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CV: Asou Shuuya (麻生修也)

Track 1: Is the Life Improvement Club?


I’ll be done in a moment, so wait just a bit.

All done!

Sorry to have made you wait. Nice to see you here, freshman.

How do I know that you’re a freshman?

The beginning of a school year is usually the time when troubled students visit this place. Also, the fact that your tiepin’s bronze shows that you’re a 1st year.

Once again, welcome to the Life Improvement Club!

I’m Seiichi, the club president.

You may be a freshman, but feel free to call me by my name. If anything, I want you to call me by my name!

It feels too stuffy when you’re formal.


Oh, sorry! I’m talking too much, aren’t I?

I think it’s time to cut to the chase. What made you come here?

That response… It sounds like you don’t know what kind of club this “Life Improvement Club” is.

Alright! Let me give you a brief explanation.

I said this in the beginning, but this is a place where students with troubles come to visit, and I give suggestions and advice for their problems.

Our goal is to make your school life as pleasant as possible.

There’s always a teacher that you can consult, but since there’s a difference in age, it makes it more difficult to talk, you could say. And so, I founded this club in my 1st-year.

So, I’ll be happy to be relied upon even if it’s for the little things.

Okay! And now that I’m done with the explanation, why don’t you tell me about your troubles?


I see.

It’s been half a month since you started school, but you’re having a hard time deciding which club to join and your classmates suggested that you get an outside opinion.

On that note, do you have any hobbies or interests?

Oh? Cooking, playing guitar…and also, art!

You’ve got a bunch of things going for you, that’s wonderful!

Going by that, there’s the Culinary Arts Club for cooking. For guitar, there’s the Parlor Music Club. And in terms of art, there’s the Visual Arts Club and also, the Manga Research Club.

You know that clubs come with a trial period, right?

Yes, a month starting from the beginning of school. Have you attended any?

I get the gist. There are only 2 weeks left and the majority of your class has already decided and it’s hard to live with the fact you’re the only one still trying them out.


When your situation is different from everyone else, I can’t deny that it’s hard to act freely. But you know what? Just because everyone else has decided, it doesn’t mean that you have to conform.

Also, you said that there are “only” 2 weeks left, but you’re wrong about that.

There’re “still” 2 weeks left!

You can carefully consider the atmosphere and whether you’re able to do the things you want during that time. I think you should be honest about what you like and what you deem important.


Do you feel like the weight is off your shoulders a little?

That’s good to hear. There’s still time after school, so you can get some hands-on experience with clubs that interest you. And if something troubles you again-

Why are you so restless? Is there something else bothering you?

You heard a strange rumor from your classmates when they told you about this club….?

Oh? What did they say?

Ah, I think it’s the guys that come at this time.

I knew it, I was right. So, which is it today?


Well, the club is about to start. Dear freshman, if you’re interested in the rumor, you’re free to watch. …The other “activity” at the “Life Improvement Club.”

Track 2: This is the Life Improvement Through Sex Club!


Alright, in that case, let us begin.

Hmm? Why did I take off my glasses?

These are just for show. How should I say it? It’s like a sign to begin, like a switch.

Watch closely from your front-row seat.

Look, we’re about to start.


Things feel tighter than usual here.

You say that, but you’re quick to pop a boner too. It’s fully engorged. There’s no way you could engage in club activities like this.

“What on earth are you doing” is what your face is saying.

This is the other activity of the “Life Improvement Club.”

The pent-up sexual desires of boys in the prime of their youth are occasionally released through me. They, then, feel refreshed and are able to put all their energy into their club activities and studies! Nothing wrong with that, right?

As always, your dick is stiff as a board.

I always think about how terrible it must’ve been to be aroused and be stuck like this for the entirety of your previous class while licking it, but…

Ah, right, you were in a hurry.

Well then, I’m digging in.


I’m in the middle of working but having you watch me while your face is red as a tomato really turns me on.

You like it when I do the gulp motive when you’re deep in my throat, right?

You want to face fuck me?

Guess you’re about to cum soon, huh?


Dear freshman, watch carefully.


Tasty. You really deep-throated me there.

