【Translation】 Chiai Express ~Watashi wo Oitsumeru Kare no Yubisaki~


Thank You to Rae for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

痴愛エクスプレス ~わたしを追いつめる彼の指先~

CV: Yamanaka Masayuki (やまなか正之)



Coworker #1: Just come. It’ll put me in a bind if you don’t.

Sorry, but when it comes to that, I’m a little…

Coworker #1: Don’t say something so cold. I’ll pick a restaurant with delicious food. So, come on, think of it saving me from a predicament.

Coworker #2: Hey, enough. Getting Fujiki to come to a mixer is pretty much impossible. I’m sure you know that he hates women.

I don’t particularly hate women.

Coworker #2: Either way, you used him as bait to gather up some beauties, didn’t you?

Coworker #1: Don’t say it outright. I’m also desperate. When you get to this age, the number of married people around you increases.

Katou, this Friday is out of the question regardless. My mother and father are coming to Tokyo.


Coworker #2: Oh? That’s unusual?

They’re just touring Tokyo, though.

Well, it is the occasional show of respect for my parents.


Be good to one’s parents…

Perhaps like Katou said, starting a family and showing the face of their grandchild’s on the top of the list.

Though, that still feels way off into the future.

Invitations to mixers… I wonder how many of them I’ve turned down?

“Hates women”

While it shocked me that I’m thought of in that way, I guess it’s not unexpected.

While I’ve had several girlfriends before, after 3 months or so, they would break up with me saying that they don’t understand what’s on my mind or that they don’t feel loved. So lately, I find anything concerning women to be a bother.


I guess it wouldn’t be correct to call it a bother. In reality, I’m just scared.


In a corner of my heart, I’m afraid they’d disappear without warning like the other girls. And when I have that thought, deep down, I feel like loving someone would all be in vain.

Love, love.

I feel that even if I cherished them, they would leave my side without a word. So when a girlfriend does leave me, I just think to myself… “How could I expect anything different?” and never felt anything beyond that.


The one who started it all was that person. The person who rode the same train as me in middle school.

Morning after morning, I would simply look at her.

But one day, she suddenly disappeared.

I changed times, I changed trains, I tried many methods to find her, but in the end, I never did.

Although I really did love her, she left no traces as if she vanished in a puff of smoke.


If I ever feel like that again, this time around, I wouldn’t just watch. I’m no longer a child, I ought to talk to them properly, touch them, and make them look my way……


Was there a delay? It’s not normally this crowded on the return ride.

Being pushed this close to the door…

At this rate, I’ll be in trouble when it’s time to step off.

I’m glad I have a large stature. Had I been small, I feel like I would’ve been squashed.

!? Ugh!


Uh. No, I’m fine. Are you alright yourself?

Whoa, so close.

Aren’t we a little too close? You’re tightly cramped between my arms. Your dainty shoulders, your tiny ears……

Umm, it’s fine, so stay.

If you stay here, you won’t get crushed.


Uwah. A smile.



Oh, it’s you, Dad.

It’s noisy…?

Oh, uh, I just got off the train,

Yes, I remember. You’re coming next weekend, right?

Eh? Wife prospects…? A girl I like?

There’s none, there’s none, I don’t have anyone to introduce to you, so please don’t get your hopes up in that regard.

I know. I know. I know.

Please tell that to Mom too.


A person I like, huh.

This time, I ought to make sure I don’t lose sight of them.


Track 1: I Will Never Let Go of You Again



Whoa there! No need to force yourself to turn around. Your bag will end up hitting other people.

Hello, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Have you well?



Uh, do you perhaps not remember me?

You know, it’s me. It’s me.

Didn’t we meet last Monday in a horribly packed train? Today’s still pretty packed, but it’s still better than it was last time.

Ah! Wait, where are you going? It’s dangerous to wander around when the train’s in motion.



You see, I’ve always wanted to hug you again like this.

Umm, do you really not remember me?

Eh? That’s a bit of a shock. I’ve been searching for you every day since then.

Although you seemed to have been leaving work, where you were from, what line you ride and at what time do you ride…

I searched for you all over and finally found you the day before yesterday.

While I wanted to immediately call out to you, I didn’t have the courage to. So the day before yesterday, I decided to follow you instead of calling out to you.



You know, I was worried whether you’d return home safely. It’d be bad you got stuck in a packed train again and the streets are dangerous at night.

But even so, your house is pretty to the station, isn’t it?

It was a relief for me.

