【Translation】 Otsukiai no Katachi Morito Yuki


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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

お付き合いのカタチ 森戸雪

CV: Nojima Hirofumi (野島裕史)

Track 1: The Start of Dating


Good day at work.

Which floor are you heading to?


It’s been exactly half a year since we were first assigned here, hasn’t it?

I’ve finally matched your name to your face.

The post you made last time was very useful. Thank you.

Have you received this week’s sales slips?

Thought so.

I shouldn’t say this since it’s part of my responsibility, but there’s been so much happening this week that I couldn’t get around to everything.

No, it’s fine. Once I’m done with the next thing, I’ll bring them to you.

No, no, I’m the one who’s imposing on you.

I’m sorry for always being so late with everything.


Speaking of which, we had an executive meeting today.

I was asked to partake in it too. But it’s my first time being in one, so I had no idea what it’s like.

That said, I’m glad that you were there as well.

You were the first person I talked to when I was first assigned here, so I just feel closer to you. Plus, we’re close in age.

I’ll see you later then.

Now please excuse me.


Huh? Did something happen?

I’m taking a bit of a break. I’m not too good at holding my liquor, so I thought I’d hit myself with the outside wind before I get drunk.

Are you drunk?

Doesn’t appear to be the case.

I wanted to see how someone who’s normally serious like you would act when drunk though.

At any rate, was there like 50 or so people in attendance? I was late and I was shocked by the lack of seats.

I was at one of the tables in the front…


Oh? You saw from where you were?

Yes, I was surrounded by the secretaries.

It’s not like I’m popular. I’m a new employee, so they found me interesting.

You were in one of the tables further in, right?

I was planning to go over to your table once I could find a chance to, but things didn’t go that way. So I gave up and headed outside.

But I’m glad. So coincidences like this do happen.


Yeah, I mean, even if we’re in the same company, we’re in different departments, so we don’t really get the chance to sit down and talk.

We do get to talk a little like we did in the elevator today, but it was only for a few minutes at best.

To put it simply, I wanted to talk to you.


Do you like alcohol?

I see. I can’t drink much, but I like the environment. Being able to see sides you don’t normally see makes me happy.

Look, I’m even able to talk with you like this.

What do you like to eat?

Oh! That’s my hometown’s specialty! My parents would send it to me at the end of every year, would you like to share?

At year’s end then. I promise.


Once you start working the year passes by in a flash, doesn’t it? A year used to feel so long when I was a student.

What kind of student were you?

Uh-huh, uh-huh. I see, hehe. That sounds so much like you.

I had a crew cut up until and through middle school.

Oh, club-wise, I was in the soccer club, but it’s not like that was the reason I had a crew cut. Both my little brother and I had that haircut ever since we were young.

Yup! My father just went SNIPE! with a hair clipper in the backyard.

I thought it was normal, but when I entered high school, I went, “Huh? I’m different from everyone?”


My little brother is 3 years younger than me.

Because I realized that we were different, the 1st year of middle school was the end of his crew cut. And he’s grateful for that to this day.

“Thank you to you, Big brother, I got to enjoy a good middle school life.”

You can’t become popular with a crew cut, after all.


When you ask me whether I wanted to become popular… Hmm, I just want to be well-liked by the person I like. That’s all I care about.

This is the first time I’ve talked about this with someone from work.

Yeah, that is true. I get asked a lot of things by other co-workers, but I still tense up a little, so I would only speak on innocuous things.


Haa…it’s about time I head back.

Is something the matter?


Err, erm…

When you say you like me, do you mean it in a special sense?

Hey, wait! Running away right after saying it is unfair.

Allow me to say it too.

I’m in love with you as well. I’ve been interested in you since our first conversation.

Would you be willing to go out with me?


What a relief.

I kept thinking about it, but I never thought I’d be confessed to in a place like this.

There’s nothing for you to apologize for.

If anything, it’s my fault for constantly hesitating.

But anyhow, it’ll be bad if we stay here any longer. Please head back first, I’ll call you in the evening.

Mhm, let’s chat then.


Track 2: in the Commute Train


Good evening, are you free right now?

Thank god.

Oh, sorry, I laughed there. I’m already at this age, but it’s still a little nerve-wracking when it’s just the two of us.


It can’t be helped since I’m hearing your voice go directly into my ear, right? It’s almost as if we’re talking right next to each other. Which reminds me, this is the first time I’m hearing your voice through a phone.

