【Translation】 Fllanket vol.4 Badger


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

Fllanket vol.4 アナグマ

CV: Nijou Hirame (二條ひらめ)

Track 1: Story of My Hometown


Are you not able to sleep?

Oh, did I wake you? I apologize. But you seemed to be waking up in the middle of the night these days, so I thought today might be another of those days.

You’re exhausted but you can’t fall asleep. Suddenly you find yourself staring at the ceiling of the dark room mindlessly as time passes. And you feel kind of empty with the stillness and loneliness.

You have times like those, right?

Please let me know if you’d like me to help you sleep better.


Because you having worries isn’t something I want either. Is it strange that I worry about you? You certainly always try to act cheerful and happy and even try to cheer me up.

I’ve never met anyone like you before, so it put me at a loss. It just feels like I’m always on the receiving end, so if I could give back to you, I would. That’s all. There’s no complicated reason behind it.


Shall I turn on the lights a little?

A faint, small light that illuminates only the hand. And I just so happen to have aroma candles. When I light the flame, a scent similar to that of a winter forest will quickly rise up and relax you.

How is it?

The smell of the trees is faint, so breathe in deeply. Breathe in from your nose, breathe out from your mouth.

Deep breath in and breathe out slowly.

Breathe in, breathe out.

Have you settled down now? Keep up your steady breath.

Do you like the scent?

That’s a relief. It’s strangely calming to watch the little fire flickering dimly, right? It’s a tiny flicker of light, but it feels warm.

It’s like your brain is melting away and your emotions are slowly releasing.

I’ll watch over you until the flame fades and you fall asleep. Relax and keep your eyes closed.


Does the quietness make you feel lonely?

Even if you tell me to say something, I’m not a good talker, but, I understand.

It’s really not anything important. This scent reminds me of the forests of my hometown.

It’s a peaceful place with none of the noises of the city. It was profoundly quiet. Sometimes you can hear the birds chirping loudly from far, far away.

It’s quiet everywhere, so you get a little lost when walking around. It’s like you’ve been left out in the middle of nowhere and you don’t know where to go. That was the type of place I lived in.

It’s strange talking about it, isn’t it?

Is my voice not irritating you? I talk fast, so does it not give you more anxiety? I’ve had people say that I talk weirdly or that I’m difficult to understand.

Do you not mind?

That’s good. I’ll talk slowly like a lullaby that’ll put you to sleep. Just follow the sound and listen quietly and without thinking too deeply about whether you can hear it or not.


In autumn, the golden leaves fall to the ground blown by the wind. It’s like the forest had a soft, fine carpet. When fallen leaves that have received plenty of sunlight are gathered in a den, they become soft and cozy winter beds.

Plenty soft and fluffy to bury your body in.

It catches and supports you well when you turn over in your sleep. It’s such a nice place to be in that you start sleeping more and more.

When the cold wind blows, your body naturally feels heavy and you want to just lie down. Falling asleep, waking up in a daze, falling asleep again, waking up in a daze, your body lax and your strength weak.

You’re in a daze and it’s comfortable. In the warm beds, you wait for spring to come.


Yeah. Shall we go together on your next vacation?

I’ll guide you, though there’s nothing really there.

Come to think of it, this may be the first time I’ve ever taken someone back to my hometown.

In spring, when the buds grow and the ice melts, the forest changes dramatically. Beautiful air flows in and it feels nice.

So you, too, should rest. Curl up and sink into a daze. When the sun rises and the day is warm again, and you can stretch out your back in the soft, fallen leaves, I’m sure it’ll be the beginning of a great day.

Track 2: Together in Bed



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