【Translation】 Goukan Syndrome

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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Takagami Hotaru (鷹咬穂垂)

Track 1: It’s Been on the News Lately. You know, the Serial Rapist


Whoa, whoa, you’re quite careless. To think you didn’t even lock your windows…

What? Were you inviting me in?

Even if you say you weren’t, I can’t help but think that.

Eh? Oh? Really?

I’m not asking for your opinion, I’m just doing what I am.

Huh? Who am I, you say? Do you not know that either?

It’s been on the news lately. You know, the serial rapist. That person has appeared in the flesh, do you understand what that means?

Hah!? Police?

Hahaha! What are you, stupid? Do you even understand what situation you’re in? If I just stretch out my arm a little, I’ll be able to grab ahold of your neck.

Do you understand that?


You would be strangled to death by the time you slowly make the phone call.

You have means of escape.

That’s a nice expression.

That’s it, that’s what I want to see. The women I rape ought to make that face.

This is good, I’m getting pumped up too.

“Please stop”…?

You, who do you think you’re talking back to? Your opinion no longer matters!!!

If you understand then careful what you say.



Did you think I’d forgive you if you just go slouch over like that? Stand up more straight!

Alright. Looks like you’re starting to better understand your position.

But even so…

Looking at you now, you’ve got quite the cheeky body. It’s quite clear even with your clothes on.

Well? Are you pent-up or what?

Hey, which is it?

I’m asking you, WHICH IS IT?!!


You’re really rebellious, aren’t ‘cha? Did you think crying had any effect on me?

My words are the absolute rule of law.

You must obey my every command and answer my every question. So, which is it I wonder?

Are you pent-up or not?


That’s not very convincing.

Well, I don’t care.

Come on, hurry up and remove the clothes from your upper-half and let me see your breasts.

Why are you acting all confused? I’m telling you to take your bra off too.


Track 2: Are You Feeling It From Me Groping You?


Oh? What’s this? Are your nipples hard already?

Or is your body naturally like that?

Either way, you’ve got some vulgar tits.

Let’s see how nice they feel…

Well, not bad. Passing marks. Rejoice, filthy sow.


When I squeeze them hard… Haha! You cry out so nicely. Are you feeling it or what? Are you feeling it from me groping you?

You’re not? Oh really?

Every person I’ve raped was playing tough like that in the beginning.


Do you wanna know what happened to those people?

Well, do you?

You don’t wanna know?

Too bad, you’ll find out with your body.

Come on, stop making me do all the work and start touching your audacious boobs yourself.

What should you do…? Hah? Just do what you usually do.

With the lewd body you have, you should at least be masturbating.

I won’t let you say you don’t.

Go on, give me a clear-cut response.



What? So you do?

So that means you were feigning ignorance despite being a masturbation addict?

Why does it matter? Just be honest.

Just fondle your boobs whichever way you normally do.

Hah? What’s with those hand movements? Are you looking down on me?


Why don’t grab your tits harder before you talk back to me?!!


Yes. You can do it if you try, huh? You should’ve done that from the start.

Come on, let out your voice. Entertain me.

Oh? So you cry out with that kind of voice? It’s sexier than I imagined.

Take a good look, have you noticed? Your nipples are sticking out even more than before.

You’re a pervert who gets turned from having a man you barely know watch you rub your tits. Understand that? ‘Cause if you do, then recite it as you grope your breasts.

“I am a pervert who gets turned on from rubbing my tits in front of you.”


Alright. There, you said it.

Yes, indeed. You are a hopelessly perverted woman.

I ought to comfort such a frustrated whore, don’t I?

So, what’s become of your nipples?

They’re sticking straight out. They’re all swollen and erect.

Here, I pinch them with my fingers.

Do you like it gentle? Or…do you like it rough instead?

Haha!! Your body shook the moment I gave them a hard pitch. Not a bad reaction.

Now then, should I yank them so hard they nearly tear off?


Hahaha! You’re shaking so much.

What? Do you like it this hard? …By a rapist like me?

What a masochist you are, do you understand that? Isn’t your pussy wet too while these things are being to you?

Even if you shake your head, I’m not convinced.

Your choice. I’ll train you enough to where you won’t deny it.


Well? How does it feel when I suck on your nipples?

Does it feel good?

If it feels good, then let out your voice for me.

