【Translation】 Shinai naru Thanatos vol.3 Zanmu Animate Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: Thorn of Remembrance


Alright, now your other hand.

The shine’s come back, hasn’t it? Your nails were beautiful from the start, even when you don’t paint them, you see. Your hair’s no longer damaged and your piercing holes have closed up too… I’m so happy.

And your personality has finally settled down.

You were so eager to show off your growth that you were putting on airs, weren’t you? You didn’t need to do that.


Maybe it’s the new clothes I bought from the mail-order store.

Wait just a moment.

I was right.

Hey, why don’t you quickly try them-

What were you doing?

This thing, you say? It’s my prized treasure. Why did you tear it to pieces? Even if you tore it, I still have the data. You’re only making me angry, you know?

Oh, were you maybe jealous of your past self?

What a cute thing to do. But, that’s something you should be telling me directly, and it makes me sad when you do something like this to something I cherish. So, I have to punish you so that you don’t do something stupid like this again.


Give up.

You’ve become this sensitive from being embraced every day. You should just be honest.

“I actually really love sex.”

Or perhaps that’s the kind of play you’re going with?

Sorry for not noticing. But, I’m always telling you that I like you most when you’re honest, right? So that’s only going to have the opposite effect.

You’re a liar, light-fingered, and seriously hopeless…

I guess you’ve deteriorated instead of reverting to those days.


When you’re this wet, it’s enough, right?

It feels that good even when it’s punishment?

I can feel it. I can tell you’re the one clamping down hard on me.

For someone who hates it, you’ve never been actually able to control your voice.

Oh, yeah, if you’re feeling good then it wouldn’t be a punishment. Next time, I’ll buy some tools and tease you with them.


Hey, what do I need to do to have you listen to me?

It’s not as if I hate you right now. If anything, I love you. It’s precisely because I love you.

I do all this for your sake. Please understand.



Don’t say that.

It’s fine, I don’t mind it taking time, so… Why are you saying that you want to die? Don’t say that! We’re finally at the starting point, and we have a happy future ahead of us!

Why? You were going to live together with me, were you not?

No, no, you would never say that. After all, you-

I hate talkative women.


Do you understand now?

That’s right. Remember, you would never abandon me, you would never hurt me…after all, you love me.

I’m sure there’s been some kind of mistake.


Oh, of course?

I’ll forgive you. Everyone makes mistakes, right? Don’t worry, I’ll correct all of your mistakes.


I’m not angry anymore.

It’s true. I mean, look at how I love you.

I’m about to cum… Make sure to take it all in.


Ahh…I should’ve done this from the start.

Sorry, looks like I’ve made another major mistake. ーーI should’ve stopped your growth sooner.

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