get lost, but it’s nice knowing that this now has a different meaning.

Huh? You want to see all the booths?

“Hurry up, hurry up”?

You’re getting a little too excited there.

I guess that part of you never changes. Don’t overspend your allowance.

So, my princess, where is it that you want to go first?

Target shooting?

Sounds good. Then, let us go.


Aim steadily…

Ah, you missed.

Hmm, it might be better to lower the angle a little.

Uwah! You… Watch where you’re aiming when you shoot. Luckily, you didn’t hit the stall owner.

Here, I’ll support your arms from behind. Your job is to focus on what’s in front of you.

You completely missed again… Even when I help you, it’s not making a difference.

What’s wrong? Are you out of shots?


Your heart is pounding and you aren’t able to shoot…?

We used to always do this in the past, didn’t we?

Oh, because I’m your boyfriend now, your heart is racing. I see.

I love you.


Pulling me by the arm, where are you trying to-

What? Goldfish scooping?

Is this you hiding your embarrassment?


She’s really getting into it…

Ah, the paper ripped again. Even though she’s never been good at it, she sure enjoys it.

Mister, 1 scooper, please.

Listen, you’re supposed to gently guide the goldfish to a corner and then quickly scoop it out of the water…


Here you go.

Shall we take it home?


No, it’s okay…?

Really? Then I’ll return it to the stall.

Why are you looking so frustrated?

Alright, okay. It’d look lame if your boyfriend couldn’t at least do this, so could you just think of it as me trying to look good?

I’m not trying to treat you like a child. It’s just that you looked so cute and child-like being so immersed in goldfish scooping.

Haha! You’re getting all upset again.

Say, don’t you feel a bit hungry?


No, I just figured…


Okay, okonomiyaki it is.

I’ll go buy some, so wait just a moment.

Thank you for waiting. Why don’t we go eat over in that corner?

It’s right off the griddle, so be careful not to burn your tongue.

Ah! Hey! Blow on it properly and wait until it cools down!

You have sauce on your cheeks.

Stay still for me for a bit.


I got it off.

Haha! Your face is bright red!

It’s okay, no one saw.

Are you not going to eat anymore? It feels like such a waste when it’s this delicious.

If you’re not going to eat then… I’m gonna feed you, instead.

You don’t have to gobble it up so fast.

What a shame, I really wanted to feed it to you.


Oh! The fireworks have started.

I see, it’s gotten that late. Let’s change locations, then.

You’ll trip if you run so fast.

Are you okay!?

Right as I said it…

Are you in any pain? Are you hurt?

Your geta strap broke, huh.

I see.

Come here, I’ll give you a piggyback ride.

You’ll pass…? But, you can’t walk like that, can you?


Even if you ask me cutely like that, it’s not happening. Just quietly get on my back.

Caught you.

Just get on already.

It’d be great if I could fix your geta strap, but I don’t know how, so please make do with my piggyback ride.

Now then, let me carry you to where we could watch the fireworks!


Huh? Whether you’re heavy?

Don’t worry about it. It’s a joyous burden. It brings me great happiness to have you by my side and for you to rely on me.

We’ve watched the fireworks together every year.

The thought that, if we remained childhood friends, there’d be a day when we can no longer view them together scared me.

However, now, that’s no longer a worry.

Even if we become a family, let’s always watch the fireworks together.


Still, it’s such a shame…

What is, you ask?

Well, in this state, I can’t kiss you.

You laughed! This is a serious issue I’m discussing.

Yes, we’re almost there.


We’ve arrived, my princess.

I guess our special seats are reserved again this year.

Yeah, it’s just us.

The fireworks in the night sky are nice, but…to me, you’re the most beautiful thing here.

It’s true. You’re beautiful.

Also, one more thing…

This is so you don’t get too embarrassed.

You’re so cute that I just had to kiss you…


And, of course, this flower here is most brilliant.


Track 4: Let me hug you too


It’s been so long since we’ve been to a zoo.