Was that a condo targeted at singles? It’s quite nice.


Huh? Are you cold? It’s almost as if your body’s shivering.

I’ll warm you up then.


It’ll be fine. When it’s this packed, no one would notice even if we’re making out. Come on, come closer to me like you did the other day and entrust your body to me.

Ah! You’re surprisingly shy. …Even though you were so bold on Monday.

Oh, or are you still under the belief that we’ve just met?


Please don’t worry about that. I went and found you.

No, perhaps it’s more correct to say that you’ve found me. Amidst all these people, the two of us met. It can’t be anything but fate, right?


Sorry, you’ve noticed, haven’t you?

I’ve been thinking about you all this time, so just by hugging you, my body started reacting on its own.


I’m not a pervert. It’s not like I’m like this all the time. I can’t help but get erect if I’m snuggled up to the person I like, right?

Or are you saying that you’re different?

…Shall we check?


When I think about how I’m touching your body for the first time, it feels like my hands will start shaking.

How do you like being touched?

Oh, if I were to slip my hands inside your coat, no one would know what we’re doing.


Your shirt is slightly damp with sweat.

It is hot inside the train, isn’t it?

It’ll get wet, won’t it? Shall I undo the button around your chest? You might feel a little cooler that way.


I told you, don’t struggle, it’ll be embarrassing if somebody else were to find out that we’re making out, won’t it?

Well, we could immediately get off the train and head over to a hotel.

But you want even the time it takes for that, right? Because I want to touch you right now.


I’ve now reached your bra. It is a shame that I can’t see it, though.

Hey, what kind of bra are you wearing?

What color is it?

Not “I don’t want to.” Say it properly. Or…should I take your coat off here and check it myself?

Well, the latter’s more embarrassing, right?

So please tell me it in secret.

I can’t hear you. Say it clearly to my ear.


Having you whisper into my ear is out of this world……

Your long breathes are hot, and it makes my ears tingle.

Well, can you tell? It’s gotten bigger than before. Not to mention, you were wearing such lewd undergarments.

How unexpected. To think you were wearing something like that under this coat…


Oh, are you embarrassed? Your ears are bright red.

Cute. I want to just eat you up.


You’re acting a little too surprised. If you tremble so much, the people around us will notice.

Are you feeling it from your ears?

So you’re the same as me.

I’ll make you feel good, so stay still and hang in there.


So cute.

Ever since the moment you lept into my arms, towards you, I…

You’re trembling again.

But it’s no longer because you’re cold, right? Look, your chest is even sweatier than before.


Are you perhaps hoping for me to touch you more?


Sure, I’ll tease your nipples directly.


They’re so soft.

So you’re the type that looks slender in clothing, eh. They’re bigger than I imagined.

Oh, your nipples are already hard.

Do you like having this place touched?

Eh? Really?

Even if you lie, I can tell by your reaction. If I were to pinch them hard…



Why did you make up a lie? You should know that lying to me is pointless, right?

Be honest.

I told you that I’d make you feel super good whilst you’re in my embrace, did I not? So please focus on the fingers under your coat.


You’re sensitive, aren’t you?

You may be trying your best to endure it, but everything’s showing.

This is my doing, is it not?

So you like having your nipples flicked with the tip of my fingers. How cute. You really are adorable.

I’ll lick this ear too.


Both your ears have now been licked by me.

They’re all wet with my saliva, aren’t they?

Can I stick my tongue inside your ear? …I want to ravage this tiny, narrow opening with my tongue.


Yes, cling onto my arms more tightly.

Don’t just shake, stand properly, alright?


You’re starting to pant.

Ah, does it really feel that good?

You see, when I ravage your ears with your tongue, I get super aroused too. And I’m now painfully hard.

If things are like this, I’m sure it’s quite a sight under that underwear.

You know, when I first met you, your hair was disheveled being crushed by the sea of people amidst the tightly packed train and these tiny ears were out in the open, and it got my heart racing.

And that’s why I really wanted to see you again.


Hey, turn this way.

Kiss. Let’s kiss.

Oh dear, don’t be so shy.

People are watching?

At this point, it doesn’t matter. If people want to watch, let them watch. Although the order’s reversed, the kiss is so that we can become lovers.

I’ll never let go of you again.


My cute love……


Track 2: I’ve Finally Found You. I’ve Been Searching for You, You Know?


I’ve finally found you.


Good evening.

The moment we reached the station the other day, you got off as though you were trying to run away, and it surprised me.

