【Translation】 Ore-sama Residence SS 「Special Story Side: Arisugawa」

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Special Story Side: Arisugawa

A single step, and there’s no more going back.


The party was still not yet over, yet I was pushed into the limousine destined for the house.

I fell back-first into the seat and above me was Ichiya. He grabbed ahold of my chin and muttered something awfully calmly.

“What were you thinking? Stop with the buffoonery.”

Just hearing that voice made it clear that he was truly angry. That being said, I did not know why he was angry.  I was careful today to conduct myself in a manner that would not bring shame to the Arisugawa household as one of its members at the party.  I did not make any particularly notable mistakes nor do I remember making any remarks that would anger Ichiya.

――Why are you angry? And in that moment, the color in Ichiya’s eyes changed.

“Do you not know?”

I nodded heavily, and in response, I got a tired sigh. At the same time, Futaba and Miori boarded the limousine.

“Sorry to have made you wait, Brother Ichiya.”

“What’s this? You’ve begun already?”

“It’s her fault. She has no idea what she has done.”

“Well, well, I didn’t think she was that dumb of a girl.”

“That’s also one of little Mimi’s cute points though. I too am a bit irritated over the events of today as well.”

It wasn’t just Ichiya, both Futaba and Miori were behaving strangely. Every single word from them contained a certain sense of anger. What could have possibly made the three of them this angry? I desperately revisited all my actions at the party in exact order. But even having done so, I could not pick out a single moment where I’ve slighted them.

“Haha! Think, think.”

Miori let out an ironically cute laugh given the situation. Meanwhile, Futaba gestured for the driver to leave the car before glaring at me and giving a big exhale.

“As a member of the Arisugawa household…… No, as our possession, you seem to lack the adequate self-awareness.”

I urged them for the specifics. And when I did, Ichiya pulled up my arm and lifted up my upper body.

“Don’t go off letting men other than me touch your body.”

Grumbled Ichiya, from a distance where his forehead was almost right up against mine. Touch my body, he saidー? I traced back through my memories once more while repeating those words repeatedly. And then, I finally remembered. During the party, I got stuck between two drunken men and those men ended up touching my arms and my lower back.

ーーBut it was only for a brief moment.

It wasn’t as if I was a child who couldn’t handle the situation. I just straight up left that area. I didn’t want to have a dispute at the party nor did I want Ichiya to worry needlessly either. However, I suspect that the three had witnessed that scene most likely.

“If something had happened you would’ve called us, right? So, why didn’t you say anything?”

I silently mouthed “I’m sorry,” but Ichiya gave a little click of his tongue.

“The thing I hate most in the world is not being able to properly control that of which I own.”

As he said that, Ichiya forcibly robbed me of my lips. Although I fought back, my two arms were pinned down by Miori behind me before I knew it.

“Poor thing. When Ichiya is this angry, there’s not much we can do. Though, I’m pretty upset too. You’re quite amazing, aren’t you, little Mimi? You’re even able to make those disgusting old men laugh.”

When I tried to deny it, Miori went “tut-tut.”

“How am I mistaken? I hate the little Mimi who goes off flirting with other men. Don’t you know? Bad girls need to be punished.”

Miori who whispered to me in a flat tone gently bit into my earlobes and inserted his tongue into my ear. I shook my body instinctively and heard an innocent laugh in my ear.

“Ichiya is plugging your mouth, I’m plugging up your ears…… Where do we plug up next?”

Miori slipped his hand underneath my black dress and stroked my thigh. Ichiya, having noticed that, hastily released his lips.

“Miori, who told you could touch her before me!”

“It’s like there’s any particular order to this.”

“There is! Obviously, I get first dibs!”

“Hah? Why?”

“I, Ichiya, says so.”


“Omg…? The hell do you mean?!”

“Stop ug, ug-ing, you stupid gorilla.”

Ichiya and Miori began fighting with me sandwiched in-between. Meanwhile, Futaba continued to look on from the sidelines without much change to his expression.

I called out Futaba’s name hoping that he’d save. Instead, he gave a little sigh.

“What? If you want me to save you, just give up on that idea. I have absolutely no intention of helping you.”

ーーWhy, why? Tears began to well up from the despair of having no one on my side. And Futaba who saw that expression proceeded to make a sound with his throat.

“You’re greatly mistaken if you think crying could fix it. I feel the same as Ichiya and Miori. You’ve got my blood boiling.”

Having stopped with the honorifics, Futaba pierced my heart with his words like thorns.

“I’ve always told you to be more vigilant, have I not? You’re quick to be caught up with such people. Have you already forgotten what happened at the party you and I had attended?”

I can’t deny that similar things had occurred before at previous parties. Though, at such moments, Futaba would immediately come to my rescueーー.

“I can’t always be protecting you. So…I’m telling you to cherish yourself more. I don’t want to see the face you make as you endure being touched.”

It looked like each word Futaba spoke was with great pains. And just as I thought he finally got up, he knelt at my feet.

“For this reason, I will not stop Brother Ichiya or Miori today. I now agree with the two. We have no choice but to drill into you…into your body.”

Futaba then laid a kiss on my legs as he rolled up my skirt. I let out a tiny sound in response to his sudden act and Ichiya and Miori stopped right in their tracks.

“Stop right there, Futaba, you went and took up a good spot behind my back.”

“Hey, Futaba. Don’t go off moving moves the moment I take my eyes off you”

“But we ought to quickly drill it into her, no?”

Futaba gave a nihilist smile that one rarely sees.

“Right, right. We ought to give her a nice, thorough lesson today.”

“……Hey, turn around. Who said you could rest?”

Once again, Ichiya came down with a deep kiss. I could feel my strength to resist being robbed from me bit-by-bit, so I squirmed around determined to escape from his grasp.

“No, little Mimi. Crimes must be punished, no? You have to receive punishment for doing something bad.”

“We won’t stop until you repent even if you cry.”

“She’s already crying, Brother Ichiya.”

I could hear the joyous voice of Futaba coming from somewhere. It almost felt like my vision was going dark in front of me.

“Just so you know, we aren’t teasing you, little Mimi. We all love you, little Mimi. This is just the underside of love, okay?

My breaths are out of sync, my core is heating up, it was like I was being cornered by my own body.

With such cruelly sweet stimuli, it might just be easier to feel pain.

Such were the faint thoughts that passed through my hazy mindーー.

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