Why the hurry? It’s not like the animals are going to run away from you.

Getting all excited like that… You really are cute.

Alright, I’m coming over!

Why don’t we look around in order, then?

First… Oh, it’s Mrs. Elephant!

Eh? That was just, uh, a habit from when I was younger. You used to give names to them too, didn’t you?

Kuh, I let my guard down.

What? …I’m cute?


No, that’s…

Anyway, there are giraffes over there!

Hey, did you know that giraffes go “moo” like cows? It’s just that they’re largely silent, so even zookeepers think of themselves as lucky when they hear it.

It’s true, it’s true.



Oh, sorry, I was lost in my own thoughts. I used to think of giraffes as huge and unreachable, but now they don’t seem that big to me anymore.

That goes to show how tall I’ve gotten, doesn’t it?

I’m glad I got to grow up with you and share memories like this.

Yeah, and in terms of growth… You used to be so scared of giraffes that you’d cry.

You’re cute when you’re angry too.

Okay, okay. Let’s move on before my princess gets any more cranky.

Your hand, please.


Where shall we go next?

Whoa! Please don’t suddenly drag me.


I wonder why people are gathering over there.

…”Petting Corner”?

Oh, you can play with rabbits there!

Sure, let’s go.


None of the rabbits are coming close to us.

Rabbits are quick, so you have to corner them like this…

Would you like to try holding one too?

Are you fine?

Holding one makes you happy?

The rabbit looks relaxed and happy in your arms too. …I also want to be held by you.


What’s with me all of a sudden…?

Every time we hug, it’s always me who initiates it.

What? Because it makes you embarrassed?

Even if you find it embarrassing, it’ll make me happy. So happy that I might not let go.

I might hold onto you forever so that you’d never be apart from me.


Your face is completely red.

No need to be so up in arms, I was joking. I was joking, but there are times when I want to be hugged by you.

The rabbit…!

It ran away so fast.

The zookeeper’s here, it seems. Oh, I get it, it’s feeding time.

Hmm? You’re hungry too?

Let’s go eat, then.


I knew there’d be a lot of families in the lunch area at the zoo.

Take this to wipe.

Can I have you unwrap that box too?

Are you surprised? I made all the things you like! It’s specially made just for you.

Now, let’s dig in.


Huh? Are you not going to eat?

Why don’t you tell me what’s wrong?

Bento box…?

It’s your home cooking!

Whoa! I’m so happy I don’t know how to react.

You hugging me…

Why out of the blue? Is it because I said I wanted to be hugged by you earlier?

Then let me do the same.

Let me hug you too.


Uh-huh. I know it’s embarrassing being looked at by everyone, but sorry, I don’t think I’d be able to let go of you right now.

Seriously… I’m beyond happy.

Let me have a taste of this bento.


Mmm, it tastes as good as it looks.

So we can get closer, why don’t we do some special training together next time?

Why are you trying to take the bento away from me!?

Nope, I’m not handing over the bento even to you. You made it for me, didn’t you?

Have a taste of what I made. There’s just as much love poured into that one.

Ahh… What a happy weekend.


Track 5: Boys are born strong to protect girls.


I laughed so much today. Being with you is fun-

What’s wrong? You don’t look so happy. Are you tired from running around too much?

Or is it because you hadn’t had enough fun?

…Am I getting it all wrong?

Between the one being sent off and the one doing the sending off, who do you think would be lonelier?

Why am I asking that?

Whenever we part, doesn’t it make you feel so helplessly lonely? The funner the time you have together and the more you love the person, the harder it is to part.

But, even so, when the time comes, you have to part.

At that moment, who’s it easier on…

If possible, I want to be the one to take on the pain. I don’t want to make you sad, after all.


You’re the same?

It’s okay, boys are born strong to protect girls. Let me protect you.

Both the person being sent off and the person doing the sending off are still leaving the person they love, so it might be somber either way, but I think loving you so much that I’d be lonely without you is a happy thing.