Look, there’s still semen left on the tip of your cock.

Isn’t that how it is? After coming to this club, are you now able to focus?

Alright, go out there with a bang!

So, how’s it feel to watch, dear freshman?

Huh? The piece of paper that guy gave me?

Oh, this? It’s a special meal set ticket for the cafeteria. I didn’t get anything in return at first, but one of the guys who came to me for advice suggested I do this, and then it spread.

But well, some students are not very good at talking, so it’s gotten convenient to know how they want to vent by the contents of this meal ticket.


What that guy brought early is Special Meal Set C. It’s the one I always get when the person’s short on time and needs a quick release.

It’s also B and A… What do you think I’d do for that?

Haha! Your face is bright red.

Sorry for poking fun at you.

Anyway, come to me anytime you feel like exploding with sexual desire. I welcome it.

Track 3: Welcome Freshman~


Oh! Why, isn’t it the freshman from the other day?

How’s it been? Are you done trying out all the clubs?

I see, I see. By the way you’re acting, you must’ve decided on which clubs to join.

That makes sense. You joined the parlor music club to take advantage of your hobby of playing guitar.

Can’t wait to see what you’ll be doing in the future. I’m cheering you on. Did you come here today to tell me that?


Oh, I see, so this is what you actually came for.

Let’s go. I’ll give you plenty of sexual gratification.

But before that…


If we leave it like that, other guys might come. If I do this, then there’s nothing for us to worry about.


When I take my glasses off even the way I talk changes?

Ah, I’m not sure why. It’s what happens when I’m in the mood. The point is you freshman can’t wait to do those dirty things.

Go on, take a seat in that chair.

Get on top of you a little.

Come on, turn this way.


Have you never done this with anyone before?

You were shaking and seemed super nervous. Since you’ve come this far, you should relax and enjoy yourself.

You saw me do it with that other guy the other day, did you not? It’s okay if you’re hardcore like that. Just come at me however you like.

Yes, yes, like that.

It’s super arousing, right?

Entwine your tongue more.


My bad, you were really putting your life into it, so I couldn’t help it.

Look, both my cock and your cock are stiff as all hell.

It’s painful being stuck like this, right? It’s about time we pull down those pants.

Wow, there’s a huge stain on your underwear from your precum.

A little from the top…

More and more of your precum is leaking while a lewd smell is being emitted. Say, you’re curious about how it’d feel to have your raw cock blown, right?

Then enjoy it as much as you can.


You have such innocent reactions, but this place here is a sight to behold.

It’s twitching and pointing in my direction.

Then without delay… Starting from the tip…


You don’t have to hold back your voice. I soundproofed this room with that exact thing in mind.

Though I did get a little lewd with my advisor to get the okay. So, feel free to moan to your heart’s content.

Now then, I’ll get a little more serious…


You’re letting out some really dirty moans.

Which spot felt good? Is it here?

Is it this spot?

That’s a super nice reaction.

But you know, with the meal ticket you brought, it doesn’t just end here. You chose B because you were super, super curious to know what I’d do from here, right? …You’re so dirty-minded.

But well, that naivety is cute.

Alright, let me undress too.


Now then, now that I’ve taken off my clothes, the question of what I’d do with your cock…

Is it clear to you now?

To make it a place that feels good, how about I have this dear freshman help?

There’s lube in that drawer over there, right? Use that and loosen up my ass.

Yup, yup. After you drizzle enough on your fingers and onto my ass, shove them inside-

You… How many fingers did you put in?

You idiot! Of course I’d be surprised if you shove them in without warning! You’re supposed to take it slow at the beginning and go from there…

Though I do like you a lot better now than I did when you were all reserved initially.

Give me your face for a bit…


You can leave your fingers the way they are and slowly start moving them. It’ll feel good that way.

Yes. Yes. Slowly.

Push them in again…

Yes, like that. Now spread it a little.


Alright, it shouldn’t be a problem now. I’ll turn around, so wait just a moment.


Your cock was erect the whole time you were teasing my ass.

In that case, slowly insert your cock as you rub it against my ass.

All you did was touch my hole, but…I’m really feeling it.

