【Translation】 Mitsuyaku no Hakoniwa ─Ouji to Kago no Tori─ vol.3 Erich ~Nakanu Hinagiku no Onshitsu~

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蜜約の箱庭 ─王子と籠の鳥─ 第三弾 エーリヒ 鳴かぬ雛菊の温室

CV: Shimono Hiro (下野紘)

Track 1: Bound by Loneliness


My dear elder sister came back to me.

The moment I first saw her in the royal palace, I immediately knew… I knew immediately that this person was my elder sister.

I always believed that I would meet her one day.

It’s a dream-like miracle, but my elder sister fails to understand that.

My poor elder sister, you don’t have anywhere else to go, do you? Come to my residence, I’ll protect you. So my dear elder sister, look at me, call my name, and…love only me.


Track 2: Baby Bird in a Cage


I think Werner’s at fault. Don’t you agree?

You don’t have to address Werner as “Lord.” He may be our cousin, but he’s only a chancellor.

He never even bothered to explain the truth to you, dear sister.

I told you! Stop calling me “Prince” Erich! Why don’t you understand? Dear sister, you’re my elder sister.

That’s enough, dear sister. If you call yourself a maid again, I’ll get angry for real. Everything that the people of Eldart, and Werner told you is a lie.

You may have been brought up in Eldart, but that’s because you were taken away as soon as you were born. I know you are a princess of Krosfia!

I know that they say my elder sister died immediately after birth, but the truth is that you were given to another country. And if that’s true, you should’ve been living a life without inconvenience in this country all your life.

But if that were the case, you, my dear elder sister, would have been forced into marriage by now.


Knowing my older brother, Alexis, he’d definitely bring up political marriage talks. And then when that happens Sister will leave Krosfia! And that cannot happen!

Dear sister, you’re my one elder sister. Please don’t go anywhere…

Oh, I can see now. Sister, you’re so insistent on calling yourself a “maid” because of that, right? If you pretend to be a maid, you won’t be used as a princess.

As expected of you, my dear elder sister!

You don’t need to pretend to be a maid in front of me, but you never know who’s watching, right? So let’s keep things the way they are. I’ll let you call me “Lord Erich,” Sister.

Oh, right! I have to try not to call you, “Sister” in front of others.

Don’t worry, I’ll protect you. I’m different from my older brothers. I’m a frail prince who’s been sickly ever since he was young, so I have no one else around me.

I’m finally together with my dear elder sister, so I’ll work hard!


Eh? My body?

It was never strong from birth, so even now I fall asleep easily and often take breaks from royal duties. Though there are times where I feign illness to avoid partaking in them.

I mean, it doesn’t make sense for an invisible person to participate. It’s as if I wasn’t there.

Not many people visit my residence.

Everyone understands that there’s no point in trying to please me. I’m ignored by both the king and the other princes, after all.

Sister, in your mind, family’s always been a beautiful thing, right? But for me, family’s always been like this to me.

My mother died giving birth to me, and that froze Father’s heart.

Brother Alexis is exactly like our father, and Ferdinando is only interested in making medicine.


I won’t give Sister-you to those people. Never!

Please stay by my side.


Track 3: Soft Feathers


Just like that, my elder sister began living at my residence.

…And being with my dear elder sister makes me happy.

Now I’m no longer suffering from the cough I’ve had ever since I was a child. Is it because of Sister’s scent? It’s a sweet and gentle scent.

And so, two weeks passed.


Found you!

I was searching for you, wondering where you are, but to think that you were in my room… I guess that’s what they mean when they say “it’s hard to see what is right under your nose.”

Anyway, what were you doing here?

Cleaning…? You should’ve left that for the rest of the maid staff. You have to have tea with me.

Not that! I’m saying that you’ll be having tea with me; I’m not wanting you to prepare tea.

Why don’t you understand, Sister-

You just have to stay by my side. You don’t have to clean, you don’t have to prepare tea…

I got an idea! Why don’t we read a book together? It’d be nice if you could read it for me.


I’m telling you, you’re different from the other maids. How many times do I have to say it before you understand?

You’re so mean, you don’t listen to a single word I say… Why are you being so mean?

I’m calm! It’s just that you never listen! You keep acting like you’re a simple maid.

Eh? You’ll really read?!

If you’re reading for me just because I’m being annoying and getting on your nerves then I don’t want it. But if you’re doing it because you want to, I’ll listen.

