【Translation】 Kyouai Darling

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CV: Konoe Yoritada (近衛頼忠)

Track 1: Found You


Ahh…finally. I’ve finally found you. I was searching for you all this time.

I’ve missed you.

Oh, did I hug you too tight?

Sorry, I was so happy to see you that I couldn’t help it.


It’s dangerous to suddenly push someone away. What if you got hurt?

Are you confused, perhaps?

Well, I guess that’s not unexpected.

We could stand here and talk, but why don’t we move somewhere where we can slowly catch up?

Let’s go.


Why aren’t you walking?

Whatever, if you aren’t going to move then… I just have to carry you instead. Besides, pampering you as soon as we meet isn’t a bad feeling.

Even if you tell me to let you go, why would I let you go? Do you think I’d let you escape after we’ve finally met?

Let’s forget about that and quickly go.

I want to talk with you.


What happened to all that energy from before?

You’re embarrassed…?

Because you’re being carried by me?

No way, even something like this makes you embarrassed?


There’s a hotel conveniently in this area. I’m sure I’ll be able to have a nice, thorough talk with you there.


Track 2: I Won’t Let You Escape


I’m glad there just so happened to be a room open.

Why are you standing still and not moving? Are you not going to come here?

Why I called out to you…?

I guess I haven’t told you yet.

After laying my eyes on you for the first time, the next thing I knew, I was chasing after you.

It was the first time I’ve ever chased after someone so desperately. And after that, you were all that I could think of. You filled my mind.

Through a single glimpse, I thought to myself, “I have to make you give birth to my child.”


Hey, wait! Where are you trying to go? We still haven’t finished talking.

I told you, didn’t I?

I have no intention of letting you escape.

Even though we’ve finally met, don’t you think it’s rude to try and run away?

You’re just trying to leave?

Leaving and running away are no different to me. Either way, you’d vanish from my sight.

You’d no longer be in front of me.

You still…?

No, I’ll never allow that to happen.

As if I’d let you run away after we’ve finally met.


You’re the only one who could give birth to my child.

Once you’re pregnant with a child, you’ll stop talking about wanting to leave, right?

Let’s have sex right here and now.

Don’t need to struggle so much, I’ll hold your hand. That way, you’ll feel more at ease, right?

Also, if I do this, you won’t be able to escape either.

Let me be gentle with you. It is our first time having sex together, after all.


If you bite down on your lips like that, I won’t be able to kiss you properly.

Look, your lips are bleeding.

Please don’t do things that hurt yourself. You’ll be giving birth to my child, so you have to cherish your body.


I never thought you’d bite my tongue.

Still, it’s good that you’re energetic.

Besides, when I think about how my blood is staining your lips, I don’t find it a bad thing.

The red from the mixture of your blood and mine suits you well.


You have a beautiful body. I wish I could touch it forever. To think another person’s body could be this soft and warm…

Your breasts are super soft too and it feels nice.

When I massage them lightly like this, they change shape inside my hands.

Do you feel good too? Your hard nipples are pressing against the palm of my hands.

Or, are you pressing them against me on purpose?

Look, they’re hard enough that I can easily pinch them with my fingers. And when I rub them with the pads of my fingers…

They’ve gotten even harder.

They’re perky and it’s kind of cute.


Does it feel good when I suck on your nipples?

Then I’ll suck them even more.


All I did is rub them and suck on them a little, yet they’ve acquired such a lewd shape and color.

I’m sure you didn’t know how sensitive your nipples were.

No need to be embarrassed. There’s nothing wrong with feeling good. If anything, it makes me happy.

You’re slowly being molded by my hands.

I can watch you up close as you fall into the throes of pleasure like this.


Looking closer, your belly is thin.

That’s no good, you have to eat properly and get your nutrients.

But, when I think about how a child of mine will dwell here, it’s not too bad.

I’ve left a lovely kiss mark. You can see it too, right?

How wonderful. When the proof of our love is made visible like this, it makes it even deeper… Don’t you think so too?

You don’t?

Even if you don’t understand it now, I’m sure you will in time. That’s what I believe. You were born for the sake of giving birth to my children, so I have to get you pregnant even if just a moment sooner.

I’m sure you know what has to be done to achieve that, right?


I’ll be pouring my semen inside you, so I have to loosen it up properly so that I can pour it deep inside.

Your insides are tight, a finger is about all it can take.

Is this your first time, perhaps?

Well, it doesn’t matter either way. Because either way, I’m the only person this place of yours would take.