Ah! Wait no, we did talk briefly through the extension phone once.


The extension was for the department head, but I carelessly took the call.

I was surprised to find that the person at the other end was you! You could say that it was a stroke of luck.

I still can’t believe that we’re talking to each other like this right now.


Yeah, I think that’s why I’m extra nervous.

Let’s slowly get rid of this tension.

I can’t say something clever and make you laugh, but I hope that we can slowly get to know each other and eventually be at ease together.

When do you get up tomorrow?

Whoa, that’s early!

Where’s your nearest station?

Oh, that’s surprisingly close. It’s the next station over from me.

Then, uh, why don’t we ride the same train? When do you normally take the train?

Okay, to make it easy, let’s meet at the head of the train.

I’m looking forward to it.


Are you about to go to sleep soon?

Goodnight, I’ll see you again tomorrow.


Good morning.

It was true yesterday too, but meeting outside of the workplace does feel new and different. I guess we’d be doing this more and more.

It’d be nice.

You have Saturday off, right?

Are you free?

Then why don’t we go eat some good food?

Yup, I’ll make a reservation at a restaurant.

Oh, right, is there anything you don’t like?

Okay, I’ll go ahead with it then.


Ah! People are getting on. Come closer.

Stand over to that side and I’ll stand over there.

Give me your bag.

It’s fine, there’s less chance of it hitting someone if I were to hold it and it’ll be easier for you too.

It doesn’t matter if people see, it’s not like we’re doing anything wrong. If someone does say something, I’ll explain to them properly.

……That we’re dating.


I feel motivated to work for some reason.

Can’t wait for Saturday.


Track 3: Mature Date


So sorry, I made you wait.

Your dress is so cute!

Yup, it suits you.

Let’s go.


What did you do today?

Yeah, when you’re cleaning or doing laundry, time just flies by. I guess I’m similar in that sense too.

What did you eat for lunch?

Oh? Did you make it yourself?

I see. You’re so talented.

I can’t cook at all. I haven’t used my kitchen once since I came here.


A bicycle’s coming our way.

Come here.

This distance is nice, it makes it easy to talk. That or I just want to be closer to you.

What about you?

I’m glad. Then let’s stay at this distance.

Let’s go.


Is it alright if I squeeze your hand?


I was wondering how hard am I supposed to squeeze a girl’s hand, that’s all.

I’m talking like a middle schooler, aren’t I? It’s been so long since I last held anyone’s hand.

It’s been a long time since I last dated a girl.


Really? I’m the type to unknowingly put up a wall, so I don’t often get close to a girl.

You’re right, you’re special.

I’m glad we got along. Is it alright if we locked fingers?

It would be nicer, don’t you think?

Yup, I like it too.


Thank you for the meal.

That was delicious, wasn’t it? Ahh, my stomach is so full.

Oh, look, it’s already dark outside.

Whoa, the nightscape is beautiful.

They say this restaurant’s selling points are their delicious food and this view and I heard that many people choose this place as the place they propose.

One of my older classmates is an acquaintance of the owner.

Yup, that’s how I got a reservation.

It’s our first date, so I worked a little hard on it. Would you like to walk outside for a bit?

I’ve settled the bill, so it’s fine. Let’s go.


Oh, sorry, you just look more relaxed. Do you not like that type of restaurant?

Ahh, you got overwhelmed by the restaurant’s ambiance.

I know how you feel. It’s not a place I’m used to going to either.

Then why don’t we go for a short walk and have some tea? There’s a cafe nearby, right?

Yes, the tea’s great there from what I heard. Did you know of it?

Oh, umm, can we save the cafe for later?

There’s a place that I felt like visiting. You still have time, right?

Then let’s go.


Track 4: I Want to Know You More


Here I go then!


I did it! It’s now your turn to serve.


What was that just now? It rebounded.

Oh, yes, yes, it’s called a slice serve.

But didn’t you say you weren’t experienced with table tennis? How are you able to perform such a serve?

You were only taught how to serve?

I see.

Okay, come at me. The next point will be mine.


Does it count?

Aw, it was out. That’s so frustrating.

One more.

Huh? Where did the ball go?

Eh!? I swung and missed…? How?

You’re laughing way too much.

I am too, though.

I was so surprised. I thought I served and it disappeared for a moment there.

Yeah, I know, of course not.


Ahh, I’m so frustrated with myself.