I know it’s not something I should be saying now, but thank you for loving me. I can’t wait for us to be together again.


Your face is so red. Are you suddenly embarrassed now?



Even though we’re heading home after a regular date, it makes me happy to know how much I love you.


Track 6: It’s your fault for not waking up on time.


Good morning.


Your voice right as you wake up is cute too.

“Don’t say such sweet things first thing in the morning”? It’s your fault for not waking up on time.

Listen, if you keep sleeping now, you won’t be able to sleep well at night.

Hey, just say “yes” once.

If you get it then get out of your futon already.


You know…it’s completely obvious from your voice. You’re on the bed with the phone, aren’t you?


I’m already done changing.

It’s earlier than usual, you say? Please take a good look at the time again.


Oh, but, don’t forget to have breakfast.

Why are you laughing?

My motherly side never changes…?

I love you.


If I was your mom, I wouldn’t do this, would I?

Don’t get so angry. It’s your fault for treating your boyfriend like your mom.

It’s another beautiful day, so you should get up and get ready. Just make sure you don’t head out half-asleep in your pajamas.

I’ll get ready to head out too, so I’ll talk to you later.

It was great hearing your voice first thing in the morning today.


Track 7: I wish I could give a gentle dream to you who can’t sleep



What’s wrong? Are you not able to sleep?

How do I know, you ask?

You’re usually asleep by this time, are you not? Also, it’s rare for you to go out of your way to call me at night. After all, you’re someone who really worries about imposing on others.

To me, you’re an open book. Even if I can’t see your face, I can figure out what you’re thinking from your voice.

What you’re thinking about now…?

Oh, that’s easy.

I’m not lying. Why don’t I take a guess?

Right now, you want to see me, right?


Silence is an affirmation.

Why I’m so confident? …Well, it’s because I want to see you too. I want to rush to your side and cast a goodnight spell on you who can’t sleep.

What do I mean by “goodnight spell”?

A kiss. I wish I could kiss you and give a gentle dream to you who can’t sleep.

I wish I could hold your hand as you fall asleep.


You want to do that for me too?

I see. Shall I head there right now?

No, never mind, let’s not.

Why not? …Well, if I see you now, I won’t want to let you go until morning.

Hey, are you-

What? You dropped the phone?

Maybe you got hit by a bout of sleepiness, you should sleep for today. You know what they say, staying up late is bad for your skin.

If you’re still worried about whether or not you’ll be able to sleep. You’ll be sleepy soon enough if you count sheep.


Hearing my voice made you feel at ease…?

I’m glad to hear that.

Good night, my precious, I love you.


Track 8: Be as selfish as you want and let me bask in the joy


Over here, over here. I’m outside the window.

Hey, can you open it?

The last time I slipped in through the window like this was when we were kids, right?

Why am I doing this?

I just wanted to see you. Am I being a bother?


Looking at your expression, I guess there’s no need for me to worry.

I hope you weren’t feeling lonely yourself.

Based on your expression, you were.

Oh you. We’re so close, so if you feel lonely, just say you want to see me.

No “but”s.

I’m the one who decides if it’s a bother or not, not you. And, regardless of what you do or whatever selfish request you have, if it’s what you want from me, I find it to be a wonderful and delightful thing. It makes me want to do it for you.

So… Be as selfish as you want and let me bask in the joy.


Then, why don’t we practice?

“Practice what”? Isn’t it obvious? …Practice so that when you get lonely, you’ll be able to rely on me right away.

Let’s see… Why don’t you start by saying “I want to see you”?

It’s okay, you can take your time.

Nicely said.

That’s what’s on my mind when I’m not with you too. From now on, you should tell me you want to see me when you’re lonely.

It’s a promise.


Now then, I should leave soon.


Even if you’re my girlfriend, I can’t stay in a girl’s room for long.

Making that sad expression…

Dear oh dear, my girlfriend’s such a handful. …But even so, you’re my cute and loveable girlfriend.

I’ll call you first thing in the morning tomorrow.

You’ll feel a little less lonely that way, right?


