【Translation】 Miyabi Uta ~Miyabi Koiuta~ Ajisai no Koi


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みやびうた ~雅恋歌~ 紫陽花の恋

CV: Takahashi Hiroki (高橋広樹), Shimazaki Nobunaga (島﨑信長)

Track 1: Prologue


Noble #1: It has been a while, Lord Michisada. Since when did you return from Mutsu?

M: Indeed, I had arrived just this morning. And I, who had just returned, am on my way to greet the Emperor.

Noble #2: The Emperor has praised you for your excellent work as Mutsu’s governor. As one would expect of you, Lord Michisada.

Noble #1: I am truly envious. As fellow nobles, we ought to follow your example.

M: No, I am merely performing my duties.

Noble #1: No need to be so humble about it. There have been rumors within the imperial court that your rank is bound to increase.


Noble #2: Haha! I’m sure your lady will be overjoyed. After all, they say that it is an honor for a wife to have a husband who’s quick to climb the ladder.

Noble #1: Speaking of which, you appear to have left your lady behind in Kyoto.

M: Yes, my belief is that my wife will be able to make the best use of her poetic abilities if she’s within Kyoto.

Noble #2: I see. They are certainly a talented individual when it comes to poetry.

Noble #1: The diligent Lord Michisada, and your lady, a splendid poet… You two are the ideal husband and wife.

Noble #2: That said, you should rethink the idea of constantly leaving them in Kyoto.

M: I should reconsider it? Why?

Noble #2: Yes. Lately, the imperial prince, Tametaka has taken interest in your lady.

Noble #1: This time, it’s Lord Michisada’s wife? There was gossip about a court lady not long ago.


Noble #2: To that person, love is like a game. He has never frequented a singular woman’s side for long it seems.

M: So Lord Tametaka is like that. Nevertheless, regardless of how interested he is, won’t he switch his attention to other women before long?

Noble #2: It’s rare for him to be interested in someone for a month and he’s been paying visits to your lady for more than a month.

Noble #1: That’s pretty long for Lord Tametaka.

Noble #2: He’s of royal blood, so it’s not as if one can outright refuse him. As it is, things will progress and they might form even close relationships.

M: Even so, in spite of it all, that’ll…

Noble #2: No, Lord Michisada, it’s reckless to have such thoughts. Lord Tametaka is elegant and on top of that, he is a beautiful young nobleman. There is no woman who would not be delighted by his advances.


Noble #2: I have heard that countless men have split with their partners due to affairs with Lord Tametaka, so it’s best if you keep yourself on guard.

Noble #1: Now then, please excuse us.

Noble #2: Noble Lord Michisada, please heed our warning.


M: Lord Tametake… I didn’t think he’d target my wife.


Noble #2: Nevertheless, to think that Lord Michisada was not aware of Lord Tametaka’s behavior.

Noble #1: The lady probably thought there was no need to go out of one’s way to tell him and in turn, make him worry.

Noble #2: But the other person is that Tametaka. So keeping quiet for any reason besides that-

T: What is it about me?

Noble #2: !? Lord Tametaka?!!

Noble #1: Since when have you been here?

T: Just a moment ago, while I was walking, I happened to hear my name. And so, for what reason has she been keeping quiet about me?

Noble #2: That’s-

T: Well, I can more or less imagine the reason you’ve thought of. But too bad, her and I do not have the indecent relationship that you are picturing. …For now, this is.

Noble #1: For now……


T: That’s right. A person’s heart is swayable. She might fall out of love with the Michisada whom she barely sees.

Noble #1: However, Lord Michisada left Kyoto in order to serve his duty as Mutsu’s governor, and the lady understands that and that’s why she’s protecting the home alone.

T: Like I’ve said. That is that and this is this. You’re just interpreting it in a way that is convenient for you. I’m sure you don’t know what she’s actually thinking, do you?

Noble #1: T-That’s true, but-

T: Haa…since we’ve focused the conversation on her, I’m wanting to meet her now.

T: Now then, I’m leaving.

