【Translation】 Fukinshin Residence ~Otonari ni Sumu Ikemen Instructor to no Midara na Kankei~

Thank You to Spoon for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

フキンシン・レジデンス ~お隣に住むイケメンインストラクターとの淫らな関係~

CV: Kitayama Kyousuke (北山恭祐)

Track 1: Nice to Meet You



The new caretaker?

Oh, sorry, please wait for just a moment. I’ll come get the door.


Sorry for taking so long, I just got out of the shower.


The old caretaker suddenly broke their back?

So that’s what happened, I was wondering why I haven’t seen them lately. That’s terrible. It’s likely to happen again, so they have to be more careful.

Yes, once again, I’m Kusanagi Touma. It’s a pleasure to meet you, New Caretaker.


Regardless, I’m surprised.

No, uh, I never imagined that that caretaker would have a granddaughter. Not to mention, one that’s this cute-

No, no, it’s nothing.

By the way, you aren’t a student still, right?

Is that so? You’re two years younger than me then. That’s not much of an age difference.

You graduated from university and went straight to being a caretaker…

Is that so?

The timing might’ve been perfect, but you must’ve had a lot of other things on your mind, right?


To some degree?

Well, in any case, I think it’ll take a while before you get used to the job. So if anything happens, don’t hesitate to confide in me. I’ll be handy for physical work.

Oh, and since we’re close in age, it’s fine to speak to me casually. No need to be formal.

And you used formal speech right as I said it.

Are you nervous?

Uh, it’s my fault?

Sorry, sorry, it’s been too hot, so I couldn’t keep my shirt on.


Huh? Oh, these?

I’m pretty proud of them.

Would you like to try touching my biceps? I work as a gym instructor. In that place with the light-up signage in front of the station.

Daily muscle training is important. If you’re curious, I can teach you how.

No, no, not at all.

People say it’s for celebrities, but what I do is essentially one-to-one lectures. It’s no different from normal office work.

I do train countless talents and models, but to me, everyone’s the same.


Oh, thank you.


These white shortbread cookies… They’re a Yokohane specialty, right?

I ate them all the time when I was a child. They’re crunchy and they melt when you pop them in your mouth.

So you like them too?

I was born and raised in Yokohane. I lived there up until and through high school.

What a coincidence. Perhaps we might’ve even attended the same high school.

I’m from Yokohane Northern High.

Whoa, Southern?

I often cycled past that area. There was a brick warehouse near it, right?


Yes, yes, people often say that I’m great at sports. I was a regular in my school’s inter-high baseball team.

Same with soccer and rugby.

It was exhausting, honestly.

The grounds were hella noisy, there were guys that were constantly yelling, and people even asked to be allowed earplugs.

It’s so nostalgic.

I haven’t been back there recently. Frankly, I forgot that I liked white shortbread cookies.


Hey, umm, have we ever met before?

Or not.

How should I say it? We have a lot of points in common.

Uh. No, no, no, that’s not what I meant!

I’m sorry, please forget that. It does seem like a poor pick-up line.

What was I even saying, hehe…



Again, it’s nice to meet you. I’ll be in your care, New Caretaker.

Oh, umm, are you fine with time? Sorry for dragging out the long conversation for this long, you were just so easy to talk to.

I’ll see you around then.


Track 2: Kusanagi from Unit 102…


Hi, it’s me, Kusanagi. Sorry for disturbing you at night.


Good evening.

Something smells nice.

Mackerel cooked in miso?

I love anything stewed; my mother often cooked things that way at home.

So, uh, the fact of the matter is, I lost one of my belongings, No, no, I’m asking if it’s been found.

You see, it appears that my laundry has flown over to your balcony.

I was planning to ask you around the same time tomorrow, but right now I have constant morning shifts, and there’ve been forecasts of heavy rain… So I thought it’d be better to be quick about it.



Uh, uh, wait!!!

