【Translation】 Starry☆Sky × Hitsuji de Oyasumi Series Osananajimi to Oyasumi


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CV: Midorikawa Hikaru (緑川光), Sugita Tomokazu (杉田智和), Ono Daisuke (小野大輔)

Track 1: Childhood Friends and Good Night ~Side All~


Yoh: Hey, Kanata, you’re way too close to her head. Go a bit further.

Kanata: What? I’m not even that close. Stop fussing over every little thing.

Yoh: No, you’re 5 cm too close, Kanata.

Suzuya: Enough you two. She won’t be able to sleep if you two keep acting up.

Kanata: Sorry…

Suzuya: Goodness gracious. Sorry that those two are so noisy.

Yoh: Sorry that Kanata was so loud.

Kanata: Hey! Don’t blame it all on me.

Suzuya: Kanata, we played rock-paper-scissors to decide where we’d sleep so there wouldn’t be a fight over it. But if there’s going to be a fuss about it, instead of sleeping head-to-head, you’ll be sleeping over there away from her.

Yoh: I got an idea. As an apology for being loud, I’ll count sheep for you. If I do that, you’ll slowly be lulled to sleep, right?

Kanata: Hey, who are you to decide? Sheep or whatever else, I’ll be the one to count them.

Suzuya: Rather than having these two noisy folks count, it’s better for me to do it, right?

Yoh: We can’t have you single yourself out.

Kanata: That’s right, Suzuya! Stop trying to hog all the good parts for yourself!


Suzuya: Okay, alright. Let’s take turns counting sheep so the three of us all have an equal shot. That you can agree with, right?

Yoh: I’ll start it off, then. I’ll count quietly so you can sleep soundly.

Kanata: Hey! Why does You get to go first?!

Suzuya: It’s okay, you can just count next.

Kanata: Tch, whatever. I get it already.

Yoh: I’ll start counting, then. Close your eyes and listen to my voice. You can also stare into the starry sky beyond the window if you want.


Yoh: 1 sheep… 2 sheep… 3 sheep… 4 sheep… 5 sheep… 6 sheep… 7 sheep… 8 sheep… 9 sheep… 10 sheep…

Yoh: The Spring Triangle is shining brightly today too. Just looking up at the stars is enough to calm my mind.

Kanata: But it looks like she still isn’t able to fall asleep.

Yoh: I was thinking of you and counted with all my feelings… Were my sheep not enough?

Kanata: ‘Kay, ‘kay. It’s not enough, it’s not enough. Your turn is over, it’s my turn now.

Yoh: That’s not what she said. Jeez, Kanata, you’re always so forceful. Can’t you be more gentle?

Kanata: Shut up. Come on, stop looking at You, I’m up next.


Kanata: I’m going to start…

Kanata: 11 sheep… 12 sheep… 13 sheep… 14 sheep… 15 sheep… 16 sheep… 17 sheep… 18 sheep… 19 sheep… 20 sheep…

Kanata: What? The Big Dipper you see from the window is beautiful…?

Kanata: Me liking the Big Dipper… How long ago was that? Is that not from when we were kids?

Kanata: No, uh, I still like it even now.

Suzuya: Kanata, you often used to say that the Big Dipper looked the coolest, didn’t you?

Yoh: Oh? Kanata’s been Kanata ever since he was young.

Kanata: You, what do you mean by that? And don’t you laugh either.

Suzuya: Alright, alright.


Suzuya: Can I start now? It’s my turn next.

Kanata: What!?

Yoh: Even knowing that we’re taking turns, I still don’t like it.

Suzuya: You two, jealousy is not a good look. I’ll lull you to sleep, so don’t worry. Close your eyes.

Suzuya: 21 sheep… 22 sheep… 23 sheep… 24 sheep… 25 sheep… 26 sheep… 27 sheep… 28 sheep… 29 sheep… 30 sheep…


Suzuya: There, there, looks like you’ve gotten a little sleepy now.

Yoh: Hey, Suzuya! Why are you patting her head? You’re onto her way too much. Hurry up and get off her.

Suzuya: Ah, hey- It gives me mixed feelings when I hear that from you, You. You’ve already moved up right next to her.

Kanata: Hey, You, who said you could start moving around on your own?

Yoh: You two, you shouldn’t act too jealous.


Yoh: Alright, it shouldn’t take much longer, so I’ll start counting.

