【Translation】 Chiai Express ~Watashi wo Oitsumeru Kare no Yubisaki~ 1000DL Track


Thank You to Rae for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Yamanaka Masayuki (やまなか正之)

Track 1: It’s Been a While. I Missed You


Oh. Have you awakened, Princess?

Don’t be so startled, I was surprised too. Thinking that I might as well head home since you were nowhere to be found today, I found you there, asleep, on the train I rode.

There’s nothing more joyous than this, right?

Although we’ve missed each other many times in passing, nonetheless, we’re bound by the red string of fate.

Or something like that.

I guess that’s not something a grown man should be saying.


Wait, hey! Where are you heading in such a rush?

Don’t worry, you didn’t oversleep.

Come on, come sit over here.


You must’ve been super exhausted. You were sleeping defenselessly, so umm…how should I say it? Your sleeping face was so cute that it got my heart racing.

And it made me come and see you heedlessly without even calling out to you.

Sorry, sorry, but I’m glad I got to see you after so long. I’ve been a bit busy at work too.


Ah, it’s your scent.

Being soothed just by having you breathe beside me, I wonder why?


It’s actually you in the flesh.

I want to see you. For so long. For so, so long.

Hey, don’t run away. Come closer this way. You can lean your head on me.

Since it’s always been crowded trains, being able to sit side-by-side like this is a new experience.

That’s right.

Look, like the outline of your thighs down to your knees that I can’t normally see.

It’s incredibly beautiful. It makes me reach my hand out instinctively.


Don’t be shy, it’ll be fine, there’re barely any people around right now.

Look, if I cover it with the coat I just took off, it can’t be seen.

But you’re not actually against it, right?

Come on, turn this way.

I love you. I’m in love with you.

I’ve been wanting to touch you like this again.


Open your mouth up more.

Yes, yes, you’re doing good. I’ll touch your sensitive nipples again.

Lean on me more.

No one will find out if I touch under the coat. It’ll only look like a couple cuddling each other.


With a simple shift of your bra, your nipples have popped out, haven’t they? With this, I can pinch them hard even with your shirt on.

Like I thought, you have a sensitive body.

Even though I only moved my fingertips a little, you’re quivering.

Cute. You’re so cute.

I’ll touch you even more, so feel the pleasure from your nipples.


Do you realize that you’re panting?

Yup, yup. Although you don’t have to cover your mouth like that, please hold back your voice. It’ll be bad if others notice we’re doing such indecent things.

If you feel like your voice is going to leak out regardless, let’s see…

Tell me. Please tell me if your voice’s going to leak out.

Good girl.

Let me continue touching you then.


Your nipples have gotten very hard.

You like it when I pinch them with a little force too, huh. Lightly digging my nails in…

Your sleeping face is nice, but as expected, your look of pleasure is absolutely wonderful. Your ears are red, and you’re resisting the pleasure, aren’t you?


I’ll ravage you even further.


If you make such a cute expression, I won’t be able to hold back either.

Bring your hand here. Yes, here.

You can tell that I’m erect, right?

No need to hesitate, you can stroke it more vigorously.

Like this…


See? Like this. Just like this.

My dick’s throbbing within my underwear. I wonder if your hand feels that? I’m sure it’s throbbing and throbbing and is painfully erect.

Can you tell?


Ah! This isn’t good. I can’t be the only one feeling good.

What state is that place of yours in?

Hey, don’t struggle.

Are you embarrassed?

But if you were to make a racket now, even if there are such few people… It’ll become an even more embarrassing situation.

No need to worry, I’ve already touched you countless times, so I think I should know your pleasurable spots better than anyone else. So leave it to me.

I’ll rub the best feeling spot inside your pussy.


My fingers have reached it.

Like I thought, your stockings are moist.

This isn’t sweat, right?


Is your clit here in this area?

Yup, it is.


Spread your legs wider.

I’ll rub this place lots too.


Even though I’m doing it over your underwear, my fingers are already drenched.

Your juices are leaking out like you’ve wet yourself.

If I were to knead it like this, you might cum from your clit. So, will you cum? Shall I make you cum from your clit with my fingers?

Of course. You won’t want to cum from your clit, right?

As expected, you want to cum from your pussy, don’t you?


I’ve made a hole in your stocking. This way, I can slip my fingers inside.


So hot. Your pussy’s already soaking wet.

Look, see?

My thick fingers are moving inside you.

Now then, I wonder where the spot you love most is? It’s easy to find when you’re standing, but you’re sitting today.


Oh, I found it!

It’s here, right? Your pussy’s weak spot, the please that makes you drool and turns you into a mess.


Aren’t you completely drenched?

It’s fine, just think only of my fingers.

Come on. Come on.

Including this place is good too, right?


Between my fingers and my tongue, which one do you prefer? Which one do you like?

That face…

I guess it’s both.



Hmm? What is it? Are you already at your limit?

Are you about to leak your voice?

I see. I guess the stimulation to both your pussy and ears was a bit too strong.

I guess it can’t be helped.

I’ll silence that voice for you then.


Cum. Go ahead and cum. Cum from my fingers.


Wow, your insides are twitching.

You came while kissing, didn’t you? I’m very happy that you felt it to this extent.

Even so, don’t you think we’re super physically compatible?


I love you.

I don’t want to let go of you for the rest of the night.

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