You’re actually reading for me, right? Then right away…!

I can’t wait, I want you to right now.


Eh? You need to wash your hands?

Right, you did touch the broom.

I love your love for cleanliness.

Then, while you’re at it, I’ll go get the tea prepared.

Like I said, the other maids will prepare the tea, so you don’t have to do anything.

You want to prepare tea for me…? For my sake? For my sake alone?

I’ll let you, then.


You’ll make cookies too!?

Wait, are you treating me like a child?

If you’re not, then it’s fine.

Did you know? The honey you use in those cookies is a special honey produced by the farms Brother Ferdinando manages. Brother Ferdinando is a crazy medicine fanatic and all the medicines he makes are bitter, but his honey alone is delicious.

I’ll wait for you, so be quick.


So she’s preparing tea for me… That must mean I’m special. And if it’s because I’m special, then I guess I can’t help it.

I’m special to Sister, and Sister is special to me.

A little bird? It’s my first time seeing one perch by my window. Why’s it this close?

Are you not afraid of humans?

Will you let me touch you?

Ah, it flew away. …And it was a cute bird too.


Huh? There’s something there? Was it left there by the little bird just now?

This… A daisy?

This kind of smells like my dear elder sister.

Now that I think of it, didn’t Werner say that my mother loved daisies?


You’re late, Sister. I almost got tired of waiting.

Anyways, hey, take a look at this flower. It was left behind by a little bird earlier.

It smells like you, Sister. It has a kind and gentle scent.

Oh! Why don’t I put it in your hair?

Look, it’s so cute!

We should have a tiara with a daisy motif made! It’ll be beautiful with all the diamonds on it. With your hair up, Sister, I’m sure it’ll suit you wonderfully!


How many times have I told you that you’re not? What you actually are is a princess.

It’s true that I keep you as my maid, but that’s just a way to keep our brothers from taking you. I know that you’re pretending to be a maid for my sake.

But still…it makes me feel lonely. I want to treat you like a princess, even if only a little.

Don’t be modest, I fully understand!

And you’re the only one who understands me. After all, we’re just two people, two people who share the same fate.

Our brothers are very different from us.

They still have their mother, and they can converse with Father. But I don’t have a father or a mother. Since I killed Mother, Father won’t talk to me.


You see, when Mother was pregnant with you, she fell ill.

I heard she had an incredibly difficult delivery with you, Sister, and it was serious.

After that, I was born…and Mother died.

Don’t you think that Father believes that you, Sister, made Mother suffer, and I killed her?

That’s why you were abandoned and I’m treated as an unwanted child.

I’m an unwanted child, but I’m also a boy. A royal family needs spare princes. Plus, I’m a spitting image of our Mother. When I’m around, they rejoice in the memories of our Mother.

You didn’t know?

You really are ignorant in the ways of the world. That’s just how being royalty is. And that’s why part of me doesn’t want you to return to the royal family.

The members of the royal family are nothing but tools, after all.


I don’t want you to be treated like that. I have to protect you.

Eh? I’m kind.

I’m…kind to you?

I’m relieved. Then, as a reward, please hug me and call me a “good boy.”


Dear sister, you’re gentle and warm, and soft.

These slender arms embracing are like the beautiful wings of a bird.

I love you. I love you, Sister.

Stay by my side forever and say that you love me.


Track 4: Shut the Windows


I received a secret letter from Werner.

He reported on what life was like in the Kingdom of Eldart for my elder sister.

The letter states that she was raised as the bastard child of Eldart’s King mistress and worked in the royal palace as a maid like her mother.

Eldart’s King probably knew that Sister was a Krosfian princess, didn’t he?

The fact that he didn’t make my elder sister’s existence public may have been his way of keeping a trump card against Krosfia.

Sister was in a very difficult position…

Sister was a princess of Krosfia, but she was also an exiled princess. She was a princess of Eldart, but also a princess unrecognized by the royal family.

I have to protect my elder sister!


Let’s burn this letter. After all, Sister will always be where I am. There’s no need for this truth, I will be the one to make my elder sister happy.

Ow! I put my fingers too close to the fire.

Oh, yeah, tea. It’s time for tea. I was waiting.

Eh? Something smells burnt?

I, uh, had some paper start burning a little.

I’m fine, I didn’t burn myself that badly.

You’ll tend to me?

