【Translation】 Mahou Shoujo Nanoni Shitappa Sentouin wo Mahou Stick de Zubozubo Shitsukekete yarimashita


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CV: Ichijou Hirame (一条ひらめ)

Track 1: The Henchman Was Weak


Where did the Dark Master go?

He suddenly disappeared and even with all the units of the evil organization searching for him, there are no traces of him to be found… Will I get a bonus if I find him?

The boss, Master Black Hole, came all the way here from our planet, And Devil Kakaron’s been checking in from Planet Dekamara every week.

Master Black Hole has ordered me to find the Dark Master but…it’s hopeless without any clues.

But if I don’t find him, Master Black Hole will say to me, “That’s why you’re always a trash mob character!” It’s horrible. It’s what people on Earth call an “abuse of power.”

Man, this isn’t working out for me. I have no motivation and sprawling out on a bench with the sun still high in the sky is kind of…


Someone’s coming over this way…

Oh, that’s… That’s a magical girl! How could this be? How could I run into a magical girl in a place like this!?

There’s no avoiding this fight… Let’s go! I, Devil Duck, will be your opponent! EE!

Take this, Magical Girl… Devil Duck Power Harassment Beam!

Ah! My special attack’s been evaded!

I’m not finished yet! EE! Devil Sexual Harassment Nightmare!

No, it missed again.

A straight sucker punch into my stomach… It’s not effective against-EE!

A clean heel drop…

Magic girls are… It’s over for me…

Track 2: I Disciplined a Henchman With a Footjob


Huh? Where am…I?

Why am I at a magical girl’s house!? Magical Girl, what on earth have you done to me?!

Eh? …You treated me?

Why? Don’t tell me that you’re going to try and extract information from me?!

I’m not going to talk! Even if you tortured, I still won’t talk! I’m not going to tell you that I’m searching for the Dark Master-

Uh… Uh, um…I said nothing.


Food… For me?

It must have some kind of poison in it.

No, uh, this sound…it’s not that of an empty stomach.

You know what, never mind, I’m digging in!

Ugh, blegh, it’s so bad…  Eh, no, I said nothing! …Still, what a messy room. There’re heaps of books and unwashed laundry everywhere. This place is in dire straits.

No, I didn’t say anything.

So umm, do you live alone?

Really? So you live alone? You look like a student, and you seem like quite a hard worker too.

On that note, isn’t that magical girl skirt of yours a little too short?


It exposes your panties on purpose…?

Is that a thing? In Dekamara, they don’t sell skirts that short. Having your thighs out in the open like that… It’s shameful! You’re trying to seduce me, aren’t you?

Wait… Right now I’m alone with the magical girl, this is my chance to defeat her. I was done in earlier by her, but this time…

Magical Girl, take this! Devil Enraged Skyfall!

……It missed again. Why, why don’t my moves work!?

Who said no one is going to come for you, you just assume-

My crotch! Stop stepping on my crotch! You’re going to crush my dick!



You can say that all you want, but it doesn’t scare me or faze me in the slightest.

No, no, this isn’t what you think. It’s a tired boner, I get erections when I’m tired.

Eh? Masturbate?

Why on earth would I do that?!! What kind of stupid thing are you-

Stop rubbing my cock with your feet! It doesn’t matter what you do to me, I’m not going to masturbate in front of-

Ah! Please, not that magic! I’m willing to do anything!

Honorific speech? Why should I use honorifics toward you, my enemy?


Anything but that magic…!

EE! I get it! No…understood. I just have to masturbate, right?!

If you stare at me so intensely, it makes it hard for me to do……

It’s because you’re wearing that miniskirt!

Uh, no, it’s because you’re wearing a miniskirt that I, uh…got hard. Anyone would when they’re shown such plump white thighs!

Eh? We’re really doing it.

Okay, okay, I’ll do it!


If you stare at me like it, it’ll turn me even more and…

It doesn’t feel-

Faster? EE!

Oh, I’m sorry, the “EE” is to get into the spirit of things or to say “I understand”.

