【Translation】 Gobakoi! ~Gobaku kara Hajimatta Koi!?~

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

ゴバコイ! ~誤爆から始まった恋!?~

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: The Misfire Wasn’t Intentional


Hey there, overtime must be tiring. How are things going?

>> Heroine: I should be done in a bit.

I see. Having this amount of work must be difficult, right? You must’ve put in a lot of effort. It’s really amazing that you’re able to complete all this by yourself.

>> Heroine: Not at all. It’s all in part, thanks to your help.

Haha, no, no. This is entirely the result of your hard work. I barely did anything.

You’ve grown. As a superior who’s observed you ever since you entered the company, I’m proud.

I wish I could help you some more, but… Sorry, I have an appointment to make right now.

>> Heroine: I’m almost done, so it’s fine.

That’s good to hear. I’ll be heading out first then.

I don’t mind if you end it off on a good cut-off point, it’s about time you head home as well.

See you next week then.

(Note: Heroine is unvoiced, the lines came as a part of the script)


Track 2: I’m Not Just Finished, It’s GAME OVER for Me


Sorry for the abrupt message. I forgot to mention this earlier, but I’d like you to convert the data you’re working on into a PDF and copy it onto the USB I handed you this afternoon.

>> Heroine: Okay.

Thank you! Until later then.


Hey, Inohara, are you seriously not coming for drinks today? I’ve already finished work and left the office.

Though if you’ve got sudden plans then I guess it can’t be helped.

>> Heroine: grabs phone

Also, this is just to continue off from before, but lately, I’ve been really into [REDACTED] voice works. That over-the-top play was such a turn-on. The [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] I’ve been listening to were so damn good.

>> Heroine: is shaken

I was planning to talk to you about all my sexual fetishes today, what a shame. Make sure to pay me back for it next time.

……Wait. This message screen, it doesn’t look like Inohara’s?


AhhAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! The person I messaged wasn’t Inohara!!! Eh, ehh? This can’t be!?


Erm, me, me. It’s me, it’s me.

>> Heroine: Is this a scam call…?

It’s not a scam call!! ….Wait no, that’s not the point.  Umm, you, I just wanted to ask to make sure, but…the messages just now. D-D-Did you, did you read them?

>> Heroine: ……

Oh, oh… Like you barely caught a glimpse? Of course, right? Just as you were about to read it,  you got the call from me, right? I understand, I understand-

>> Heroine: With my deepest apologies, I read them.


AHHHHHHHHHH!!! IT’S OVERー!!!!! Alright, It’s over for me! I’m not just finished, it’s GAME OVER for me!!! This is where my life ends.

You, y-y-y-y-y-y-you’re still at the office, right?

Let’s discuss this calmly.

I’ll be right there, so wait where you are!!!


Track 3: Okay, I’ll Head to Fuji’s Sea of Trees



H-Hello, it’s been a moment.

Umm, for the sake of my mental health, I’d like to confirm with you one last time. That message, y-y-you, you saw it, correct…?

>> Heroine: nods while pulling away

NOOOOOOOOOO, IT CAN’T BE!!! It wouldn’t be as bad if it were at least a man, but…out of all people, I misfired it onto you…!!!

I mean, I was messaging your right before, but-! AAHHHHHH, I CAN’T TAKE THIS!!! Doesn’t that just make me…a degenerate? Liking fucking obscure perverse genre of voice works for men, why did I end up saying that to you?!!

Ah, ahh, ahh, ahhhhhhhhhhhーー


I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for sending you a message that borders on sex harassment…!

>> Heroine: Uh, no, it’s fine…

No, it’s not fine. Your look right now is one I’ve never seen before.

How bad is it? It’s a look so contorted with so much appeal that the whole world would come for it, LIKE A NATIONAL TREASURE!

Oh, sorry, I was trying to make a joke.

It’s fine, you don’t have to follow up on it. I’m a disgusting degenerate. Even I’m aware of it myself.


AHHH, WHAT THE HELL IS “DIRTY PLAY”!!? What am I even saying!? I swore to the heavens that I would never say anything strange again…!!!