I was so focused on the kiss that I wasn’t able to stop you.

Oh, right, did you change your commute route to work?

If that were the case, you should’ve told me. I had a hard time finding you again, you know? Do you have a hobby of whimsically toying with your boyfriend?

Speaking of which, we haven’t exchanged contact information yet, right?

I guess we resemble each other in our carelessness.


Hmm? What’s the matter? Why are you making that expression?

The game of tag’s over.

Give me a break.

Or are you perhaps angry by any chance? Should I have brought it down a level?

But that day, it felt so good that I got carried away. Plus, I was in high spirits because not only did I meet you again, but we also deepened our relationship.

Hugging, kissing…

I had no plans of letting you go ever again.


Hey, I’ve found my way to you again, haven’t I? So please reward me.


Aah…I knew it, embracing you from the front is nice too. The curves of your body are pressed against mine.

Don’t you think the bodies of men and women fit nicely together like this?


Did I hug you too tightly?

It must’ve hurt. Sorry.

Lift your face.


Yes, it’s those lips…

I’ve even seen it in my dreams these past few days. I’ve never had kisses that felt this good with anyone.

Like I thought, you’re special.


It’s fine here, right? It’s the best position by the window.

No matter how much we kiss, or even if we go beyond that, I’d serve as a wall and it won’t be visible to anyone else.

So there’s no reason for you to be embarrassed today, right? We’ll be able to make lots of love, right?

Hmm? You don’t want to do it on the train?

Don’t say that.

Well, traveling over to your house or somewhere else quiet might be a good idea, but you know what, this is a special place, is it not?


That’s right. It’s the special place where we met.

When I hear the sounds and feel the vibrations of the train in motion, it makes my heart race and it makes me want to do a bunch of naughty things with you here.

……So let’s kiss again.


See? No one’s watching.

Although there’re a lot of people around, this is our little world.

So today, what kind of lingerie are you wearing today?

Show me.


Oh, how cute. So this is the type you like, huh. Can it be that my request got transmitted via telepathy?

Haha. I’m joking, I’m joking, it’s a joke, so don’t pull back.

But…I can tell that you quickly want your breasts touched and be made to feel tons of pleasure.

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, so don’t struggle and let me touch you.

I’ll tease your nipples, so hold back your voice, alright?


Look, they immediately react, and harden.

When you’re like that, it’s not convincing at all even when you say “No, stop!”, so be honest. I love it when you’re lewd too.


Yes, yes, that’s a good feel. Your breasts feel really good, don’t they?


Ah! The nape of your neck’s covered in sweat.

When you look to be feeling that good, I won’t be able to hold back either.

Are you not aware that you’re riling me up? That voice, that expression, that scent, everything about you arouses me.

It’s painful under my clothes…

Hey, this, can I free this?

It’s alright for me to free my dick, right?


Whoa there. You promised not to let out your voice earlier, didn’t you?

You’re a good girl, so be quiet.


Please don’t stare at it.

How embarrassing. It’s your fault that it’s rock hard, you know? Do you realize that?

Oh. Don’t tell me that it’s your first time seeing one……

Thank god. Because regardless, I think it’d be difficult to have your first time taken on a train. But since that’s not the case, you’re willing, right?

Let’s try lifting one of your legs.


Yes, yes, I’ll be propping it up, so you just have to relax a little.

No need to worry, I won’t shove it in suddenly. I would never do something so barbaric to someone I cherish.

I’ll press the head up against the entrance like this.

In that case, let’s start by rubbing against each other.


I’ll match the shaking of the train, so it’ll be alright. No one will realize that we’re doing something this obscene.


How is it?

Can you tell that the head is pressed right up against your entrance?

The length of it is wrapped in your folds, and it feels so good. And each time the train shakes, it rubs against your clit too, doesn’t it?

Looks like it has gotten a little slippery.

You’re feeling it, aren’t you?

I’m happy.


I can’t, it’s no use, I can’t resist.

It’s fine, right?

Please let me inside of you.


Haha. It’ll be fine. Just a bit more.

There’s still another 5 minutes until we reach the next station, right? Plus, you want it, don’t you? …My dick, that is.

Look, with the slight shift in angle, the tip went in.


Your insides are so warm.

Hey, can you tell that you’re slowly swallowing me up?

It’s all in.

All the way in your pussy. All of it.


I thought I’d wait until it was a bit wetter, but it seems like it was alright. You’re plenty wet enough, your insides are soaking wet.