Noble #1: Please wait, Lord Tametaka!!!

T: What? You still have things to say to me?

Noble #1: Not “what?” Don’t tell me you plan to head over the Lord Michisada’s estate right now?!! Lord Michisada is currently back in Kyoto…!!!


T: I know that Michisada’s been summoned back to Kyoto. I have rights of succession to the throne, after all.

Noble #1: Then I believe that is all the more reason to refrain from it.

T: You guys are so thick-headed. That’s precisely the reason why I’m heading to see her.

Noble #2: What do you mean by “that’s precisely why”?

T: You just don’t understand. Love will rouse up more the greater the obstacles become, no? Now that Michisada’s returned, how could I miss out on such an amusing situation?

T: Now then, I’m busy.


T: Seriously, wherever the nobles here, they start running their mouth and it’s annoying. But even so, that Michisada…

T: Knowing that I’m targeting her, I wonder how that straight-laced person would react?

T: And her too. I wonder what she’ll say when I pay a visit to her while her husband is around. I’m sure she’ll be super shaken.

T: I’m so looking forward to it right now.


Track 2: Rumors / Michisada side


M: What’s this? You went out of your way and left your room?

M: I see. I do apologize for that.

M: This is a talisman from Mutsu Province, and it has the power to ward off disaster. And I’m sure this will protect you during the times I’m away from home. Will you accept it?

M: Thank you.

M: Even so, I’m relieved that you’re in good health.

M: We exchanged letters while I was in Mutsu, but naturally, I cannot understand your full situation through only that. Particularly, you have the habit of holding things back so as to not worry me.

M: So even if you write that you’re in good health, I ended up doubting whether that’s truly the case.

M: To you as well. I would never write anything false.


M: Don’t look so worried, I’m neither tired nor am I forcing myself in any way.

M: Are you still doubting me?

M: I am not shrewd enough as to make up lies, and I’m sure you’re the one who knows that best. Just that, there has been something on my mind.

M: When I had left for the imperial court, some rumors had reached my ears. Rumors that Lord Tametaka has been visiting this estate in order to see you.

M: Based on that reaction, it must mean that the rumors are true.

M: Be as it may be, that individual is somewhat undisciplined in regards to women, so such rumors would spread in an instant.


M: There’s nothing for you to apologize for. The imperial prince, Lord Tametaka had personally made his way to the estate; it would be against etiquette to drive him away.

M: However, why did you not inform me of it? In all the letters that I’ve received, I did see a single mention of it written.

M: I do not wish for you to misunderstand. I’m not blaming you. I’m simply asking you out of pure curiosity.

M: No, I guess it’s not just that.

M: Even though I understand that you cannot reject Lord Tametaka’s visits, there is still a part of it that I’m unable to accept. When I think about how I’ve been absent and how I’ve left you alone for a whole month, umm…


M: It’s nothing. Please don’t worry about it.

M: It looks like I’ve completely fallen into Lord Tametaka’s trap, haven’t I? …I guess that means that I’ve still got ways to go.

M: That man excels at creating love affairs. The reason he’s visiting you so frequently is likely so that he could shake me, your husband, as well. I have no doubts that he is looking forward to seeing your reaction.

M: Lord Tametaka may be infatuated with you in the present, but it’s temporary. Based on the rumors that I’ve heard, he will not continue this for long, so please don’t take the things that that individual says too seriously.

M: …Because the one who’ll be hurt in the end will be none other than you.


M: I’m sorry, I’ve said too much, haven’t I?

M: Please, please lift your face. If you hang your head, your face will be hidden by your jet-black hair.

M: We finally have time together, so before I must return to Mutsu again, I wish to see your smile for even a moment longer.

M: Is it selfish for me to think that?

M: Yes, smile.


M: As I thought, it’s much better when you’re smiling. When I see that face, I feel like my heart can rest at ease too.

M: ーーYour smile is incredibly beautiful.


M: What is there to be surprised about? I’m just telling you what I think.

M: I know that it’s unusual for me to say such things directly to you, but we haven’t met in so long. So it’s fine on occasions, no?