No, umm, you don’t have to go over. How should I put it? Having the caretaker retrieve it is a little…embarrassing.


It’s my underwear.

Are you sure?

I feel like no matter how it plays out, it’s still a massive bother for you. I’m really sorry.

I’ll take you up on your offer then. Please excuse me.


Huh? I swear I saw it around here earlier. I’m almost certain it fell onto where the air conditioner is on the balcony.


Ah, no, even without an electric torch, I can…

There it is.


Is it really that…? To call it “amazing” underwear.

I mean, it is a black bikini.

It’s amazing… So it’s amazing. Haha! You’re acting so serious. It’s pretty funny.

This is the first time anyone’s called my underwear “amazing” straight to my face. It’s not something that often happens.

Eh? Is this really that unusual?

Or rather, have you honestly seen that many pairs of male underwear before? …Like privately?


I see, so just your family’s. In other words, your father wore trunks.

Sorry, sorry, I got too carried away.

Well, I’ll be going then. It’s not good for me to stay too long.

I’m truly thankful. Now please excuse me.


Was that lightning just now?

I never noticed. So it’s been flashing for the past while… Then that’s all the reason for me to go.


That photo…

Were you perhaps your school’s tennis team manager?

So it’s just a club.

Were you the only girl?

Oh, everyone else found it to be too harsh, and quit. As the sole girl amongst a bunch of men, it must’ve been difficult, right?


There it is again. Is that your go-to saying?

That “depends on how you look at it” thing.

I’ll take this chance to ask you, but were you considered rather popular?


Not “depends on how you look at it”?

I see. I think I might understand. You’re well put together, so I’m sure you attracted a lot of men who want to be pampered.

I have a sharp sense for that type of thing.

In summary, you’re the type who wants to be spoiled by their boyfriend.


Hmm? That expression… Looks like I’ve hit a bullseye.

I seem popular?

I wonder about that. I’m not good with women. Though rather than saying I’m bad with women, I guess I find it bothersome?

Was that unexpected?

Because of the way I look, most people immediately jump to conclusions. And when I say conclusions, I mean they think I’m easy to approach.

And since they do so in that sense, I’m a bit tired of it.

There are some rather aggressive women amongst those that visit the gym. When they try to ask me out, I just go, yeah, yeah, yeah.

And when that happens, I just sigh when I get home.


Oh, sorry, I’m complaining all of a sudden. That’s not cool of me.


Even if I look like this, I still suffer problems like everyone else.

Well, normally I don’t tend to mention these things. I don’t know why, but it just slips out of my mouth when I’m in front of you.

Pretend I didn’t say anything.

Hmm, as an apology for listening to my strange talks, is there something I could help you with?

Please tell me if you ever need a male helper.

Things like tidying that pile of cardboard there, or any other manual labor, please leave them to me.

Oh, and if you don’t like me doing this, please don’t hesitate to tell me.


Really? That’s good to hear. It’ll be bad if my meddling was one-sided, after all.

So, what do I, or what should I do?

Oh, okay. So the box at the very top?

Where do I put it?

Roger that.


This is pretty heavy. This will serve as great muscle training.

Men should at least be capable of this.

Oh, can you hold onto this light box?

Ah! W-W-Wait…!

Ow, ow.

Are you alright?

You’re trembling, though.

It’s fine, it’s fine, don’t worry about me, I’m sorry for falling over on you. Are you hurt in any way?


I guess this robust body had its use.

So you can’t handle thunder.

If you’re feeling anxious, I could stay with you a little longer.

I mean, the thunder will slowly get farther and farther away, so it’s not a big deal. Please don’t worry about it. For me, this is kind of a lucky opportunity.

Ah! Hey, hey, no need to run away at full speed.

Look who’s talking.

Let’s leave it at that then.


What are you doing?


Eh? For me?

You’re giving this to me?

Yes! I was about to make dinner, so this is perfect timing! For me to receive a home-made meal from the caretaker, today’s truly a lucky day.