You should keep smiling like that.

Sorry for intruding on you.

I’ll see you tom… I’ll see you in your dreams.

Good night.


Track 9: I think your straightforwardness today is a bit……of a foul.


Sorry! I’ve kept you waiting!

No, even if I’m a little late, I’m still late. Sorry about that.

Rather than seeming angry, you’ve got a grin.

No, it’s nothing. Let’s go, then.

Take my hand.

……Normally, she gets embarrassed when I squeeze her hand, but she’s squeezing back?

Umm, did something good happen today?


I think your straightforwardness today is a bit……of a foul.

Okay, I give up, you’re too cute.

What? Even though I’m always the one making your heart race…? Look at you grinning over there again. …Every day I’m fighting with my sense of reason.

No, uh, I was wondering about what kind of good thing happened to you.

Wow, that’s amazing. What else?

That is probably true.

I see, that’s great. But…it’s a bit vexing to know that what’s making you smile isn’t me.


I’m joking. You kept making my heart race today, so this is my payback. When something good happens to you, it makes me happy too.

Do you also feel happy when something good happens to me?

I see, so it’s only natural.

I’m really so fortunate to date you. Let’s continue to share our happy moments.

I love you.

Now then, where shall we go today?


Where I want to go…?

As long as you’re with me, I can go anywhere.


Track 10: Because I can’t trust those men around you


Wasn’t that your phone just now?

Oh, text message.

Who is it?

A senior from the school council…? Why are they contacting you when there isn’t school?

It’s just a message, huh?

Why I’m acting strange…?

Don’t you know? I’m a jealous man.

You’re trying to say that it’s, like, work-related, right? I know. But, but even so…I don’t like it.


I’m a worrywart?

I’ve always loved you, and now I’ve got you, the last thing I want is to get blindsided by someone.

“Because you don’t know how much I love you, that’s why you worry”?

I hear that, but just how much do you love me?

Do you love me to the point of wanting to hold my hand? Do you love me to the point of wanting to be held in my arms? Do you love me to the point of never wanting to be apart from me?

Your face is bright red.

I’ve already heard enough…? Hmm, then the next one’s the last.

Do you love me to the point of wanting to be kissed by me?


Yeah, I know. And even then, I’d still get jealous.

It’s not because I don’t trust you, it’s because I can’t trust those men around you.

But just now you were super honest and cute. If it gets you to be more honest, I don’t mind pretending to be jealous.

Ah, she’s got her back turned to me. Did I go too far?

Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that but…

I’m putting away your phone.

And why don’t we turn it off too?


Today… At least for today, I want all of your attention on me.

What? It always is, each day?

You really are adorable.


Track 11: I’ll always protect you, so……stay by my side.


Come on in.

Happy birthday!

Haha! You’re being way too surprised here.


Something smells good…? Of course, of course, today’s menu is full of things you like, so stop standing by the door and come next to me.

Please take a seat here.


Oh, right, the most important part.

Wait just a moment.

Sorry for the wait. It’s the fluffy sponge cake that you requested!

Alright, now let’s put in the candles.

I think you’re using too much force, they won’t be able to stand for long like that.

Yes, like that.


We’ve celebrated together like this since we were young, haven’t we? People don’t like getting older, but every time the number of candles increases, it brings me joy to know that the number of memories we share has increased.

I’m sure that next year too, we’d make a full candle’s worth of memories and be able to cherish it.

And when I think about it that way, getting older is a very blissful thing.


What? This year, you want us to blow out the candles together?

Are you sure?

Of course, I’d be happy to.

Have you decided on your wish? Then, here we go.

On your mark…

Oh! They’ve all been blown out! Now, why don’t we cut the cake?

It’s fine, it’s fine, let me do it. You should dig into those dishes over there.

You’re gobbling everything up so happily. Is it perhaps that you like the food I make more than me?

Was it obvious?


I can’t say anything when you say it cutely like that.

Oh? A joke, you say?

This is what happens to someone who makes a joke like that!