Ah! To think I’d misfire like that… I’m dead, I’m dead to society.

>> Heroine: somewhat taken aback

>> Heroine: P…Please don’t cry.


I’m not one to cry. I’ve never even cried when cutting onions before.

It hurts… If life is this painful, I’d rather reincarnate as a big-breasted maid.

>> Heroine: Eh? What do you mean…?

Ehehe, good question! I’ve always loved cute but slightly lewd big-breasted maids…

Uh. N-No, it’s nothing. I didn’t say anything. Maid? What maid? You mean like pleasant memories? Haha!

>> Heroine: Said the person who brought up “big-breasted maids” in the first place.

I-I never said that! Do you even know what, when, where, and how many times the earth turned when I said it!?

Heroine: What are you? A grade-schooler?



Actually, I’m an esper so I can tell, but “What are you? A grade-schooler?” went through your head just now, right?

>> Heroine: Ah, no, uh, I-I mean…

Hmm? You can be honest, you know? Toward me, you thought, “What are you? A grade-schooler?”

>> Heroine: I did.

LOOK, YOU DID THINK THATー!!! I was the one who told you to be honest, BUT STILL!!!

>> Heroine: Please calm down.


>> Heroine: I’ve had enough.

Hey, h-h-h-h-h-hey, wait! STOP, STOP!!!


Wait, wait, wait, wait, I’m begging you, please listen to my explanation!

How did this all happen you may ask? Well, to tell you the truth, my friend and I promised to chat about our fetishes at the bar today; however, they made a last-minute cancellation…

And then, I accidentally wrote in the part about the recent obsession of mine that I was going to talk to him about today.

Essentially, what should’ve been sent to my friend, that uh, part about uh, my fetishes, was sent to you whom I was just exchanging work messages with…instead.



Do you understand why I’ve made that mistake now?

As for the reason…

Actually, on the messaging app, you and Inohara’s names are-

No, no, it’s nothing. Nothing at all.

>> Heroine: What?

I told you, it’s nothing! Listen, you’re going to forget the events of today. In three, two, one, you’re going to forget everything.

Three, two, one…


Now then, my foolishness has completely disappeared from your memories.

>> Heroine: Mr. Fukaki, that was quite the misfire earlier.

I get it, so please don’t outline my misfire so calmly!


AAAAH!!! Why did I bet on the astronomical possibility that, at this moment, I would be gifted MAGIC POWER ☆ and be able to use magic …?

>> Heroine: You must be dumbfounded. I’m also dumbfounded.

Ah, yes, I’m unbelievably dumbfounded. …Wait, you too?

Alright! In that case, let’s go along with this confusion and leave early!

Now, hurry! If you don’t pick up the pace, the demons from the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare will come for the bad girl who’s working overtime!!!

>> Heroine: Enough, just tell me about the whole name thing with the messaging app.

I-Is there no escape? Do I have to tell you the reason why I mistook you for Inohara?

>> Heroine: Yes. mercilessly


Well, uh, I change the names of my friends to whatever I want on the messaging app. …Though rather than change, what I do is add the names of the voice actors I like at the end.

>> Heroine: Hah?

For example, for Inohara, you’d have Inohara Riku, bracket, Shirai Mana, something like that. After your name, I have Sorai Mashiro written.

>> Heroine: Why would you do that…?

Because, when I do that, I can create the illusion that the text messages are being read out by my favorite voice actors!!!

>> Heroine: That’s ridiculous!

It’s not!!! Actually, I have the ability to play out any message in any of my favorite voice actors’ voices in my head! Don’t underestimate my potential.


Alright, that’s the end of that!

Anyways, what happened was, I mixed up your name for Inohara’s. In turn, the message that was supposed to be sent to Inohara was sent to you instead.


I’ll stop with this fooling around… When I get home, I’ll change all the employee names back to normal.

Aahhhhh, I wish I could just disappear right now.

What did I do in my previous life to deserve being cursed with the fate of exposing such vulgar fetishes…? God, you’re so cruel.