Yoh: 31 sheep… 32 sheep… 33 sheep… 34 sheep… 35 sheep…

Kanata: You, how long are you going to keep counting? It’s my turn.

Yoh: Stop there, Kanata, This is my spot, stop trying to squeeze yourself in.

Kanata: Sorry, You acted on his own, so to make it fair, I’m going to count next to you.

Suzuya: Kanata is right.

Yoh: Tch. It irks me to have that come from Kanata. I guess there’s no going around it.


Kanata: You should take us off your mind. Just lay there quietly. I’m confident that you’ll start feeling sleepy that way.

Kanata: Okay?

Kanata: 36 sheep… 37 sheep… 38 sheep… 39 sheep… 40 sheep…


Kanata: It looks like you can barely keep your eyes open now. Now you’re full of opening.

Yoh: Enough, Kanata, I won’t forgive you if you do anything weird to her.

Kanata: You fool! As if I ever would.

Suzuya: Well, it’s now my turn to be beside you.

Suzuya: You seem pretty relaxed right now.

Yoh: We must be deeply trusted by her. …Is it alright for me to be happy about that? Or should I be sad about it?

Kanata: Yeah, there’s 3 men here, but she’s dozing off and doesn’t have a care in the world.

Suzuya: This is where we should be happy. …Though I’d like you to remember from time-to-time that I’m still a man.

Suzuya: 41 sheep… 42 sheep… 43 sheep… 44 sheep… 45 sheep…


Suzuya: Your face when your guard is down in front of us is honestly adorable.

Kanata: But it’s ‘us’.

Suzuya: Kanata, you don’t seem too happy about it.

Kanata: No, nothing.

Yoh: She has completely dozed off. Well then, it’s time for the last spurt.

Suzuya: Yeah. Now, let us slowly count a bit more.

Kanata: Empty your head and relax your body.


Yoh: 46 sheep…

Kanata: 47 sheep…

Suzuya: 48 sheep…

Yoh/Kanata/Suzuya: 49 sheep… 50 sheep…


Suzuya: You’re finally asleep.

Yoh: Her sleeping face is incredibly cute.

Kanata: Ah, yeah… You’re right.

Yoh: Now that you’re sleeping happily, let me give you a goodnight kiss…

Kanata: You-!

Suzuya: Shh… You’ll wake her.

Kanata: But…

Yoh: What, Kanata? Are you perhaps jealous?

Kanata: I, I’m not. ‘Kay, let me give her one too…a goodnight kiss.


Yoh: Oh? Kanata, when your mind’s set, your mind’s set, huh?

Kanata: What’s with those warm, welcoming eyes?

Kanata: Argh, enough! Just keep your mouth shut.

Suzuya: Then I guess the last one’s me. Sweet dreams. We’ll be together till morning, so sleep easy.

Yoh: I’ll be sleeping too while enjoying your presence close to me.


Yoh: I’m feeling sleepy now too for some reason.

Kanata: Yeah, I do too after watching her happily sleep.

Kanata: Well then, we should sleep too.

Suzuya: We should. Now…

Yoh/Kanata/Suzuya: Good night.

Track 2: Childhood Friend and Good Night ~Side Capricorn~


Yoh: Hmm? What’s the matter?

Yoh: Are you not able to fall asleep?

Yoh: Then, come closer this way. Listen to the beat of my heart. Maybe it can make you relax a little?

Yoh: Your heart races when you’re near me?

Yoh: What you say makes me happy.

Yoh: Oh, right! Why don’t I count sheep to make you sleepy?

Yoh: The word sheep and my name ‘Yoh’ share the same kanji, so it’s like there’s a lot of me and that makes you happy…? If you say that, I won’t be able to let you sleep.


Yoh: Your face is bright red! It’s really cute.

Yoh: If you covered your head completely with the covers, I wouldn’t be able to see your face. You can’t do that.

Yoh: Because I keep saying embarrassing things?

Yoh: I’m only ever telling you my honest feelings, though.

Yoh: I want to sometimes hear about your feelings toward me.

Yoh: Okay, I’ll count sheep, so be sure to tell me later.

Yoh: 1 sheep… 2 sheep… 3 sheep… 4 sheep… 5 sheep… 6 sheep… 7 sheep… 8 sheep… 9 sheep… 10 sheep…


Yoh: Oh, sorry, my stomach started growling.