Haha, look at you moaning like a bitch in heat. I guess you enjoy yourself like this too whenever you’re pleasuring yourself.

Isn’t your head spinning already?

You’re beyond saving.

Here, I’ll tease your ass next.


Strip naked and get on all-fours on the floor.

With your ass towards me, of course.

Hah? Why are you taking your clothes off like normal? Strip more sexily as if you’re seducing me.

More! Wiggle your hips some more!

I’m telling you to put a strip show like a stripper.

Yes, yes, you can do it if you try, can’t ‘cha? And hey, hey, what’s up with that ass? Ain’t your ass all cheeky too?

I ought to give this some proper discipline too, don’t I?



Yes, that’s good. You’re looking quite lewd.

You may be a young woman, but here you are exposing your pussy and cornhole to a man you just met.

It’s a fine sight.

Also, ain’t your pussy soaking wet already?

Looks like you were feeling it, alright. Did you even cum a little? Well?

That said, I won’t reward you just yet.

First, I’ll get a taste of this ass.


It’s got a nice feel to it. It doesn’t lose out to your tits.

Aren’t ya always shaking this ass as you walk? So, didn’t ya want to be degraded like this?

What, did you say something? I couldn’t hear ya.

Well, I don’t care. Imma slap your ass, so get ready.


Your ass cheeks are trembling nicely.

Looks this place of yours was made to be slapped.

I’ll give you another whack!


Are you moaning from being hit? Not to mention, your pussy’s even wetter than before.

Hey, hey, are you for real, woman?

Are you feeling good from being hit by me? Tell me.

Haha! You’re on another level. I’ve raped all sorts of people, but this is the first time I’ve met someone like you.

I never thought that there would be a woman who would go into heat from getting their ass slapped.


Come on. Come on. Turn your face this way.

What’s with you?

Your eyes are dazed and your mouth is hanging half-open. Making quite the erotic face here, huh?

Not bad.

My place there is throbbing too.

Hey, come here you worthless bitch. I’ll let you suck me off, so enjoy it with tears flowing from your eyes.


Track 3: Come on, Hurry up and Suck It!


Alright. Come on, hurry up and suck it.

Overlook you…?

You’re asking for the impossible. Also, did you think you were in the position to talk back to me?

Just blow me meticulously like I told you to.

Come on, open your mouth. Otherwise, I’ll jam it inside by force.


Good. You should’ve done that from the start.

Take it inside your mouth and use your tongue as you blow me.

Oho, you’re quite experienced with your tongue. What? Are you always doing this with men? Well?

Don’t stop your movements!!! Reply as you continue to suck me off.

Hah? I can’t hear you.

Though not that I care. Whether you’ve got a man or not, you’re going to become mine.


Look, your movements have become dull. Did you think you can satisfy me with such a cheap blowjob?

Sucking it, deepthroating it, changing up the pace… Do you not know that basic?

Come on, suck it.

Haha! You’re making a real stupid face. Are you trying to mock me with that strange expression?

I want to just take a picture of that face and send it to all your acquaintances.

Hey, I told you to not stop!!!

When you’re giving a blow job, you’re supposed to do this…! Let me grab your head and demonstrate it for you!


Hehe, it ain’t too bad when doing it like this.

Your mouth feels pretty good to fuck too. It’s more preferable to a fleshlight, I’ll praise you for that.

Hah? Who said you could choke? Go use your tongue.

Alright, that’s good. I’m slowly approaching my limit.

Hey, you sow, I’m gonna cum in your mouth.

I’ll bless you with my semen, so drink it up.


What? Don’t you want my semen?

Hehe, what’s up with you? You’ve become quite honest, haven’t ‘cha?

You really are a filthy slut, huh?

In the end, you were thirsting for a man’s dick so badly that you opened the windows. Isn’t that right?

What’s this? You’re getting all wet again?

Your pussy is getting wet all on its own as you blow a man you barely know. Even for me, it’s the first time I’ve met such a slut.

I’m going to cum, so make sure to take it all.

If you spill any, I’m sure you know what’ll happen, right?


Swallow every last drop and savor it.

Not too shabby, it felt rather good.

Why are you grimacing?

Come on, open your mouth and let me have a look.

Wonderful. Your dirty mouth is coated with my cum. Now, close your mouth and gulp it down.

Come on. MAKE IT QUICK!!!