And also, this.

Sorry, was it cold?

Sorry, it’s made of metal, so there’s not much I could do. Wait just a bit longer.

Alright, it’s on!


Oh? This?

It’s your birthday present, of course! This year, I chose a necklace.

I’m glad you like it.

Being close enough to touch your hand like this, and feeling a warmth back when I touch you makes me incredibly happy. …Thank you for being born.

Meeting you, falling in love with you… Perhaps, I was born to protect you.

It’s not an exaggeration. I love you. I’ll always protect you, so……stay by my side.


Happy birthday.

The day that the precious person in my life was born is very beautiful in my eyes. Even if we become old and gray, let’s continue to celebrate together like this.

It’s a promise between only me and you.


Track 12: Starry Sky Lessons ~Mama Suzuya’s Cooking Class~


Mama Suzuya’s cooking class is about to begin!

Why are you clapping? You know I was joking, right?

Eh… Eh? It didn’t feel weird at all? I see. …Is that how it is? Ahem. I-In any case, this time, let’s learn some basic cooking terms.

Good answer.

First question, how much is a “pinch”?

Correct! A pinch is the amount you can lightly pinch between the tips of your thumb, index and middle finger,

You’re so knowledgeable!

You can’t say you’re going out with me otherwise…? Then, here’s one more question for the princess who made that cute comment.

When we say “a dash of salt,” how much is a dash?

A hint?

No, try to figure it out yourself.

You give up?

The correct answer is the amount you can lightly pinch between the tips of your thumb and forefinger.

“Doesn’t the amount vary from person to person”?

That’s where you’re eyeballing it.


Wait, you’re right. Your hands are tiny.

It makes me want to protect you.

I’m getting sidetracked from the cooking class, you say? Of course not. I just taught you the most important things about cooking. What do you think that is?

Too bad, time’s up!

The answer is…love.

I cook with love so that I can bring a smile to the one who eats it, lift their mood when they’re down, and share the wonderfulness of a good day with them.

Shall we make today’s dinner together?

Yup! Let’s make something super delicious!


Track 13: Fortune Telling House Starry Sky


Welcome to the fortune-telling house, “Starry Sky”.

Hey, hey, you shouldn’t point your finger at people.

Eh? Why I’m pretending to be a fortune teller…?

Don’t worry about the details, don’t worry about the details. Now let me read some fortunes.


Ah! There’re fingerprints on my precious crystal ball! This can’t do, this is why my life is in disarray.

Here too…

What? Have I finished reading?

Sorry, when I find dirt on something, I can’t help myself. Now, let’s do this again.



I see it. I see it! It’s Cancer’s fortune!

For your love life…

There seems to be a danger of being too hesitant and squandering a great opportunity. If you pursue them calmly but aggressively, you’ll be in luck.

I see…so that means I should be calm but aggressive in my approach to you too.

That’s not it?

No, I was joking.

As for money… You’re likely to spend as much as you have. Avoid silly expenses and impulse purchases as much as possible and develop a realistic sense of finances!

I’m fine with this. I’m a good bookkeeper.

Really? I don’t think it’s that impressive. It’s natural when you think about the future. I want to see you in at least two wedding dresses, so I need to start saving now.


It’s nothing, I was just talking to myself.

Next is leisure…

You might make a pleasant discovery if you visit a place of your memories again. If you can kindle your curiosity, you will have good luck on your solo journey.

A memorable place, huh? Is it that?

What’s wrong? You look down. Are you not feeling well?

Are you sure you are okay?

Whether there’s more to the fortune…?

Pisces and Scorpio are compatible with Cancer. You aren’t compatible with Capricorn and Libra.


What are you hiding? Is it something that you can’t tell me?

You’ll be lucky if you’re proactive and you’d be spending money… I think that means I’m probably going to go on a solo trip!

You’re too influenced by horoscopes, and also, you should trust your boyfriend, too.

If it were me, I’d take you on a trip down memory lane.