Did I deliberately switch salt and sugar in someone else’s house or something?

>> Heroine: Eh, that out of all things?

How could you say that? Listen, you’ve probably never had food where salt was mistaken for sugar, have you!? It’s something that should never exist in this world.

That’s right. Sweet tamagoyaki is something that should be completely eradicated from the world.


Anyways, what I’m trying to say is, if I happen to stop coming to work next week, I apologize. I’ve probably disappeared off to Fuji’s Sea of Trees.

Yes, the Sea of Trees is my true hometown. Address: Narusawa, Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi. …There is the place to which I return.

>> Heroine: No, that’s not the case, is it? Mr. Fukaki, isn’t your address, ××, ○○, △△?

Eh? That’s my address…? Why do you know where I live?

>> Heroine: Let’s ignore that.

Wait, no, no, no. I feel like that’s something I should not ignore. Don’t dodge the question.

>> Heroine: You’re imagining it!

I’m imagining it…? Really? Okay, so girls just know where their superiors live these days. I see, I see.


Well, in any case, that’s how it is. Farewell. I shall now take my pleasant memories and travel to my hometown.

The Sea of Trees is calling for me.

DON’T STOP ME!!! I’VE ALREADY MADE MY DECISION! I’LL BE BURYING MY BONES IN FUJI’S SEA OF TREE!!! And when I do, the man who sent you the sexually-harassing message shall vanish from this world…!!!

Another one of those shitty bastards who’d sexually harass their cute female subordinate will be gone from this Earth, so…

With this, we’ll be one day closer to world peace!!!




>> Heroine: Not the Sea of Trees!?

Oh crap, I made a mistake. The place to wish I’ll disappear is the Sea of Trees.

That was close, the names sounded similar so I said the wrong thing.

>> Heroine: Similar to what?

Listen, listen, listen, let’s not sweat on the details.

Now, hurry. Remove the hand that is grasping my arm. For the sake of a world where there’s zero female sexual harassment, I must quickly disappear to Bonsia-wait, no, the Sea of Trees.

>> Heroine: It’s not that big of a deal!


You know, with how kind you are, when your own superior is wailing in front of you, you can’t help but feel obligated to say, “It’s not a big deal,” no?

For that very reason, I feel pathetic that you’ve had to say it and it makes me hate myself even more.

Ahh! I’m a person who’s only worth is becoming fertilizer for the Sea of Trees.

I’ll be reborn as fertilizer, and I’ll do my best to support the plants at the base of Mt. Fuji.

Pay close attention, World! To my new life after my rebirth!!!


Track 4: I’m Having Strong Hallucinations


>> Heroine: It’s really not that big of a deal…!

Huh? Huh!? Uh, sorry. I feel like I’ve misheard, so could you please say it one more time?

>> Heroine: Even if that’s your fetish, Mr. Fukaki, it doesn’t bother me!

Eh. Even if I have a fetish like that, it doesn’t bother you? Seriously?

Don’t tell me I’m having a strong hallucination right now…? For a girl who would accept these fetishes of mine to appear before me, it’s not possible.

Awaken, my right eye! Reflect the truth upon this eye! Rin, pyo, toh, sha, kai, jin, retsu, zai, zen!

Hah!!! Haaahh!!! HaaAAHHHHHH!!!!


I-It’s not disappearing…

>> Heroine: Enough, just calm down already.

Oh, yes, yes, yes, I am calm! I, I am hotter than a volcano and more intense than a typhoon level of calm!

>> Heroine: That’s not the definition of calm at all!!!

No, I am calm. It’s super calm inside the eye of the storm, no?

>> Heroine: I don’t understand what you mean.

I have no clue what I’m saying either. After all, I, I, I am but a degenerate. For there to be a girl who isn’t bothered by my fetishes… How could it be real?

>> Heroine: Sir! You’re not the person you think you are, Sir!

Eh? I, I’m not the person I think I am…?

You mean, there’s a possibility that I possess abilities that I never realized that I had…!?

