【Translation】 Choukyou Shitsuji Kannou Therapist Vol.3 Nakajou Fumiya Animate Tokuten


Thank You to Hana for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

支配させて ~プライベート~

CV: Furukawa Makoto (古川慎)

Track 1: Let Me Dominate You ~In Private~


Oh! You are finally here. You sure took your time.

Are you surprised? Of course you are.

I had used my employee privileges and entered your room some time ago. But, since you weren’t showing up, I was worried something had happened.

You see, I’ve grown rather fond of you.

Earlier, I said that I’d wait for you to choose me again, but it was so frustrating waiting to be picked, Or, forget that even… I don’t want it to be a transactional-only relationship.

If it’s okay with you, please let me dominate your mind and body in private.


You definitely have masochistic qualities in you. A perfect match for me, an S.

So, why don’t we form a personal master-servant relationship?

I’m sorry, it’s a bit much to ask this out of the blue, right? Not to mention, it’s a serious violation of protocol to get involved with a lady like this in private.

But you know what? I wanted you even if meant being fired from the cast of “Training” Butlers.

Oh, your face turned red.

Am I fine to assume that it means you’re happy?


If you don’t know then I’d have even less of a clue.

You don’t need to worry about whether or not I get fired. The only thing you should be thinking about is whether you agree to the contract with me.

Hey, just answer already.

Too slow.

I can’t, I can’t wait any longer. If you can’t decide then I’ll decide for you.

You’re the lady, whom I…only I dominate. Got it? And by the way, I won’t listen to any objections.


Well? Are you happy?

You wanted me to kiss you, didn’t you? For that, you were even willing to devolve to that extent earlier.

But, this is as gentle as I get here.

I mean, if I had gentle sex with you, you wouldn’t be satisfied, would you?

Though, that applies to me too.

Now, go stretch out on the bed.

Alright, walk briskly. Next, DIVE straight into the bed! And now, arms up!


Not a bad sight.

So, how does it feel to be bound by your own clothes? If you want to move your arms, you’d have to rip your clothes.

But, you aren’t going to resist, are you?

I’m glad I kept your undergarments off. I don’t have to waste time taking them off.

Since I only played with your nipples earlier, this time, I’ll be sure to also massage your boobs.


Do you enjoy having your breasts rubbed?

How honest.

Then, I’ll suck on your nipples while massaging your breasts.

Is licking and sucking on them not stimulating enough? Let me try nibbling on them lightly.


Your body’s shuddering…

Did it hurt? Or perhaps, does it feel good?

You said you didn’t like pain, but thrills like this are nice too, don’t you think?

Here, I’ll bite your other nipples too.

Hey, stop struggling, otherwise, it’s going to hurt more.

There, good girl. I’ll bite other places too, that way, my marks will be left on your body.


Next is your navel.

Well? How does the pain I inflict feel?

Are your eyes teary because of the pain, or is it because you’re feeling a stimulus besides that?

From my perspective, you’ll probably be fine with pain too as long as it is slight. …After all, you’re a masochistic pervert.

Even now.

Aren’t you secretly happy that I’m harping on you?

Really? If so, let’s check. Let me confirm what kind of state the inside of your skirt is in.

Now, spread your legs nice and wide.


What do you know? You’re wet. You got turned on from being tormented with words.

Your face is bright red.

Are you embarrassed? Ashamed?

But, that’s what you prefer, right?

Maybe I should jam it straight in? I suspect it’ll be really painful, but I think you’ll enjoy it.

Still, I’m not fully erect yet.

Look, it’s unfortunately so. So, why don’t you lick it and get it up?

Go on, lick it.


Good girl. Have it fill up your mouth.

Use your tongue and lick the entire length.

Hey, what does it taste like? Salty? Sweet? Bitter? Though I guess since your mouth’s stuffed, you aren’t able to answer me.

But did you know? Half of what you’re tasting is your own taste.

Remember how I had it shoved inside you earlier? I haven’t washed it since then. So, how does it feel to lick something that’s covered with your own juices?

I, for one, am super aroused by it.

Look, I’m getting bigger inside your mouth, aren’t I? It’s proof that I’m aroused. And your tongue isn’t too bad either.


When I see you devour me so desperately, it makes me want to lick you too.

Hey, your tongue has stopped.

Continue licking, otherwise, I won’t lick you.

Also, do you know what this position is called? Oh, wait, you’re licking me, so you can’t answer me.

It’s called “69,” did you know that?

Is this your first time knowing? Because if you’re hearing it for the first time, remember it.


What’s this? You’re already dripping with juice.

So you were that turned on from just licking me?

Hey, they say that a woman’s clitoris is able to feel just as good as a man’s penis. I’m going to lick your clitoris and directly experiment with how you want to be licked.

And lick me the same way.


Yes, yes, it feels really good.

Don’t pull back, take in deep inside your throat…

I’m cumming…!

Keep everything in, you’re not allowed to spit out any.


You didn’t spit out any, right?

Let me see if my semen is properly in your mouth.

You contained all the semen, I see. Now, gulp it down.

Alright, good girl.

Now, lie face down. I’ll insert it from the back.

Though I say that, since I just came, I’m going to rub it between your thighs to get it up.


It feels good… If it’s like this, I’ll have it up soon enough.

Hey, can you feel it getting bigger between your thighs?

Hold it tighter between your thighs. Envelope me with the entirety of your thighs.

If I’m this erect, it should be fine.

I’m going to shove it in all at once.


Did it overwhelm your senses?

But, it’s not bad, is it? Your insides squeezing up too in delight.

Don’t you think a little bit of pain is fine?

Oh, right. While this current situation isn’t bad, why don’t I make it hurt more?


You tightened up.

Feels good.

One more!

I knew it. You tighten up when hit. So you like being spanked, huh? In that case, I’ll have to make you feel even better, don’t I?

No, I won’t allow it.

First and foremost, you think you can say that while you’re dripping juices everywhere like drool?

It feels good, doesn’t it? You’re feeling it from pain, are you not? Acknowledge it.


Here, you can cum. Cum while being spanked by me!


Good gracious, you say some rather cute things.

I don’t mind. I’ll change our position then, so cum while looking at my face.

I’ll start moving.


Hey, you, are you even able to cum from normal sex like this?

Look, you seem frustrated. With the way it is, it’s not exciting enough.

Oh, I got an idea. Why don’t you try hitting me? If you do that, I’ll be fired up for sure.

Come on, slap me on the cheek.

No, that was entirely useless; that’s not enough to get me going. Slap me harder!

Not enough. Harder!


Not bad, that one was pretty good.

As a reward, I’ll do it while biting down on your neck.

Ahh… You’re tightening so much.

Sorry, I’m going to cum.


I let it all out inside you. Are you alright?

Really? Then I’m relieved.

So, did it feel good?

Me too.

So, what’s your plan for the personal contract between me and you?

We won’t have another chance to engage in such play privately. if you don’t sign the personal contract, our relationship will amount to you paying me for sex.

Are you fine with that? Because I personally am not.


You’re still hesitating?

Is the idea of me violating protocol that much of an obstacle?

As for me, I couldn’t care less. But, if you don’t want to, I won’t force you. But in turn, you’ll no longer be loved by me like this.

If it’s that disagreeable then make up your mind by the time our next play session ends. Alright?

Good girl.

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