【Translation】 Fllanket vol.3 Hedgehog


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Fllanket vol.3 ハリネズミ

CV: Kamonegi (かもねぎ)

Track 1: I Was Waiting


Welcome home.

You’re, again, pretty late today. Hasn’t it been like this every day lately? I was waiting for you the whole time.

I can’t help but be sleepy during the day. When you’re out, there’s no one else in this house. It’s just me, and it’s no fun. So, I was waiting here, hoping you’d get home already.

And now, you’re finally home. What would you like to do?

We could stay up the whole night and watch all the videos we’ve accumulated together. We could open up some snacks and eat them while playing games.


Oh, but, first, why don’t you tell me what happened throughout the day? I’m happy to listen along.

You’re right… You worked this late and now you’re finally home.

You’ve worked hard. It’s better to rest today.

I wanted to play with you and my feelings got the better of me. You spend time with me every day, play with me, and give me a fun time, so I want to heal you and make you feel better in turn.

You’re always forcing yourself, aren’t you?

When you’re really hurting, when you’re feeling sad, you just put a lid on it and act like it’s nothing.

Did something bad not happen today?

You don’t have to care about what other people say. The most important thing is that you feel good about yourself.


At the very least, that’s what I believe.

I don’t want you to forget that you have someone waiting for you.

I know you’ve worked a full day and you’re tired. Come here and lie down. Relax your body and let yourself go. Then, I’ll teach you a healing spell to make you feel better.

What? I was thinking of you.

Well, it’s fine. Let’s have no pouting or getting angry today. Anything to make you feel better.

First, gently overlap your hands so that your right palm and left palm are facing each other, and relax your arms.

Put your overlapped hands to your stomach.

Next, fold each finger in turn.

Right-hand pinky, left-hand pinky, right-hand ring finger, left-hand ring finger, right-hand middle finger, left-hand middle finger, right-hand index finger, left-hand index finger, right-hand thumb, left-hand thumb.

Then you put all your strength into your clasped hands. Crushed the air between your hands.

Press down so that your hands are flat against each other, then relax and let go.


Repeat the same thing twice.

Put your hands gently onto your stomach.

You can clasp slowly. Curl your fingers as you remember what happened today.

Right-hand pinky, left-hand pinky, right-hand ring finger, left-hand ring finger, right-hand middle finger, left-hand middle finger, right-hand index finger, left-hand index finger, right-hand thumb, left-hand thumb.

Put all your strength into your hands, like you’re crushing something. Do it like you’re stretching your shoulder blades. Stretch. Smush all the bad things that happened today.

Now relax and everything will release from your fingertips.

Just let your hands dangle.


Put your hands together again.

Pinky, pinky, ring finger, ring finger, middle finger, middle finger, r index finger, index finger, thumb, thumb.

Curl them and squeeze.

Do it like you’re squishing down all your frustrations and irritations.

Now relax.

Now relax your entire body and let yourself plop.


You’re starting to loosen up a bit.

You don’t have to answer, I can tell by your face. Your body’s heavy and you can’t be bothered to move.

But, that feels good. You feel like you want to say in a daze forever, right?

Then now take a deep breath to feel better.

Listen to my voice. Because all you have to do is inhale and exhale at the same rhythm. Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.

Clean air is going in and coming out.

A yawn came out.

Breathe in, breathe out. And as you breathe, your eyelids gradually come down. Your heart’s beating slowly, and you’re starting to calm down, right?


That wasn’t a yawn… I’m being serious.

Truth is, I’m a little sleepy. I’m sleepy, but I waited patiently thinking you’d come home soon, so I don’t want to sleep.

But looking at your face, it came out. Nice and relaxed… You definitely look a lot better than when you just arrived home. It’s a good expression.

After we get some rest, let’s play. I’m fine with anything. Games, movies, listening to you, and…

I’m not nodding off! I’m not sleepy, I’m completely fine. If anything, this is my waking hour.

I guess you’re tired, and if you want to go to sleep, it can’t be helped……


Please try to come home early tomorrow. Then we can have some fun together.

When you come home, we’ll have dinner and watch a movie together, and when we’re done eating, we’ll have something sweet to eat and talk about your next day off.

And then, let’s do something we enjoy.

When you come home… We’ll have dinner… Watch a movie together… When we’re done eating… We’ll have something sweet to eat… We’ll talk about your next day off……

Track 2: Together in Bed



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