【Translation】 Hero Kankin ~Teki no Kanbu ni Torawareta Sentai Red~


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

ヒーロー監禁 ~敵の幹部に捕らわれた戦隊レッド~

CV: Ono Tomohiro (大野智敬)

Track 1: Hikaru, Captured by the Enemies


It hurts…

You, you’re…the enemy of us, Zenryokuger, an executive of the dark organization.

And, what’s with these chains? …I can’t gather any strength. Are these chains suppressing my power as a Zenryokuger? Damn it!

And besides that, where on earth is this place?

This is the torture room of your secret hideout…? And stay still, you say? Don’t mess with me! What are you trying to do with me?! Release me now!

“Imprisonment”? What are you even trying to achieve by doing that?

So it must be that, huh.

Did you think that I, Red, am going to give out information and sell out my comrades? I’m the leader of the Zenryokuger, and I’m determined to protect everyone, even at the cost of myself.


Huh? You’re going to undo my Red transformation?

Don’t tell me-

Stop! Don’t take off my mask! Hey!

Don’t look… Also, just because you took off my mask doesn’t change the fact that I’m still Red.

Hey! What do you mean by “cute”? My face is to your liking?

Tch, why does what you think of my face matter? What’s so important about that? I have no idea what you’ve been saying this past while. If you want to get me to open my mouth, you might as well bring in another executive instead of an impotent woman like you. There’s that one big and burly guy, isn’t there?

Not that I plan to say a word anyway.

Huh? There’s another method and one that men can’t use..?


Hey! What are you doing all of a sudden-

Don’t stick your tongue in! I can’t breathe properly…


It doesn’t matter what you do, I’m not going to leak any information. And the rest of Zenryokuger will definitely come to save me. I believe in all of them.

We’re enemies, so why are you kissing me? It’s not like it feels good or anything.

Hey, what are you doing this time-

My ears are ticklish, you know that!?

Yo, stop! I told you, it doesn’t feel good! It just itches.

Stop, please.

Now you’ll move onto my other ear?

I told you, it tickles! You, where do you think you’re touching?! That’s where my nipples are.

What’s so fun about touching enemy men?


Stop calling me “cute,” it’s annoying.

Don’t touch both sides at once…

I’m not turning red, and even if I am, isn’t that just because this room is hot?

You’ll cool me down?

That thing in the shape of a knife… Are you planning to stab me with it?

Heh, why don’t you go ahead and try?


Wait! What’s with all that strength? Even if this transformation suit has gaps, it isn’t something that could be torn this easily…

I thought you were going to stab me, but all you did was cut up my suit. …Not to mention, it was only the chest part. So, why are you trying to achieve?

Don’t touch me! Why are you getting excited seeing me tied up? These handcuffs are so that I can’t use my powers, aren’t they?

You’re going to coerce me?

So your goal is to honey trap me into revealing information, huh?

I’m an ally of justice, you know? I would never come to like a member of a dark organization like you!


If I don’t fall for your advances, you’ll get me out of here?

Is there any reason I’d believe that?

No, it doesn’t matter. I’ll never give in.

We’ve decided on it, so get on with it already-

Track 2: Hikaru, on the Verge of Giving up after a Thorough Nipple Assault


They’re erect, you say? That’s because you keep playing with my nipples. They’re reacting to that, not to my will. It’s not as big as you make it out to be. Isn’t this just how men’s nipples are?


I told you, I’m going to feel anything from an enemy like you-

Don’t shove your fingers inside my mouth without warning! Jesus, what are you trying to do?

“I’ll touch you with wet fingers”?

That voice just now isn’t because I’m turned on!


That… It’s different from before, but… But, no matter how much you assault me, it’ll be ineffective towards I, Red.

Don’t say that they’re hard…

How long do you plan on touching my nipples?

This time, what are you-

Your tongue is wrapping around my nipple lewdly… Crap.