I see. That makes me so happy! It’s the first time someone ever said that they’d tend to me. But, it’s not so major that I need actual tending to. It’ll heal with a bit of licking.

Oh, right. Then, here.


What are you doing? Come on, open your mouth. You’re going to tend to my burn, aren’t you?

You never know unless you try, I think it’ll make it better.

Aren’t you going to try?

I’m going to sit on the sofa… Or perhaps was it a lie when you said you’d tend to me?

So it’s not a lie.

Come on, please, can’t you see my finger’s become a little red? It’s starting to sting a little.

I’ll tell you if it hurts, so…


It doesn’t hurt, so please don’t stop. When you lick it, the stinging stops for a bit, so a little more, please.

It’s cold and hot… It’s a strange feeling.

Sister, it hurts your knees to kneel on the floor, doesn’t it?

I got an idea! Why don’t you come here, on top of my lap?

Well? It’s better this way, don’t you think so? No one’s watching and it’s better than kneeling, right? Plus, I can adhere close to you too, Sister.

Come on, treat my finger.


Dear sister, so you’re so kind, beautiful, and cute… I feel like I’m going to start hating my own finger.

I mean, it’s hogging your lips right now, Sister. And I still haven’t received a kiss from you yet.

Family kiss, don’t they? I read that before in a book.

But…no one ever kissed me.

When you were in Eldart, Sister, did you receive any kisses?

I see. So the mother that raised you gave you kisses, that’s nice. I’m super jealous.

Kiss me too. Kiss me, Sister. Teach me that I’m not alone.

That tickles.

Your kisses feel like a little bird’s wings stroking my cheeks.


Then, I’ll kiss you back…

Like this?

Does it tickle for you too, Sister?

Then one more.

It smells nice… It’s your scent, Sister.

Siblings would at least kiss. Your lips are soft and sweet, Sister. They’re so sweet that I want to keep kissing them, Sister…



Sister, do my kisses feel good too?

You mustn’t lie. You’re not thinking that we mustn’t, right? After all, your kisses are becoming sweeter and sweeter, Sister.

Look, your nape and your ears are burning up this much.

It’s an appetizing color.

Close your eyes, Sister.

Listen to my voice and just feel me. You don’t have to worry about anything else. I’ll always be with you, so stay with me forever.


As I thought, I don’t want to see you wearing a maid’s uniform. You’re my elder sister, not a maid.

These clothes aren’t good, and the buttons are hard to undo.

You have such beautiful collarbones.

Having your porcelain skin hidden by this maid uniform really…isn’t a good thing.

Sister…? Why did you push me away? Why did you get off of my lap? Are you going to abandon me, Sister?

Lies. You’re lying, Sister!

You said you’re not going to, but you got off my lap, didn’t you? You ran away, didn’t you? I don’t want to hear your excuses!

Get out, you liar!


You’re so cruel, Sister… You really left. Are you going to leave me by myself again?


Track 5: Wholehearted Daisy


I hate obligations.

Always forcing me to do things with no regard to my wishes.

Studying is useless, etiquette is ridiculous. Knowing about the country, having knowledge, behaving politely, being nice to everyone… No one ever sees me.

I’m the king’s third born, I’m nothing but a spare. I’m not reflected in anyone’s eyes.

I’m invisible…


Leave! I don’t need you here! I have nothing to learn from a stupid tutor like you!

You think I’m too stupid to learn anything, don’t you? I know exactly what you’re thinking. Get out!!!

I threw a fit…

This is the second time since Sister came here.

I won’t apologize for kicking out the tutor. I hate them. They called me a prince, but they were mocking me. No matter what you say, I hate them.


Eh? Are you not going to get angry?

Thank god.

I would be sad if you got angry, Sister, so I’m relieved. You must think they’re in the wrong too, right, Sister?

I don’t need another tutor.

There’s no point in me studying. It’s not like I’ll ever be running the country.

That’s the truth, so what do you want me to do about it? I don’t need another tutor, so you don’t have to search for one.

Eh? Sister… You’ll teach me?

If I can study with you, Sister, I’ll do it!


I’m so happy! I’ll definitely put all my heart into it.

The textbooks are…

Then let’s study geology. That’s what I was doing a moment ago, anyway.

You know how our country thrives off of iron and steel, right? That’s because there are many mines here.