Let’s have one more match. This time I will play seriously.

Here I go!


That was so fun! Table tennis is so interesting.

You’re surprisingly competitive.

I am too?

I guess you’re right, I probably am.

It’s been so long since I last laughed this much. And it’s the first time I’ve seen you enjoy yourself that much.

No need to be embarrassed, it was super cute.

I know it’s obvious, but there’s a lot about you that I still don’t know.

Mhm, I want to know more about you.


Yeah, you’re right, we can just go on dates each week and slowly get to know each other.

But there’s one more thing I’d like to find out today.

Can I?

I’d like to know you more.


I’ve discovered another cute side to you.

You have to go now, right?

Mhm, I’ll escort you to your place.


Track 5: Condo Key


Good morning.

Yeah, I’m a little sleepy.

I was up late yesterday, my department’s currently in charge of an exhibition.

Yeah, once we’re past Saturday, all that’s left is to host it, so things should settle down a little. Speaking of which, do you have any plans this weekend?

I’m working on the Saturday, but I’m free on the Sunday.

Oh, Sunday afternoon doesn’t work for you.

Hmm, if that’s the case, it’ll be hard for us to meet. But I still want to see you.


I got an idea. Hey, why don’t you stay over on Saturday night?

That way, you can stay over at my place and we can be together till noon. What do you think?

Yes! I have to tidy things up then.

I’m looking forward to it.


Thank you for all your hard work!

These are our side’s papers. I’ve assembled them all, but please tell me if there’s anything missing.

……And do you think you can slip out for a bit?

Okay, then let’s meet at that kitchenette over there.

I’ll leave it to you then.

Please excuse me.


You worked hard. Sorry for interrupting you in the middle of work.

Right now I have to head out for a bit, and tomorrow I have to be directly at a meeting, so I don’t think I’ll be able to take that train.

So, here.

I’ll leave this key to you.

You know where my condo is, right? You can go ahead and make yourself at home.

I’ll be late, so I don’t think we’ll be able to eat dinner together.

Oh, and if you’re sleepy, don’t mind me, just sleep. Also, you’re free to use whatever’s there.

I’ll try to be back as early as I can.


Hmm, frankly, I’m exhausted, but the thought of you waiting for me at home keeps me going.

I’ll head back then.

Best of luck with your work.

Mhm, I’ll do my best too. I’ll see you around then.


Track 6: Overnight Stay


I’m home. Are you there?


I’m finally home, sorry for being so late.

You took a bath?

Did you bring those pajamas over from home?

I see. Then…

I’ve freed up this rack, so you can leave your pajamas there.

Girls need all sorts of cosmetics, don’t they? So use the place however you want.

Oh, did you perhaps prepare a bath with hot water?

Thank you so much, that makes me really happy. I’m tired, so I was thinking about submerging myself in a bath.

I’ll go ahead and hop in then.

Oh, and you don’t have to wait for me. You’re sleepy, aren’t you? So please go ahead and sleep.

Mhm, I’ll go take my bath then.


She’s asleep… How cute.

I wonder if she’s exhausted?

Let’s see, what should I…

Oh, sorry, did I wake you?

Yup, I just got out of the bath.

I’m going to sleep now. Is it alright if I slept with you here? Or are you someone who prefers to sleep alone?

Because if so, I’ll lay down a futon below and sleep there then.

You’re a person who wants to sleep with me?

That response…

It’s way too cute.


Can we do it?

Thank god.

You’re no longer sleepy?

Yeah, I know, when you’re nervous, you can’t sleep. I’m the same. I mean, you’re so cute that it’s unfair.

Look, your bra’s cute too.


It’s cute, but right now, we don’t need it.

Your breasts are lovely and the ends of them are cute too.

You reacted…

Does this feel good?

Then here too.

Is it better if I sucked them?


You’re starting to pant… And so am I.

You’re wet.

I think it’s better if we take off your underwear.

Lift your hips.

Don’t move.


You don’t dislike this, right?

That’s a relief.

This hard little place here feels good, right?

Is it fine when I lick this hard?

Should I continue?

I don’t think I can control myself either. Can I put it in?



I can, right?


It’s about halfway in. Does it hurt?

That’s good to hear, I’ll push further then.

It’s all in.

Are you in any pain?

I’ll start moving.


It feels good, but I don’t want to be the only one feeling good.

Can you wrap your arms around my neck?