Okay, I won’t say it anymore.


I’m close to cumming…

I’ve become like this just from your white thighs, and there’s so much precum leaking out of me… Can I have a tissue?

I’m cumming… I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


Wiping semen off of my own clothes with a tissue is kind of embarrassing…

It felt good, but umm, I’m still big.

Stop trying to insult me… It hurts me when you say I have a useless cock.

Eh? A footjob?

You… You don’t have to.

Yes, I lust after your thighs, but…


Just the slightest touch from your toes causes me to make weird noises……

The bottoms of your feet are wrapped around my dick…

From this angle, I can completely see your panties and it’s really lewd… At this rate, I’ll cum again. I’m going to cum!

Please don’t scrape the top of my dick with your toes…

You can’t stroke it either…

If you order me to “just cum already”…


Cumming… I’m going to cum!

I’m so sorry! My semen accidentally got onto your beautiful feet!

You want me to lick it off…?

Please don’t rush me like that. I’ll lick them.


It’s so bitter…

It’s clean now.

Are you feeling horny because you had your feet licked? It looks like you’re in the mood for sex too.

Are you going to take off your panties!?

You’re on top of me… My dick is going inside the pussy of a magical girl.

Eh? A virgin?

W-W-W-Why would I be-

Yes, I’m a virgin.


Your pussy feels so good.

For it to feel this good…there’s no way masturbating can compare.

I’m sensitive because I just came.

One of the hateful magical girls is riding on top of me and shaking her hips…  It makes sense now. It’s a dream, this is a dream. It has to be a dream.

But it feels…so good. I’m going to cum from a magical girl’s pussy.

It frustrates me. It frustrates me, but…it feels good.

Cumming. Cumming, cumming, I’m going to cum…!



Uh, uh, I’m so sorry, I came inside you!

Ahhh! Please forgive me! Anything but that magic!!! I’ll do anything you want!

Me? Be a housekeeper?


Yes, I’ll be in your care too.


Now that I think of it, if I approach the magical girl like this and choke them out, Master Black Hole will praise me.

It’ll be best for me to bear with it for now and stay with her.


Ah, no, no, I didn’t say anything. I was just monologuing.

Anyway, I’ll be your housekeeper from now on!

Track 3: Building the Self-confidence of a Henchman with a Blowjob


Good morning!

Yes, I’ve cooked up breakfast. If you’re willing, please give it a try.

Does it taste good?

Thank you for the compliments. And while you’re at school, I’ll do the washing and cleaning. Oh, right! I also made you a bento!

Please have it for lunch. I tried to make a character bento.

No, you must wait to open it. It’s for you to enjoy during lunch break.


Eh? You’re finished with breakfast already? You’re so quick.

I’ll handle the clean-up, so…

Take care at school.

And there she goes, huh. I’m sure that if I pretend to be subservient, she’ll let her guard down.

I guess I should start cleaning.

Still, it’s such a mess. Why’s it so messy? Jesus.

First, I’ll gather the large pieces of trash… Vacuum…

I guess I’ll wipe down the floors and windows too. Clean up the kitchen. And while I’m at it, clean the toilet and bathtub.


It’s slowly become fun. Maybe a housekeeper is what I’m meant to be?

No, no, I’m Devil Duck, an evil henchman. Even I have a sense of pride.

Meanwhile, the place looks totally clean now. And also, isn’t it already past noon!? I got way too into it!!!

After I finish lunch, I guess I’ll go to the supermarket to buy things for dinner.


Oh! Welcome home!

I’m cooking right now. How was school?

Is that so?

Oh, yeah, did you eat the character bento? It’s a character bento based on a popular anime.

I’m glad, what you said makes it all worth it. I’ll work hard and make another one for tomorrow.

Yes, I’ve cleaned up the place too.

No, no, I’m happy to be of help. You’ll make me blush if you praise me so much.

I, umm…have never been praised much in my life. Master Black Hole and the Dark Master are only ever critical of me, so it makes me really happy.