Your naughty folds are wrapped around my dick.

When it feels this good even though I’m still, I wonder what’ll happen if I were to move?

I’ll say this again, but please make sure to suppress your voice, alright?


It feels so good…

It feels good, your pussy feels so good. Come on, touch this place, touch this place where we’re joined.

It’s like a dream. To think I’m actually having sex with you…

I’m so happy that my mind is turning to mush.

Feel good…


Well? Does my dick feel good?

You’re teary and you’re not letting out your voice either.

How cute.

That said, I’m a little frustrated on my side. In truth, I want to move more noisily and vigorously, but as expected, I can’t be doing that here, can I?

But if I were to move slowly like this…

Your pussy would tighten and coil around me, and I can feel all of it.

Even if you say no with your mouth, this place really wants me, doesn’t it?


I know. It’s fine.

Before we reach the station, I’ll make sure to pour all my semen inside you.


I love you. I love you so much.

I’m completely yours.

I’ll fill you through and through to the brim, so please accept all of it with your body.


No, I’m about to cum…

Here I go. I’ll cum inside of you.


Incredible. This is the first time I’ve had sex like this.

I wish I could stay like this forever.

I’m really reluctant to part, but we’ll be reaching the station soon, so I have to pull, don’t I?

Listen. Please don’t spill even a single drop on your way home, alright?


Ah! I’m a mess too.


Well then, stay safe.

Don’t look so uneasy, otherwise, I really might not be able to let go.

It’ll be fine, we’ll meet again.

……Without fail.


Until next time.


Track 3: I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Love You


Mister. Mister, that girl doesn’t look like she wants it.

Man: Eh? Who are you?

I’m dating her.

Man: Huh? Hah!?

Don’t touch my woman without permission.

Man: Uh… Eee!


Again. You disappeared again.

This time, you switched trains, huh. I was panicked because I didn’t see you the day after and the day after that.

Did you know? If you’re not with me, you might get crushed by people again amidst a packed train or have your body touched by a molester like you were just now.

You wouldn’t want that, right?

Please rely on me more as a boyfriend.

You…as long as you’re with me, I can be at ease. Okay?



Don’t be scared, it’s alright now.

Come here.


You’re cute today too.

Had I not met you today, I thought I’d have no choice but to head over your house.

I was worried that I’d surprise you by visiting so suddenly, but it can’t be helped, right? Because I have no other means besides that.

Or were you perhaps hoping for that?

Did you want me to escort you all the way to your house?

You’re a surprisingly romantic princess, aren’t you?


Come on, pass it over to me.


Smartphone, I’m referring to your smartphone.

Let’s exchange contact info before we forget.

Eh? Why? You use texts and SNS, don’t you? Oh, and can I ask for your number too? So that I can call you immediately whenever I want to hear your voice.

Come on, bring it out already.

What are you saying?

We had a game of tag and now we’re having a treasure hunt? Are you trying to get me to perform a pat-down on you?


Now then, I wonder where you’re hiding it…


What? Don’t struggle.

It tickles.

It’s because you won’t bring out your smartphone.


Here. Is it in your coat pocket?

Hmm…doesn’t seem like it.

Then it got to be in your bag! Am I wrong?

I’m wrong?

Is it perhaps here then?


Huh? That’s odd, this place was bulging so I thought there was something there, but seeing that it’s this soft, this isn’t where your smartphone is.

What’s the matter? You seem to be getting more sensitive the more I touch you?

Did you react like this when that molester touched you earlier?

Of course not, right?

Your body’s reacting because it’s the fingers of me, the man you love.

Look, you’re already panting. …And the back of your neck is covered in sweat too.


It tastes of you.

Your ears are red now too.


Did that man earlier not touch this place? …Even though you feel it so much from having your ears licked.


You have a nice, melted expression.

Wouldn’t it best to resist so that you aren’t noticed?

With a face like that, I wonder if this place is wet too?

Don’t worry, it’s hidden by your bag.

Look, my fingers have reached your underwear. Allow me to touch your inside directly then.


I knew it. I feel the slipperiness with my fingers.

Hehe, lewd.

So you got this wet inside a train.

At this rate, my fingers…

Look, they went in because you struggle.

I wonder where your pleasurable spots are?

Don’t look down. Tell me.


Up top? Here?

Deeper maybe…?

It helps that your reactions are easy to decipher.

Yes. Here?