Yoh: Don’t laugh so much!

Yoh: But…a lot of time has passed since we ate dinner.

Yoh: Fine, I’ll count however I want.

Yoh: 11 onigiris… 12 onigiri-

Yoh: You want me to stop because it’ll make you hungry?

Yoh: Okay, then I’ll go back to counting sheep.

Yoh: 11 sheep… 12 sheep… 13 sheep… 14 sheep… 15 sheep… 16 sheep… 17 sheep… 18 sheep… 19 sheep… 20 sheep…


Yoh: Say, how roughly long do you need to continue counting before someone gets sleepy?

Yoh: No, it’s not that I don’t like counting. I just don’t want to feel tired from counting and falling asleep first. If that happens, I’ll miss my chance to see your sleeping face.

Yoh: Come on, come closer this way.

Yoh: 21 sheep… 22 sheep… 23 sheep… 24 sheep… 25 sheep… 26 sheep…  27 sheep… 28 sheep… 29 sheep…  30 sheep…


Yoh: I’m feeling sleepy now, what about you? Seeing my sleepy face made you sleepy…?

Yoh: Is that so? Just a bit more to go, then.

Yoh: Adhere closer, closer to me. I want to embrace you.

Yoh: Hurry up and continue counting…? A-Alright.

Yoh: Tch, she got away.

Yoh: 31 sheep… 32 sheep… 33 sheep… 34 sheep… 35 sheep… 36 sheep… 37 sheep… 38 sheep… 39 sheep… 40 sheep…

Yoh: Your eyes have glazed over. That’s so cute. I’ll be with you like this until morning, so sleep soundly. Okay?


Yoh: 41 sheep…

Yoh: Huh? Are you thinking about something else?

Yoh: You recalled the events of the day?

Yoh: Yeah, the dinner I had with you today was delicious, but not right now. Stop thinking about anything else and focus only on my voice. Okay?

Yoh: 42 sheep…

Yoh: Tuck yourself into the futon. It’s not good for a girl to be cold.

Yoh: 43 sheep…


Yoh: Hey, is it okay if I’m by your side for a bit longer? I’m a bit cold.

Yoh: Even if you say no, I still will.

Yoh: I knew it. You’re soft and cuddly and feel great to hug,

Yoh: Alright, I’ll go back to counting now.

Yoh: 44 sheep…

Yoh: Hmm? If it’s like this, it’s too cramped now for you to sleep?

Yoh: Really? Am I really not allowed?

Yoh: I guess there’s no helping it. Alright. I want to stay like this forever, but there’s no point if you can’t peacefully rest.


Yoh: Eh? Am I still too close?

Yoh: But I don’t want to be any further away.

Yoh: 45 sheep…

Yoh: You want to hold hands?

Yoh: Yeah, of course. I feel like I’ll sleep better that way too.

Yoh: Your hands are warm.

Yoh: Maybe it shows that we’re sleepy. I won’t be letting go until morning.

Yoh: 46 sheep…


Yoh: Still, just your hand might not be enough.

Yoh: Say… Can I touch you more?

Yoh: Up until now, I’ve been conveying it with words, but right now, I want to convey my love for you with something other than words.

Yoh: Can I?

Yoh: You missed what I said because you were dozing off?

Yoh: Is that so…

Yoh: No, uh, it’s nothing. It’s unfortunate, but please go ahead and sleep.

Yoh: 47 sheep…

Yoh: You see, your smile, and of course, your angry face, your serious expressions, and your current sleepy look… It’s loved by everyone.

Yoh: Every time I discover a new expression of yours, it makes me realize how happy it feels to be beside you.

Yoh: 48 sheep…


Yoh: So, for just these brief moments, I want to have you enclosed in my arms.

Yoh: I love you.

Yoh: 49 sheep…

Yoh: If I fall asleep now, will I see you in my dreams?

Yoh: 50 sheep…

Yoh: More than anything, your warmth feels good. It makes me want to stay like this forever.


Yoh: Looks like you’re asleep now.

Yoh: Today, I’ve once again got the view of your sleeping face to myself.

Yoh: We’ll always be together. Good night, my one and only princess.

Track 3: Childhood Friend and Good Night ~Side Pisces~


Kanata: You’re still awake?

Kanata: Are you having trouble falling asleep?