You’re my lucky place. There’s no point if we aren’t together.

In any case, why don’t we head out now? If we’re holding hands, there’s nowhere we can’t go.


Track 14: Let me always be the one to hold this hand


Oh, yes, yes, there was this photo too.

Auntie got mad and we were both half-crying.

Oh? That one was from the elementary school entrance ceremony, wasn’t it?

I see. Neither I nor Kanata was much taller than you back then.

It’s your album, but it’s also a record of my and Kanata’s growth. The three of us were always together at major events.

What’s on my mind…?

We’ve been together since we were little, but I can never get tired of looking at you.

That’s not what I meant. I don’t mean it in the sense that you make interesting expressions. Rather, it’s a sign of how much I love you. Being able to hold you in my arms like this and being able to be with you like this…make me incredibly happy.


Even without lifting a finger, you being next to me and hearing you say you love me… I don’t think there’s greater happiness than that.

I see. …So you felt the same way.

Being by each other’s side since childhood, knowing both the good and bad, and still both wanting to be with each other as lovers…

Ever since the moment I met you, I’ve never been happier.

Please continue to stay by my side. Let me always be the one to hold this hand.

Let us create mountains of memories together.


My love for you will always be unchanging.

……I love you.


Track 15: I won’t be fussy like I was when I was little.


It’s that time.

Hmm? Yeah.

It’s about time for the princess to return back to her castle.

I wish that time could stop too, but it’s not possible, is it? Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, a year after… I want to walk the future to come with you.

“I don’t want you to go home!”

“Stay with me forever!”

I won’t be fussy like when I was a child.

Once we’re acknowledged by the people around us and eventually start living together…

No, uh, I was-


We’ll continue this next time.

I’ll come for you, so wait for me, my precious princess.


There we go. There’s nothing else that needs my brain, right? Things look about done.

An empty classroom…

She’s forgetting things again.

I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll bring it to her later.

Still, she’s careless as always. Airheaded is probably the best word to describe her.

It’s something we take for granted and something we can’t do without. But…sometimes we forget the importance of its existence. I think that’s what you are like to me.

We’re always together.


Our casual conversations or your sleepy profile in class… The happy face you make when you eat my food… They’re all precious to me.

I’m willing to do anything to make you happy. As long as you’re smiling, there’s nothing else I want.

But…that’s a lie. It wasn’t true.

I want you to be happy because I love you. And it is because I love you that there’s happiness that I don’t want you to have.

I can’t wish for a happiness where you are smiling next to someone else.

I’ve been watching you since we were young. I’ve always been watching over you. At some point, that feeling became love, and I fell in love with you as a woman, not as a childhood friend. There was no trigger, but it was definitely a warm feeling that grew naturally inside me.

There were times when it was painful and frustrating, but even then, these feelings were dear to me.


Even after I realized my feelings for you, I planned to simply watch over you.

Smiling gently, pretending to be understanding… I desperately protected the place where I could be closest to you.

A weak and fragile heart held me back from taking the first step forward. Instead of having hope and being faced with disappointment, I thought it was best to assume the worst from the beginning.

By thinking of the day you’d be smiling next to someone else, I could go on without getting hurt.

I hate myself for being so weak.

“I came from France to see you because I love you.”

I admired the strength of a guy who could act like that. But…admiring isn’t enough.

I want to be by your side. I want to hold your hand. …Both then and now, and in the future to come.


And so, today, I’m going to stop being that understanding childhood friend.

I just can’t stand to let them take you without me having done anything.

I’m sure it’ll come as a surprise to you. …And maybe, I might hurt you by doing it.

But…I’m sorry. Please just let me say this.

I’ve always loved you.


Huh? Was that Kanata’s voice just now?

Oh, he’s calling me.

Or should I say, he’s searching for me?

I see. I was thinking to myself in the classroom.

It’s time for me to go. The day I stop being a childhood friend is near. I have no regrets, nor do I intend to.

As Touzuki Suzuya and as a man, I’m going to come see you.

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