Our bodies are adhering to each other… Do you like this?

I’m glad.

Open your eyes.

I love you.

I’m so happy that we’ve gotten to this point. I really love you.


Can you get up?

I’ll support you, so go on. ….And now you’re in my arms.

Your insides have gotten quite wet.

You see, I love it when we press our bodies against each other like this.

You do too?

Then let’s keep going at it like this.


Can I be a little rougher?

Your insides are tightening… So it feels good.

I feel good too.

Are you about to cum?

Not yet. I want us to cum together.


Did you cum, perhaps?

Your inside tightened, so I figured as much. You’re so lewd for cumming from it.

…But I love that part of you too.

Your hot juices are pouring out of you.

No, I still want this to last longer. It feels too good and I’m about to um.

You’re covered in sweat, and your eyes are dazed. This expression is one I would never see at work.

You mustn’t show it to anyone besides me.

I’m the only one who should know this lewd side of you.


I’m about to cum…

Can I?

Cumming, I’m cumming!


Are you alright?

That’s a relief.

This almost doesn’t feel real. You, being with me like this… I still can’t believe it even now.

What about you?

I guess we both love each other a little bit too much, It’s really nice.


I’ve been super busy this week, so I haven’t gotten much sleep.

Let’s sleep for a bit.

When we wake up, we can take a shower then.

Good night.


Track 7: I Wanted to See You No Matter What


Good morning.

Huh? Why are you covering your face?

Are you embarrassed to show me the face you have when you wake up? Even when I’ve shown you mine?

Come on, show me your face.

It’s cute like always.

I wonder what time is it now?

Oh, it’s almost 10 o’clock?

We slept in pretty late. You said that you had plans in the afternoon, right? Meeting friends from university, was it?

When do you have to leave?


Okay, then we can laze around for a little longer.


I plan to rest for the day.

Next week looks to be pretty busy, so I have to recharge my batteries.

Yup, our current project is soon coming into shape and when that happens, I’m sure there’ll be less overtime and we’ll be able to have more fun together.

Is there any place you’d like to go to?

Table tennis again?

Sure, this time around, I’ll make sure to reflect that miraculous serve.

I’d like to enjoy something tasty too.


Oh, wait! We still haven’t visited that cafe yet; we have to go there at least once.

I’m looking forward to it. Let’s work hard until then.

This has been the first time I’ve been assigned a major task since coming here. I’ve been put in a position of responsibility, so I have to meet people’s expectations.

Mhm, I’ll do my best. Thank you.


You didn’t forget anything, right?

Though, it’d be fine if you did. You’ll be coming around again soon, won’t you?

So, umm, there’s one thing I’d like to ask of you.

Please talk about me to the friend you’re meeting today. I want to meet your precious friends as well, the next chance we have.

Is that okay?


Take care then.

See you again at work.


“I headed straight to the office today, so we can’t ride the same train. Sorry.”

“Thank you for worrying about me. Don’t worry, I’ve been sleeping properly.”


Your work is much appreciated.


Good day of work.

Really? I’m fine, I’m normal.

Oh, it’s a call. Sorry, I’ll talk with you after.

Yes, it’s Morito.

Yes, thank you. Yes, yes. Ah, indeed, yes.


Sorry for the lack of warning. It’s me.


I’m sorry for intruding on you so suddenly. I just wanted to see your face no matter what.

I’m sorry, please let me stay like this for a little longer.

Uh-huh, I’m alright now.

I’m sorry for startling you.

Are you sure about that? I came without telling you.

Then, uh, please excuse my intrusion.


Thank you.

Mhm, it has a nice taste.

I’ve shown you a shameful side of me, haven’t I?

The project that I was in charge of got suspended.

I knew the possibility existed since it was a municipality-related scheduling matter, but for it to actually happen… It came as a bigger shock to me than I thought.

The problem doesn’t just affect me. I feel bad for all the other people who’ve put effort into this.

Yeah, when the word came, everyone just said that it couldn’t be helped. But even so, it was frustrating.

I feel like I’m so pathetic.

And before I knew it, I was on my way to see you.


I didn’t want you to see this lame side of me, but…

Thank you.

I’m actually fine now.

I’m wet?

Oh, it was raining. I had an umbrella, but I think my shoulders still got a bit wet.

I’m sorry, I didn’t make you wet, right?

That’s good to hear.


Yeah. Can I borrow your shower?

You have a hot bath ready?

