【Translation】 Ayashi no Hana Renai Tan Ep.1 Tomo Hen Animate Tokuten

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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Kumagai Kentarou (熊谷健太郎)

Track 1: Dream Persona


K: Who is it!?

K: Why are you…? To meet in such a place-

K: Are you alone? Did you come to such a dangerous place alone?

K: You fool! You’re being reckless, this the frontlines…! You’re lucky to have made it here unscathed.

K: So you came from Japan to see me.

K: I wanted to see you too. I witnessed you in my dreams every night. I haven’t forgotten the events of that night for even a moment.

K: My worldly desires have grown far too intense, so I was in the middle of clearing my mind of them. However, in meeting like this…I can’t possibly suppress my desires.

K: I’m sorry, please forgive me.


K: Right now, I wish not to be the imperial soldier, Kousaka Iwade. I wish to return to being but a mere man.

K: I love you.

K: I’ll embrace you. Alright?


K: How nostalgic, it’s those ears of yours.

K: I’ve got the wrong person?

K: What are you saying? There’s no way I’d mistaken somebody else for you.

K: Enough, quiet down. I’ll give you plenty of love.


K: I missed these breasts too.

K: I’ll strip too.

K: Wait! Where are you going?!!

K: Wait…!!!


V: Huh? A woman?

V: Why, aren’t you half-naked? How did you end up like that? Where did you run out from?

V: This place?

V: This place’s my house.

K: Van, open up!!!

V: Huh? It’s Sergeant Kousaka.

V: He’s my handler.

V: You go hide for a bit.


V: Yes, yes, what’s the matter, Mr. Kousaka?

K: Has a woman come by here?

V: A woman? Not to my memory. Are you referring to an enemy agent? Someone in the same trade as me.

V: Huh? Did you let them escape?

K: I guess. Anyways, they should be in this area. If you see them, capture them, and report to me.

V: Acknowledged.


V: They’re gone.

V: A female agent, huh. Was Kousaka in the middle of interrogating you?

V: I’ll turn a blind eye, I guess.

V: It’s not as if I’ve sold my soul to the military of Imperial Japan. I’d abandon the law if it ever suits me; that’s how captains are.

V: I’m sure you understand too, right?

V: It’s simple. You just have to let me do it once with you. I’m curious to see the techniques of a female agent.

V: Huh? Tomo? Who’s that?

V: Well, whatever.


V: That hurts…! You tried to bite off my tongue, didn’t you?

V: I’ll never forgive you. I’ll rape you.

V: I’ll rape you, kill you, then hang you from a tree.

V: Come on, spread your legs!!!

V: I’m putting it in.


V: It’s in.

V: It hurts, right? You poor thing. Here I go!

V: It feels good.

V: Come on, come on, use your hips more.


V: Oh, right, maybe I should impregnate you; that way, I can kill two in one.

V: Come on. Get pregnant, get pregnant!!!


Senpai. S-Senpai. Senpai?



No, it’s Tomo, not Van. No, wait, I mean, I’m also Van, but…

You dozed off. Did you see a dream of Van?

His character has a lot of impact, after all. I guess he was lingering around in your mind.


Did Van ever make such a threat? He was the one who got murdered and strung up in a tree.

I remember it well. It was fun, but it was taxing.

While he was on the verge of death, “You are all fools. You fools should die.” Pew, pew.

It was fun using the catchphrase that was in the commercials.


Hmm? What is it? Is there something on my face?

I see… “It goes to show that the actor is amazing”? Am I amazing, I wonder?

So, what kind of dream was it?

Why are you averting your eyes? Is there something you can’t say?

If you don’t tell me, I’ll have Van make an appearance. Come on, say it, what did I do to you?

No way! You…got raped?

Don’t tell you had that type of desire-


I’m feeling irritated. I don’t even know who I’m jealous of. Am I jealous of myself? …Van is a character, after all.

In any case, it’s best if the original overwrites everything, right?

Alright. Arms up! Let me take off whatever’s in the way.

Okay, bottom too.

Same for me.


You cheater…

You’re such a bad girl. Though, I’m a little happy.

That just shows how well-suited of a role it was, right?

Thank you


Did he touch your breasts too?

Wait, what do you mean? I didn’t play the sergeant.

Me during the audition…? I didn’t suck any breasts during the audition though!!!

So the sergeant had his hand on you too.

Between me and the sergeant, who’s better?

No, no, it’s a dream. I shouldn’t be bothered by it.


Spread your legs.

I’ll be touching you.

You’re already wet… But why?!!

I’ll make sure of that.

Whether or not you got wet from the dream.

Van, that bastard… Did Van lick this place?

Good, serves him right.


There’s so much pouring out. You’re dripping wet now.

You didn’t let out such a cute voice in front of Van, right?

Do you not remember!?

Oh, sorry, Van popped out there.

Anyways, be gone.

Why? I’m kind of scared that I’ll lose my senses.

Can I…enter inside you now?


That person is me.

The only person who has the permission to do this is me. I’m the only one who can listen to those nice sounds and make this person feel good.

I won’t hand this person to you.

So, Senpai, who was bigger? Me or him?

Y-You’re right, of course it’s the same. I won’t think about it anymore.


Senpai, I love you. Please look only in my direction.

I’ve made a discovery.

I get aroused when I’m jealous.

That’s just how much I love you, Senpai.

If you understand, then it’s fine.


It’s fine, right? I’m close to cumming.

Senpai, does it feel good? I want to cum together today. I definitely want to cum together today.

Are you about to cum?

Let’s cum then.


I’m cumming. I’m cumming!


Cum more. Keep cumming.


That was super sexy.

You are cute, after all. It’s what catches my eye.

No, that’s not right.

I’m a little confused.

I mean, yeah, it was ultimately a dream Senpai saw. Still, had I not played Van, you wouldn’t have seen that dream, right?

Then…I guess it’s fine?

Come see me again, I’ll be waiting for you at the movie theatre.

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