You’re welcome.

I’ll return this tupperware after.

I’ll take my leave then.


Track 3: The Caretaker in Unit 101…


Caretaker! Why are you standing in front of my house?

I got it, you want me to move the cardboard again.

No problem, I’ll head there immediately.

Something fell on my balcony? …I feel like I’ve heard this story before.

Of course. Go ahead.


What’s the plan?

I’ll get it if you’re fine with it.

You’ll get it yourself?

Either works.


Did you find it?

By the way, what is it that you dropped?

Uh, don’t tell me…it’s this.

Uh, uh, I picked this up from my balcony earlier. I wasn’t sure if I should’ve handed straight to you.

That said…

My underwear flew over last time, and now it’s your bra. Are we both massive idiots or what?

Hehe. Hahahahaha!

I can’t. My stomach’s hurting.


Those mackerel cooked in miso were delicious.

It wasn’t fishy and the dashi was great. You’re so good at cooking.

Oh? So you practiced this back when you were a manager.

So you cooked during training camps?

You have a bunch of starving guys, so on the flip side, there’s leeway to be had, right?

They wouldn’t know when to stop, after all.

It’s just mayhem, they would keep eating until they were absolutely full High school sports club members, that is.


Well, you see, I found my racket.

Though it’s already a tale of the past.

My school’s tennis club is a regular participant in the national-level competitions. We’d be running around from morning till night until it was pitch-black out.

And the practice schedule was tough.

But no one would actually say that.


So you knew about me…

Yes, that’s right, I was once called an ace.

The memories are still vivid.

Yes, yes, I was particularly good at serving. And because of that, we ranked high.

It was really fun doing those days, I had no intention of losing. All I thought about each day was tennis.

I never thought I’d have to quit because of an injury though…

It’s alright, it’s a part of how it is. I’ve accepted my retirement.


You’re trying to comfort me…?

No, it’s fine.

You’re kind. You’re treating me with such care.

I’m so lame, I’m always having you encourage me.

Oh my, you know so much. As expected of a former tennis club manager.

I used to place a victory charm on my racket cover to increase my chances of winning a match.


You picked it up once? My charm?

During the summer tournament?

So it was you……


I would always clench this and pray before a match.

It was bought by my deceased mother, so I treasured it, I treasured it a lot.

There was one time I lost it.

On top of that, it was right before the finals.

Losing the charm, the crucial part of my routine… I thought I was about to have a heart attack.

As a last resort, I ran to the tournament headquarters. And when I did, it was there; I was so relieved. When I asked them who found it, all they would tell me was that they were a girl.

I never could’ve imagined that…it would be you.

I’ve always wanted to meet you.

Maybe that’s why, even though it was our first time meeting, I felt like I’ve met you before. And why I felt happy each time I saw you, each time I heard your voice.


And at some point, I could no longer take you off my mind.



I won’t stop.

Your lips are way too cute. Your tiny tongue too…

I feel like I’m going numb.


I’m not going to stop.

The mouth that says such things… I’ll silent it.

These lips are so soft.

These earlobes too.

I want to make love to all of you.


Whoa, look at you struggling. You’re such a naughty girl.

I told you, I wouldn’t let you go.

Such soft breasts…

I can tell even with your bra on. They’re molding to the shape of my hand.


What an adorable-looking bra.

It’s similar to what I picked up earlier. They’re both a beautiful white and endowed with fluffy lace.

The one I picked up…  The one I just took off…

They both smell of you.

I’m joking.

You look cute when you’re angry too.

That said…

You look sexy when half-dressed.


No, don’t cover them. Let me have a good look at them.

Considering you wear such adorable-looking bras… Your nipples are hard. So you’re feeling it, huh?

They’re rock hard.

I’m not wrong. You’re feeling good from me touching you.

I’ll undo the hook.

They’re a lovely white. They’re cute, and they’re soft.

Look, they’re clinging to my hands.