What if my comrades and all the townspeople see this, you say? It’s not like I’m feeling it or anything. I’m the ally of justice, Red, after all.


Hah? Which nipple do I feel it more from?

That has never crossed my mind.

You’ll test and see?

I really don’t understand you. No one side feels better than the other. Also, I told you, I’m not feeling anything in the first place.

Oh? So this time you’re bringing out the whip?

You’re finally to start the actual torture, huh?

Go ahead, do it.


What is with this whip?

It doesn’t hurt, that’s not the issue…

A whip that brings pleasure, you say?

Huh? What’s with that question just now? I already told you, there’s no way I’d feel it from my nipples.

My nipples are tingling from being whipped… Having them caressed is overload.

It doesn’t feel good at all!


Both my nipples feel good…

I didn’t say anything! I’m Red, so that’ll never happen!

You’ll now move onto someplace better…?

Don’t touch my penis!

What are you even trying to do? I’m hardly erect at all. Aren’t you just imagining it? I would never feel anything from this.


No, not there! It’s too much when you stroke my penis with the whip!

Just stop already!


You’re bringing out the knife again.

What part do you plan on cutting this time?

You… Don’t tell me… That place is… My lower half is off-limits!

Don’t look… When you’re there stimulating it, I can’t stop the boner from popping.

Like I said, stop touching my penis! When you’re touching it directly, it’s even more…

What if my comrades were to see this?

I’m an ally of justice. I’m fighting to protect the peace of the town, so I won’t lose to you.


Don’t move your hand so fast…

It’s throbbing? Isn’t that because you’re touching it?

Please stop.

That was close.

It’s still not over?

What is it this time?

Eh? The whip is moving on its own. Are you using your powers on it?

Wait! Stop that! The whip is wrapping around my penis.

This isn’t all…?

Going as far as covering it with your saliva… It’s all wet and slippery now.


Right, I’m a hero, so I mustn’t lose to this.

This, seriously, is bad.

Wait, stop, I’m really at my limit. Any more and I’ll… Wait, I-

Damn it.

This isn’t the end?

If you stroke me now, I’ll seriously-

I… Stop, I’m Red of the Zenryokuger. I’ll never fall to this.

I’m cummin…

I have to cum, else I’ll lose my mind.



Just let me cum.

Wait, you, what are you doing? Don’t tell me you’re… Hey! Please wait-

You, even if it’s for the sake of extracting information, why are you blowing one of the enemy men?

The inside of your mouth is so hot… And your tongue is moving like it’s a whole different living thing. If you keep prodding the tip, my urge to cum will rise.

I can’t…

Don’t cum just yet? That’s impossible. It’s too much when you rub it and lick it at the same time. I’m about to cum already, so…


My comrades must surely be in a tough spot, you say?

No, it can’t… Let me go back to them!

Wait, let me go, I have to return to my comrades.

I’m going to cum. I’m really going to cum. This isn’t the time for it and yet…I’m about to cum.

I’m cumming…

I told you I’m going to cum. You sure you want it inside your mouth?

I’m… I’m…



You… Stopping right before…!

Damn it.

Stopping right before again and again… You sure have a terrible hobby.


Track 3: Hikaru, His First Taste of Pleasure


Earlier, you mentioned my comrades. What did you do to them?

An all-out attack?

They, without me, won’t be able to use any advanced techniques and without the Zenryokuger, the town will be in danger.

Damn it. I have to go back or else…

Remove these chains!

And you’ve been touching my body all over, what are you even trying to get out of me?

Information on me…? What? What you want to know about is the Zenryokuger, is it not?

You’re not interested?

I don’t understand what you mean.


That’s because you keep leaving me on edge.

Rather than feeling anything. It’s more like I’ll cum if you touch me… A natural physical reaction. Also, because you kept stopping right before, I still haven’t cum yet anyway.

What’s next after the whip?


It’ll just make me feel good? What’s the point in that?

Seriously, stop this. I’m super sensitive because I wasn’t able to cum either.

