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CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Free Talk


Thank you for listening to “In the room Audiobook-style CD – Natsu no Niwa de.” I’m Chasuke, the voice behind Shimazaki Seiji.

This time, uh, In the room, the situation CD… Would it be correct to call it a fan disc?

So, well, when I accept it… “Special order.” It was that kind of limited-edition work.

Since the original volume had umm, those circumstances surrounding it, the project was moving, I felt. But it’s really thanks to everyone that I umm, am able to cross paths again… To meet again with you.

The thought of that makes me happy.

Though I mean, I took on the main volume last year at the beginning of the year in around January, February, so it’s been around one year and a half since the work was released.

Even now I receive letters saying, I’ve listened to “In the room” along with impressions, so it made me think, “Oh, what a lasting work.”


It really makes me happy. It honestly does.

Generally, when it comes to works I’m cast in, it’s usually a one-time thing. Particularly when it comes to the situation CD genre. I do the work thinking that there’s rarely ever a chance to reappear.

When meeting again like this, I’ve already said this earlier but I’m really happy. It’s thanks to everyone.

Frankly umm, when I received the script. I was like “Are you sure this is okay?”

I found the story very interesting, and I liked it, but when I heard about the audio reading of it, I was worried that the listeners would feel left behind. From the first half till midway, you don’t really know what’s going on? I was honestly worried whether they’d be able to follow along.

And also, that part is surprisingly… Rather than surprising, it’s something that people can really get into.

When it comes to audio readings… It might be an exaggeration to say that it opens new possibilities. There’s this new way to listen, and it was a really good learning opportunity, I feel.


This time around, umm, since it’s done in an audiobook-style, I think those that have listened to the main volume would know but, it’s a continuation of an aforementioned bad end.

It continues on from there.

So, uh, among the letters that I have received, there were people who asked, “Is Shimazaki Seiji broken in the bad end?”

I found it to be a wonderfully-written bad end, it’s painful, but I like it. It’s rather beautiful. Umm, when it comes to amnesia-themed stories… “Memories of Tomorrow​,” I think that’s the title. It’s a movie, and I always end up thinking back to that.

That one is also very heartbreaking, but the ending does hit you.

And, uh, if that interests you, please rent the movie. I’d be happy if you were to watch it.


What topic were we on again? Hehe.

Yes, yes, umm…

This bad end is very sad but depiction-wise, their relationship, the world it created, it’s very beautiful. And umm, it’s nice; that’s the image I get.

So, I’m going back to that question from before.

“Is Shimazaki Seiji broken?”

He’s not, I think, but that’s entirely my opinion.

It was true when I was voicing the main volume, but Shimazaki Seiji isn’t necessarily a very strong person. He’s not tough so to speak. He’s just a…normal person.

So, mentally he’s not all that resilient either. He doesn’t have an unbreakable heart as you would call it. It’s just umm, since she, the heroine, ended up in that type of state, I personally feel that he became a person who simply isn’t allowed to break.

And the main volume, umm… The recording took a pretty long time too, right? I remember it taking so long.


I find it to be a when you think back to the ending, it leaves you with a profound feeling type of story.

The important part is truthfully the developments that took place well before,  The things that unfold within the story, he’s probably said them dozens of times already is the feeling I got when I first read it.

Even after repeating the same things dozens of times, and her memories failing to return… So during the story, well, Shimaki Seiji’s heart wavered.

Perhaps it was an auspicious occasion, but I think there’s a lot else at play. So basically, I have an absolute rule that when working on situation CDs. It uh, doesn’t matter what the character, they have to like the heroine. There may be some differences in values, but particularly in the case of Shimazaki Seiji, his feelings are particularly strong.

So the heroine…

How could I say it? If I were Shimazaki Seiji, and if something were to happen to me, or if I were to break, what would happen to the heroine? It’s that umm, fear.

Reverse dependence… Does such a term exist? Anyhow, because of that, he had no choice but to be resilient, and I think that factors into it a lot.