When I picked up the bra, I had a feeling it was yours. It suited you. Moreover, it smelt of a sweet, gentle girl.

It’s always emanating from you. And now, I can bury myself in it.

When I smell it from up close…

It’s no use, I can’t stop. I’m addicted to it.


They’re so soft… Now I’ve kneaded them, I want to lick them.

They taste so good, they taste of you. When I suck on them, I can feel how hard your nipples are getting.

The sweetness is spreading inside my mouth.


Your boobs…

I think I’ve sucked them a little too hard. This will probably leave a kiss mark.

It’d be proof that you’re mine, right?


No, I won’t stop. Because look, your panties are wet, are they not?


It’s thick. It’s coating my fingers.


You’re the one who’s gonna be in a bind if I were to stop, no? Look at how wet you are.

You’re so lewd, aren’t you?


I see, so it’s your first time. Having been surrounded by men, and having been a manager, that’s all the more reason not to stop.

When you and your virginity are right before my eyes, how could I stop?

I don’t want to hand you over to anyone.


Your butt is so smooth. And the curvature of your back is beautiful too.

You look like a cat in heat.

Can you feel it? Can you feel it touching your ass along with ‘that’ place?

It’s right up against you.

It’s what this wet place of yours wants.

Admit it.

The tip is wet just like you. You can tell, can’t you?


Wow, it’s so warm, and soft. I want to stick it inside.

What about you?

I can’t? But why?

Even though you’re in this state? Even if you say no, why would I believe you?


I’m putting it in.


Here I go.

Make sure to loosen up.

Look, the head is slowly making its way inside. It’s so tight.

I’ll push it a little further in.


The tip is in. In inside your pussy.

It’s clamping down on me…

This is the best! It feels so good. It feels so damn good. It’s sucking me in.

No more?

Because you have such a warm pleasurable pussy, my hips start moving on their own.


You’re sweaty and wet.

Your boobs… Each time I thrust into you with cock, they sway back and forth. And it turns me on even more.

You’re such a naughty girl. Your insides are getting wetter and wetter.

You can hear it, can’t you? …The sounds of how wet you are.

Go on, make the sounds louder, make your voice louder. Your virgin pussy is dripping with dirty wet juices as if it’s drooling.

It’s saying that it feels good.


Huh? Do you not like it from the back?

I…like it though.

I can pound you with my hard cock like this while viewing the lines of your back.

Frankly, I find it super arousing.

I love you. I want even more of you.


Oh, sorry, I got a little bit too into it.

Come over this way.

Come closer.

I’m sorry for being so rough, but I just can’t stop myself, you see. You’re just way too cute. It’s like I’m no longer myself.

I can’t reason.


Show me your face.

Let me kiss you.


Do you feel my emotions?


Your pussy is different from before. It’s clamping down on me like it’s grabbing hold of my dick.

Turn this way.

Yes, that look of pleasure on your face really gets me going.

The more I kiss you, the more I desire.


Your lips are the best, and your drenched, top-class pussy is mine. It gives me so much excitement.

Damn, I’m about to cum.

This is bad, I don’t think I can last much longer… Your soaking wet pussy is coiling around me.

I’m going to cum-


Where do you want me to cum?

It feels so good…

I’m going to cum. I’m at my limit. My cock is hitting the back of your pussy.

I’ll cum now.



Wow, it’s like it’s squeezing me dry.

Do you feel it shooting out of me?

My mind’s blank.

Let me kiss you.


Are you…crying?

I’m sorry.

I, uh…

Hey, hey wait!


Track 4: I Made Too Much…



Ah, I’ll head there right now!


It’s been a while…

Of course, right?

I thought you’d never want to speak with me again.

What are you trying to do?

Of course you were, of course you were surprised. I don’t understand why I suddenly did the things I did either.

Eh? What is this? Meat and potato stew?

You made too much…?


Oh, sorry.

But even so, I-


After that incident, I couldn’t focus on anything. There wasn’t a day where I didn’t think about you.

