【Translation】 Choukyou Shitsuji Kannou Therapist Vol.3 Nakajou Fumiya Stellaworth Tokuten


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一緒に買い物 ~アフターサービス~

CV: Furukawa Makoto (古川慎)

Track 1: Shopping Together ~After-sales Service~


Ah! Hello.

It’s me. I wonder if you remember?

You remembered?

Thank you very much, my lady.

Oh, I just took a little peek at my lady’s client data. Technically it’s not allowed, but my lady’s special. So, if you’d like, why don’t we meet up during our next holiday?

You see, I haven’t been able to forget about you, my lady.

Is that a no?

If you insist on declining, I’ll give up, but could you please listen to my request this one time?


I guess you won’t listen if I talk in this manner. If so, then… Could you please be so inclined as to listen to my request?

Looks like you’re at a loss for words.

It appears that my lady likes me as a butler.

Then, may you once again, rendezvous with me, a butler?

Much appreciated.

Now that’s done, I’ll be sending the map location of our meeting place to your cell phone, so, would you be so kind as to head there?


May I set a time and date beforehand?

Sunday, three days from now.

As for time… How about approximately 11 AM?

Thank you for agreeing. I look forward to seeing you in three days.


I apologize for the wait, my lady.

It has been a while. Have you been well?

That is great to hear.

Now then, would my lady be willing to lend me the rest of her time today?

No, go ahead. At the very least, I will not let my lady bear an ounce of responsibility.

You see, it has been on my mind for a while. Remember how I took my lady’s undergarments that day? For that reason, I thought gifting you a replacement set was in order.


No, I cannot always be on the receiving end.

That set of undergarments was the thin thread that linked me and my lady. So, please, nod and say that you desire a new set.

And allow your bond with me to turn into a thick one.

To me, you’re a special lady.

So, think of it as extending a saving hand to the pitiful me and grant my wish.

Thank you, my lady.

Then, let us head inside the shop without delay.


Oh my, did you not notice? The place I set for our rendezvous is a famous lingerie shop.

I’d like to pick out a new set of undergarments for you, my lady.

I may, right?

Then, let us proceed.


Now, my lady, what is your preference for lingerie?

Is something the matter? Your face is red and you’re not responding.

Do you perhaps not have any experience selecting underwear together with the opposite sex?

I see, so you’re embarrassed about that.

Still, please rid yourself of that embarrassment. I am a butler and I would do anything for my lady.

Besides, I already know everything about my lady’s shameful part.

If you think about it that way, picking a set of lingerie or two is nothing in comparison. So, what kind of lingerie shall we go with?


What do you think about this set?

Is it not to your preference? They’re fun to look at when they’re this fancy, though.

In any case, what about the lingerie here? I think having my lady’s butt emphasized would be very erotic.

Do you not like this either?

Then, what kind of lingerie do you like, my lady?


Isn’t that a tad plain? It would be cuter if it had at least this much frill, would it not?

My lady says some rather strange things.

The lesser the amount of fabric, the sexier it is, don’t you think?

Is that so? If that is what my lady chooses, then this Nakajou shalt not complain.

Now then, why don’t you try it on?

The fitting room is that way.

Please mind your step.


My lady, please squeeze in a little further.

Yes? What is it?

There’s no other reason for it, it’s so I can watch you change, my lady. Now please change into the lingerie you personally chose in front of me, my lady.

And just to be clear, my lady cannot refuse.

You may have forgotten, but, although I am a butler, I am a “Training” Butler. It is my role to hand orders and “train” you, my lady.

Thus, you are to obey this command.

Take off all your clothes and put on the lingerie you chose, and show it to me. Otherwise, I’ll strip my lady by force. And on top of that, you’ll have to leave this place with your clothes in tatters. Would you be fine with that?


It’s excellent that you obey.

Now, please take off your clothes and try on the lingerie.

Ahh… Sexy. You have become much more alluring than the last time I saw you. Have you perhaps been masturbating a lot while thinking back to that time?

Dear me, when you’re in such a hurry to deny it, it tempts me to guess.