But umm, the “Who might you be?” line during the main volume. When he heard that, I think he felt a crack form inside him. He saw the future of him breaking, and that probably startled him a lot and was fearful.

From there, the story splits into the bad end and happy end.

Arriving at the idea to jump ahead with the surgery is uh, it’s the one turning point of the character during the process. So, he would never break, but is also, a very fragile person, is what I thought.

This might go off-topic, but for people whose feelings are strong, whether or not they’d break isn’t what’s important. I think a person who is able to immediately get up again even after snapping is stronger.

That’s why regardless of how long they last, the idea that one you snap, you’d never recover, or the sheer length of time it would take to recover… I didn’t have much of a strong image of him. Thus, how should I say it, I think that’s the reason it conversely led him down that path.

I don’t know, does this answer the question?


Err, umm, in other words, this… Well, they do return to their regular lives in the happy end, but in the bad end, he realized the fact that she would never be normal again.

One of the points of hesitation disappeared, is how I would interpret it.

It’s interesting. They say that people with hope would keep going, but honestly, unless that hope existed within a sea of negativity, I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. So in the case of Shimazaki Seiji, those around him are fearful or very matter-of-fact? about the prognosis, but he’s the person clings onto the hope that she, her memories, would return amidst all that, but umm…

On the flip side, when that hope is gone and there’s nothing to cling to, but the thought that he simply cannot break is, uh… If anything, it made the world much more peaceful. That’s the sense I get.

And that’s why, this world with Shimazaki and the heroine, umm, is a happy one.

Though precisely because they’re happy, there’s also a feeling of sorrow too, I think.

Does any of this make sense? Is it clear?

Anyhow, that’s the general gist of it. I was also given this other question.

What image do I, Chasuke, have of Shimazaki Seiji?


I did mention that earlier.

What advice would I give Seiji?

Advice? Advice?!! It’s any advice I might have, but, uh… Advice, I honestly don’t have any.

Hmm, as long as you’re happy? is what came to mind.

But well, if it was during the main volume, there’s a lot I could say, like make more friends. But uh, how should I say it? When it comes to characters in a situation CD, those types of relationships aren’t often written into it, but the impression I had was that he was particularly isolated.

Well, let’s see, I could tell him to find people to rely on.

Let’s leave it at that.


Err, now the final part. Yes, yes.

Please leave a message to everyone who orders this fan disc.

In any case, umm, I can’t find any other words to say other than thank you. I’m not lying when I say that.

Umm… I think I’ve said it in the beginning of the free talk, but over a year has passed and for there still to be people who tell me that they’ve just listened to it, it really does make me happy.

I’m sure it’s the same for the work as well, but umm, the character feels like they’re alive.

It’s very much true for the actor and also the work, but I think of it as my humble pleasure. If possible, I would like this to continue on a little more. I want it to last a little longer.

So umm, this, especially since it’s a fan disc,

The work itself, the effects it has had. For everyone who’ve listened or are listening, I think you do have influence.

I’m honestly happy, and I’m grateful.

I hope it expands In the room’s world for everyone in its own way. Today, before the recording, it was talked about briefly, but there are a lot of different interpretations. I think it’s very wonderful when a work leaves a lot of room for imagination.

This is the only way of viewing it, or it would come apart without a particular set-up…


Such works are interesting every so often, but regardless, each and every person who listens… It’s definitely this, or that character should’ve done that instead, so on and so forth, that kind of thing. It may not be a sub-story, but if it could further expand everyone’s view of the world depicted within the work… Ultimately, that’s what this work is, it helps make the story more 3-dimensioned.

I guess you could say it makes it 3-dimensioned.

A deeper, wider, and more meaningful world. I think it’ll help contribute to that. Umm…

Again, I hope everyone can completely immerse themselves in that based on uh, whatever your own individual thoughts and interpretation are.

Anyhow, I’ve rambled on for quite a while, but I would like to close it off here.


Thank you. It’s been me, Chasuke.

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