M: Or are you unsatisfied with the way I am?

M: I’m aware that I’m doing something that is unlike me too. However, I felt the urge to tell that you no matter what. It would be a lie to say that I wasn’t anxious leaving you here alone.

M: When I heard about the matter regarding Lord Tametaka, an uncertainty was born inside me. Should I continue to leave you in Kyoto or should I take you with me to Mutsu?


M: As a place to put your poetry skills to good use, Mutsu is far too far. I’m sure that you would shine more here.

M: I wish for you to be acknowledged by as many people as possible. On the other hand, there’s a part of me that doesn’t wish for you to garner that much attention.

M: Until now, everyone kept their distance so as to not make light of me. Nevertheless, there are those like Lord Tametaka that care little for my existence. And I have been once again hit by that reality.

M: I am a man whose only merit is their earnestness.

M: I cannot string together clever lines, and on top of that, now that I’m off in Mutsu, nor can I see you enough either.

M: With the way things are, it can’t be helped that my feelings are doubted. However, I wish for your happiness more than anyone. And I hope you understand that I’ve left you here to allow that possibility for you.

M: I want you to obtain happiness not just as a wife, but as a poet.


M: Mutsu is far from Kyoto, but the moment you call for me, I’ll rush to you at once.

M: While I cannot abandon my duties as Mutsu’s governor, I do not intend to neglect my role as a husband.

M: My feelings haven’t changed at all from the day I took you in as my wife, so I wish for you to believe in me and to wait for me.

M: ……Because you’re my one and only wife.


Track 3: Secret Relations / Tametaka side


T: I have arrived.

T: Haha! You flipped around so instantaneously. Like I thought, you’re interesting.

T: Sorry, sorry, don’t be so angry. I wasn’t laughing with ill intent.

T: Come on, cheer up; look this way.


T: Thank you.

T: I may overlook it, but it’d be boring for me if you were turned the other way. On that note, I’d be even happy if you were to welcome me in.

T: As expected, there’s no way things could go that smoothly.

T: But even so, I’m the imperial prince, you know? Although I always let it go, don’t you think that’s rude?

T: Since that’s how things are, please excuse my intrusion.


T: Shh. It’s shameful for a girl to carelessly raise their voice.

T: That’s right. Quiet.

T: You don’t want others to see that side of you, right?


T: Once again. Hello, I’m Tametaka.

T: It has taken over a month to see your face. But even so, you’re more beautiful than I imagined. I guess there was worth in sticking it out for this long.

T: Huh? You look very troubled.

T: Is it because I looked at your face without permission? …Or is it because Michisada found out about me?


T: Oh, looking at that reaction… I guess that Michisada misunderstood our relationship?

T: Sorry about that.

T: But until now, I haven’t even seen your face, no? So I don’t think there’s anything to misunderstand.

T: Ah! I guess I no longer have that excuse. I’ve already made my way inside.

T: The flustered sight of a girl as dignified as you is super cute. I guess there was worth in doing something like this on purpose.


T: Huh? Why are you surprised?

T: I’m not an idiot, so obviously, it planned. Having Michisada return to Kyoto and inquiring about it like I am now, taking advantage of your anxieties to view your face; everything was for the sake of establishing a given fact.

T: The fact that we have a relationship so close that we would have conversations alone even when your husband is around.

T: How cruel.

T: Since it’s a rare chance, I thought I’d have a closer look at your face. If you create such distance, even I would be hurt.

T: But well, after what I’ve said, I guess it’s not strange for you to be somewhat cautious. That said, don’t you think this is incredibly fun? It feels like a secret relationship that only you and I know of.

T: It’d be dull if it isn’t at least this thrilling. Don’t you think so too?


T: Hmm, you’ve been nothing but troubled for the past while. I guess when your husband is around, you can’t easily respond to such thoughts.

T: Do you really think of me as a nuisance or do you feel just guilty towards Michisada?

T: I don’t know what you’re thinking right now. That said, my feelings are already decided upon.