Good. Now open your mouth up again.

You swallowed everything nice, huh. So, how did it taste?

Hah? I can’t hear you.

Really? So it was tasty?

Good, good. Good, good. Good girl. I ought to reward a sow who listens obediently to my commands, don’t I?


Lie down over there and spread your crotch open for me.

I’ll make you cum from that shamelessly wet pussy.


Track 4: I’ll Crush Your Reason With My Fingers


Whoa, whoa, what is there?

It’s filled with blood and all ready to go. Just how masochistic of a woman are you?

Did you get turned on as I grabbed your head and violated the back of your throat?

Great. I love a perverted woman like that.

I’ll fuck this place next, so wag your tail around like a bitch.

Come on, your legs aren’t spread wide enough! Spread your crotch open more vulgarly!


Alright. You’re quite quick to bend.

It’ll be fun breaking you.

I’ll crush your reason with my fingers.

Look, my middle finger is touching the entrance of your pussy. Do you feel it?

Your filthy wet pussy is twitching greedily.

You want me to touch this place, don’t you? So, as you wish, I’ll shove my middle finger inside your pussy.


Look, it slipped right in. Your folds are sucking it in.

This place is pulsating like your heart.

So, does it feel good?

If it feels good then let out your voice. Nice and loud.

Here, I’ll stick my index finger in too.


How does it feel, sow? You wanted this, didn’t you?

You’re making some rather cute sounds.

But not yet… Cry out for me some more!

You still have a sense of shame in you, huh? But what is there to be embarrassed about now? You’ve already exposed your pussy and cornhole to me and your crotch is spread wide up.

What am I to do with you?


I’ll insert another finger.

I’ll churn your pussy up nicely with three fingers.

Hehe, it went in without any resistance. Still, it’s got enough squeeze to it.

You’ve sure got a nice pussy on you.


Well, how’s that?! I’ll make you feel it so much that it hurts!

You’re crying out quite nicely.

Are you aware of it yourself? Your hips are moving back and forth. Your entire body is practically begging for cock.

So, do you want it? Tell me.

I can’t hear it. Your voice is too quiet, I can’t hear it at all.

For that, why don’t I do this? I’ll tease your clitoris directly. I’ll lick and suck and pain this naughtily erect part here.

Eh? You’re trembling from just this?


Either way, it appears that your clitoris is your weakness. You’ve taught me something nice.

Let’s see…

Hehe, just what are you? Your reaction’s completely different from before.

You’re dazed with a sloppy expression. Not a bad look on your face. And your pussy is even wetter.

Are you drooling because my handling felt too good?

Your clitoris is even more swollen than before. I guess I’ll give it a little bite.


Haha! Your hips jumped up in response. Do you love this place that much?

Your pussy is completely drenched.

So, what now? Do you want me to bury my dick inside your place here?


Your voice is too quiet, I can’t hear you.

Well, it doesn’t matter. No matter what your reply, I’ll just do what I do.


Track 5: Hey Fleshlight, I’m Gonna Cum Inside You


Hey, don’t you dare start resisting! Do you want me to strangle you to death right here and now…?!! ‘Cause I won’t be holding back if you resist any further.

Good. You should’ve obeyed me from the start.

You’re not honest with yourself. Look at how wet this place of yours is.

You want it so badly that you can’t help it, can you? This place is saying that it wants a cock stuffed in it.

Seeing that you expected this, I’m sure you can answer me, right?

Hah? You don’t want this?

I’m not asking for your opinion on the matter!!! The only thing that should come out of your mouth is dirty moans.

Why don’t you hurry up and learn already?


Oh well. I’m going to carve into your body anyways.

Here I go.

Hahaha! Your pussy is showing no resistance. It’s accepting my cock with great pleasure, do you understand that?

Ahh…this feels nice. This is how sex ought to be.

You think so too, right?

Come on, give me a nod.

A nod.

Oh, I see.

Sorry, sorry, I guess that wasn’t possible. You’re feeling so good from my cock that you’re bent back, aren’t ‘cha?

It’s a fine sight. It’s the sign that you’ve completely turned into a fleshlight of mine.

You’re no longer human. You’re just a tool for my sexual relief.

So, shake your hips around wildly like the tool you are!


You can still understand human words, huh?

Go ahead, I’ll match your hip movements, it’ll feel even better.