What is this? My penis is so hot… My mind is going to turn to mush.

Even my balls…

Don’t roll them around in your hand… Don’t mix it with my precum…


It’s so slippery now… The movement of your fingers is incredible.

This is the first time I’ve had something like this done to me.

“Look this way”?

My penis is so overly erect and it’s hard as a rock… I’m supposed to be protecting the townspeople and to feel good from this…

What’s going through my mind right now?

All I can think about is cumming…


Comrades, my comrades… I have to go save them, but…it feels so good that I don’t know anymore.



I… I just kissed you, my enemy, all on my own.

Something that feels even better?

No, that can’t possibly exist. That’s right, I’m Red of the Zenryokuger! The leader!

Don’t touch me!

Are you doing this under the orders of the organization?

As long as you can get secrets out of me, you’re free to do with me as you wish? Then that means, you’re doing this out of your own volition?


I can’t take this anymore. I want to cum.


Say it properly?

I’m Red, so there’s no way I can say it.

Hah? You’re going to make yourself feel good too…? Wait, hey! Don’t just straddle over me!


It’s so wet… Why are you this…

Were you feeling it too?

Of course, you were?

You idiot, if you press up against it so hard, it’ll go in.

Stop! I’m an ally of justice, so I’ll never yield to an evildoer like you! But… I’m also… I can feel myself touching your wet pussy and my dick is aching unbearably…


Say it more properly?

Damn it. I get it.

Please let me inside you, please…


Wow… I’m slowly entering inside you… It’s like I’m being sucked in.

All you did was put it in, but it feels good…

Wait! If you move right now, it’s not going to end well!

I told you not to, damn it!


Damn it.

Wait, you, why are you pulling out?

Lick your nipples…? Are you insane? Don’t force them onto my face.

Why are you feeling it so much?

So soft…

Other side too?


Whoa, wait-

Are you…feeling it from your nipples? You’re even wetter and hotter than before inside. It’s too much for me to withstand.

Don’t lick my ears!

My ears tickle, but, but they feel good.

Are you telling me to lick your ears back? So you like having your ears licked too, huh?


Don’t move so vigorously! I’ll cum.


I’m going to reach my limit soon… I can’t last much longer, so pull out.

What!? Like this? We can’t have that! Hurry up and pull out already! I’m being serious, pull out while you can, I’m really at my limit.

Cum deep inside…?

Don’t egg me on, you idiot! I, I really can’t. I’m really about to cum. I’m going to end up cumming inside you!


I’m cumming…

There’s so much coming out. You’re twisting inside like you’re trying to wring out everything I have.

Don’t move.

I, Red, with an enemy like you… It’s not possible. There’s no way I could ever show this side of me to all the children that cheer me on.

Track 4: Hikaru, a Victim to Truth Serum


So it’s you again.

How many days have you kept me locked up in here?

3 days?

Having me play along with you from morning till night… But regardless, I have no intention of giving in to you.

Still, what are the rest of the Zenryokuger doing? Don’t tell me they’ve been defeated?

It’s better to worry about myself?

You… You’re holding a syringe in your hand, aren’t you?

Truth serum?


I don’t… Don’t just inject it in me!

You slightly adjusted the creation of a genius scientist, you say? Whether it has side effects or not isn’t the issue!


it’s only a pinch?

Injections are the one thing I can’t stand!

No, it doesn’t hurt, I just hate the feeling of being stabbed by a needle.

Huh? We’ll play around until the drug kicks in?


So this is what you mean by “play”?

Stop constantly ripping my suit. it’ll fix itself, but if you overdo it, it’ll never go back to normal.

My body is hot… Is it because of the drug just now?

Also, don’t underestimate me, Red. It doesn’t matter if you use a truth serum or whatever else, I have no intention of divulging information on my comrades.

What? My first love?

Isn’t the Zenryokuger what you want to know about?

Hey, what are you doing?! Don’t lick my ears!


You’re getting my blood to circulate so the drug takes effect faster?