Oh! It’s from Master Black Hole. Please excuse me for a moment.

Hello, it’s Devil Duck.

Black Hole: It’s me.

Black Hole: What are you doing right now?

Umm…I’m approaching a magical girl for the purpose of defeating them.

Black Hole: You useless bastard, hurry up and defeat that magical girl!!!

EE! I’m sorry, I’ll go defeat them immediately.


Ah, yes, Master Black Hole called me a “useless bastard.”

You’re asking about my self-confidence?

I guess you’re right. I’ll do my best to be more confident!

You’re surprisingly kind. I’ll work hard!

Erm, your school uniform skirt is pretty short too… My eyes don’t know where to look…

Eh? A blowjob? Why are you suddenly-

I see. If a man gets a blowjob, it’ll build their self-confidence.


Sorry, letting out EE! sounds is an unconscious habit.


The mask?

No, I can’t let you see my face! If I do that, my personal information will-

It’ll rip if you’re so rough!

I’m so embarrassed… Please return my mask…

Eh? I’m…handsome? …In all my time alive, I’ve never had a girlfriend before, though.

I’m happy for the flattery. Thank you.


No, uh…I’ve never kissed before.

EE! I’m sorry, I went EE! again.


Then, please allow me to kiss you…

Is it like this?

Entwine my tongue with yours…?


How was that?

Thank you so much. Kisses feel really nice.


Your ears?

I’ll start licking them, then.

How was that? Did it feel good?

I’ll lick your other ear too, then.

Right, you were going to give me a blowjob. I’ll take off my pants now.


I can feel your breath blowing on the tip of my cock.

I got excited from just that and swelled to this size.

Taking it into your mouth without any warning…

Of course it feels good. It brings me great emotion to know that such pleasure existed.

You’re a magical girl, so why are you so good at blowjobs? My mind’s about to turn to mush.


I’m going to cum… Cumming!

I… I got semen all over your face! I’m so sorry, I’ll wipe it off for you right away!

Lick it off?

Okay, I’ll lick it off.

It’s bitter, but the taste is habit-forming…


It’s all off now.

Oh, I’m sorry, it felt so good that I… Punishment, you say? What do you want me to do…

Facesitting…? What’s that?

Why are you taking off your panties?

Eh? You want me to lie down?

Is this okay?

Your pussy is…pressed against my face. EE!

I’m sorry I went EE! again! I’m going to licking, then.


Stroking my dick as I lick you…I can’t do that.

Okay, I understand.

It’s hard to breathe, but it feels good.

Are you about to cum too? I’ll move my tongue more, then.

I’m about to cum! I’m going to cum from stroking my own dick!


Eh? Am I allowed to cum? Why? My dick’s already gotten this big and…

Please don’t say something that’ll cut me down like that…

Okay, I’ll endure it!

How is it? Are you about to cum from my cunningilius? I’m at my limit too.


Please don’t stop my hands. I want to cum, I want to shoot out my cum.

Telling me to wait… I’m not a dog.


You came, right? Can I cum too now?

Cumming… I’m going to cum…

I can’t? Why? Please, it hurts, I want to cum. it’s not fair that you get to cum while I can’t.

No way… Will you let me put it in today?

Umm… Your pussy… It felt really good yesterday and I can’t erase that feeling from my memories!

Really? Thank you so much! This is my reward for doing the housework properly, right?

Erm, how should…

Face-to-face sitting? What do you mean by that?


So I put it in facing you while in a sitting position?

Okay, please come on top of my lap.

Then, please excuse me, I’m putting it in. Please lift your hips a little.

It’s going in…into your warm pussy. Because I was holding back, I might cum from just this.

And your pussy is swallowing up my dick.

Can I move my hips?

It’s hot and soft, but it’s squeezing me so tightly… It feels good.


You’re going to shake your hips too?

If you go so rough…

I’m sorry, because I was left hanging, I’m going to quickly cum…

Yes, yes, I want us to kiss.

If you embrace me so tightly, I… I can’t. I can’t, I can’t. I’m going to cum!