Why don’t you try using human speech?

“Please make my pussy feel good with your cock.”

Come on, say it!

I’m already here making you feel this good, so can’t you at least repay me a little?

Jeez, what a hopeless bitch you are. Is your head only filled with thoughts of your own pleasure?


Whatever. I’ll go make myself feel good then.

Ready for it?

I won’t go easy on you. I’ll fuck the life out of you. I’ll pound you so hard that it wrecks your slutty pussy.

Go cum while making a stupid, ugly face.

Haha! You’re moaning as you’re being verbally degraded. You sure are a pervert.

Since you’re a pervert, why don’t you writhe and moan some more like the pervert you are? Make me climax with your dirty cries.

Don’t play innocent.

Well? Do it!


Not bad, I’m getting aroused. I’m getting excited too from seeing your reaction to being violated.

Well, we can’t have that.

Shall I cum inside you once?

Hah? You don’t want me to?

Why are you all up in arms now? You have no right to refuse. I’ll break you with your pussy so that you’ll never have such thoughts.

Come on, cry out more!


Not bad.

Yes, good, just like that. Turn me on by shaking the mounds of flesh on you.

Hey, your voice is too quiet.

Okay, I guess I’m nearing the limit.

Hey fleshlight, I’m gonna cum inside you. Gulp down my semen like you did earlier with this mouth below.

I’m cumming.


Feels good, doesn’t it?


Track 6: Are You Stupid? Cumming Once Would Never Be Enough to Satisfy Me


Your pussy feels pretty great to use.

Hah? Don’t tell you thought this was over?

Are you stupid? Cumming once would never be enough to satisfy me.

This time, get on all-fours.

I’ll fuck you from the back like you’re an animal.

Come on, hurry up! Do you want to be beaten to death?



Jeez, you have such a lewd body. Your ass is still red from when I hit it earlier.

Go on, take a look. This place has perked up again because you’re here tempting me.

So, what are we to do?

There could only be one thing, right?

How’s that you slut? How does it feel to be thrust into from the back?

Haha! What? You’re no longer able to reply already? All I can hear are moans.

Here, I’ll slap your ass as I fuck you.


And whoa, whoa, your pussy got even tighter the moment I struck your ass.


Looks like you love being disciplined in this way. Just how much of a masochist are you, you pervert?

Go on. Go on. You’re wrapping around my cock even harder.

Even though I just came, it makes me want to cum inside you again.

You want that too, don’t you? Considering how much of a pervert you are, that would be the obvious answer.

My goodness, I never thought I’d find such a woman.

Well, here I go…!


So, how many times did you cum? Tell me. And if you can’t tell me, we’ll go at it again!

Ain’t too shabby. It feels good.

Because of how tight your pussy squeezes around my dick, it’s feeling increasingly better.

The view is great too.

I can see your swollen ass and your swaying tits.


Hey, what kind of expression are you making?

I’m sure you’re shamelessly enjoying yourself with an unsightly look on your face.

So, how does it feel? This is your first time having sex like this, is it not?

After having experienced this, I’m sure you won’t ever be satisfied through normal sex.

I told you, didn’t I? …I’m going to break you.

Your pussy, your sense of values, and whatever else, I’ll destroy them all.

I’ll pour my semen inside you after I’ve broken you.


Come on, put more spirit into it! Tighten up some more and make me feel good!

Just do it.

To not listen unless you’re hit, you’re just like cattle.

I’m getting more aroused.

I’ll inject more cum into the pussy I just poured it into.

Come on, take it all in! Drink up all my semen!


Here it comes!

Not bad, it felt pretty good.

Okay, I’ll free you, sow.


Track 7: Get Pregnant With My Child, and Have Them Rape You


Looks like your hips gave out.

Semen is spilling out from you and you’re collapsed there like a corpse.

Your twitching ass is pretty cute.

Well, it felt good, didn’t it?

What kind of face are you making? Show me.



Hahaha! What’s up with that face of yours? It’s sad like a deflated balloon.

Gross. Did you break?

Though, my intention was to break you.

I’m satisfied now, so I’m done with you. Why don’t you get pregnant with my child and have them rape you instead?

Though, If I’m in the mood, I might come again.

So until then, go and masturbate by yourself while making stupid looks.


See you then, filthy sow.

I had a rather fun time with you.

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