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CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: In the Garden on a Summer Night


“Sky. Round. Circle.”

……You muttered. Pressing your face against the window and peering outside.

When you behave that way while wearing a knee-length negligee, you’re adorable just like a little girl.

What were you looking at?

What you pointed to silently was a round reddish-tinged moon.

Over time, the words you spoke lessened; you were no longer able to connect an object to what they were. But in its place, your expressions became almost astonishingly rich.

Even now you’re pulling my hand with sparkling eyes as if to bring me to your side.

I could understand.


“Mr. Seiji, the moon is pretty.”

……Was what I could hear you say.

You’re right. It’s a beautiful full moon… The garden’s glowing.

The garden, illuminated by the moonlight, looked awfully mystical. Even if most of the neighborhood kids call it a haunted mansion because of the overgrown flowers and bushes.

It is a scene out of a British folk tale.

And so, I invited you on an evening stroll.

Why don’t we go out into the garden?

Yes. Garden. Let’s go play in the garden.


Now then, let’s put on your shoes.

As you never go outside, I placed shoes on those soft feet the first time in a long time. And when I did, your expression immediately became sour.

Hmm? Do you not like it? Do you not want to wear shoes?


You shook off the shoes I put on you.

Well, I guess it’s fine. Nothing dangerous where you would get hurt would occur. I’ll give up on making you wear shoes.

Because the most important thing is for you to live comfortably.


After opening the door the moon looked even bigger. It was like a moon out of a fairy tale; calling out to us with an “Oh, good evening.”

Ah! It’s dangerous to run off like that.

You went “Hyah” as your bare feet hit the soil

Ahaha, was the sensation of the ground strange?

You gave a big smile.

“It feels nice bare feet. You should try it too Mr. Seiji.”

……Was what your face said.

Hmm, I see. I ought to take you up on that, don’t I?

I laughed, took off my shoes, and followed after you.


The once stuffy, strong scent of grass during the day smelt a little more subtle too.

It’s the first time I’ve felt it. The weeds that immediately touched my bare feet were emitting the aura of something alive.

Ahh… It’s kind of fun. It reminds me of childhood summers.

The insects’ singing… Huh? It’s stopped.

Insects are very cautious and timid. Because we approached them, they were put on guard and stopped singing.

Shh. Let’s listen to the song of insects.

I placed my index finger on your mouth and gently cued you.


I was momentarily entranced by the slowly restarting chorus off in the distant corner.

The days are rich and fulfilling.

That thought has come to me numerous since this life began. Had I known that such a future exists, then I…… Perhaps, the times might not have been so painful.

Hmm? What are you looking at?

Oh, they’re evening primroses. They’re flowers that bloom at night.

With this new life, there was one miracle that occurred.

You were now able to recognize me.

Though I say that, it’s not as though you realize that I’m your husband, Shimazaki Seiji. What you recognized was my scent… My smell.

The part of the limbic system that recognizes smells is a primitive part of the brain. It may be an animalistic way of discernment, but anyhow, you recognize me as a “source of comfort.” Although you lack the memories, again and again, you find my scent to be calming and soothing as if to say that it’s a “nostalgic scent.”

The joy I felt when I realized that, there are no words that could describe it.

I felt there really is a God.


You suddenly crouched. Holding your knees as you gazed intently at a tiny tree branch.

“Did you find something?”

I examined the tiny branch. And when I did, I saw a strange creature crawling along the tip of the branch.

…It’s a cicada larva.

You repeated the word “cicada” again and again.

Something fun is about to happen. Look.

The larva stopped moving and made a crackling sound. And a crack formed along its back.

A white, water-covered body emerged through the crack and gradually bent back. Next, the cicada curved up again, clinging to its former husk as it pulled its tail out.

Ah, the entire body’s finally out.

After a while, the cicada carefully extended its body one more.


You look at me in joy.

Mr. Cicada, you’ve worked hard.

After the wrinkled wings of the cicada dried and spread out neatly, the moon was right above in the sky.


With no notion of time, you never get tired of anything.

Though it probably has to do with your lack of memories as well. Whatever you see is whatever piques your interest, and whatever do you in turn is entirely unplanned.

The way you remain unchanged feels almost unworldly.

Currently, you’re enjoying the genuine act of swinging around a mimosa branch and scattering the yellow petals around.

Would this be what you would call a “fairy”?


I wasn’t referring to the beauty of your looks; what I found beautiful was the purity of your heart and the very form of your existence. The reality that such a beautiful being belongs to me brings me an almost somber joy.

Hehe, if you shake it around so much, all the petals will fall off.

I get it. Fairies adorn their hair with petals, don’t they?

While you were covered in petals, I approached you and held you gently.


I love you.

Yes, “I love you.” Why don’t you try saying it too?

As always, I had you repeat it back to me.

Thank you. I’m happy.

Those words of yours would always bring me bliss.

When I lifted your chin and kissed you, your temperature slowly rose inside my arms.

It is a sign from you.

Let’s do it.


As I whispered that, I slipped my hands under your negligee, pulled down your thin underwear, and removed it through each leg.

While showering you with french kisses, I combed my fingers through the underbrush. And when I pinpointed your little bud, you began to leak sweet panting breaths into my lips.

Does this place feel good?

Say that it feels good.

You were too busy panting and couldn’t repeat it.

You’ve gotten so wet. So it feels good, right?

I pulled up one of your legs and held it with my arm so that it’ll be easier for more fingers to enter.

Your knees began shaking even more, so feeling bad, I laid your back against an acacia tree trunk.

It’s easier this way, right?

Your crimson, half-open lips trembled as if to tempt me.

Being unable to hold back, I approximated the location of your nipples and began sucking them overtop your negligee.

As my saliva soaked through, a faint pinkish shadow began to emerge, and I was captivated by that indecent sight. While I alternated between sucking each nipple and vigorously moving my fingers in and out, you let out an especially cute gasp and came.


I turned your body around, had you hug the tree, and rolled your negligee all the way up to your back. I then knelt onto the ground, kissed your intimate area, and pecked at your little bud.

While gazing at your appearance, I began licking even your perineum​.

As I repeated the process, you began noticeably shaking your hips. Almost like a flower swaying the wind waiting to be pollinated.

Since flowers contain very sweet nectar, they attract bugs. And the pitiful bug who’s crawling around in search of nectar is me.

I want it now…

I could no longer wait.

Please let me put it in.


Yes. I’m putting it in. Please hold onto the tree, alright?

With my right hand, I pulled out the thing that was raging and I gripped your hips with my left. Then suddenly, created by the moonlight, I noticed my shadow upon your back

Look, the moon is watching.

Mhm. Let’s show it to the moon.

For that brief moment, the subtle wet sounds we made reverberated throughout the nearby area.


The moment you received my shot, you collapsed to your knees.

The orgasm was too intense, so you fainted. Even though your physical health has deteriorated, being outside for so long has probably put its strain on you,

I’m sorry…! Let’s go back inside!


In a panic, I took you back inside and tucked you into bed.

Okay… I ought to wipe your feet.


Making love outside with bare feet…it’s almost as if we’re lovers back in the ancient days.

A full moon illuminating the sky. Overgrown bushes and the singing of insects. I’m sure in great antiquity, lovers made love while being watched by nature just as we did.

A time where longing for one another like animals was a genuine expression of love.

Surely, that’s the kind of human we are now.

And I think that’s a very happy thing.

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