When I’m working and even when I’m not.

Especially when I’m back home, your face would constantly pop up in my mind. And my heart would ache… You’re the only person in the world who makes me feel this passionate.

I knew. Is it alright for me to touch you?

If you say no then I won’t do such things again. Ever. I swear.

Aiming for your body?

I guess it can’t be helped that you think of me that way…

I’m sorry.

Still, I’ll make it clear to you that that isn’t the case, so,,,

I’m not lying. I won’t ever make you cry or hurt you like that again. Though it’s strange of me to say it, I want you to trust me just one more time.


I know.

You don’t have to forgive me for what I did that day. I don’t care what you do to me.

So…as long as you’re willing, please come inside my unit once more.

I love you.

I want to make you mine, I want to shower you with mountains of affection. Those are my intentions.

……If you’re okay with it, of course.

Thank you.

I’m so happy.


Your scent, your warmth… They’re all mine.

I’ll never let you go.

You’re the only one I want to kiss.

Like I thought, I can’t stop.


Open your mouth.

Your tongue… I want it.


Huh? Are you alright?

Your knees are giving out?

Then grab onto me.

Your kisses are delectable. They’re like a drug. Your soft tongue is slowly entwining around me.

You taste so sweet…


I desire you so much that I can’t help it.

Kiss me.

When I get a good whiff of your scent…my mind gets sent to heaven.

Can I take off your bra? I want to touch you directly.


It’s off.

It smells good. It’s your…

Your breasts are particularly sweet. And when I touch them, they suck me in. They meld to the shape of my hands.

And it makes me want to suck them.


I’ll roll your nipples around.

They’re getting harder… It’s cute.

Your voice is leaking out. So you feel it when I bite your nipples, huh?


I’ll suck them gently.


Your eyes look dazed.

Let me hear more of your moans… Let out your voice as I touch you and lick you.


Your shoulders are trembling.

The sight of you writhing seriously arouses me.

Like I thought… It feels good, doesn’t it?


Go on. More. Be more honest.

You have no strength in you, huh.

What state is this place in, I wonder?


Look, you’re already drenched. And you’re clamping down on my fingers hard.

It’s like you’re spilling honey.

Whoa there.

I guess you’re unable to stand.

It happens when you’re such a mess.

Hold onto me.


You’re not heavy at all. If anything, it makes it easier for me to kiss. Plus I carry you wherever I want, so this is convenient for me.

Can you stand by yourself?

Okay. Here, can you please your hands on the window?

Isn’t that obvious?

I want to show the sight of you drowning in pleasure while stuffed with my cock to passing pedestrians.


My dick is rock hard.

I’ll put it in right now.


You’re so damn wet… And it’s hot. Your pussy feels slippery, and it feels great.

And it’s slowly coiling around me.

Your face is reflected in the glass of the window.

It’s red and it’s like your mind is gone.

How lewd.



Your boobs…are slamming against the window and getting squished.

It’s sexy. I can’t get enough of it.

I’ll thrust deep inside you.

You like it deep, though. Your pussy is pulling me in deeper and sucking me.

You don’t want to be seen?

I see.


If someone were to catch a glimpse of such a lewd expression, they’ll probably never forget it.

Then If you shake your hips nicely, I’ll change locations.


It’s not hard. I can feel that you’re enjoying it deep.

Come on.


Your back is bending backward… It feels good, doesn’t it? You should be close to cumming.

That’s what your pussy seems to be saying. It’s tightening around me, and your insides are melded perfectly to my shape.

With this, you’re mine.

Don’t let anyone else use this pussy. Got it?


I’m just smashing the back… My dick feels like it’s about to melt.

You’re starting to shake your hips too.


You’re turned on, aren’t you? You’re wringing me.

It’s reflected in the glass again.

Your face is even sexier than before. Each time I thrust my cock deep into you,,,

Lift your head.