Don’t tell me, I’m actually a magical girl?!!

>> Heroine: No.


What a cold jab!

Oh, but, that look of disdain…ah, ain’t bad.

>> Heroine: Are you a hopeless pervert?

Sorry, wait, I got turned on when you called me a hopeless pervert. Say it again.

>> Heroine: Are you a hopeless pervert?


Being held in contempt by the girl I love is…nice.


Ahem, please forget what I said just now.

>> Heroine: This is the first time I’ve seen you like this, Mr. Fukaki.

Ahahaha, of course it’s the first time you’ve seen me like this. I’m always desperately hiding my real nature.

You see, during my student day, I had social phobia and was the type of person to get bullied. However, when I entered this company, I thought of it as a rare chance and tried for an image change.

And so, as you can see, I created a well-put-together persona and donned it.

And when I did, I was far more greatly accepted by those around me, and there was no turning back at that point.

Basically, this is my actual personality. You must be disillusioned by the true character of your always well-put-together superior, right?

>> Heroine: I’m not.


No, no, you don’t have to force yourself to say that.

>> Heroine: I’m not forcing myself to say that. Even if I’ve found out about your personality, I still adore you all the same.

Eh, eh, really? You’re not lying?

To think there’d be a girl who’d still accept me even after finding out what kind of person I am…

No, wait, even if that were true, I don’t think it’s possible for you to not feel uncomfortable after suddenly being sent a message that borders on sexual harassment.

I’m truly sorry for making you experience that.

>> Heroine: Then take responsibility and become my boyfriend, please and thank you.

Uh-huh. Yes. As you’ve outlined, I shall take responsibility and become your boyfriend-


Eh? Eh, eh? M-me?

Uh, are you sure?

To me, it’s like a dream come true, but like……

>> Heroine: I’m in love with you! Even if your fetishes are a little peculiar, I can accept it! Please go with me!


I was in love with you all this time too! If you’re fine with having me, please go with me by all means!

>> Heroine: I’ll be in your care.

I DID IT…!!!

The entirety of me cried from the moving development!

H-How should I say it? Earlier I thought my life was over, but the misfire was surprisingly not disastrous?

No, wait, cross that. I don’t want to go through that again.

>> Heroine: On that note, there’s something I’d like you to ask you, Mr. Fukaki…

Hmm? Something you’d like to ask?

Is there something up?

>> Heroine: Umm, since you enjoy those kinds of works, do you have thoughts of wanting to do [REDACTED] with me as well…?


N-No. I mean, it’s true that I enjoy listening to [REDACTED] play, but that’s just, uh, within the realms of fantasy for doujin voice works. I’ve never considered doing it for real!

>> Heroine: Is that so?

Eh. Why do you look a little disappointed?

>> Heroine: I was thinking that you’d love me more if I went along with [REDACTED].

Ahh, what a brave soul you are…!!!

Still, there’s no need for you to do that. Even if we don’t engage in that type of play, I still love you.

That’s right, I L・O・V・E you just the way you are! I LOVE YOUー!!!

>> Heroine: What the hell are you talking about?

Please stop with that cold response.

Erm, now then, in that case, let’s leave together this time? It’s already pretty late. If there’s any remaining work, let’s sort that out next week. I’ll help you with it.

>> Heroine: Okay, let’s head to a love hotel then.


Heh? W-What did you just say?

>> Heroine: Let’s go to a love hotel.

Huh? Huh!? If I didn’t hear it wrong, it sounded like you were inviting me to a love hotel just now.

>> Heroine: That is correct.

I figured that I was imagining things-wait, it’s not my imaginationー! Surely, you must be confused.

Listen, let’s try to calm down.

Okay, okay. Now, breathe in slowly. Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out… Breath in, breath in, wait no, breath out…

Yes, just like that.

Have you calmed down now?

Now, now that you’ve calmed down, again, tell me how you feel-

>> Heroine: Let us go to a love hotel.


Why is your statement not changing?!!

Ah, don’t tell me it’s ‘that’?