I feel floaty…

Like I said, who cares about my first love. My first was a girl who was sitting next to me on the same bus in kindergarten.

Then what about my first kiss?

The first time was during middle school when a big sister in the neighborhood did it as a joke.

Eh? Huh? What did I just say…

This… This is the effect of the drug earlier, isn’t it? My head is hazy and even though I’m trying not to answer, the words just come out on their own.

I think the first time I masturbated was around the same time.

At first, I didn’t know the timing of when I’d ejaculate, so I wouldn’t make it in time to cover it with a tissue.


Seriously, what am I saying?

And, who cares about my private life?

You’re interested…in me?

Even I… No, it’s nothing!


Kisses feel so good…

Wait, hey… It feels extremely good when you touch…my nipples directly.

It’s nothing.

Eh? You’re stopping already?

No, it doesn’t matter.

It all depends on me…? You keep asking me tons of pointless questions, just why? Are you going to ask me what I masturbate to this time?

What are you going to do when you find out?

Back then, it wasn’t just one thing, but my mind keeps going back to… It’s because you’re always so lewd! And sometimes you made my heart race.

Your appearance is obvious, but you’re always making that lewd expression, and when I touch myself, you keep showing up in my head…

The specifics?


Like imagining how you look naked…

No! What I just now, isn’t-

Don’t suddenly undress! I don’t know how to react! …Rather, they’re so beautiful that I can’t take my eyes off them.

What do I want to do?

I want to lick your nipples.

Damn it. It wasn’t my intention to say that.


Don’t crawl on top of me.

Hey, aren’t you feeling it too? Your nipples are hard.

If you move around so much, I’ll get hard.

It feels good…

Other side too.


I haven’t done anything to this side and it’s poking out already.

Does it feel good when I lick you?

That expression… It’s erotic.

Eh? What is it?

What else do I think about?

Seriously, stop asking. …I think about you stroking my dick with your hand and licking it.

It feels good… Please touch me directly, please.

But, it feels really good. And it’s the effect of the drug anyway, right?


Just when will this wear off… Having my dick wrapped inside your warm hands feels good…

I want to kiss.

That’s right, I’m Red, so I can’t be doing this, but, but it feels too good.

That drug is mixed with an aphrodisiac, right? Otherwise, I wouldn’t have become like this.

I thought so.

Kissing you, an enemy executive, and then going even further beyond that… That’s all my mind can think about.

I want to feel even more good, so much so that it’s bad.


Drooling onto it… It’s so wet…

I’m slippery now too? Don’t say it like that. It’s extremely embarrassing. I can’t stop my precum from leaking… It’s getting harder and harder inside your hand.

More? Hey-

Having you lick me is too much!

Amazing… The way you use your tongue is just way too sexy…


Say, do you not hate the idea of licking me?

It feels extremely good when you do it to me too.

If you knead the tip, even more precum will leak out… Are you planning to lick it all up?

Wait! If you suck-

If you go at it so hard, I’ll cum! Even if you tell me to hang on, I can’t possibly withstand this.


I really thought I was going to cum.

Just right on the verge again…

Don’t stroke it like that.

We’re enemies, but when we kiss, it feels super good.

You too?

Your handjob feels extremely good.


You’re feeling it from your ears…

Now turn your other ear towards me.


I’m super sensitive right now, so if you go any further, I’ll go crazy.

I’m going to…cum.

No, if I’m going to cum, I want to cum inside you.

No, what I said just now is… It’s not what it seems!

You, what are you doing?

Eh? You’re removing my chains?


My arms have been above my head this entire time, so they’re super stiff.

Also, are you sure you should be taking off my restraints?

You want to know how I’d embrace you…? I have no plans on doing so!

I said I’m not going to, but my body is acting on its…

Track 5: Hikaru, Finally Going on the Offense


Having me look down upon you… Looks like our positions are now reversed.

Your lips taste…almost sweet.

They’re tasty, and I’m drooling so much.

