【Translation】 Shinai naru Thanatos vol.3 Zanmu Stellaworth Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: Thorns of Bitter Tears


Come in.

Look, the wedding dress has arrived.

What do you mean? It’s your wedding dress. I couldn’t find a design that matched the image in my mind, so I had one custom-made.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, so I figured it wouldn’t be bad to be a little extra.

Mhm, I wanted to surprise you. It took a bit of time, but now, you’re finally back to the original you. You’re now how I imagined you to be. Sorry for having you wait.

Let’s get married.

We’ll be together forever and ever.


Your hands are shaking… You don’t need to be nervous.

Come on, put it on.

I’ve made it so that it snaps together, so I can help.

It’s beautiful… I could never get tired of looking at it. It’s a shame that I can’t show it to Auntie and Uncle.

Are you still nervous? It’s not like the ceremony is today.

Come on, smile.


Sorry, I caught you a little too off-guard, didn’t I?

But, I wanted you to wear it even if it’s only a day sooner. It’s always been my dream to take you as my bride.

And my mother and father would surely be delighted, right?

Would they acknowledge me now?

Sorry, my tears are…

I’m finally “normal” now. It’s all thanks to you.


Sorry, I don’t think I can wait. Let me leave a mark to show that you’re my bride.


We went through the trouble of putting it on, so let’s do it with it on.

Your cute breasts… I’m glad I made it the heart-shaped neckline.

Say, don’t you think they’ve gotten a little bigger again?

Maybe it’s because I’m giving them love every day like this?


Huh? You’ve gotten this wet already?

My bride is so lewd.

Let me get you clean so that you don’t dirty the dress.

Can you hold the helm up for a bit?


Incredible, it’s overflowing…

Look, it’s twitching. Are you about to cum already?

I can tell. This is your weak spot, right?

Go on, cum with the dress on.


Place your hands on the sofa.

Yes, good girl.

Did you cum again from having it enter you? You squeezed up.


What a beautiful sight.

Am I reaching all the way?

Trembling like that… What’ll happen if I start licking your ears?

Don’t be shy, let me hear more of your voice. It’s very cute and lewd.


Are you not able to stand?

I’ll support you.

Let’s feel even better together.

Don’t clamp down so… I’m going to cum…


You’re sweaty now, right? I’ll prepare the bath so we can take one together.

Speaking of which, I bought some new bath powders.

To tell you the truth, they’re scented with your favorite osmanthus.


Hey, why are you stabbing me in the stomach?

You’re so cruel. If it’s like this, I won’t instantly die. Did I do something to make you do this?


No, the one at fault is you!

I’ve always remained myself… I remained the way you liked me back then.

But you, you betrayed me and changed.

How am I wrong in correcting that? I worked so hard.

You work hard too to fulfill your dreams, don’t you? So is that any different from me?

Hey, are you not going to acknowledge me either?


This dress… I went back and forth with the person in charge of it so many times and had so much effort put into creating it.

I just wanted to see you happy, that’s all.

A little more and the happiness I desired…the family I wanted…would’ve been within my reach.

So tell me, why?

I barely know you at all anymore when back then, I knew you like the back of my hand. …I’m sorry.


Why are you crying?

Because you failed to kill me? Because you have lingering feelings?

I’m the one who wants to cry. Your half-hearted kindness always hurts me, and that’s the one thing that doesn’t change, does it?

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