When you say love hotel, are you trying to tell me that you want peanuts and grapes!? Let’s go peanut and grape picking-

>> Heroine: Love hotel.

Ah, uh, yes, naturally you were referring to love hotels. Of course, of course.

Well, uh, I got too much water in my ears, so I couldn’t follow what you were saying. So, what’s with this all of a sudden?

>> Heroine: I wanted to check if I’m compatible with your sexual disposition as soon as possible.

Y-Y-You don’t have to do that!!! There’s no need for you to check if you’re compatible with my sexual disposition right off the bat! Why are you suddenly all anxious…!?

Even if I enjoy dirty play in doujin voice works, when it comes to real life, my sexual disposition is just originally! Ordinally, just ordinally! The definition of NORMAL!!!

>> Heroine: ……


What’s with that look? I’m telling the truth! I’m not lying!

>> Heroine: The way you are denying it vehemently is suspicious…

Even if you say that the way I’m denying it vehemently is suspicious… What am I supposed to do other than deny it vehemently?!!

Stop with that look of doubt! Please! Please!

>> Heroine: the look of doubt intensifies

My heart is completely shattered now, thank you very much.

Why wouldn’t you believe me?


I understand. It would be rude of me to refuse after all that’s been said, wouldn’t it?

As a man who loves doujin voice works, it would be shameful not to accept a woman’s invitation.

Okay, I shall accept!

This is the energy! I’ll establish the lead!

Off we go, towards the love hotels!

>> Heroine: Oh, there’s a place I’d like to recommend to you, Mr. Fukaki.

Eh? Recommend a hotel to me…? What’s the name of the place?

>> Heroine: The Sea of Trees hotel.

No, the Sea of Trees hotel would laugh.


Track 5: A Heart Sutra of Prajnaparamita Full of Worldly Desires


Heart Sutra of Prajnaparamita. Avalokiteshvara, when he meditated deeply, saw the emptiness of all five skandhas and sundered the bonds that caused him suffering. Here then, form is no other than emptiness, emptiness no other than form. Form is only emptiness, emptiness only formーー

>> Heroine: …What are you doing?

Ah, uh, welcome back. So you’re done with your shower?

Well…I’m restless, so I figured I’d chant sutras to focus my mind.

Ahaha, no, umm it’s uh, that! When you recite sutras your heart settles, and it feels like you’ve taken another step towards selflessness… Haha!

>> Heroine: Uh, isn’t that place super erect?

Eh? That place is erect…?

Hahaha! No, no, no, with how much concentration I placed into focusing my mind, I couldn’t possibly-


No way, are you serious!? MY WORLDLY DESIRESー!!!


>> Heroine: tugs lightly

No, stop, don’t tug me lightly like that.

>> Heroine: Tell me what was on your mind up to that point.

What was on my mind up to that point?

Err, umm…

As I chanted the sutras, the voice work I listened to earlier was set in a love hotel, so I’m honestly pretty aroused, ehehe, my thoughts wondered about all that exists in this world.

Ah, AHHHH!!! Fuck, my thoughts leaked out! I want to disappear

Oh, thank god. You don’t look disgusted.

>> Heroine: I’ve gotten used to it.

Eh!? You’re used to it already?!! Your adaptability is insane! As expected of my excellent subordinate ♪


Sorry, I was nervous and the atmosphere got a little weird. I apologize. D-During times like these, the mood, the mood is essential, right?

A toast to your eyes.

Saying it in this situation won’t change again, I know! It’s too much of a challenge.

>> Heroine: So this is the type of person you are, huh, Mr. Fukaki.

Uh, yes, whenever I’m embarrassed I start acting like this. Sorry.

>> Heroine: It’s cute depending on how you look at it, so it’s fine, don’t you think?

Is it alright for me to take that as a genuine compliment?

I don’t think “cute” is necessarily a compliment for men, but… Still, thank you for accepting me.


Come a little closer.


Eh!? At a timing like this?!!

>> Heroine: You can check if you want.