Swallow it all.

You like having your ears licked, right?


Your body trembled.

Here too.

I’m going to touch your breasts.

Soft… I said it before but they’re super beautiful.

To think this of an enemy, I’m in trouble.


Are you feeling it?

I’ll touch your legs too.

Your skin’s super supple, right? And when I touch your thighs, it makes me feel good too.

Liar. I don’t see an ounce of embarrassment in you.

It’s caught my attention for a while, but aren’t you only wearing one layer? …This sensation, that’s definitely the case, right?

It doesn’t just look like lingerie. …That’s what it actually is.

Fighting in this… That’s way too lewd.


I’ll have a look up close.

All I did was kiss your legs and you’re wiggling your hips all naughtily like this. You feel it quite easily, huh?

I’m going to spread your legs…

Your underwear’s wet already.

When I kiss your inner thighs, you’re even more sensitive than before.

I’m going to shift aside your underwear.


There’s no hair… It’s completely smooth and your pussy is so out in the open.

There’s a scent coming from it.

Just looking at it isn’t enough, I’m going to lick it.

First, I’ll take it slow with the outside.

Shut up, right now I’m just under the influence of drugs. This isn’t the real me. But…all I can think about right now is you.


Is it frustrating staying like this?

Alright, I’ll tease your clit like you wanted.


Hasn’t it become super hard?

It feels good when I stimulate it with my tongue, doesn’t it?

Your voice is sexy. Do you want me to make you feel it more?

Hmm? More?

I’ll straighten out of my tongue and increase the pace.


Does it feel good? Your pussy is twitching and it’s hot. Looks like I can stimulate it harder.

I’m going to bite it gently.

Hmm? It feels good?

I’ll bite down and use my tongue.


Hey, you’re super wet. …I want to lick it up.

Give me more.

Being entranced by an enemy like you… I definitely am not! But before I am Red, I am a man.

Right now my body’s incredibly hot and I want you.

I can’t help because of the drugs. Also, aren’t you really enjoying my cunniligus?


Don’t…acknowledge it so frankly. Jeez.

What’s it this time?

This also serves as a bed?

You want me to lie down here?

That hurts! What are you doing-

Huh? Lick it?

It’s not possible in this position.

Wait, hey! If you force it down that hard on my face-


You… I told you I can’t breathe.

Do you want to feel good that badly?

Then I’ll definitely make you cum, so be prepared!


You’re so wet… Everything flowing out is going onto my face. All through and through.

Don’t move. I’ll lick every nook and cranny of you.

I’ll lick even the folds.


Is there particular preference for this?

But…looks like either feels good.

There’s even more pouring out.

I’m going to drown because of you. You’re honest to pleasure and are extremely lewd, aren’t you?

Not really. I don’t hate women like you.

I’m not done yet. I told you, I’m going to lick you until you cum.

I’ll stick my tongue inside you.


Hmm? Does the sensation of my tongue going inside feel good?

Perhaps this spot is…

The composure on your face.


I can’t breathe if you sit down on me!

I really won’t show mercy anymore!

Like I said, right now a mind’s a mess because of the truth serum… And, isn’t your body trembling a whole lot?

You’re feeling it from having me, Red, lick you, aren’t you?

I’ll make you feel so good you lose your mind.


Hmm? Is it good?

Your voice’s become extremely sweet. …So you can make an expression like that. So cute. I want to give you even more pleasure.

You’re making a really nice face.

Track 6: Hikaru, Deep Inside Her……


What is it now?

What on earth are you doing? Don’t rub my penis with your feet. …It feels good.

That’s enough. Before that, quickly… What is this?

I’ve never experienced this before.

I’m already hard enough, so there’s no need to do this, right?

Calling me “cute”….. Quiet! It feels good when you tease the tip. When you move your toes so deliberately…I’ll react.

Aren’t you touching yourself too?

This is too lewd, seriously.


What feels good?