Hey, don’t flail around. What if your insides ended up getting hurt? You’re the one who’s going to be hurting.

I’ve said all this, so could you please stop resisting?

Then I’ll stop with the finger.


I could stick it in as it is, but using force isn’t my thing. Aren’t you glad that I don’t have that kind of interest?

You sure are energetic.

However, I’m happy. Seeing that you have all this energy, I won’t have to worry about you fainting midway.

You don’t want my finger, right? So instead, I’ll loosen it with this.

If it’s my tongue, I’m not worried about injuring your insides and it’ll make it easier to get the place wet. I’m sure I can get you ready for insertion faster this way.

Besides, you looked like you were feeling pretty good when I was licking your nipples earlier.

You prefer it this way too, don’t you?


Your insides are clamping down on my tongue.

Looks like you like my tongue more than my finger. And also, can you tell? Because you bite my tongue earlier, my blood is mixing with your juices, turning it into a light pink.

The color gradually gets lighter as more flows out of you.

I’m happy that I can see just how much you’re feeling it.

Slowly mixing together and becoming one… Don’t you think that’s a great metaphor for you and me?


You’re still trying to resist? How adorable.

Still, just placing your hands on my head can hardly be considered resistance.

Hey, have you noticed? You push down on my head every time I move my tongue in and out. Almost as if you’re begging for more.

That look of surprise… Was it subconscious?

I’m happy. The fact that it was subconscious means that, deep down, you want me, no?

Ahh, my eyes weren’t wrong.

Like I thought, you were born for the sake of giving birth to my children.


I can put it in now, right?

You want me too, don’t you?

I’ll insert it deep inside in a moment.


Track 3: Just Be Honest


Don’t tighten up so much.

If you don’t ease up, I won’t be able to insert it all the way.

Or, is it that you like it shallow?

If that’s the case, I’ll rub against the spot you like.


Your insides are slowly unraveling.

You’re starting to accept me.

I’m making my way further inside you… What a fine sight.

I would like to watch you take me admirably, but that would take up a bit of time, so I’ll stick it all in.


It’s in. It’s completely inside you.

Well? Can you tell? I’m inside you there.

It’s incredible. Despite all your resistance, you swallowed it up entirely. While your mouth says no, your place here is gobbling it up.

For your body to be this honest and for your mouth to be not… How cute. It’s turning me on even more.

I wonder what kind of voice would you beg for me with and whisper your love to me with?

Oh, right, I forgot something important.


What do you prefer?

What exactly, you ask? I’m referring to our child, obviously.

Would you prefer a boy or a girl?

I personally don’t care whether it’s boy or girl. If it’s a child between us, they would be cute, undoubtedly.

Still, if possible, I’d like to take one step at a time.

I’ll do it as many times as it takes until you get pregnant.


Your insides have become quite honest. Each time I rub against you, your insides twist and heats up.

You can feel too, right? Your insides are squeezing me and taking me in, and are overjoyed.

Here, I’ll go harder.

……So that you can feel it fully.


Get pregnant.

You’ll give birth, you’ll give birth to my child. You’re the only one who can give birth to my children.

Hmm? What’s wrong?

Do you have something you want to ask of me?

Go ahead. Say it.


You want me to not cum inside?

No. If I don’t cum inside, we won’t be able to have a child.

Don’t worry, I won’t abandon you or the child after conceiving. So take that off your mind and simply give birth to my child.

I’ll cum deep inside you, so take it all in.


Don’t run away. It’ll be fine.

Let’s feel good together.


Did it feel good?

Not at all…?

That’s pretty harsh.

That being said, I don’t hate that side of you.

What’s the matter? Why are you quiet all of a sudden? …Don’t tell me that you’re hurting somewhere?!

Are you okay? Where does it hurt?

I won’t know anything unless you tell me.


The sudden hug, what exactly is the matter? Are you finally honest and are presuming yourself on me?

Jeez, don’t startle me like that. I was genuinely worried.

You’re hard to understand.

Though, I don’t mind you being-

Oh, I get it now. So you hugging me was so that you could dig your nails into my back like this.

Haha! Go ahead. Go ahead and dig your nails in as deep as you want.

The wounds you leave are but one of the precious proofs of our love, after all. Besides, if you’ve got the strength to dig your nails into me, we can still keep going, no?


What’s with that?

The vehement refusal… Is it that embarrassing?

We did something even more embarrassing earlier.

