【Translation】 Fllanket vol.5 Rabbit


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

Fllanket vol.5 ウサギ

CV: Togai Sakato (栂井栄人)

Track 1: 1 Rabbit, 2 Rabbits


Welcome back!

Now, now, why don’t we continue the game from yesterday? I won’t lose a single time today. Oh, and also, there’s something I want to tell you! It’s big news! You might already know it, but in the fridge in the convenience store, there was a pop-up sign that said “new,” so I bought puddings for two. Let’s eat them after washing our hands.

No, first, thank you for all your hard work today.

I know that you work hard every day. Yesterday, while watching you fall asleep, I thought to myself… “You played with me until you were worn out. When you come home tomorrow, I’ll brew some nice tea, give you a massage, and let you spread your wings.”

It’s true!

But, when I saw your face when you got home, my desire for more of your attention came out first.


Eh? You were thinking the same? That you want to spend more time together?

When you’re not around, I’m in the house alone, so… “Not yet, still? I hope she’ll return home soon. Normally at this hour, you’d be on the train and have contacted me.”

Those are the thoughts constantly in my head.

I spend the day napping, waking up, and going back to sleep. I’d repeat that and when I felt like it, I’d take a walk outside, and when the sun went down and everything became dark, I’d stare blankly at the scenery.

But you know what, whenever I hear your footsteps, I’d immediately take notice and jolt awake. It feels like you’re finally coming home.

The time I spend alone is lonely and kind of bland and tasteless. Every minute feels much longer than the time I spend with you like this. It feels so long that if you leave me alone for too long, I might forget about you.


I’m kidding, I’m kidding, that would never happen.

But not wanting to be alone is a fact.

So, today, are you not going to do it?

Uh, no, it’s nothing. It’s nothing! I was just thinking I was maybe being a little too selfish asking this and that of you, so it’s fine.

Umm, uh…I think I want you to pat my head. You said it felt good, so I made it nice and fluffy.

I thought you’d say that earlier.

Is it soft? Is it healing?

I’m so glad! …Though it’s just me wanting to get patted. It does make me more happy when you smile like that.


You got baited by me…?

I see. Then, alright, smiles are always best. Pat me more and I’ll be happier, and you’ll feel better too.

I’m relieved. When you returned home, your heart didn’t sound so happy. You’re more at ease and relaxed now, right?

You don’t seem to be very interested in yourself.

No, rather than lacking interest in yourself, you devalue yourself. You know yourself far less than you think. You don’t understand how hard you’re working, and how difficult and respectable that is. I’m sure people around you think you’re hard-working too.

I mean, if people around you are blind and don’t notice it at all, I’m always watching you.


Look at you. I’m not trying to flatter you or anything. I’m just saying the truth.

But, well, that’s one of the wonderful things about you.

You look sleepy. Let’s switch. I’ll pat your head, so lie down here.

Are you embarrassed because it’s child-like or are you saying that I’m like a child?

Just kidding. But, I want to do something to calm you. And, also, how about I count rabbits for you?

A vast endless meadow, and there, was a white wooden fence higher than your knees, and fluffy rabbits were jumping over it. Each time a rabbit hops over the fence, you draw closer to sleep.


Did no one ever put you to sleep like this when you were young? Or was it sheep not rabbits?

Eh? Rabbits can jump far higher than sheep and their fur is soft and fluffy. Aren’t rabbits better?

Focus on my voice. Imagine that your head’s laying on top of soft grass and rabbits are jumping across a clear blue sky!


1 rabbit, 2 rabbits, 3 rabbits, 4 rabbits, 5 rabbits, 6 rabbits, 7 rabbits, 8 rabbits, 9 rabbits, 10 rabbits, 11 rabbits, 12 rabbits, 13 rabbits, 14 rabbits, 15 rabbits, 16 rabbits, 17 rabbits, 18 rabbits, 19 rabbits, 20 rabbits, 21 rabbits, 22 rabbits, 23 rabbits, 24 rabbits, 25 rabbits, 26 rabbits, 27 rabbits, 28 rabbits, 29 rabbits, 30 rabbits…

Are you sound asleep now?

May you be well tomorrow. Now, good night.

Good night and sleep tight.

Track 2: Together in Bed



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