【Translation】 Kindan Jouji Saitaisha to Watashi Stellaworth Rendou Tokuten

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解放 ~未来の約束~

CV: Taniyama Kishou (谷山紀章)

Track 1: Release ~Future Promise~


Look at you, you’re carrying something heavy again. I told you that I’d be doing all the moving, didn’t I?

I picked up the pace because I figured you’d be hungry.

Alright, you can take care of this. Those boxes, I’ll carry.

Woah, these are cardboard boxes filled with books. You did well to carry them, they’re pretty heavy.

Where did you want to carry them to?


You’re welcome.


Well, it’s only been a week since we arrived here. I understand your desire to tidy the place as soon as possible though.

You really aren’t one to depend on others, huh? You’ve always been a girl who tried to do everything by herself.

No, it’s not that I want you to apologize. I just hoped that you’d depend on me a little more.


That’s to be expected.

I caused you a lot of problems because of my divorce. You even had to quit your job.

I was planning to quit from the start. After that has happened between me and Akiho, there’s no way I could remain at the Takamiya corporation.

However, you were forced to quit because of me.


Truthfully speaking, my plan was to call you over once the dust has finally settled, but…sorry, it ended up being haphazard and I took you along without saying a word to anyone else.

Mhm, when things blow over, let’s give everyone a call.

Huh? What’s wrong?

Yes, what is it?

You sure are interesting. You’re a strong, honest, and considerate girl, yet you’re childish on occasions.

That’s why I stated it first.

I think you’re cute even when your stomach’s growling, though?

Alright, alright, let’s take a break. I went shopping for that reason, after all.

Since we’re at this point, why don’t we eat by the window? The sun’s shining through, so don’t you think it’ll be comfortable?


Oh, but you mustn’t open the window,

Well, even if it’s spring, it’s still cold here.

I don’t mind. Just don’t catch a cold. Look, it’s this warm from the sun rays.

Come here.

This place is nice, right?

It’s old and it’s not the most opportune, but the rent is cheap and it’s quiet. I particularly love this large window that leads right into the garden.

I thought so.

After we moved here, you often peered at the scenery through this window.


Of course.

And that’s why I know you’re curious about the trees in the garden.

They’re camellia trees from what I heard.

I’m sure we’ll be able to see it bloom in the winter.

I suppose so.

Here, tea.


I’m continuing from where we left off earlier, but…will you start work here too?

I see.

Is the settlement on your mind, perhaps?

It is, isn’t it?

I used up all my savings, but I paid it. It’s not that big of a deal.

Of course, it’s my fault, after all. Your share is mine to pay. Also, because there were problems stemming from Akiho’s side as well, the compensation claim wasn’t that high.

Mhm, in Akiho’s case, money is never an issue of concern.

Obviously, it’s not as if she’s forgiven us, but I don’t think she necessarily resents us either.

And so, you don’t have to worry about daily living; everything’s been squared.


My salary isn’t as high as when I was at the Takamiya corporation, but I receive enough for us to live comfortably.


Is there something you wish for?

That…do you mean that you want kids?


A phone call?

Go ahead, take it.

Mizuki: Hey, why did you move without saying a thing!?


Can you put him on speaker?

Mizuki, it’s been a while.

Mizuki: Y-Yasuki?!!

Souji: I told you, didn’t I? It would be dumb to call her.

Oh, you’re together with Souji.

Souji: Yeah, and Mizuki here was being super annoying. He was blabbering about all sorts of things.

Mizuki: Hardly.

Mizuki: To disappear while I was busy at the shop… That girl is my best friend, you know? Give her back!

Mizuki: Oh, and I don’t need you. Send her on a train headed toward Tokyo and I’ll come get her.

I don’t want to.

Mizuki: How could you say that?!!

Souji: Hey, don’t rile Mizuki up.

Sorry to say, but I was jealous of Mizuki too. I won’t hand her over that easily.


Mizuki: Yasuyuki, you…

Oh, and, she won’t be able to get back that fast via train. From where we are, it’s probably faster to go by plane, seeing that we’re in Hokkaido.

Mizuki: What?!!

Souji: Shut up.

Mizuki: No, you shut up! My best friend got kidnapped by this man!!!

You shouldn’t be badmouthing others.

Mizuki: Yasuyuki, be quiet.


Mizuki: So, uh, are you okay? You got dragged away all alone to such a place… What kind of place is it? Where are you living? You’re not suffering, are you?

Mizuki: Really!?

Mizuki: If you’re fine with it then…

Mizuki: Wait, you’re not working in the Susuki red-light district, are you?

We’ll contact you again once things settle down, and when we do, can you guys come over to play?

Mizuki: We’d go there even if you didn’t ask us to.

Souji: We’ll be waiting for your call. When everything’s sorted, let’s celebrate.

Thank you.


Souji: Oh, and I happened to catch hold of a particular piece of news.

Mizuki: Right, right.

Did something happen?

Souji: The young miss of the Takamiya family appears to be remarrying.

Mizuki: We don’t know the details, though.

Souji: We’re neighbors, and since her estate is large, the occasional rumor has started popping up. And when I asked about it, she didn’t deny it.

Souji: Oh, but, it doesn’t appear to be forced.

I-Is that so?

Souji: After what happened with you, she’s changed her way of thinking a lot.

The one who changed her was you, Souji.

Souji: What are you talking about?

No, it’s nothing. Thank you.

Souji: That’s all. Bye.

Mizuki: Don’t forget to contact us. I’ll see you later then.


I’m really glad. Akiho is a person who wished to be loved, so I think it should go well this time around.

Yeah, no matter how you put it, it was Mizuki and Souji that gave us that push on the back.