But still, even I’d feel hurt when you reject me this hard.

Oh, I got an idea! Why don’t we plug up the mouth that’s saying those hurtful things at the source?

The strong resistance from you before was nice, but only being capable of weak opposition…

You’re powerless and frail, and it’s cute. Desperately digging your nails into me with those hands have no strength left in them, it’s almost as if you’re a little kitten.

Why don’t you cry out like a cat?


I’m kidding.

While I would like to see you suddenly be meek and quiet, I much prefer you as the mischievous little kitten who digs their nails into me like this.


This is nice. Touching each other in deep places that aren’t usually exposed… And I’m happy that you’re opening up your mouth and allowing me in.

Come on, one more.

Your face is flushed and you’re panting… Did the kisses with me feel good?

It was painful?

Oh, right. You were just too cute that I completely forgot.

Your neck is a little red. Poor thing.

But worry not, if it does end up leaving a mark, I’ll take responsibility and take you. Aren’t you happy?


What? You’re not?

I see. Then, in that case, I’ll make it so that you’re asking for it yourself.

Here’s a medicine to make you honest.

I didn’t want to utilize drugs, but you’re just all too shy.


How could the medicine be suspicious? This is a medicine that I got for your sake. Deep down, you want me to shower you with affection, don’t you?

Once you swallow this, you can blame everything on the medicine and be needy with me. Then, I can spoil you.

Don’t you think it’s beneficial for both of us?


Come on, open your mouth.

Do you not want to take the medicine?

Not liking medicines… You’ve got a child-like side to you too.

It can’t be helped, I’ll help you take it.


How’s that? It’s an immediate-acting drug, so it should quickly take effect.

You’re free to think of it as a lie, but your body should be able to tell you whether it’s the real deal or not.

Whether the drug truly has an effect, that you can determine yourself.


Track 4: Desire Me


Ah, it looks like it’s already taking effect.

You’re panting, your cheeks are red… Isn’t your body starting to burn up?

Wow, just tracing along the surface of your cheeks makes you react this visibly. You’re so lewd.

Even a kiss seems to feel incredibly good to you.

Your body trembles each time I stroke, and lick the inside of your mouth. I wonder what’ll happen if I were to touch a sensitive spot?


Did just hearing my words make you turn you on? You’re wiggling your hips.

Am I wrong?

Then I’ll hold onto your hips so that it can’t move.

But aren’t you actually wanting it so badly that you can’t help it?

You want to be penetrated, have your sweet spots grinding against, and cum as soon as possible, don’t you?

Getting this wet…

What were you imagining to make you this wet? Me rubbing those shallow spots with my fingers? Me slowly inserting my fingers deep inside? Or was it something so embarrassing that you can’t say it to me?

Well, it doesn’t matter. We have plenty of time on our hands.

Where you feel it from and what makes you feel good, we’ll figure out each one of those things together.

It’s not a bad idea, don’t you think?


Did you cum just from me licking your clitoris?

We won’t be able to figure out anything if you’re just cumming non-stop. Because no matter where I touch or where I place my tongue, you seem to be feeling good from it.

Or are you reacting that way on purpose to get me to touch you and lick you more?

No need to be shy.

Your body is flushed and covered with kiss marks, and your nipples are hard from me licking you. Plus, you’re so wet that it’s hard to know just how many times you’ve cum.

And despite your lewd state, you’re still lying about not feeling it.

……You really are adorable.


Oh, right, there’s still a spot I haven’t touched.

I still haven’t touched your butt, have I?

That was my bad. I completely forgot. Or rather, that never crossed my mind.

I know that there are people who feel it from their butt, but I never thought that you were wanting me to touch your behind while rejecting me so vehemently.

The juices that are trickling down your thighs have made your butt this wet.

At this rate, I won’t be able to tell which hole I’m supposed to stick it into anymore.


How does it feel?

Your behind is aching and begging for me to touch it and yet I was only touching the front.

If you had just told me, I would’ve inserted it inside here too.

I wonder what’ll happen if I were to touch butt while your senses are heightened due to the drug?

Since we’ve come this far, why don’t we try that out?

Although I, unfortunately, don’t have an interest in anal, I still want to fulfill your desire.

No need to be modest. Wanting to grant the wishes of the person you love is to be expected.

Oh, and we luckily have a small bottle on hand.

There’s a little bit left in the drug vial.

Don’t you think it’s the perfect size to insert inside here? It looks like if I apply just a little more strength, it’ll slip right in.