Go on.

That’s good… Your cock is slowly going inside me… My insides are squirming so much.

You still haven’t gotten all the way in.

More… More.


It’s all in now, ain’t it?

Come on, come on, what’s left is for you to shake your hips and make yourself feel good.


It’s good… Really good… You’re going so rough.

Sure, you can still keep going, right? Why don’t we change positions a little?

I’ll be looking at your beet-red face…

Okay, let’s go.

It’s going in…

And like this, you can see that my cock is erect too.


Huh? Hey, I’m not saying that you have to touch me…

No… Seeing you stroke me and be in all that pleasure really turns me on…

Let’s kiss.


It feels good…

You’re about to cum?

Me too. I’m about to cum from your stroking.

Let’s feel good together, dear

Amazing… Stroking up and down…

Crap. I’m about cum, I’m about to cum.

Cumming, cumming, I’m cumming!


Oh wow, the inside of my ass is…

I came buckets too.

Do you feel refreshed now?

That’s what I want to hear. I felt good because of you too. Drop by anytime you’re pent-up again.

Oh, of course you can always come for normal troubles too.

Since we just came, why don’t we rest for a bit before moving around? I need a break too.

Track 4: Abstinence・Club President・Toilet


Oh, a message? Let’s see who’s it from.

Oh, it’s from my senior.

Huh? “It’s an emergency, I’ll tell you the details at the toilet by the clubroom”?

I guess I’ll head out for now.


There they are!

Senior, what are you doing here? Your club is about to start soon, right? And you’re the club president, so if you hurry-

A crumpled-up Meal Set B ticket bought in a hurry and a bulging crotch.

In any case, let’s head inside the toilet. If we stay here, you know…

So that’s what happened.

The baseball team is currently in the midst of a training session, and they’ve been ordered to abstain from desire, and on the fifth and final day, you’ve reached your limit.

Well, if you go out to practice in this state, you might become the center of attention.

Normally we’d do it in the Life Improvement Club’s clubroom, but…I did start this because of your advice, Senior. I’m making an exception this time, understand?


Maybe because this isn’t the usual place? The thought of someone walking in on us has me excited. I’m super aroused right now.

If this is all we’re doing, we’ll run out of time.

Huh? Uh-

Eh? Wait, don’t tell me you plan to do it without letting me loosen up? I did say that we don’t have time, but do you have a grasp on the size of your own cock, Senior?

Something that big is…

S-Senior, you’re being too rough.

If you kiss me intensely like a wild beast like that…it’ll set shivers down my entire body.


I get it. It’s my loss. I’m not able to wait much longer either.

Senior, your massive abstinence-caused pent-up cock… Give it to me.

It’s so slippery from all the precum leaking out of you, Senior. It’s just the tip, but… Oh wow! My ass is being spread! Your cock really is amazing, Senior.

Ah, this is bad, it’s going in all in one stroke-

Senior, you’re inside me… You’re pounding my sweet spot!

Just what is this? Your pace is too fast!

You idiot, this… I’m going to cum too.


I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Senior… Senior, I’m going to cum!

I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!

All your pent-up semen is shooting into me… Senior, have you settled down from that?


Why is your cock is still rock hard?

It’s still not enough…? Senior, at this rate, we really will run out of time!

You’ll just cut it close?

Just so you know…

That sound… Doesn’t it sound like someone’s coming this way? This is bad! We have to do something before we’re found out!

Senior, this way!

Right now we have no choice but to wait for them to pass in this closed room…

Senior, sit down for now. Wait quietly until they leave.

Why are you grabbing my hips? Senior…S-Senior, what on earth are you doing at a time like this?


You couldn’t control yourself after seeing cum leak out of my ass?

You… Do you even understand what kind of situation we’re in?

It’s no use. Even if I bite down on my clothes, my voice…my voice is going to spill out.

Please, please stop.

Cumming, I’m cumming!


Cum, cum is spurting out…

Senior! I get that you were at your limit, but think about the situation! It wouldn’t have been strange for someone to actually walk in on us there!

Well, after making a mess of me, you ought to be refreshed now-

Senior, isn’t this the chime for the beginning of club time?