T-Thank you. I’ll turn it off right after I check it.


INOHARRAAAAA!!! Why did he send that kind of message at a timing like this, that fool….! That stupid fool!!!

>> Heroine: sneaks in for a peek

N-N-No, it’s not something you should see!

>> Heroine: peers in

Ah! I told you, you mustn’t-

>> Heroine: views phone

You saw…

>> Heroine: look of disgust

Please stop. Please don’t look at me with those eyes.

I can’t deny that he sent me the message that “that voice work with the character with the massive tits you recommended the other day was hella good,” but it’s not what it looks like. It’s not what it looks like! It’s not like I have a thing for big boobs. Big boobs are like a quirk, like uh, I mean, not everyone is interested in them, and err, umm…

Your boobs are the most beautiful in the world!!!


Inohara, you better remember this for the next time we meet…! I’ll give you the gift of a washboard character for talking about characters with massive tits!

Witness hell…!

>> Heroine: despondent

U-Uh, not being interested because you don’t have big boobs, I really don’t have such thoughts. The boobs of the person you love are obviously the best.

If it’s you, I don’t care whether your boobs are massive or non-existent, I love them!


O-Okay! In any case, I’ll prove to you that I love your boobs regardless of their size!

Okay, let’s get rid of this unnecessary piece of cloth.

Yes, I knew it, they are like I imagined. “Your boobs are bound to be beautiful,” was always on my mind at work.

>> Heroine: Have you always been looking at me with those eyes?

Uh! No, that’s not-nevermind, I apologize. I looked at you that way occasionally, just occasionally.

>> Heroine: Please do your job properly.

Yes, I’ll do my job properly.

Oh, but still, they really are beautiful. If anything, isn’t your body a little too beautiful?

Anyways, please allow me to touch you.


Oh, damn, you’re super soft.

It feels so nice.

Your boobs are supple and feel wonderful too.

It tickles?

I’ll touch you more then.

Your body jumped a little when my finger touched your nipple.

So this is the response you make when you feel good. Now, I would what’ll happen if I were to lick them?


Cute. I’ll do the other side too.

Hey. Hey, hey! My girlfriend who’s reacting like that! My girlfriend, she’s so adorable…!!! The figure of her trembling as she holds it in is so cute!!!

>> Heroine: What’s with this person all of a sudden…?

Oh, sorry, sorry. I got a bit excited, so I…

Ah damn, I’m super turned on now.

Eh? What are you doing?

W-Wait, to stick it inside your mouth without warning… Of course I’d be surprised!

>> Heroine: Is it a bad thing?

M-m, I don’t dislike it.


T-That expression, it’s too much to take. It’s cute, the way you look up at me as you blow me.

It’s miraculously adorable that I wonder, “Is this a miracle?”

Perhaps, it is a miracle?

>> Heroine: Enough with the jokes.

No, I’m not joking. I’m being serious.


Eh? W-wait, are you seriously trying to make me cum? It feels like your tongue…is moving more vigorously than before though.

That, that feels good.

I’m happy, but, for me to cum before I’ve made you cum is a little-no, very, vexing.

Hey, I’m close to my limit, stop. Please?

>> Heroine: ignores completely

Huh? This fella here won’t listen to me.

I’m, I’m telling you, I’m seriously about to cum. Please stop!


I’m going to cum, so, take your mouth off…!

I-I’m cumming!


My pride is in shambles after cumming this quickly……

Normally I last longer, alright? I’m not like this normally!

>> Heroine: Oh really?

Why are you doubting me? Have faith in your own boyfriend!

Uh. I-I’ve finally become your boyfriend, I guess? Hehe, it makes me feel a little shy.

Anyhow, now it’s my turn.

It’s frustrating when I’m the only one losing. So, so, I’d like you to tell me, but do you like hand or tongue more?


Jeez, you’re making that face precisely because you know what I’m asking. So, which is it?

If you’re not going to give me an answer, I guess I have no choice but to use both.

Spread your legs.

Ah! Hey! Don’t close your legs! What are you in, your rebellious phase?