T: Hey, why don’t you leave Michisada and come to me instead?


T: Haha! Turning bright red and opening your eyes super wide, your expressions change so rapidly, don’t they?

T: As we were talking, I could sense that love would show if I were to shake you up. But for it to show on your face, that’s a new discovery.

T: I’ve had the thought ever since I saw your face. That no matter how time I spend with you, I would never be bored. I’m eccentric, so my relationships have never lasted for long, but you’re completely different from all the women I’ve met until now.

T: You’re fun to talk to, and when I tease you, you would give an honest reaction. Your poetry talent, your beauty, I think it’s an incredible waste to have Michisada monopolize it all.


T: Michisada’s not a bad person. If anything, the many fathers of the world would love to have their daughters marry a man as earnest as him.

T: If I remember correctly, when you and Michisada got married, it was because there was strong recommendation from your father, no?

T: But you know what, being blessed by everyone and marrying without any difficulties whatsoever, I don’t know if you could call that true love.

T: By falling in love, someone will get hurt. It might be oneself or it might be them. Or it might be someone besides the two that gets hurt.

T: When a man and a woman form a close relationship, you need that excitement and passion you could only derive from that, don’t you think? So a relationship that’s nothing but peaceful, I wouldn’t call that love. Something like that is no more than a liaison.

T: If you were to become mine, I would never let you experience boredom.

T: I think you’d live a far more exciting and fun life than you are now.


T: “Enough with the jokes,” huh.

T: How cruel. That was a rather serious confession I made.

T: I guess I’ve been poking fun at you so much up till this point that you can’t take it seriously. I suppose this is probably what they call “reaping what you sow.”

T: In that case, I ought to prove to you that I’m serious first.

T: Hmm, a way to show that I am serious…

T: I got an idea! Since we’ve come this far, I’ll tell you of a fun method.

T: By doing it this way, I’m sure that it would undoubtedly be an unforgettable confession even for you.


T: Hmm? What’s the matter? Why are you looking so anxious?

T: Don’t worry, I won’t do anything bad to you.

T: Now that’s decided, I’ll go prepare, so I shall leave now.

T: Is tonight alright with you?

T: Wait in anticipation then.


Track 4: Choice of Happiness / Michisada・Tametaka side


T: Good evening. As I had promised in the morning, I have come to see you.

T: No need to be so concerned, it’s not as if I’d straight up devour it. Of course, if that’s what you desire then I wouldn’t have a reason to refuse.

T: Since you’re shaken, can I interpret that as you being somewhat conscious of me as a man?

T: However, I’ll stop with that today. Since more interesting things are bound to happen.

T: Look, it’s starting at once.


M: Are you unhurt…?!!

T: “Unhurt”? Aren’t you over-exaggerating? …Do I seem to be that lacking in honor? I would never lay hands on her without her consent, you know?

M: Lord Tametaka, if someone were to receive such a letter, they would automatically assume that.

T: Oh, the “I’ll steal your wife tonight”?

T: I’m glad you actually read it.

M: Glad? Lord Tametaka, please don’t take this jest any further. It is in such bad taste that it mocks both me and my wife.

T: It’s regrettable that you think of this as a joke. I’m not that frivolous of a man as to joke about something this important. While I have indeed poked fun at her many times, it is a show of how much I love her. It is my expression of love.

T: On that note, why don’t you hand her over to me, Michisada?


M: Are you saying that that’s no jest either?

T: Of course. It’s not my hobby to make terrible jokes.

M: As it is, this entire thing is a terrible joke.

T: Haa… You really are thick-headed, aren’t you, Michisada? To think you’d lose your composure over something like this. So you’re that against having her taken from you, huh?

M: It’s not an issue of taking or being taken from! I cannot tolerate words that refer to my wife as if she’s an object. It’s almost as if you’re using my wife to provoke me.

T: You’re not wrong about the provoking part. However, using her is not my intention. I genuinely seek her as a woman. I’m sure you at least know that much, right?