It felt really good.

Oh, yes. A kiss, right?

I’m about to drown from your techniques.

Food, right? I’ll go prepare it now.

Track 4: The Henchman is Punished with a Magic Stick


I’m home.

Oh, you arrived home first. How was school today-

Why did you suddenly punch me in the gut?

Oh, you must be angry because I left without your permission, right? Are you going to punish me again!?

Face-sitting… It’s what we did yesterday, right? If I had to say, it’s more like a reward.

Ah! No, it’s nothing.

If you’re willing, why don’t we do it on the bed? It’ll be less hard on your knees.

I’ll lie down now.


Go head, plant your pussy on top of my face. I’ll lick it.

Being able to see a magical girl’s pussy this close up… Wow, it’s pink and it’s twitching.

Am I allowed to stroke my dick too? It’s erect and it hurts.

Thank you so much! I’ll undress, then!

It feels so good to masturbate while licking your pussy.


Do you feel good too? I want to make you feel good with my tongue.

You’re going to cum, right? I’ll work harder!

You came, right?

Then, I should also-

What? Why? Please let me cum!

T-T-T-T-Titty job?! I’ve always dreamt of receiving a titty job.

Then, please do!


Your skin’s so beautiful, and your breasts look so round and soft. Can I touch them?

I can’t? …You’re so mean.

Then please go ahead with the titty job.

To think breasts were this soft…

Your expression is also super lewd. It’s a feast for my eyes and turns me on. Your tits are getting wet and slippery from my pre-cum, aren’t they?


I’m at my limit. This time I can cum, right?

Eh? I still can’t cum? Why are you so mean? I’m begging you, please let me cum.

I know it’s supposed to be punishment, but…

What is that?

Lube…? Why are you applying lube to my anus?!! I’m going to start feeling it from my ass!

Something’s going in… What are you putting inside?


Your magic stick!?

Your magic stick is going inside my butt…

What are you trying to do?

Don’t move it! If you move it like that… It’s my first time experiencing this. Your pussy felt good but having something inside me feels good too!

Just what is this? I’m going to cum… Somehow, I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!

Why did you stop? I was so close to cumming.

Yes, please move it in and out. It’s my first time experiencing something that feels this good…


I’m being penetrated by a magic stick… It’s so humiliating but my cock’s burning up.

I forgot to say it but I have two cocks. Men from Dekamara are born with two cocks and I’m about to cum with both!

Cumming, cumming! I’ll cum, I’m going to cum!

Please, let me cum! I’ll do anything!

Thank you.

I’m going to cum now…

My other cock’s about to cum…


I’m feeling so good, my consciousness is…

Track 5: Even Henchmen are Men


Ah, I lost consciousness there, didn’t I?

It embarrasses me to say that it’s because of how good it felt. To tell you the truth, I felt bad living off you and went searching for a part-time job. I’m sorry for making you worry by going out without telling you.

I’m relieved…

What’s the matter? Why the sudden hug?

Your breasts are pressed against my face and I can’t breathe. It’ll make me want to lick your nipples.

Can I lick them?

Thank you.

Then, let’s not wait…


These are the soft breasts that were enveloping my dick earlier…

My dick’s hard again. Let me inside you, please!

Thank you so much! I’ll hold up your legs and insert it.

It’s going in… My dick’s overjoyed being wrapped around by your pussy.

I’m going to start moving.

When I move, my dick rubs against you and it feels really good.


Are you going to start shaking your hips too?

I’ll change my angle of attack, then.

You’re weak to this spot, right? Your moans have gotten louder, so I’ll thrust all the way in.

For such pleasure to exist on Earth… It’s amazing!


I’m about to cum soon. Is it okay if I cum?

Yes. Let’s cum together.

Cumming, cumming-


I’m glad I was able to make you cum again. Seeing you in pleasure makes me…happy.

Umm, to tell you the truth, my second dick wants you too. Is that okay?

Then I’ll take you at your word.

