【Translation】 Torokyun Otomari 2nd Season Sono3 Dousou Kare × Glamping Animate Tokuten

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Toki Shunichi (土岐隼一)

Track 1: Ordinary Days are Happy Ones


Hey, take a look at my smartphone.

This photo was from when we went glamping.

Sorry, sorry.

Here, this. I believe it was taken at the Iki service area. It’s so funny how this face-frame sign thing fits almost perfectly.

You’re surprisingly into this kind of thing, right? It makes me crack up any time I see it.

Next is this one.

It was one taken when we arrived at the glamping facility.

The background looks to be a parking lot, so I think it was right after we got out of the car.

…You were smiling so beautifully.


There’s still a whole lot more.

In the tent, at the barbecue, on the way to the hot springs, and many more. Here, look!

Did you see that one just now? You didn’t, right?


No, no, it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.

Though I guess it’s human nature to start having concerns when someone tells you not to worry about it.

It can’t be helped. Here, it’s this.

It’s not from when we went glamping. It’s a photo I secretly took of you during our day-to-day life.


Since it’s come to this, I’ll go ahead and come clean. There’re still plenty more aside from that one.

This one was when you were sleeping on the sofa.

This one was when you were laughing in front of the TV.

There are ones from the times you were on the balcony blankly drying the futons and even times when you were brushing your teeth half-sleep.

Nice, right?

It’s embarrassing…? Why? I took them because I thought they were cute and wonderful. Also, ever since we got married, it makes me happy to see you relax.

By the way, my favorite is this one.

A back shoot of you straight out the bath.

The nape of your neck was super erotic…

No, wait. I can’t get rid of this one either. It’s a photo of you drying your hair while wearing a bathrobe.


And on that note, there are also pictures of you sleeping and using my arm as a pillow after sex.

You were mumbling in your sleep too… I wish I took a video.

You’re so cute that I just want to take pictures of you.

I kept quiet because it might make you feel self-conscious and it wouldn’t look natural. Are you angry?

You’re not angry, but it kind of bothers you?

No, the one who’s troubled is me. I mean, the face you have now is so cute that I want to capture it in a photo too.

Anyways, can I?

Eh? I can’t? Just one, please.

Yes! Then turn this way.


That bashful smile is the best!

Perfect shot. Also, can I take another?

Why? One, two, what’s the difference?

Well, whatever, instead of a photo, can I kiss you instead? You wouldn’t say no, would you? After all, we just got over our sexless phase and vowed to make love even more in the future.

So, I can, right?

Close your eye.


A kiss… But it’s not enough.

What do I do? I don’t think I can stop.

Since we’re a married couple, I will say it outright, but, I was thinking of taking pictures of us having sex so that I would have something to look at when we’re too busy to have sex.

But…that’s not what I needed. I love your smile more than anything and that’s what’s most important.

Besides, photos can never compare to actually touching each other like this.

Look at me.


Let’s keep kissing and have tons of sex.

…So that, even if we get busy again, we’d still be a-okay.

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