M: Even so, my wife-

T: Yeah, that. I had failed to notice it before, but you’re the one treating her like property all the while insisting that she’s your wife, are you not? If you so claim to be her husband, why did you leave her behind and left for Mutsu alone?

T: Wife whose husband’s not by her side, isn’t that the same as a divorce?


M: I left my wife behind in Kyoto so that she could leverage her talents as a poet. It is not that our love as husband and wife has faded.

M: Being bound by her position as my wife and having her ability to exhibit her poems limited, she would not find happiness that way.

M: I do not wish to do anything that would stifle her thoughts.

M: It all comes from a heartfelt desire to cherish my wife. While I do not know how you personally feel, please think of this as my expression of love.


T: Thank you for your input. However, I care little about your grievances. From my perspective, that’s precisely why it looks to be nothing more than self-satisfaction.

T: Well, is it not so?

T: You may say that it’s for her sake, but is that truly her desire? Did she ever make the request saying that she wants to flourish as a poet?

M: T-That’s-

T: Her poetry is praiseworthy. Even I know that. That said, having talent and wanting to leverage that talent are two completely different things. If her greatest happiness is to be by her husband’s side then that would mean that you have caused her unhappiness.

T: Now then, the crucial thing is how you feel.


M: How I feel…? Naturally, I wish to fulfill my duty of making my wife happy. That is the wish I hold upon above all else.

T: Then that means if it would make her happy, you’d be fine with relinquishing your position as her husband?

M: What are you saying? There’s no way I’d consider that. I swore to be with her for life the day I married her and that determination hasn’t changed even now. My feelings aren’t as fickle as yours.

T: Oh? You’re running your mouth, aren’t you?

M: I do not wish to say such things, but you are an individual who has been rumored to have had relationships with many women. While you may have the desire to form a close relationship with my wife right now, how could I believe that is it not a passing whim?


M: As you have said, I may have gotten the wrong idea as to what my wife’s happiness meant. However, I have no intention of fooling around when it comes to my wife.

T: I get it now. So that’s how you view me.

M: I apologize for my rude statements; however, I will not retract them, for they are my genuine beliefs.

T: Haha! You’d apologize, but you would not retract them. You really are the type that cannot lie.

T: There’s no need to apologize, you are my rival in love. It’d be dull if you didn’t say at least that.


M: Lord Tametaka, I’m speaking seriously!

T: I know. I’m receptive to people’s emotions, you see, so there’s no need for me to ask for your feelings on it. And that is precisely why I know full well that you’re trying to run away from it.

M: I do not understand what you mean.

T: You weren’t self-aware of it?

T: You’re afraid of confronting her face-to-face.

T: Deep down, you want to take her with you to Mutsu, don’t you? But in a rural area where there are barely any people you know, there are no guests to be had, so the time you’d spend alone with her would be even greater than before.

T: You have no idea how to entertain a girl. You’re pretty much an amateur when it comes to love.

T: You’re worried that if you two were to spend long periods of time together, she would grow tired of you.

T: You’re just running away and using her talent as an excuse.

M: That’s……


T: Do you have the confidence to deny it?

T: You’re not going to play along?

T: I thought it was finally becoming interesting, what a shame.

T: Oh well, it’s like I came here to settle my dispute with you. Because between me and you, Michisada, she’s the only one capable of making that choice.

T: Let’s leave it all to her discretion.


T: If you were to choose me, you’d never experience boredom. You’ll surely live a far more exciting life than you are now.

T: Between me and Michisada, who do you want to be with?

T: There’s no need to force yourself to make a decision now. You are a lady and I ought to respect your will.

T: Well, Michisada?

M: I…

T: Hmm…to be rendered silent, did I tease him a little bit too much perhaps? That said, there’s no need to pay heed to our feelings. You should make the choice you want.

T: Now then, I’ll be looking forward to your response.


Track 5: To Mutsu / Michisada side


M: There is something I’d like to talk with you about. Is it alright if I come in?

M: Thank you. Please excuse my intrusion then.


M: I’m sorry for visiting you so suddenly. This doesn’t impede upon you, right?