My second dick feels happy going inside you. Your magical girl pussy is hot and it’s grabbing onto my dick and won’t let go.

I can’t wait any longer. I’m going to start pounding my hips.

I’ll bring up your legs like this…


How’s that? Am I reaching your depths?

Wow, every time I strike down, your boobs jiggle. …It’s a really lewd sight. And my other dick is hitting your clitoris, does that feel good?

I’ll make you feel good with my two dicks.

You came, right? That look of intoxication is very sexy.

Can I kiss you too?


I want to hug you tightly. It’s okay, right?

I’m about to cum again. Your pussy feels so good that I…I’m going to cum again.

I’ll lay down beside you.


Can I lend you my arm as a pillow?

Then lift up your head. I’ll put my arm under you.

Doing this… It almost feels like we’re lovers.

Just kidding. I’m just a housekeeper, right? But right now, I’d rather adhere close next to you and bask in the afterglow of sex.

Track 6: How About a Henchman’s Magic Stick?


Welcome home!

How was school?

So-so? On my part, I’ve finished cooking, washing, and cleaning perfectly. I made some mid-afternoon snacks too.

Please help yourself.

It’s apple pie.

Oh, it’s from Master Black Hole. Please excuse me for a moment.


Yes, it’s Devil Duck.

Black Hole: I’ve given up on conquering Earth.

Eh? You gave up conquering Earth?

Black Hole: You should leave Earth and live a quiet life in Dekamara.

EE! Understood, I’ll live quietly.

Erm, yes, it was from Master Black Hole. It seemed like he no longer wanted to try and conquer Earth. I’m relieved of my role and I don’t have to fight you anymore.

I’m alone both on Dekamara and on Earth.

If it’s okay with you, can you continue keeping me here as a housekeeper?

You don’t have to pay me any wages. As long as I get food to eat…


You’re giving me an embrace?

At some point, I became your captive. I’m extremely happy right now. It’s my first time feeling this happy in my life.

Please allow me to kiss you.


Can I lick your ears?

I want to lick your tiny, adorable ears. Your ears are a weak spot, right?

Please let me lick your other ear.

Your breasts are pressing against me… I want to touch them. Or rather, I want to lick them.

Thank you. I’ll undo the buttons on your shirt, then.

Your bra is cute. I wouldn’t mind staring at them forever, but I want to touch them and lick them, so I’ll undo the hook.


Your round boobs are very beautiful.

I’ll start massaging them.

I’ll put your nipple in my mouth while licking them…

It’s tasty. …So nipples taste sweet.

I want to lick your clitoris. Your juices are also very sweet.

Please spread your legs.

You’re wet. Did you get turned on when I kissed you and licked your breasts?

I’m happy. I’ll start licking.


If your voice is that loud, people next door will hear.

It makes me happy when you feel good. You’re about to cum, right? Then. I’ll lick you more.

Your face looks so cute when you cum.

Umm, I’m…erect. How about, this time, we use my magic stick?

No, I’m sorry, I got way too ahead of myself!

Is it okay if I go inside you today? If possible, I want us to be sitting on the bed facing each other again…because I can hold you in my arms.

Thank you! Please wait as I undress.


I’m putting it in…

It feels good inside you no matter how many times I experience it. I might not be able to live without you anymore.

I’ll start moving.

What’s wrong?

EE! Yes! Of course, I like you! I like you so, so much that it’s driving me crazy.

I’ve always been alone, but I liked being of use to you. …And I enjoy being bullied too.

Please, can we continue to be together?


I just have to make you cum?

I’ll do my best to shake my hips for you! Please hold onto me tight.

Can I kiss you too?

No matter what, I want to make you cum.

I like you, I like you. I like you! I like you so much my mind’s about to go crazy.


You’re going to cum, right? Please cum. And from there, please stay with me for all the years to come.

You came, right?

You promised. Please say that we’ll stay together.

EE! I’m going to be in your care from now on. Cooking, washing, cleaning, and of course, sex…

I’m going to cum too. I’m cumming!

I love you. Let’s live happily together on Earth.

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