That aside, Mizuki’s anger scared me. I thought I was going to get sacked.

It’s not something to laugh about.

I believe both Mizuki and Souji care for you deeply. Shuusuke too.

I guess it was bad of me to snatch you away from everyone else.

I’m happy, but, can you not spoil me so much? I’ve shown you all my weaknesses and failings, so if I get spoiled by your kindness, I’ll, for sure, become a useless man.


It’ll be bad if you go extreme but I don’t mind if you’re harsh. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my life, after all.

Oh, right, have you seen the flowers in the garden?

There are some.

Erm…we should be able to see them from this angle.

See? They’re on the left side there.

Over there.


Since camellia trees were on the other side, you never noticed, right?

They seem to be weeds, but they’re super cute, don’t you think? Viewing flowers, feeling the seasons… As long as I can enjoy a peaceful life with you, I have no need for anything else.


When you snuggle up to me like that, it’ll make me want to touch you even more though. Are you fine with that?

Really? Why not?

I see, that’s a sound argument.

Then…are kisses off-limits too? I’ll make sure to tidy up as well.

Thank god. If you said no, I wouldn’t be able to kiss you.


Can I kiss you more?

I’ve been wanting to do this for so long.

Slowly. Don’t think of anything else. I wanted to kiss you and touch you.

That expression is no good, it’ll make me want to make love with you even more.

What? It’s my fault?

I don’t mind if you blame me, so let’s continue.


Not even with your clothes on? I can’t touch your butt? Or…are you expecting something, perhaps?

How cute.

I want to embrace you right here and now.

Liar, you’re not putting in any strength. Look, your clothes are easily…

Come on, please. I won’t be holding back.


Your skirt’s cute. I really like it.

Oh? Well, I’m super aroused.

It feels strange when I’m implying it like that?

You’re beautiful. Very.

Look, your appearance is faintly reflected in the window, no? I’ll shift your underwear aside and make you feel good.

You don’t like it from the back?

Let’s do it here, when you let out such a sweet voice, I simply can’t stop.

I’ll take my clothes off as well.


Don’t worry, the fences are tall. Besides, it’s not as if I’ve completely undressed.

I see.

But aren’t you curious about what kind of face you make? …The face that you make when I’m messing you up.

Not at all. You’re very beautiful and cute. Your body is always riling me up.

Even though I want to touch you for even a second more, even though I want you to experience more pleasure…I want to enter inside you so badly.

But not yet. A little more.


It’s true that you can take me in already, but I might cum the moment I put it in.

You might not know this, but your place here is…unspeakably wonderful.

I only inserted my fingers a little, do your insides feel that good?

I’ll do more then.

Alright, lift up one of your legs.

Make sure to keep your hands placed on the window. Otherwise, you might collapse.


These sounds are incredible.

Even if you say no, your body is blatantly honest.

Turn your face this way.

Here. Can we?

Thank you.

Mhm, it’s already super hard, so it probably isn’t a good idea for it to touch your mouth. I’ll cum immediately.

Ah, wait, I have to put on a condom.


Well, you never know, right? I have ones ready on hand.

I’m putting it in.


It’s so wet.

Is deeper better? Isn’t shallower nice as well?

Huh? Your eyes are watery.

Please tell me which is better.

You really are…

It’s all in. Looks like I’ve hit your good spot, your insides are twitching.

I’ll keep hitting this place, so be prepared.


Whoa, you’re squeezing too tightly.

When you squeeze me tightly like this, it feels like you’re wanting me even more.

Do you feel it easier when we do it from the back? Your nipples have become like this; they’re rock hard.

I am holding back. If I came right away, it’d be a waste, no?

Oh, but, your insides just feel way too good.

I want to stay inside you longer, so…I won’t cum just yet.


You’re so adorable.

Your look of embarrassment even when your body is this lewd, no words can describe it.

Here, I’ll tease this place too. Feel it.

Why? You like it, don’t you?

This place is saying that it likes it, even more than before…

It’s fine if you break.

Enjoy it. Just let yourself feel it.


This is bad, it feels too good. I don’t have the mental fortitude to control myself.

Sorry, can I cum?

Thank goodness.

Let’s cum together.



Thank you.


I’m sorry it was so sudden.

Because it’s been so hectic, it’s been a while since we last spent time together like this, no?

And that’s why I couldn’t stop.


I think I have a high threshold, but when it comes to you, I think my feelings just overflow and there’s nothing around it.

Besides, I’ve also decided not to hold back anything when it comes to you.

Oh, but, no pressure.

Huh? You don’t believe me?

That…I can’t deny it, but still, I love you, so I want to touch you. It doesn’t have to be sex.

I want to be connected to you, even if it’s just holding hands.


That reminds me, there’s something I’d like to show you.

Wait just a moment.


It’s this, a marriage registration.

I’ve said this many times, but I love you.

This time, there’re no doubts, there will be no doubts. And so, will you marry me?

How cruel.

Then tell me, are those tears of sadness or…

I see, can I take that as your answer then?


Thank god.

It’s not something to laugh about. It may look that way, but I was super nervous.

Let’s go buy a pair of rings the next chance we get.

We can’t have that. Although we can’t purchase anything expensive in the present, I still want the gesture.

I’m so looking forward to it. I’ll be able to do all sorts of things with you.


So umm…before the call from Mizuki came, you mentioned that you wanted to work for the sake of a future, right?

Is it possibly the same future I long for?

I’m happy.

Is it? There’s a lot of things I still have to atone for. Is it really alright for me to be happy?

Thank you. I thank you so much. Let’s be happy together.

I love you. Always. You and you alone.

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