Kanata: It’s okay for me to sleep, you say? No happening. I’d be too conscious of you to sleep.

Kanata: Now, that’s not good. I’ll count sheep for you. Whenever I did that in the past, you’d fall straight asleep.

Kanata: Hmm? Of course I’d remember.

Kanata: Then, I’m going to start counting.

Kanata: Close your eyes. Clear your mind and focus only on my voice.

Kanata: Are you set?

Kanata: Then…

Kanata: 1 sheep… 2 sheep… 3 sheep… 4 sheep… 5 sheep… 6 sheep… 7 sheep… 8 sheep… 9 sheep… 10 sheep…?


Kanata: What? Huh? I wasn’t asleep.

Kanata: Sorry, I wasn’t able to keep myself from dozing off.

Kanata: Okay, okay, this time I’ll count properly.

Kanata: 11 sheep… 12 sheep… 13 sheep… 14 sheep… 15 sheep… 16 sheep… 17 sheep… 18 sheep… 19 sheep… 20 sheep…


Kanata: So, are you sleepy now?

Kanata: Not yet?

Kanata: Huh? What’s wrong?

Kanata: You’re cold…?

Kanata: Then, I’ll warm you up.

Kanata: You idiot! Don’t just turn red like a tomato! I’m going to get embarrassed too!

Kanata: Whatever. Listen, I’m going to continue counting.

Kanata: 21 sheep… 22 sheep… 23 sheep… 24 sheep… 25 sheep… 26 sheep… 27 sheep… 28 sheep… 29 sheep… 30 sheep…


Kanata: What? You’re still a little cold?

Kanata: I should warm you.

Kanata: Man, there’s no helping you.

Kanata: If that’s the case, then you should stick to me more.

Kanata: Eh? “Nevermind”? What do you mean by that? It’s too late to be saying that now.

Kanata: Well, if I do this, you can’t escape from me.

Kanata: Just for now… No, I want to be like this with you till morning. Do you not like that?

Kanata: You don’t mind it?

Kanata: I see… I’m glad.


Kanata: Oh, uh, let me continue counting.

Kanata: 31 sheep… 32 sheep… 33 sheep… 34 sheep… 35 sheep… 36 sheep… 37 sheep… 38 sheep… 39 sheep… 40 sheep…

Kanata: I’m getting sleepy again.

Kanata: Oh, you look like you’re about to fall asleep too.

Kanata: Eh? Because my warmth makes you comfy?

Kanata: I’m the same. I feel at ease when you’re in my arms.

Kanata: 41 sheep…


Kanata: Your eyes look sleepy.

Kanata: Uh-huh, just sleep. I’ll always be here.

Kanata: 42 sheep…

Kanata: What? When you’re being stared at, you can’t sleep even if you want to sleep?

Kanata: W-What are you implying?

Kanata: Relax, I’m not keenly observing your face or anything.

Kanata: No, uh, sorry, that was a lie. To tell you the truth, your face has been the only thing I’ve been looking at for the past while, but please forgive me.


Kanata: Also, I can’t. When you’re this close, there’s no way I could look at or think about anything different.

Kanata: 43 sheep…

Kanata: Also, I’m always thinking of you at all times.

Kanata: No, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.

Kanata: 44 sheep…


Kanata: Oh, did you hear my little monologue earlier?

Kanata: Like, your face is…kind of red.

Kanata: It’s not like you have to cover your face or anything. You don’t have to do that. Hurry up and sleep.

Kanata: I’m going to continue counting.

Kanata: Ahem.

Kanata: 45 sheep…

Kanata: Eh?


Kanata: I should sleep with you…?

Kanata: Oh, yeah. I’ll sleep too once you’re asleep. …That earlier completely woke me up, though.

Kanata: 46 sheep…

Kanata: Right! Can I stroke your hair?

Kanata: No, uh, it’d calm me.

Kanata: It’s so silky and beautiful.

Kanata: Eh? It feels good when I caress your head?

Kanata: Is that so? Then, I’ll continue caressing.

Kanata: 47 sheep…


Kanata: You know, doing this is kind of… No, no, it’s nothing.

Kanata: Eh? You want me to finish my sentence?

Kanata: Erm, umm… You know… I thought it was kind of nice.

Kanata: “What is”? …Being together with you like this.