Shaking your head furiously from side-to-side… Where was the you from a moment ago?

You were rejecting me so heavily, saying that it doesn’t feel good no matter where I touch with that lewd look on your face.

I ought to punish a liar, don’t I?

Struggling so hard like that… I won’t be responsible if the vial breaks.

I’m sure you know what’ll happen if the vial were to break in a place like this, right?


Sorry about that. I went too far.

Relax, I won’t insert something like this inside you. You know I wouldn’t insert a foreign object inside you.

Don’t you have something you want to say to me?

You can go ahead and open your mouth, and tear away at me.

Though, I guess that’d be difficult for you.

As you are now, the simple act of not leaking your voice is taking all you have. Even if you glare at me with tears in your eyes, it’ll only look like an invitation to me.

It’s just one thing. Behave, and desire only me.

You have done nothing wrong, blame it on the medicine and forget about everything else.

Entrust both your body and soul to me.


You’ve held on despite all this teasing.

You’ve endured enough. Your perseverance is something I know best. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. Don’t you think it’s about time you let go?

This mouth here has become quite honest, though. It’s sucking on my fingers eagerly.

How’s your own taste?

This is proof that you’re feeling it.


Are you getting turned on from me rubbing the inside of your mouth with my fingers?

The inside of your mouth is incredibly hot.

Despite how wet this mouth up top is, is it still not going to be honest?

You still don’t want to say it even after all this?

You sure are stubborn.

I’m liking you even more. It is for that very reason that you are to give birth to my child. Your self-control is commendable.

I ought to give you a reward for that, don’t I?


Did it bring you such joy as to make you let out such a voice?

I didn’t think you’d cum from just me putting it in, but I’m happy that you’re feeling it that much from me.

You want me to pull out…?

That’s an impossible request.

Because your insides don’t seem to want to let me go.

You can feel it, can’t you? Your insides are twisting in time with my movements.

This place truly is honest and cute.

Of course, this mouth here that doesn’t seem to want to be honest is cute in its own way and is full of life.


Oh, did you cum again from me kissing you?

I don’t mind. I swallowed the same medicine when I fed it to you mouth-to-mouth, so I can keep going until it wears off.


Track 5: The Form the Sought-after Love Takes


Oh, you’re awake.

Don’t make sudden movements, I’m simply giving you a bath. I couldn’t just leave you there lying unconscious.

Why you’re on my lap with me holding you from the back, you ask?

That’s because it’s easier to wash you this way.

It would be bad if you were to catch a cold from sweating, no? We have to be careful about your health.

You must be tired, right?

I’ll wash you.


You don’t need it?

Why are you holding back now? You didn’t even wake up when I was washing your body earlier.

Oh, but, you were making nice sounds.

Because we’re in the bath, your lewd voice was echoing ever more so, so it wasn’t too bad.

If you’d like, why don’t we test it out once more? You were passed out earlier, after all. I might be able to witness a different reaction now that you’re awake.

Besides, we still haven’t gotten to the most important thing.

We have to get what I’ve ejaculated properly into you. Otherwise, we won’t be able to have a child.


What’s wrong? Why are you inserting your fingers in there yourself? Were my fingers not enough?

To scoop out what I’ve let out inside…?

I see, so that’s why you were so desperate to insert your fingers inside?

Why would I let you do that?


Well, whatever, I’ll lend you a hand.

…..By inserting it like this.

So, how does it feel to have both your fingers and my fingers inside rubbing against you?

You can feel it through your fingers, can’t you?

Your hot insides are swallowing up your fingers and are making way for them.

If it’s to scrape out what I’ve let out in there, you have to get your fingers in deeper, else you won’t be able to get it out.

Here, I’ll help you.


Are you feeling it from your own fingers? You’re wiggling your hips non-stop and it looks like it feels pretty good.

Not to mention, your cheeks are super red.


You were cute before, but you are cute now too. And also, seeing your reactions change makes me happy.

I’m sure our child will be mischievous like you.

Why are you suddenly acting all formal?

There’s something you’d like to ask me…? What is it? Tell me.

The reason I want a child?

Because I want one.

A more concrete reason?

What? Are you finally interested in having my child?

Well, whatever, I’ll tell you.


It is because I want the love between us to take on a definitive form.

You’re not so cold-hearted as to calmly abandon a child, right? So if we have a child, I’ll be able to tie you to me. We’ll be able to live together as a family.

Regardless if we have a child, you are the one I love. That feeling will never change.