Were you about to take a bath?

Then can we go in together? Is that okay?



Track 8: Bathing Together


As expected, it’s a bit cramped with two people.

Though, that’s also a good thing.

It’s so warm. It feels so nice. Both you and the hot water feel nice and cozy, and it feels good.

Thank you for today. I’ve finally got it out of me.

It was good that I talked to you. Since it’s about work, I can’t mention it to people outside the company, But on the flip side, I can’t be griping about it to my co-workers.

I’m glad you were there for me.


I want to do something to thank you.

No need to be hesitant, I’m doing it because I want to.

Okay, then, for the time being, I’ll wash your back. When it comes to things you’d do during a bath, this would definitely be one of them.

It’s embarrassing? Even though we’re already inside together?

I guess it’s a different story when I’m washing your body.

Let’s see. Then…

I’ve thought of something good.

You have face towels, right?

Pass me one.


The temperature should be just right…

Okay, I’ll wet you with the hot water.

It’s not too hot, right?

That’s good.

You’re still embarrassed…? I’ve blindfolded you with the towel, so you can’t see anything, right? And if you can’t see, then there’s no reason to be embarrassed, right?

I can see normally.

You’re blindfolded, I’m not. As the one who’s doing the washing, I can’t do anything if I can’t see.

Don’t worry, I’ll make you clean.


I’ll start from this shoulder.

Your skin’s so lovely, it’s so different from a man’s. It feels like your entire body’s round.

What I mean is that you’re cute.

You jumped up a little. That’s cute too.


I’m done with the back. Let’s give it a rinse.

Now let’s do the front.

Stay still, I’ll go in front of you.

Spot reached.

Oh, sorry, I was just thinking about how beautiful you are.

Don’t cover your boobs, I won’t be able to wash them. And I want to see them.

I’m really sorry, I know it makes me seem dirty-minded, but…

I guess I can’t deny it.

I love you, so your face, your body, your heart, I love them all.


I’m this dirty-minded because it’s you.

But you are feeling it, aren’t you?

I’d be happy if you’re feeling it because of me.

I don’t know if it’s because your body’s been warmed, but the tips of your breasts are pink.

You’re wet down there too.

Do you enjoy being blindfolded?


Were you surprised because I suddenly came closer?

I want to lick both sides.

Your insides have become really hot.


Sure, I’ll touch it for you, so cum.

Did you cum?

That’s good.


I’ll untie it, so stay still.

Blindfolds are nice. I want to do it again sometime.

Okay, now the blindfold’s off.

I can now see your cute face.


Place your hands on the bathtub.

Turn your butt this way.

Spread your legs a little wider.

That’s good.

You’re already wet…


It’s spilling out from inside you…

Wow, so it feels good.

I’ll keep licking you.


Can I put it in like this?

It’s in. Your insides are so hot.

It feels so good, your insides feel so good…

Was it here? The place that feels good for you?

Looks like I’m right.

Do you like this pace, or would you like me to go faster?




Does it feel good?

That’s good.

Did you cum?

I’m glad, I was about to cum too.

Can I pull out for a moment?

I’ll be sitting, so come on top of me. It’s fine, come close. I’ll support you, so lower your hips.


It’s in. Do you think you can move?

Try moving.

You’re doing good, it feels really good.

You’re at your limit already?

Let’s switch then.

Go ahead.


In this position, our bodies are pressed against each other. It’s nice. It feels so good that my mind’s about to go blank.

You’re about to cum?

It’s too risky like this…

Can I do it from the back again?


It feels good…

I’m cumming. I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


Are you alright?

What are we even doing during a bath?

I’ll give you a shower, so sit down over there.


Track 9: Please Stay By My Side Forever


I’m exhausted.

Look, my fingers are all wrinkled.

You’re right, yours are all wrinkled too.

Here’s a little spell to make it recover faster.

Yes, it’s very effective. And it’ll get better even faster if we hold hands like this.

It’s true, it’s true.

Before coming here, my mind was filled with thoughts about work. But after seeing you, some of them have dissipated.


I can’t change the outcome… I knew that, but I couldn’t stop ruminating over it.

This has made me realize how irreplaceable you are to me once again.

I love you. Please stay by my side forever.

Thank you.


I’ll leave early tomorrow, make a trip home, and get changed.

My suit got wet, after all. I have to set my mind straight and keep working my hardest.

Mhm, it’s about time we sleep.


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