Kanata: I know that I’ve been with you for a long time, but being like this, treating you as the one and only precious girl in my life… It’s amazing. I’m super happy.

Kanata: 48 sheep…


Kanata: I think I might be a little through the wringer from saying things that can’t help being said.

Kanata: And I think your sleepiness has rubbed off on me too.

Kanata: You want to hear my voice more, but you’re at your limit…?

Kanata: That’s fine. I’m counting sheep precisely to make you sleep. Or do you want to not sleep and stay with me till morning?

Kanata: No, it’s nothing.

Kanata: I said, it’s nothing.

Kanata: 49 sheep…


Kanata: Let me stop thinking about necessary things and go to bed with you.

Kanata: No, it’s fine. It’s not for you to worry about.

Kanata: If you press any further, I won’t be letting you sleep tonight.

Kanata: And just as you were asking, you fell asleep.

Kanata: This is the last one, then.

Kanata: 50 sheep…

Kanata: Jeez, sleeping with that cute face. You’ve got me completely around your finger.

Kanata: But now I can sleep without any worries, too. Make sure to show up in my dreams, ‘kay?

Kanata: Good night.

Track 4: Childhood Friend and Good Night ~Cancer~


Suzuya: There’s a new constellation sparkling in the sky.

Suzuya: Isis was touched by Berenice’s spirit and transformed her hair into a constellation in the sky.

Suzuya: In the present day, it’s known as Coma Berenices.


Suzuya: How’s that? Do you feel a little sleepy now?

Suzuya: The myth was so interesting it made you more awake, instead?

Suzuya: I was trying to put you to sleep, but I guess I made the mistake of telling you myths.

Suzuya: Then, why don’t I sing you a lullaby?

Suzuya: Huh? You want me to count sheep?

Suzuya: Why sheep again?

Suzuya: Because I often counted sheep for you when we were little during nap time…? Wow, I can’t believe you remember that.

Suzuya: Eh?

Suzuya: No, I remember. How could I possibly forget the memories I have with you? But still, asking me to do things exactly like when we were young… You’re such a spoiled girl.

Suzuya: Don’t look so down. Come on, I’ll count for you, so get in the futon.


Suzuya: 1 sheep… 2 sheep… 3 sheep… 4 sheep… 5 sheep… 6 sheep… 7 sheep… 8 sheep… 9 sheep… 10 sheep…

Suzuya: So, do you think you’ll be able to sleep?

Suzuya: You’re still not sleepy?

Suzuya: This is troubling, when you were young, you’d fall asleep right away.

Suzuya: Because you were completely at ease back then?

Suzuya: Then does that mean you’re no longer at ease being with me?

Suzuya: You’re at ease, but you’re also nervous too…?

Suzuya: Haha, is that what it is? Well, I can’t deny that some things between us are different from the past. I can really feel that you and I are much closer than we were back then.

Suzuya: Then, I’ll continue.


Suzuya: 11 sheep… 12 sheep… 13 sheep… 14 sheep… 15 sheep… 16 sheep… 17 sheep… 18 sheep… 19 sheep… 20 sheep…

Suzuya: Your eyes are still wide open.

Suzuya: You’re a little cold?

Suzuya: Come on, tuck yourself more under the futon covers. …And then come closer this way. You’ll feel warmer if you cuddle up to me.

Suzuya: Because it’s warm, you want to stay like this forever…?

Suzuya: You’re welcome to. And if you want, I can hold you tighter.

Suzuya: Pfft. Don’t suddenly get all shy, I’m going to continue.


Suzuya: 21 sheep… 22 sheep… 23 sheep… 24 sheep… 25 sheep… 26 sheep… 27 sheep… 28 sheep… 29 sheep… 30 sheep…

Suzuya: Not yet, still?

Suzuya: I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll have to give a kiss to this girl that still can’t sleep.

Suzuya: Wait, why are you angry?

Suzuya: It’s to make you sleep.

Suzuya: It’s a special right of mine, so what’s wrong with that?

Suzuya: Eh? Now you’re too embarrassed to sleep…?

Suzuya: That’s worrying. Here’s one more…


Suzuya: I’m not troubled by this at all, you say?

Suzuya: So I’ve been found out.

Suzuya: I mean, you’re so cute when you’re angry too that I just want to tease you.

Suzuya: Ah, yes, yes, I’ll continue counting, so quiet down.