So this place feels good. So you like it when I rub it with my fingers, huh. Well, it’s easier to pinpoint things with your fingers than it is when your dick, after all.


Shaking and trembling……

Are you no longer able to suppress it?

Not yet, there’re ways to go.

More, I’ll make you feel even more pleasure.


How cute. You’re desperately covering it with your bag.

Don’t worry, I’m shielding you.

Spread your legs wider.


Eh? You’re about to cum?

Go ahead. I’ll make your pussy cum from my fingers.


Wow! You came, didn’t you?

Your insides tightened the moment you came, and you squeezing down on my fingers is way too cute.

Hey, that, do you want me to do the same things with my dick?

Not just my fingers, let my ‘that’ inside you too.


Because you just came?

Your insides are hot, and they’re dangerously wet.

I’ll start moving, so grab onto me tightly so that you don’t fall.


Amazing. I knew it. Your insides are the best.

Being this close and moving my hips as if I’m grinding against you is lewd, isn’t it?


Your insides are quivering.

Are you cumming again?

Cum from my dick. Cum. Cum!


You’re squeezing down on me…

It feels too good.

I felt like I was about to cum too.

This is a girl’s special trait, isn’t it? …To cum this many times in a row, that is.

You really are so lewd.

Can you tell that your pussy’s tightening and tightening like you’re trying to wring the semen out of me?

However, not yet. You still want to cum, don’t you?


Your insides are convulsing so much, aren’t they?

But it’s alright, I’ll make you cum time and time again till we reach the station.

Come on, come on, come on.

Not yet.

There’s drool coming not just from your pussy, but from your mouth as well.


So cute.

Hmm? You’re at your limit?

Eh? But why? I want to make you experience even more pleasure.

You’re unable to stand?

Oh, that is a problem. I’ll be troubled as well if it turns into a fuss big enough to stop the train.

I guess we’ll stop it here for today then.


Well, of course. No matter how good you seem to be feeling, it’s not good to push your girlfriend too far, right?

……Because sex is a pair’s act.

So, uh, can you listen to one final request of mine?


You see, I still haven’t received the words, “I love you” from you, and I’d like to hear it.

It’s easy to see how much you think of me when you’re feeling good, but even so, I want to hear it in words.

It doesn’t have to be in a loud voice, so just say it loud enough for me to hear.

If you say it, that’ll be it for today.

Hmm? Come on, hurry.


Really? I’m so happy.

Me too, me too.

I’ve loved you from the moment I first met you.

I love you. I love you, I love you.

I love you!


I can’t, I’m so happy that…


Oh, of course I plan to end it with this. This body that’s been begging for it for the past while, I’ll cum loads inside it.

You want it, don’t you?

Savor the hot semen.


I’m cumming…

I love you.


Ah, I think my mind is going blank.

This is probably the most I’ve ever cum. It felt too good.

I’m sure it’s because our emotions were linked. I’m super happy to have heard how you feel today.

Oh, right! Let’s commute together not just on our way home, but in the mornings as well.

Don’t worry, I’ll match my schedule with yours. I want to spend more time with you, after all.


Crowded trains are depressing, but if it’s with you whom I love, then it becomes the most joyous time in my life.




Coworker #1: Alright, next! Do you like nannies?

Coworker #1: Since I’m organizing the next mixer, what time? What time will work?

Coworker #2: You really don’t learn. Fijiki isn’t-

I can’t be going to those anymore.

Coworker #1, 2: Eh!?

I’ve uh, got myself a girlfriend.

Coworker #1: Who? Who?

It’s a girl from outside the company, so sorry.

Coworker #2: That’s unexpected.

Well, we’re both busy, so we don’t get to spend much time together, though.

Coworker #1: This guy’s got a head-start. Darn, I’m jealous. Even Iーー


She’s not here either.

Was it not a workday?

No, wait, perhaps she’s caught a cold and is resting. Or is she perhaps avoiding me?

No, of course not. Although she was embarrassed, she still accepted me in the end, didn’t she?

She was trembling so cutely inside my arms.


Where are you? Where are you?  I’m searching this hard for you and yet…

I want to see you.

The eyes that suck me in, the body that trembles as you hold back your voice… They’re irresistible.

More, more, I want to mess you up even more with my fingers.

And then I’ll cum loads inside her again. I’ll pump everything I’ve saved up into you!




It’s no use, this isn’t, my hands are hardly enough to suppress it.

I want to touch her, I want to see her…

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