I can’t read your movements, and even though it feels like it’s not enough, there is a pleasure I’ve never felt before. Not only that, your legs are beautiful.

And I can see your pussy from this angle, and just the sight of it turns me on too.

I’m so aroused right now and my hips are moving on their own.

I’m feeling it so much from having an enemy do something this humiliating to me… I’m so pathetic. My comrades, the townspeople… I’m sorry. No one should have to see me like this.

When you hold it with both your feet and stroke up and down…it feels good.

It’s really getting bad. I’m so hard now.

It feels good…



I’m about to cum, so…!

I told you, that’s enough! I can’t take it anymore. Put it in!

Wait, I’ll undress.

If I put it in myself, it’ll not only be a betrayal to everyone but also to myself.

But…I’m really sorry.


It’s in. It feels so good…

You’re clamping down too hard, please ease up a little.

It’s so good. Are you feeling it too? Your voice’s gotten sweeter.

Let me hear it more.


You’re so hot inside.

It’s slippery, but it’s like you’re grasping me tightly.

I don’t think I can’t last long.

Kisses feel so good that they turn me on too.


Wrap your arms around my neck.

I’ll lift you up.

Lower your hips.

It’s easier for you to move like this too, right?

I’ll tease your breasts too.


Your hips are so good.

I licked you just a little and you’re trembling so much already.


It feels good…

It’s almost like I’m really good with you… Is this really because of the drugs?

You’re feeling more than you’ve ever had before?

Are you serious?

Hey, let’s do it from the back this time.

I’ll pull out for a moment.


Place your hands in front of you.

Here I go.

This is seriously bad…


I’m going to thrust deep into you.

I can’t stop my hips. I’m reaching so deep. Your insides are so tight.

Are you feeling it from here?

It’s so lewd when you shake your hips in tandem with me.


Move your body up a little and turn this way.

I’ll touch your breasts too.

I like kissing when doing it from the back like this. And you look like you’re pretty good too, aren’t you?

Allies? Enemies? None of that matters. I want to take you all for myself!


Your insides are moving and melding to my shape… It’s always like I’m being enveloped by you.

I feel like everything is going to be sucked out by you.


This time, let’s do it while lying down properly.

My body’s hot… I want you so badly that I can’t control myself. It feels so good just putting in. …I’m going to cum in the blink of an eye.

And you?

Not yet, right?

I’ll tease your clit and make you feel good too.


You’re twisting inside…Does this place feel good? You’re tightening up around my dick.

Eh? It’s hotter and wetter…

I can’t hold back anymore, I’m going to start moving.


Hey, you’re almost there, right?

Me too.

It feels so good…

I’ll lick your other ear too.


I want to kiss you.

I’m going to cum… I’m going to let it all out deep inside you.

You too?

Let’s cum together.




Wow, it’s not stopping at all.

Can you feel my cum all held up deep inside you? If I pull out my dick, I’m sure it’ll come flooding out.

Track 7: The Future Hikaru Chooses


Are you awake now?

After doing it with me, you went to sleep.

……I just wiped you a bit and put your clothes back on.

You lost consciousness after doing with me, so it’s not like I can just leave you there.

In any case, as promised, I’ll be returning to my comrades.

Besides, I’m not restrained anymore, so it’s not like you can refuse. The next time I meet you will probably be in battle.


Let me go.

Hah? Become allies?

What are you saying? I’m part of the Zenryokuger, I have no intention of being buddy-buddy with you.

I’ll continue to fight for the peace of the town as Red ー that is my duty.

The children are waiting too.


“Don’t go”? …Even if you say that, I don’t understand what you mean.

You, what did you just say?

Did you say you like me?

My heart’s not shaken! …It’s just that, for an executive of a dark organization like you to fall in love with me, the enemy, how in the world did things end up that way?

Don’t hug me so tightly like that.

What do I think of you?

You’re nothing more than an enemy to me.


Not as Red, but as the “real” me…? For my honest feelings…as a man?


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