Not “oh crap”! Hurry up and put this on! I’ll do the cleaning up!

Guess I’m on a late track. Now then, what should I do with this semen-covered floor…

Actually, I should first start with this dripping ass.

Track 5: A Different than Usual Today


How strange, I’m more anxious today than ever.

No, that’s not it. It’s that I’m horny. Normally, I would’ve done it with students that brought meal tickets, but only at times like this do students come to me for advice with their everyday problems.

No, no, this too is a good thing. A good thing.

Everyone has a fresh face and is ready to face the challenges of tomorrow. But…

Ah! Sorry, sorry! It seems like I was dozing off. This is about the installation of an air conditioner for the clubroom, right?

I got it. I’ll suggest it to the teachers and student council.

Yes, leave it to me. Until next time.


However, in all this, I’m the one person who can’t release their desires!

This has never happened before, but in any case, I need to get some relief and focus on the club.

I wonder how long it’s been since I last did this myself? Normally, someone would bring in a meal ticket and we would feel good together…

Let me tease my ass a little.

If I keep going soon enough I’ll cum.

Ah damn, I’m about to cum.

Cum-cuming, I’m cumming, I’m cumming-oh, uh, sorry for scaring you there! What’s the matter? Did you forget something?

Ah, I said next time, but I didn’t say when. My bad. Then, can you come at the same time the day after tomorrow?

Yes, I’ll be looking forward to it.


Huh? I look uncomfortable?

You might be right. I might be a little feverish.

I’m okay. I’ll be fine after a bit of rest. Sorry for making you worry. I’ll see you around, then.


Thank god I hid behind a desk. I never thought I’d have to deal with that with an erect dick that was right on the verge.

It’s almost time for full dismissal from school…

I guess I’ll do it alone today and then go home. It’s not like I can go home in this situation.

Oh, aren’t you two from the basketball club? You two should be done-

The thing in you two’s hands… A Special Meal Set A ticket…

I can’t, I can’t stand it any longer! I’ve been on standby all day. Let’s let loose together!

Come on, you too


Both of you are so hard…

Sweaty, greasy cocks from right after basketball… Just the smell of them makes my head spin. And not only that, for me to be able to enjoy two at once…it’s heaven.


I was waiting… I was waiting for this!

This one too.

Hey, you two should come on closer, I’ll give them tons of licking.


I’m having happiness overload…

I want those cocks inside me already. My ass is aching for it so much. I teased it a little earlier too, so we can just do it.

Give it to me missionary-style.


Your cock went right in…!

Give me that other dick.

It’s incredible… I really can’t with this. I love your cock! Also, it’s boring just being blown, right?


It’s so…

Look, the back… My wet asspussy is free.

O-Ow! You’re going so rough!

Sorry, sorry, I’ll pay proper attention to this side too.



Come on, come on, today’s Seiichi isn’t going to be satisfied from just this.

Let’s change positions.

I’m going to straddle over you. …And in it goes.

And now, come in from the back and shove another cock in there. Make my mind go blank, pump me with your sportsmen semen.


It’s amazing! I’m being stretched, I’m being stretched out!

They’re both fully in me… It feels so good.

But, but, how would it feel when we start moving?

It’s too intense-! Your two cocks are moving around differently inside and churning me up.

I’m erect…! I’m not even touching my own dick. it’s twitching from having my pleasure switch constantly flipped.


I can’t, I can’t. Move around harder! Hit that switch!

No, no, no, no, I’m about to cum, I’m about to cum. I’m going to cum!

Let’s cum buckets and release our desires!

C-Cum… No, no. No, no, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming!

Two people worth of cum is being splurted into my ass…


They’re slipping out… They’re slipping out…

My ass is gaping…

Hey, you two, stop looking so worn out. Please shoot your remaining cum into my mouth.

You can’t cum anymore…?

You say that, but your cock is pointed straight towards the ceiling.

Come on, just let me suck it.


This one too.

Now, both…

You’re about to cum again? …Looks like you still had some left. Don’t be a killjoy and give me every left drop.


Again, such…

Life Improvement Club’s the best…

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