【Translation】 Hero Kankin ~Teki no Kanbu ni Torawareta Sentai Red~ 200DL Track


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Ono Tomohiro (大野智敬)

Ending 1: Hikaru, Taking Her


Hehe, a dead-end, huh? You ran so far in. We haven’t been alone together face-to-face since the time I was imprisoned in your hideout.

It’s been a while since I’ve shown my true face in front of you, and I had a lot of things to thank you for back then, didn’t I?

I can easily catch you with one hand.

You used up too much power in the fight earlier, didn’t you?

You don’t have the energy to resist me, do you?

Our positions from the other day are now reversed. You did whatever you wanted with me then, so now it’s my turn.


Your confidence hasn’t changed.

Naturally, I plan to have my way with you.


Your lips are as soft as always.

And you’re not surprised at all that I’m suddenly acting this way.

This outcome was beyond my expectations, but is it just “as you expected” for you? I even returned to my old life of fighting as a part of the Zenryokuger alongside the rest of my comrades.

……I wasn’t ever able to forget you.

I was constantly wanting to hold you with these arms.

Say, why don’t you come with me?


Though I’m not exactly sure where we’d even go right now…

Please tell me your answer.

Uh-huh, I’m never letting you go again. Let me kiss you more.

Not just your lips, I want all of you right now.


It’s been so long since I last felt this feeling.

Don’t touch my penis all of sudden… Of course, I’m hard already. I’m touching you, after all.

I’m going to undress you.

I’ll undress too.


You… Don’t just start licking me without warning!


But…it feels good.

Your tongue is wrapping around my penis and your saliva is dripping all over it, and it’s extremely erotic.

Don’t rub that place!

And, I want to touch you too.

You know that I’ve been pent up all this time, don’t you?

You’re first…? What’s with that?


It’s incredible, your tongue keeps targeting my weak spots.

Because we’ve done it so many times?

Is that so.

Don’t take it in so deep! It’s so, so hot inside your mouth. I really can’t take any more!

I remember all your sweet spots too, you know? You like it when I hold your earlobes between my lips, don’t you?

And when I insert my tongue deep inside your ears too.


Besides, with your breasts, it feels good when I fiddle with and pinch your nipples, doesn’t it?

That’s a nice reaction.

Lift up one of your legs. I want to put it in already… This sensation… It’s been too long. It feels so good.


Have you not done it with anyone besides me?

I’m the same. You’re the only one.

You clamp down so hard when doing it while upright.


This time, wrap your arms around my neck.

Yes. Now, I’ll lift up both your legs.

This… My penis is penetrating so deep…

Eh? You’re not heavy. Without the suit, I’m just a normal human, but I’m still Red of the Zenryokuger ― this is nothing to me. I’ll make you cum in this position, so hold onto me tight.


Does it feel good when I hit this place?

This is amazing, your insides are twisting and guiding me to pleasure too.

Let’s cum together.


Wow… You’re so wet. It’s even trickling down my thighs.

I haven’t been able to control myself either.

There’s no need for me to hold back, right?

It feels good… I’m about to cum…

Hey, I want to pour it all deep inside you. I can, right?



Whoa, are you okay?

Come lean on me.

Say, are you sure you should make the decision to follow me without a second thought?

No, uh, I’m hesitating. It’s just that…as an executive of the organization, I’m sure there’s a lot of things that you have to lose, right? So I was just wondering if this really was the right choice.

I have no intention of letting you go.

Even if you say you want to return to the organization, I plan to take you back, even if by force.


I see.

We’ve been enemies until now, but from now on, I’m going to protect you with all my strength.

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