【Translation】 Fllanket vol.2 Asian Black Bear


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

Fllanket vol.2 ツキノワグマ

CV: Konoe Yoritada (近衛頼忠)

Track 1: Perfect Flower Mark


Furrowing your eyebrows with that gloomy face… Are you okay?

No, uh, you just seemed kind of upset and I couldn’t just watch. I’m sorry if I broke your train of thought.

You’re getting frustrated and impatient because of all the unnecessary thoughts going through your head, right? I can tell from looking at you.

During times like this, it’s better to take a mental break.

Open your hand and then squeeze it tight.

Once you squeeze it nice and tight, you let go.

Squeeze tight again. and let go. And then shake them around after.


When you came to, a lot of time had passed, right?

Are you thirsty? Should I bring you something? Also, since you were ruminating in this position the whole time, does your body not ache anywhere?

Eh? Like a big brother?

Is, is that so?

I was worried about you, so… Was it a bit overbearing? For me, the thing that’s at the top of my mind is ultimately whether you’re suffering or in distress.

I think it’s best if you rest for the day. Tomorrow’s going to be a hard day ahead.

Besides, many times, by the time you wake, you might realize that it wasn’t as big of a deal as you thought it was.


Is the room maybe a bit hot?

It’s cold…?

Would it be better if you had a blanket? It’s more comforting to have something over you.

Huh? Me?

Just having me next to you is enough?

Alright, then I’ll be by your side until you fall asleep.


Can you open your left land and lend it to me for a bit?

I’m going to go round and round… Flower mark.

Thank you for all your work today.

Just kidding. Did that tickle?

I’m not trying to treat you like a child. You worked hard and this is the mark of that.

Eh? You want it on the other hand too?

Round and round. Flower mark. Full 100 points.

You see, all I want is for you to live happily, to be able to have a good night’s sleep when tired and wake up refreshed the next morning. So right now, don’t think about anything else.

I want you to listen closely to my voice.


Is there something interesting we could talk about?

Something fun?


Then, how about this? Something to sort your emotions. I saw it in a magazine the other day, but it’s nice to try those things every so often, right?

Then, close your eyes.

In front of you is a field of grass.

Blue sky, green grass field… As far as the eye can see.

When you take a deep breath, fresh air fills your lungs and it feels as if your feelings have become lighter.


Why don’t we take a deep breath again?

Slightly ahead of you is a small hill and you’re slowly walking towards it.

Your steps feel light and you feel like you can go anywhere.

Taken by the wind, you travel further into the grass field. And then a certain animal suddenly appears in front of you.

Now, what is it?

You don’t have to say it out loud. You can do it in a daze, half-asleep.

What kind of animal would be good? Big? Small? Have you decided? They say the animal represents how you want to be perceived by others around you.

If it’s a hare, witty. If it’s a horse, free and noble. If it’s a dog, friendly.

So, do you have anything in mind?


Huh? Me?

As for me… I didn’t really know. I don’t often think about how I want to be perceived by others.

Oh, but I do know how I want to be perceived by you.

Mhm. I want you to think that you can confide in me about anything and that I will always be on your side, no matter when.


You wanted to ask me what I thought of the results of my psychological test?

I misunderstood and said something embarrassing, haven’t I?

The result… The result’s a secret. But what I said earlier is still every bit true. Because I truly will be on your side. No matter what happens or if you fail, when you return, I’ll be there waiting for you.


I’ll listen to you and always be there for you. Always. I promise.

Do you feel a little more relaxed now? You quickly forgot about the thing that was nagging you, right?

Your hand’s a lot warmer, and aren’t you feeling increasingly sleepy?

I’ll stay by you until you fall asleep.

You’ll trust in me, right?

Good night. I hope you sleep nice and sound.

Sweet dreams.

Track 2: Together in Bed



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