I can see it clearly through the glass… It gets me going.


That face has been seen by both me and passerbys now, hasn’t it?

It’s embarrassing?

But the sight of you enduring it is incredibly cute.

Come on, say it. Say that you’re about to cum.


I’m pounding you…and you’re squeezing me.


Go on, lose your mind. Let me see you become lewder and lewder.

I want us to get messed up together.


You let out quite the moan just now.

And your pussy’s gripping me tightly.

Are you about to cum, perhaps?

Wow, your pussy’s spasming. Did you cum?


Whoa, are you alright?

Even though it’s your second time, to feel it this easily… Are you aware? My dick’s made you cum.

Just wow,

I think our physical compatibility might just be perfect.

It’s real. Our physical compatibility.

The way you tighten the moment I put it in, the preciseness of it… It’s out of this world.

I felt it and I was astonished, honestly.


Mhm, it felt really good. It was wonderful.

This time, let’s cum together.

Come here.

Cute. Cling to me close if you want, I don’t mind.


Okay, I’m letting you down.

This time we’ll do it here while facing each other.

So cute.

You’re mine and mine alone.


Are you able to move?

Come here.

Come on top of my lap.

That’s right. I want to see your face.

Now, can I?

I’ll insert it again.


Look at me.

It’s going in even more smoothly than before.


It went all the way in, all at once.

The moment my dick goes in is seriously sexy.

Ahh, as expected… I want to kiss too.

Go on, keep cumming.

In this position, when I thrust into you, your boobs quiver right before me. Plus, I can grab them with my hands like this.


While pounding your pussy…

You smell so good. I can gently massage your breasts too.

I’ll make you feel real good.

Your nipples look delicious too. Can I lick them?

I’ll lick them.


Damn, your pussy, your pussy is clamping down on me.

Do you like your nipple?

Come on, it feels good, right?

Here, I’ll make you cum.


Are you about to cum again?

Even if you hide it, it feels good when I tease both your nipples and pussy at the same time, right?

Go ahead, cum whenever.


Feel free. Dig your nails in.

It’s fine, it doesn’t hurt. Transfer it to me.

It’s proof that you’re cumming, is it not?



It doesn’t matter if someone finds out. They’re the nail marks of my girlfriend.

The sex was incredible, and it was with a hella cute girl… Is what I’ll boast.

It’s absolutely great.


You’re cumming,.. You pussy’s tightening again.

I’m happy.

Go ahead and cum again. I’ll cum together with you.

Incredible! Your pussy is quivering.

It feels so good.

I’m about too…


I’m cumming!


I came so much.

It was amazing, it was the best sex I’ve ever had.

I have no intention of letting you go…

You belong to me.


I’m pulling out.

Can you tell? Cum is slowly leaking out of your pussy.

I’ll wipe it for you.

No need to be embarrassed.

Spread your legs.

It’s fine.

Here, I’ll get you clean.


Trembling like that… Since you just came, you must be extremely sensitive.


I’m only incredibly horny when it comes to you.

Huh? Your pussy’s wet again.


This isn’t good, I don’t think we’ll be able to stop. Because look, I’m erect again like it’s still isn’t satisfied.

Can we go one more round?

We’ll do it missionary again, so let’s feel good together while gazing at each other’s faces.


I’m putting it in…

Make sure you feel everything.

I don’t care if you become a complete mess. I’ll accept it all.

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One Comment

  1. Wendy

    Omg, no wonder! The more I kept listening I was reminded of another one named PE Teacher (from the label Dusk). When I reached the first H scene and heard him panting I was like… Makoto, Makoto-sensei?
    He is ALWAYS so intense with the MC, hahaha.

    I think I felt some kind of similarity because is the same VA. I didn’t know it was going to be him, hehe.
    … But I see that the smell fetish is still a constant with him.

    Thanks to Spoon for commissioning this one, I’ve actually been waiting for it! ❤
    And thank you for translating it! ❤


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