Did you, remembering your play session with me, extend your hand out to rub your clitoris and to finger yourself while your juices squirted everywhere?

Look, your hands stopped.

Take off your undergarments and put on the new lingerie.



Oh my, you’re going to turn the other way?

It’s embarrassing to be seen straight on, you say? …When you were that happy to have your nipples sucked by me.

Oh? Have you finished changing already?

Then please turn this way.

You’ll turn towards me, won’t you?


Let me see.

Allow me to have a closer look, then.

I thought it was a plain set of lingerie, but now that it’s on you, my lady, it’s not as bad as I thought.

Now, allow me to bind your hands with this tie.

My lady, engaging in play outside, the ironclad rule is to not get caught. And keep your voice down as much as you can. But also, no holding back.

Oh? You’re slightly wet.

Did you get turned on while changing in front of me?

Look, you can hear it, can’t you? …This dirty sound.

Getting lingerie that is for sale wet, what a naughty lady you are. Also, you’re more sensitive than you were last time. Is it because you’re in a store’s fitting room?

Do you find it arousing that you cannot raise your voice?


Biting down so hard on your lips that they turn white… How admirable. However, you mustn’t suppress the pleasure.

Let’s tease my lady’s clitoris even more so that my lady will feel even better.

You’re rocking your hips…

Are you trying to hit your own sweet spots? Not a bad sight.

Then, allow me to tease you on the inside.


Curving back just from having fingers inserted in you… What a lewd person you are.

Now, where were the spots that feel good to you, my lady?

Was it here? Or was it here?

Oh, it was both? Then I’ll focus on teasing this place then.


Is something wrong? You’re trembling. Are you about to cum?

Is that so? Then in that case, please allow me to thrust you with my member going forward.

I’m already erect from your pervertedness.

I’ll insert it from the side of the lingerie. …And that’s why it’s better to have less fabric.


Huh? You clenched up.

Did you cum just from me putting it in?

What’s the matter? Tell me. Did you cum just from me putting it in?

You should answer honestly from the start. With that being said, who said you were allowed to cum?

An apology only with words is meaningless.

Are you sure? I might really punish you…

You’ve become rather “trained.”

It’s a good thing.

Then, allow me to punish you. I’ll thrust you so hard that my lady screams and cries out.


You’re desperately trying to stamp out your voice, huh?

It’s fine, I don’t care if you moan loudly.

Oh? Do you insist on not making a sound? …Then I just have to make you cry.


Ahh… Making an expression like that… Not letting out your voice has made you feel it even more, hasn’t it?

At this rate, it won’t be punishment.

Then, why don’t I thrust slowly instead? Edging you might be more of a punishment to you.


Your voice finally leaked out.

Hmm? What’s wrong?

So you like it rough?

Making requests like that… You really are a naughty girl, my lady. Do you understand that this is supposed to be punishment?


Shh. If your voice’s that loud, people outside will hear.

There’s no helping you.

For my lady’s sake, I’ll thrust you hard.


Do you not have enough reason left in you to suppress your voice?

You really are a naughty lady.

Go ahead, you can cum.

Please cum wildly…


The lingerie that my lady went through the trouble of choosing is now bathed in my semen.

It’s a pretty terrible sight.

My lady?

Did something happen? Why did you crouch down all of a sudden? Not to mention, your face is completely red…

So it’s about that.

My lady was indeed crying out without regard to one’s self at the end. I’m sure those moans had echoed throughout the store.

Are you embarrassed to have it pointed out?

My apologies.

But… It’s fine, the people at the store knew we were going to do this when we walked in.


This store is often used for after-sales service; that’s why I talked to the store clerk in advance.

Yes. Including others besides you.

Oh dear, your expression’s grown dark. Do you hate the idea that I’ve used it with other ladies that much?

Do you wish to monopolize me?

Do you want me to only ever dominate you?


In that case, please put it on a fuller display. If you keep buying up my time, only then will I become yours.


Good girl.

I’ll continue to dominate both your body and mind and I look forward to it.

I’ll continue to be in your care, my lady.

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