There are many different minerals able to be mined here, so it’s become a major industry in the Kingdom of Krosfia.

Hmm? What’s the matter? Do you not like geology?

I’m not amazing. I just think it’s better to know more about subjects you enjoy.

It’s nice being praised by you.

I’ll study a bunch! And when I do, can you give me a reward? It’s okay if it’s just when we’re alone, but please call me by my name, by ‘Erich’.

I know that it’s important for you to continue to be a maid, but it makes me sad when you address me as Prince.


Sister, please, this is all I’m asking. I won’t ask for any more.

Please, please, call me by my name.

In front of others, I’ll properly address you as a maid, so… I’m so happy! Sister has finally called me, ‘Erich’.

I love you, Sister!

I never thought I’d feel so happy having my name called with your gentle voice. I’ve never felt this. Mother might have called my name, but I don’t know the sound of our mother’s voice, and I only know her face from the portraits hanging in the royal palace.

……And there are no portraits of Mother in my residence.


Sister, you don’t know the face of our mother, do you?

I wish I could show it to you, Sister.

Wait! If I’m not wrong, there’s a portrait of our mother in Brother Alexis’s residence.

I’ll write him a letter and ask him to give it to me. I’m sure Brother has it stored away somewhere, anyway. I have no doubt that you’ll be shocked by how much I resemble her when you see it.

Now that I think of it, you don’t resemble Father, do you? …But you don’t resemble me either.

I’m sure that if you look at the portrait, you’ll see a resemblance to our mother somewhere.

I’m looking forward to it.

Wait for a bit, Sister, I’ll show you the face of our mother.

Just having you with me, Sister, brings me great happiness. Until now, I never had anyone who would stay by my side or have kind words for me.

When you’re here, Sister, I can think to myself that “I’m not alone.”


Sister, do you love me?

Say that you love me.

Smile and say that you love me.


Track 6: Scattered in the Wind, Scattered in a Dream


My elder sister has finally started calling me ‘Erich’. And every time she calls me by my name, I’m filled with a sense of happiness.

I’ve been working really hard on my studies and my manners.

And yet, why is my sister meeting Werner in secret?

Was what Werner said true…?


Why didn’t you come immediately when I called you? Were you meeting Werner again?

It was Werner who was coming to visit you, Sister?

He told me that he was coming to this residence after being summoned by you, Sister. And in the first place, what reason does he have to visit you?

Are you not able to say? Or was it a lie to begin with?

At first, I thought he was coming to the residence without telling me and that he was meeting you, Sister, along the way. But I only realized that our brothers were interested in you after Werner’s report.

He’s a chancellor, so he’ll obey orders from us princes.

If our brothers told him to follow after you, Sister, Werner will have no choice but to obey. However, Werner told me that he never received any orders from our brothers, and Sister was the one calling for him.

He told me that you wanted to leave this residence and leave for one of my older brothers.


You never said that…? Really? Then are you saying that Werner lied to me!?!

So what’s in it for him, and why do my older brothers care about you in the first place? Are you just technically a maid?

There are plenty of other maids, so why you, Sister? Why do my older brothers know about you, Sister?!! Did you visit my brothers alone?

Why?! If you hate me that much, why didn’t you say anything?

Stop calling me ‘Erich’, you traitor!!!

You betrayed me. You’re abandoning me.

Go. Just go! Why don’t you just go to my brother!?


I’m always being betrayed, ignored, and abandoned by everyone… I’m always alone, and you knew that.

But to show me a dream… It’ll be better if I just died right now.


Track 7: Huddling Wings Together in a Storm


It hurts, my chest hurts.

It’s been a long time since I had a cough this bad. The last time was when I wrote a letter to the King and didn’t receive a reply in over 2 months…

When Werner returned with the unopened letter, I was curled up in my bed like I am now and couldn’t stop coughing.

At that time, I didn’t want to die.

But now, Sister… If I’m going to be abandoned by my elder sister, then I want to die in front of her.

If I do that… Will Sister at least feel a little sad? Will I then not fade from her memories?


Storm… There was a terrible storm.

Nothing good happens on days like this. Just like with Mother, and just like with my elder sister…

I see, so today’s the day.

This time it’s my turn, huh?


I ordered no one to come in.

Sister…!? Why are you here? I thought you left for my brothers’ residence.

Sister… Getting a hug from you, Sister… Why are you treating me so kindly? I said such horrible things to you.

