【Translation】 Kouhai Toshi ーHatsujou Drug Choukyouー Official Tokuten


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Jealousy


Thank you again for all your work today.

Were you wiping the glasses?

Yeah, since that was the last customer, I took down the sign while I was at it.

I had to be out of the bar for a long period of time again today, so you really helped me out there. Still, having a woman here by themselves really does change the atmosphere inside the place.

It’s partially due to our location, but because we only had male staff, very few female customers would ever come through the door.

While there still aren’t many, it makes it a lot easier to enter when there’s someone of the same sex there. Even you mistook my place as a suspicious bar at first.

I’m not holding it against you or anything. If anything, I should thank you for increasing the number of customers.


That said, the number of customers who have their eyes set on you has also increased and it’s kinda worrying.

Since you’re making that expression… Did you not notice?

I think it’s best to assume that any men who orders from you is targeting you.

It’s not an exaggeration.

If someone goes, “Why don’t you go out with me?”, don’t take up their invitation. You’ll be eaten and end up naked on your way back.


The way you’re acting… Did someone invite you out?

Watch a movie together?

Aren’t they blatantly asking for a date?

Tell me who exactly tried to ask you out.

Of course I’d be angry. they’re shamelessly approaching someone else’s woman.

Who wouldn’t be angry?

Also, you’re dense, way too dense. It’ll be too late once you realize what’s happening.


No buts. You’re not in the position where you can talk back.

Fuck, I’m so pissed off right now.

At that guy who asked you out and you who casually went along with it.

You belong to me.


What are you so surprised for? Did you think I’d go to sleep like nothing happened?

Sorry to say, but you’re getting punished tonight.

You’ll be having sex with me right here.

This will be the second time we’re doing it at the bar, won’t it? But I have no plans of being as gentle as I was last time, so be prepared.


Does having your breasts fondled inside the bar feel good to you? You’re letting out those dirty moans.

Are you turned on? Your nipples are super hard.

You love the rough treatment, don’t you?

They’re sticking right through your clothes. You want me to pinch them, don’t you? …Like this.


Your back curved straight back; it must’ve felt really good. But doing it over your clothes isn’t enough to satisfy you, is it?

Do you want me to lick this place?


Then turn this way and undo your shirt buttons. If you strip for me nicely, I’ll lick your nipples for you.


You thirsty woman.

Alright, I’ll lick your nipples like you wanted then.


Do you enjoy having this place licked that much?

You have such a lewd body.

I’ll do the other side…

You’re shaking your hips.

Are you trying to lure me in?

Seeing how much of a sex addict you are, you want me to touch your lower-half so badly that you can’t help it, right?

Your underwear’s soaking wet. 

So being treated roughly turns you on that much, huh? I’m sure it’ll become even more of a mess if I were to take this off.


I knew it, it’s been soaked in your juices.

It looks like it’s about to trickle down your thighs.

Alright, now lean down on the counter and spread your legs. I’ll pleasure you with my fingers.


It’s sticking up, and when I rub on it, more and more juices come pouring out of you.

You look like you can’t wait until I rub on you on the inside.

You have a seriously lewd body, y’know?

I’ll insert my finger inside.


Wow, the juices are spilling from you endlessly. My hands are covered.

You’re being punished today, so it’ll be pointless if you felt too good from it. Therefore, I’ll end it here.

Hmm? What’s the matter? You’re free to return to your room now.

Haha! As expected of a slut.

Did you want to do it that badly?

Your lower-half is twitching while leaking nectar and tempting men.


C’mon, lift up your leg.

I’ll shove the thing you want inside you.


Your insides are still just as tight after all this time, huh. It’s almost as if I’m having sex with a virgin.

It’s in.

I’ll start moving, so let me hear your cute voice.


You’re feeling it from the back now too. Before you liked it more when I hit your shallow spots.

Now you feel good no matter what direction I thrust.

You’re as tight as a virgin but you get more and more sensitive the more sex I have with you.

Huh? What are you saying?


Damn, you, that was cheating. Are you saying that it’s my fault that you’re this sensitive?

Saying cute things unknowingly…

“My body’s been molded by you, Liam”

Those are words that could kill a man, damn it. You seriously are a woman who’s more damaging than drugs, y’know?


Don’t suck me in like that. Your folds are twisting around me and pushing me to my limit.

Fuck, because you provoke so much, I can’t last for much longer.

I’ll cum inside you.

I’ll make sure to get it deep into you, so take it all in.


Good grief, I was planning to punish you more harshly, but because you said something cute midway, I wasn’t able to last.

At the end, you went, “I’ve never felt this good.”

That part of you is really sly, y’know? I can’t help but let you off.

Oh, but, turn down that date invitation. I’ll take you instead. Let’s go on a movie date on the bar’s regular closing day.

And by the way, what movie genre do you like?

Love and romance?

Ah, hey-

How should I say it? That choice feels really you.

There’s nothing wrong with it. Let’s go watch a horror movie then, I feel like I’ll enjoy any work if it’s with you.

But afterwards, you’ll let me give you plenty of love, right?
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