M: That’s a relief.

M: I wanted to talk with you as soon as possible, but I was hesitant as to whether I should question you this early in the morning.


M: Umm…I apologize for last night. I’m sure I made you worry because of Lord Tametaka, and there is something else I must apologize for.

M: I’ve been thinking about what Lord Tametaka has said all night long and now I finally realize it.

M: The happiness that I spoke of all comes down to my self-satisfaction. I went off and assumed that you wanted to make the best use of your abilities as a poet without even your input and had left you in Kyoto alone for long periods of time.

M: While desiring your happiness, I arbitrarily decided what form that happiness would take.

M: No, even that would be an excuse for myself.

M: I am a boring man whose only redeeming feature is their honesty. So won’t there be a day where you grow tired of me and leave my side? And as I was subconsciously afraid, I tried to create distance between you and me.

M: I ran away from the prospect of facing you.


M: Even so, I cannot imagine a divorce.

M: Please, could you please come to Mutsu with me? I no longer wish to flee from you. I want us to fully convey our feelings and find happiness together.

M: Kyoto and Mutsu are too far apart. No matter how often we exchange letters,  there’s no way we could avoid growing apart. Not to mention, additional men who seek to obtain a beautiful talented poet like you may appear as well.

M: All this time, with my position as your husband, I was too convinced that everyone else would sit back as courtesy.

M: But thanks to Lord Tametaka, I have realized that those beliefs were wrong.


M: And it’s not just Lord Tametaka. In Kyoto, there are many men with greater stature and possess more manly charm than me, and when those men come to woo you, I have nothing to keep you grounded with.

M: By leaving this place, your abilities will be left unused and you might end up losing the fame as a poet that you’ve garnered until now.

M: By doing this, I’m wrapping you up in my selfish desires, but I had to inform you of this desire regardless. I don’t wish to lose my beloved wife.


M: I’m sorry. I’ve flustered you by suddenly saying things like that, haven’t I?

M: I was thinking about the events of last night too. If I don’t put my feelings into words, they would never be conveyed.

M: …It feels as though I’ve forgotten something so obvious.

M: As such, I felt the need to impart these feelings to you no matter what. Moreover, having not expressed my emotions, when I consider the possibility of Lord Tametaka stealing your heart, I could not stand by and do nothing.

M: I need you.

M: I swear that, from now on, I will face you directly and live with you hand-in-hand.

M: So I beg of you, could you please choose me as your husband once more?

M: Whether before or since, you’re the only woman whom I wish to take as my wife. I wish to be with you for as long as I’m alive.


M: So you’re unable to give an immediate reply……

M: I don’t blame you for agonizing over it. For you, this is a major decision.

M: I’ll be returning to Mutsu in 4 days, so I hope you’re able to give me a reply before then. Because what I’ve said now represents all my feelings.


Track 6: Courtship / Tametaka side


T: Caught you.

T: It’s me, it’s me. No need to be so tense.

T: You really are adorable.

T: Now then, I wonder what you’re so agonized over, fair lady? Just kidding. I already know without asking. You were thinking about the events of last night, weren’t you?

T: But even so, there’s no need to contemplate it with such a grave expression. Since there’s been such an interesting development, it’d be a waste not to enjoy it yourself.

T: Michisada’s panicked expression, it was a sight to behold, wasn’t it? Even remembering it now makes me laugh.

T: You were looking super troubled too, so I ended up fooling around a little bit too much. Sorry about that.


T: Huh? You’re angry?

T: If you wrinkle your brows, you’ll put your precious beauty to waste, you know? Though you look pretty sexy when you sigh like that.

T: Was I the one who troubled you to that extent? Or, was it Michisada?

T: Ah! Perchance, did Michisada ask you to go with him?

T: Eh? No way, are you serious?

T: You must be lying, right? There’s no way that that Michisada would change his mind so easily.

T: That person’s hopelessly serious, so he might’ve genuinely taken my words to heart. But to take you with him…? He’s not capable of making such a major decision in just one night-


T: Look me in the eyes and answer me. Is Michisada planning to take you with him?