Can you come closer?

Don’t hug me from across the bed. Hug me closer. When you’re next to me, Sister, I stop coughing.

I wonder why? Maybe because you have a nice scent, Sister, it calms me.

Do you hate thunder too, Sister?

Me too. I hate storms and thunder. The wind comes down from the mountains and tears my fate apart.

Torn apart again and again when it’s already in tatters, but no one ever noticed. No one except you, Sister.


Is lightning striking nearby, I wonder?

Sister, you were born on a night like this. …That’s what the midwife said. When you were born, you didn’t cry.

Were you not afraid of the storm?

You’re so strong, Sister. You’re amazing.

But then afterwards, Mother fell ill, and you were taken away on Father’s orders, Sister. And then Mother became depressed ever since.

I’m sure it was because you were sent out of the country, Sister.

After that, she became pregnant with me.

And on a stormy night like today, I was born. I had a hard time coming into the world, and neither was Father around as lightning struck.


It was then that Mother made a decision.

Enough was enough, there’s no more need to remain in this crazed world.

Yes, Mother died.

I’m sure that Mother now resides in a beautiful flower garden. And surely, there, would be daisies blooming.

And that’s why that little bird brought me a daisy.

I have no doubt that Mother sent it to me and you out of worry, Sister.

Yes, that’s right. A little bird brought it earlier, so placed that daisy in your hair, Sister. …And it was cute. But when I said that I’d have a tiara made for you, you said you didn’t need it.

That’s right, isn’t it? You don’t need a tiara. If we go to a garden full of daisies together, I can make you a flower crown.


This storm might be able to take us to where our mother is… What’s wrong, Sister? I can’t breathe if you hug me so tightly.

Are you…crying?

I didn’t say I want to die. I’m just waiting for the storm to take us there.

I don’t understand what you’re saying, but, I’m happy that you’re hugging me so tightly, And I don’t care if it hurts because then I can feel that you’re next to me.

Sister, will you stay with me forever? Will you love me?

Seal the promise with a kiss.


More. More closer.

No, we’re still far apart.

What a cute voice.

Sister, you’re truly beautiful and cute.

Do you not like secretive talk? Or you do? If you hated it, you wouldn’t have let out such a sweet voice, right?

You wouldn’t be stained with a rose color, right?

Do you like me?


Come closer, Sister. I’m cold. Warm me up with your body, Sister.

This maid uniform… As I thought, the buttons are hard to undo. But it’s fine. When I’m slowly undoing the button, bit by bit your beautiful body comes into view, and it makes my heart race.

Sister, are my fingers not cold?

Apologies, but whenever I touch your body, Sister, my temperature rises. …Just like how your cheeks are stained with the color of roses.


Don’t silence your cute voice… Fill my ears with your voice, Sister.

Call my name, please, Sister.

Sister… I love you. You alone are my world, Sister.

Let’s head for the garden full of daisies together. To a place where we can be together, intertwining our fingers like this.

I don’t need anything else. I love you, Sister.


Track 8: Closed World



It’s so quiet. Did the storm travel someplace else?

What do you think, Sister?

Sister!? Where are you?!! Are you not here!?

Did my elder sister go alone?

There’s…a letter under the door?


Your maid has left for your brothers, the elder princes.

Why? Why!? We were so close together yesterday, so why?! Is being with my older brother better? Why is my elder sister not here?!!


Sister, where were you? Were you with Brother Alexis? With Brother Ferdinando?

You went to my older brothers, didn’t you?

You betrayed me again, didn’t you?

Portrait and honey… What are you talking about?


Portrait… You mean, Mother’s!?

Brother Alexis gave it to you? And you accepted it? And because I said I liked it, you went to Brother Ferdinando for honey?


I feel happy, but, but regardless, I don’t like it. I don’t want you visiting our older brothers.

I told you, didn’t I? If our older brothers knew about you, Sister, you’d be taken away. And yet you, Sister, are defenselessly entering the den of our older brothers.

It’s almost like you’re saying that you don’t care if you end up separated from me.


Why are you so innocent, Sister? I’m worried about you. You’re too careless of the dangers around you.

You thought you could just go, talk to the servants, and get the items without seeing our old brothers, didn’t you? But they’re working for my older brothers. If my older brothers want you, they’ll take you and never return you back, Sister.

You may have returned today, but you can’t be certain you will next time.