Suzuya: 31 sheep… 32 sheep… 33 sheep… 34 sheep… 35 sheep… 36 sheep… 37 sheep… 38 sheep… 39 sheep… 40 sheep…


Suzuya: You’re completely awake because of me?

Suzuya: Oh dear, what do I have to do to make you sleep?

Suzuya: You want me to hold you again?

Suzuya: Sure.

Suzuya: You smell really nice. It is the smell of your shampoo.

Suzuya: “Maybe, but…”?

Suzuya: Eh? It’s hard to breathe?

Suzuya: Sorry, I tightened my grip without realizing.

Suzuya: 41 sheep…


Suzuya: Yeah, feeling your warmth… I just might fall asleep like this too.

Suzuya: Alright, then, let’s sleep together.

Suzuya: 42 sheep…

Suzuya: You want us to create a little distance…? Why?

Suzuya: Even if I don’t let go of your body, we can still hold hands like this.

Suzuya: There we go.

Suzuya: Hmm? Is there still something else?

Suzuya: It’s embarrassing staying like this…? Hey, you were the one who asked me to hold you.


Suzuya: Stay still, I’m not letting you escape. Until morning comes, I don’t plan to let you go.

Suzuya: 43 sheep…

Suzuya: Close your eyes properly.

Suzuya: You… You’re pouting, aren’t you? Do you not like cuddling with me? Are you wanting to get away from me?

Suzuya: It’s sly, the way I’m asking?

Suzuya: Not at all. I just figure that you aren’t being honest. You don’t actually want to be apart from me, right?

Suzuya: Alright, good girl.


Suzuya: No need to be embarrassed, I also want to stay together forever like this. Plain and simple.

Suzuya: 44 sheep…

Suzuya: So, just let me spoil you more. I’m willing to become your everyday body pillow.

Suzuya: “Am I not your body pillow”?

Suzuya: You’re right. I’m most at ease when I’m sleeping with you in my arms, that I can’t deny.

Suzuya: 45 sheep…

Suzuya: Still, having you close to me like this is comforting, but also a bit troublesome.

Suzuya: Why, you ask? Do I have to spell it out for you?

Suzuya: You’re just that charming. So instead of sleeping, I’d…


Suzuya: What’s up with me, you say?

Suzuya: You’re terrible.

Suzuya: Well, it’s fine. We’ll continue this after we’ve counted a few more sheep.

Suzuya: 46 sheep…

Suzuya: But still, do you still not feel sleepy?

Suzuya: Hmm? You’re sleepy now.

Suzuya: Then, don’t mind me and go to sleep. I’m okay, it’s my job to make you sleep. I’ll sleep once I’ve had a fill of your sleeping face.

Suzuya: 47 sheep…


Suzuya: Huh? Are you embarrassed by that by any chance?

Suzuya: But I like looking at your sleeping face. The fact that you let me see your sleeping face is proof enough that you trust me, and that fact makes me happy.

Suzuya: Also, your sleeping face is cute.

Suzuya: Ow! Ow!

Suzuya: Saying that will make you unable to sleep again? Then, why don’t we stay awake till morning?

Suzuya: I’m joking. Now, I’m going to continue counting.

Suzuya: 48 sheep…


Suzuya: You’ve gotten so warm now.

Suzuya: It feels like a bit of a waste to fall asleep now? …And earlier, I was joking about it.

Suzuya: 49 sheep…

Suzuya: If that’s what you insist, don’t blame me for what happens.

Suzuya: 50 sheep…

Suzuya: If you still aren’t able to sleep, then I’ll…


Suzuya: Hey.

Suzuya: Don’t tell me you’re actually asleep?

Suzuya: What’s with this? You wouldn’t sleep after all my efforts to make you sleep, and here you are with that cute expression as you sleep.

Suzuya: Seriously, I can’t win against you.

Suzuya: I hope you’re visited by sweet dreams.

Suzuya: Good night.

Track 5: Childhood Friends and Good Night ~Side Special~


Kanata: Huh? Are you having trouble sleeping again?

Suzuya: Is that true? Why don’t I bring you something warm to drink to help you sleep?

Suzuya: No, it’s fine…? Really? Then, what should we do?

Kanata: I guess this is where we count sheep. …But last time we counted sheep, you still struggled to fall asleep, right?