The form that each person’s love takes is different.

Yes, that’s right. It is as you’ve said. I know that best. But even so, I want a tangible love.

Something I can see, something I can touch, a love like that.

It is precisely because I love you that I want you to give birth to my child. And that’s why I’ll have you give birth to my child.

That will be my love and the love from you.

And to achieve that, we ought to make even more love with each other.


Children are the fruit of love, so what are we to do if we don’t make love?

I was holding you earlier, so it went right in.

There’s still some left inside, but I ought to pour in enough to make up for the portion that spilled out, don’t I?

Besides, in this position, I can pour it in even deeper.

It’s hitting even deeper because of your body weight, and it feels good, no?


It’s cute when you’re desperately holding it in, but you can beg for it if you want.

When I rub both your nipples and insides at the same time, you immediately tighten down on me.

It feels good when I rub against your tight nipples, does it not?

Feel my shape and my heat.

I’ll fill you up. I’ll fill you up completely. So, think only of me, and feel only my heat.


I’ll unleash it all as deep as possible. And I’ll make up for what has spilled.

Take it all into your stomach.

I love you. I love you, so accept me here and get pregnant with my child.


I’m cumming…


We’re sweaty again.

Don’t worry, I’ll wash you clean. Though, that’s for after.

Stay on top of my lap so that what I’ve poured inside you doesn’t spill out.

You’re pretty quiet. Are you finally leaning on me?

I’m happy. This way, we can finally make love to each other.

Please accept it willingly from now on.

I love you, so please, please give birth to my child.


Track 6: To Point of Insanity


Have you been a good girl?

You seem to have gotten used to living at my apartment.

Is it comfortable here?

I assumed you wouldn’t like it and would make a mess out of it, but if you think about it, it’s the room we live in.

It was my fault for making the decision without consulting you.

And baby items too. I bought stuff for both a boy and a girl so that we would be ready regardless of which was born, but it was probably better to have bought them with you, right?

Once our child is born, let’s go buy them again together.

You don’t have to worry about what I’ve wilfully bought. Besides, they might come in handy when our next child is born.


My intention’s to fill the room with things you like, but if there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to tell me.

Is there something else you’d like me to do, perhaps?

You want me to remove the shackles on your legs?

You’ve mellowed down.

That aside, I’ve brought your meal. I tried making foods you like today.

Why are you looking at me so intently?

Hmm? Oh, you’re worried about the wound on my finger?

It’s nothing major, I accidentally cut it while cooking. What? Did you think I was adding my own blood into your food?

Don’t worry, I didn’t put in anything suspicious.

What would I do if something were to happen to your body if I were? Besides, the least I could do is cook.

You can’t be cooking while keeping care of your body.


Here, I’ll feed you, so open up your mouth.

Good girl.

How’s it taste?

No thoughts today either.

It’s unfortunate, but I don’t mind it. Having you eat like this is more important than anything.

Besides, I’m happy that you’re depending on me.

When you first came here, you hardly ate, and I was frantically worried.

I was feeding you mouth-to-mouth and finding whatever way I can to get you to eat. And now, you finally have an appetite.

I was incredibly happy when you first ate from my hand.

You have to eat properly and take in your nutrients, after all. And I want you to quickly give birth to my child.


Are you just a birthing machine…?

You sure say some rousing things.

I thought you were finally leaning on me but is that how you really feel? Are you that against giving birth to my child?

I see.

Then, have a match with me.

One year. If I can get you pregnant within one year, it’s my win. If not, it’s yours. And if you win, I’ll free you and I’ll never get involved with you again.

How’s that sound?

Those aren’t bad conditions even for you, right?

You’re free to accept or deny this match.

So, what’s your decision?

I see, so you’ll accept it.

I’m happy. For the next year, you’ll only ever be seeing me and thinking of me.


I will never let you go.

I’ll ravage you thoroughly every single day.

I look forward to seeing the sight of you holding my child. I want to hurry up and embrace the fruits of our love.

Oh, that reminds me, the red dress you’re wearing suits you well.

The moment I saw it, I knew it’d suit you. The color was almost like a mix of our blood.

Why don’t we mix together as well?

That way, you won’t be able to leave me, escape me. Offering me both your body and soul will be your reason for living.


You won’t be able to see anyone but me, feel anything but me.

I’ll love you to the verge of madness. I love you to the point of insanity. No matter what state you’re in, I’ll love you.


You should hurry up and be driven crazy by me.

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