【Translation】 Hero Kankin ~Teki no Kanbu ni Torawareta Sentai Red~ 400DL Track


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Ono Tomohiro (大野智敬)

Ending 2: Hikaru, Shaking His Hips Like a Dog


I’ll insert my tongue inside your pussy, so enjoy the feeling.

This, does it feel good? You still haven’t cum, right?

I’ll keep going. …That’s why I’m here, after all.

I’m “formerly” Red. Ever since I was imprisoned by you and made the decision to take your hand, I became a mere man.

Losing my head over you, an enemy executive, and being used for sex… I can no longer call myself an ally of justice.

Regret? Why would I? I wouldn’t have remained here in the first place.


Enough about the past, let’s enjoy ourselves in the now.

Your pussy’s twitching.

I’ll use my fingers too.

Let’s continue onwards.



Like a dog? Me?

The juices coming out of your pussy make me go crazy like they’re an aphrodisiac.

And you’re the only one. Give it all to me.

It’s okay. Cum.

My body burns up at the sound of your sweet voice, so keep letting me hear it.


You’re almost there?

It’s amazing. When I move my fingers in and out, it overflows.


Your post-orgasm pussy is erotic and smells good.

Why are you grinning?

Oh, are you comparing me to a dog again?

Not that I care how you think of me. Please let me put it in.

Of course. I still haven’t cum yet. Plus, once isn’t enough for you, right?


It feels so good rubbing against you…

I’m putting it in.

It feels good… It feels so good inside you…


Does it feel good?

Feel it more. I’ll shake my hips like a dog.

You’re smelling good. You’re so cute. Nothing can surpass you. And I’m thinking this even though you’re an enemy.

But I can’t return to before. All I have is you now.


I’m about to cum.

Please accept everything. I’ll let it out deep inside here.

You too.




Stay here.

Stay by my side forever. You put this collar on me, so you’ll look after me till the end, right?

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