Eh? This fella here is using quite a lot of strength to keep it closed though.

Good grief, you’re such a shy girl.

Alright, alright, you’re a good girl, so ease up.

Good girl, good girl.


Does it feel good?

Feel it more then.


My fingers should fit right about now…

Hmm, a single finger can slip right in.

Feel the sensation of my finger inside you.

Look, my finger is going inside you… You look like you’re feeling really good. Seems like there’s room for one more.


Your moans are louder than before. So you like it when I continuously rub this place, huh?

It’s locked in my memories.

What’s wrong? You’re looking up at me with watery eyes.



Wanting something thicker or something like that, is that for real?

Haa, I can’t take it anymore. I’m super turned on.

>> Heroine: You get properly aroused even when your partner is me…?

What are you saying? Of course I’d get aroused. Obviously, I like doujin voice works, but the one thing in this world that turns me on the most is none other than you.

I’ve become like this precisely because of you.

What about you?

I see. That makes me happy.


Wait just a moment.

Okay, this should work. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Then, uh, spread your legs a little wider.

The sensation of entering inside you slowly feels good.

Just a little more.


It’s in.

Are you okay? Does it hurt?

Thank god.

When I think about how I can now kiss these cute lips as much as I want, I get super happy.

I looked at them secretly because I’ve always wanted to kiss them.

>> Heroine: Mr. Fukaki, have you not looked at me questionably a little too much?

Well, uh, I can’t deny that. I’ve been looking at you with questionable eyes for the longest time now.

I mean, that’s just now interested am I in you, so please forgive me for it.


Have you gotten comfortable now?

I’ll start moving then.


Does it feel good…? It doesn’t hurt?

>> Heroine: nods

That’s good to hear.

Your insides are hot, and it feels good.

Your look of pleasure is cute.


See? I told you, didn’t I? My sexual disposition is normal when it comes to real life.

>> Heroine: Is that really true?

It’s the absolute truth. Those types of things are enjoyable precisely because you can’t do them in real life.

In real life, I much prefer regular, leisurely-paced sex.


So I’m the only one who can see this side of you……

Truly feeling that I’m now your boyfriend, my heart is fulfilled.

>> Heroine: Aren’t you exaggerating?

I’m not exaggerating. You don’t realize just how cute you are to me.

Oh, jeez, that shy look, it’s seriously adorable. It feels like there’s a lot of things I can’t keep my brakes on.

Let me go a little rougher.


Hey, I want to cum while holding hands…

Entwine your fingers with mine, and squeeze it tight.

I love you.


I’m…at my limit.


I’m pulling out.

I’m sorry, I pushed you too hard at the end, didn’t I? Is your body okay?

>> Heroine: I’m fine.

I see.

So, you’ll stay the night, right? I want this lingering feeling to sink in more.

Let’s go with that then.

Tonight, let’s relax and quietly spend time together.


Track 6: This Love Wasn’t Intentional


Anyways, you took me here for the sake of determining whether you were compatible with my sexual disposition, but…

How was it? Do you think things will go well with me?

>> Heroine: Probably.

Ahaha, that’s good to hear. What I said about my sexual disposition being normal in real isn’t a lie now, is it?

>> Heroine: Let me ask one time.

Yes, what? Ask away.

>> Heroine: Do you really not have the desire to engage in the dirty play featured in those doujin voice works?

I told you, I don’t. I enjoy doujin voice works for their fantasy. I don’t seek that kind of thing in real life.

Oh, but, I do have the desire for you to cosplay as a slight lewd and racy maid. Oh, and, I’d like you to wear cat ears too! And, oh, I wish for you to look up at me in a cute pose and say, “I want to serve you, Master. Meow ♪”

>> Heroine: Uh, that’s not something I can give an answer to right away.

Ehh. No way…

Well, I guess it can’t be helped. It’s not something you could respond immediately to.


Wait. Eh, eh, what? I, I, I, I, w-w-w-w-what did I just say? What the hell did I say to you…?

Maid? Cosplay? Meow?



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