The portrait and honey can’t be compared to you, Sister.

Despite all my opposition… You still won’t understand, will you, Sister?

Then I guess it can’t be helped. I’ll have to protect you so that you can’t be taken away.


Let’s hold hands, Sister…so that we can never be separated. It won’t be that inconvenient to have a shackle on your left wrist, would it?

The other half of this shackle will connect to my right wrist.

If we’re connected like this, we can’t go anywhere alone, can we? You say you won’t leave me, but how can I be certain that’s the truth? …That’s why I want to be joined.

I want to be linked to you forever.

Even if you say no, I’m not going to listen to it. You can no longer leave me anymore.

Until you came, Sister, I was always alone by myself, waiting for the storm. But now we’re together, and I’m not returning to being alone. I came to learn of the warmth that is you, Sister.

I came to know of something soft, gentle, and warm.


So, Sister, please, stay with me.

I love you, Sister. You’re the only one I love, Sister. And I’m the only one who loves you, Sister.

Don’t say anything, I know what your feelings are, Sister.

I know. I know you love me, Sister.

I don’t want to hear anything right now. Whether it’s your reasons or your excuses or your rejection… Anything besides the word “love.”

There was probably something wrong with me from the start. That’s why my father, my older brothers, my mother all disappeared before me… But I want you, Sister, even if it’s just you, Sister, to stay by my side.


Track 9: A Baby Bird and a Prince


10 days have passed since I chained my elder sister and me together.

In the beginning, Sister was trying to coax me, but the next day, she stopped saying anything, as if she had given up.

All she did was pat my head gently.

Sister, why does sleeping, enveloped in your scent, make me feel so heavy as if I’ve swallowed lead today?


So it’s the morning…


I’m glad, my elder sister is still asleep. Even if I kiss her on her forehead, she still doesn’t wake.

Her sleeping face is so cute…

My dear elder sister is beautiful and cute no matter the time or the hour. When she’s looking at my face, she looks so wonderful that she steals my breath.

……And that’s why I want her to stay with me.

Even if I had to stop her with chains.


The bird from that day… It’s the bird that brought me the daisy.

Is it looking at me?

I want to touch it, but if I move, I’ll wake up my elder sister. …Because we’re chained together.

It flew away. It flew into the sky.

Oh! Sorry, my dear sister, I woke you up, didn’t I?

Good morning.

A little while ago, the bird that brought me the daisy was here and I wanted to pet it, but it was outside the window, so my hand couldn’t reach it.

And then the bird flew away…into the great blue sky.


Don’t you think it’s a bird Mother sent? …Telling me to wake up. To do the things I ought to do.

Sister, you’re kind to me not because you love me, do you? It’s because I loved you and couldn’t leave you. You pitied me, didn’t you?

I like you, I love you. My words are like shackles.

But you’re kind, so you couldn’t just brush it all away, could you? That’s why… That’s why I… I have to do it. I have to free you from these chains, Sister.


There we go, it’s off.

Now you’re free, Sister. Just like that bird, you can go anywhere.

Yes, you can go anywhere you want. If you want to go to Eldart, I’ll arrange it. You can go out into the town in Krosfia if you want too. Or even another country.

……As long as you’re happy and free.

I’m telling the truth. I want to thank you for treating me kindly all this time.


Sister!? What you are doing with the shackle-don’t tell me you’re putting it back on your own wrist?!!


Are you saying that you’ll be with me? For all the days to come?

Are you saying that you like me? …That you love me? I did such cruel things to you.

I was planning on setting you free.

Don’t call my name with such a gentle voice… It’s unfair. My chest hurts and I can’t take my eyes off you.

I love you.


Will you stay by my side forever?

Will you call my name?

Can I hug you?

I love you. I love you so much. Let me hear your voice again.

As long as I have you, I don’t need anything else. You alone are my everything.


Let’s stay bound together forever.

Embracing, kissing, exchanging breaths…

Sister, while you were sleeping the other day, I secretly took a peek at our mother’s portrait. The color of your hair, the color of your eye, the shape of your face, none of it matched Mother’s, Sister.

But…none of that matters, right?

That’s right, I should also put the portrait away somewhere it can’t be seen. After all, I have no need for it anymore.

As long as you’re with me, that’s all the world needs.

Just the two of us is enough. Let’s stay together forever inside this cage,

I love you. I love you…

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