Yoh: Maybe it wasn’t effective. Oh, then, how about thinking about something you like to relax?

Suzuya: What do you mean by that, Yoh?

Yoh: Save that, first, listen. I’m going to give it a shot.

Kanata: I have no idea what you’re trying to do, but I’ll listen in.

Yoh: Oui! I’m starting.


Yoh: 1 tarte tatin… 2 tarte tatins… 3 tarte tatins… 4 tarte tatins… 5 tarte tatins… 6 tarte tatins… 7 tarte tatins… 8 tarte tatins… 9 tarte tatins… 10 tarte tatins…

Yoh: When counting things you like, you’re filled with a sense of joy. And then naturally, you’d relax and fall asleep.

Suzuya: Yoh, stop there. I get what you’re trying to say, but tarte tatins are your favorite dessert, Yoh. I don’t think she’ll relax from that.

Yoh: That’s not an issue. When I gave her tarte tatins before as a present, she was happy and said they were very delicious. Isn’t that right?

Suzuya: Oh, is that the case? Then, maybe it has some effect.

Kanata: Then I’ll count the thing you like.

Kanata: …When I showed it to you before, you said you liked it.

Suzuya: “Show”? What did you show her?


Kanata: Whatever, whatever, just be quiet.

Kanata: Here I go.

Kanata: 11 photos… 12 photos… 13 photos…

Yoh: Kanata, the vibe is kind of wrong.

Suzuya: It’s not like we’re counting plates. At this rate, she’ll find it even harder to sleep.

Kanata: Haha! I just wanted to try it. Now, let me get myself back together…

Kanata: 14 photos… 15 photos… 16 photos… 17 photos… 18 photos… 19 photos… 20 photos…


Yoh: Hey, did you really say that you liked one of Kanata’s photos?

Kanata: What are you trying to imply, Yoh?

Yoh: Nothing, really. Maybe I should find a hobby outside of stargazing.

Kanata: What are you saying, Yoh? Don’t you already have an actual hobby?

Yoh: What? An actual hobby?

Kanata: Eating, obviously.

Yoh: The way you just said it… You’re making fun of me, aren’t you?

Kanata: I’m not making fun of you.

Yoh: Look, you are making fun of me.

Suzuya: Come on, you two, just leave it at that. You keep being noisy, it’s going to be harder and harder for her to sleep.

Yoh: Shoot! Sorry, I wasn’t trying to get in the way of your sleep.

Kanata: My counting of photos didn’t make you sleepy? That’s odd.

Yoh: Who’d fall asleep from that? You’re such an idiot, Kanata.

Suzuya: Don’t say that.


Suzuya: Alright, then, let me count for you for that final bit.

Suzuya: Close your eyes and think of the thing you like most.

Suzuya: I’m starting…

Suzuya: 21 magic cookies… 22 magic cookies… 23 magic cookies… 24 magic cookies… 25 magic cookies… 26 magic cookies… 27 magic cookies… 28 magic cookies… 29 magic cookies… 30 magic cookies…

Kanata: “Magic cookies”? What on earth are that?

Suzuya: It’s a secret between me and her.

Yoh: That sounds kind of dirty.

Suzuya: Hey, don’t start badmouthing other people. It’s a childhood memory that she and I share.

Kanata: Eh? And I’m not in it?

Suzuya: It’s not like we were trying to leave you out. Even between you and her, there’s got to be at least one or two memories that I don’t have a part in.

Kanata: Now that you mention it, there are several… Like the one time she and I got lost.


Yoh: I have as many memories with her as you two do! She and I have gone out for fun and stargazed together.

Suzuya: Yup, yup, everyone here has unique memories they share with her.

Yoh: Yeah, we do. Then, for us, the one thing that’s probably filling our memories the most is you.

Kanata: And somewhere along the way, she fell asleep.

Suzuya: You’re right. I guess we got a little too carried away with the talk of memories.

Yoh: Seems so. I’m sorry, I must’ve bored you.

Kanata: No, I don’t think that’s so. Just look at her, she’s sleeping with a smile on her face. …It’s almost a bit unnerving.

Yoh: You’re being rude to her when you say that. It’s such a cute expression.

Suzuya: Yeah, maybe she’s just dreaming about the memories she has with us.

Kanata: I envy you. …Have a nice dream and sleep tight.

Yoh/Kanata/Suzuya: Good night.

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