T: I-Is that so? He really is…

T: Please don’t go, please stay with me forever.

T: I was serious about what I said last night. I really, really do wish to take you from Michisada.


T: Enough with the jokes…? Do you still not believe that my feelings are truthful?

T: With this, do you still think I’m joking?

T: I’m serious. I am convinced that you are the woman of my destiny. Although I may have had many relationships before this, I always grow tired midway, so they’ve never lasted for long.

T: And just as I was beginning to think that all women are the same, I met you.


T: In the beginning, I was fascinated by the beauty of your poetry. And when I heard that you were the wife of that famously straight-laced Michisada, it piqued my interest.

T: And to be honest, in the beginning, it was just that.

T: I thought I’d enjoy some romance with you and end it once I grow tired of it. But as I began to talk with you, the more I wanted to know about you. And the more I knew about you, the more I wanted you to know about me.

T: By the time I realized, I was constantly thinking about you.

T: So wanting you to always think of me as well, I went straight for you.

T: Of course, I enjoyed playing love games, but above all else, I was desperate. This was the first time I’ve ever felt this way. I can no longer imagine a life without you.


T: I beg you, please stay here, please become my one and only princess.

T: I love you.


Track 7: Leaving the Imperial Capital / Michisada side


M: Were you reading poems again?

M: I see. Could you let me have a peek?


M: This is a truly wonderful poem. It has fully captured the beauty of Mutsu’s landscape in such few words.

M: And through you, the entire scenery of this land will become the subject of poetry.


M: So you really came with me.

M: I’m not particularly trying anything. I’m simply reconfirming the fact that you’re within my arms.

M: I’m truly thankful that you’ve decided to come here. Because thanks to you, my life here on this land is filled to the brim with happiness.

M: Just by being together, even the simple landscape looks as beautiful as a vivid picture scroll. …And it is a sight I’ve seen every day during the days I spent apart from you.


M: Do you truly think that?

M: That is a very joyous thing. We’re sharing the same time and harboring the same feelings, and even if we were to relish this happiness, the heavens will not punish us.

M: Because these peaceful days spent together are a priceless treasure.

M: Even so, I sometimes worry that you might find this life to be lacking.

M: Am I not causing you hardship?

M: Why do I say that…? I have no confidence when it comes to you. Lord Tametaka had made me realize that I was ignorant of the inner workings of people’s hearts. And that’s why, if you were to desire anything, please don’t hesitate to tell me. I’ll devote as much of my strength to it as I manage.

M: Though returning to Kyoto is the one request I don’t think I’d be able to fulfill.


M: Haha. I guess I can’t blame you for laughing.

M: During moments like these, I wanted to at least retain my dignity as a man, but the contrast in reality is far too great.

M: When it comes to you, I lose my composure.

M: Although I’ve shown you this shameful state many times, my determination to protect that promise is unwaveringーthe cherished vow of facing one another directly and joining hands.

M: Even if many decades pass and you turn old and grey, that will never change.

M: You’re the only person whom I wish to spend my life with and to be married to for life. So…I hope you’ll stay with me and never fall out of love.

M: Let’s live together, both now and in the future.


M: Oh.

M: No, uh, there’s one thing I must correct. We won’t be together alone forever.

M: What are you confused about? We’ll continue to live together, so we’ll have kids, and after many years, those children will start their own families. So it’ll surely be a lot more lively then it is now.

M: Ah! No, please don’t misunderstand. What I said just now are my desires and I merely hope that they’d come true one day.

M: It’s not something that’s completely dependent on our will, so there’s no need to rush and I have no intention of pressing you on it.

M: That said…


M: You make a point. I’d be happy if you were to have the same desires as me.

M: I see.

M: How should I convey these emotions? The moment I knew you felt the same, I felt embarrassed, I felt happy… Is it alright for me to say that I felt a really fuzzy feeling inside?

M: In any case, I wish to express my gratitude to you.

M: Thank you.

M: To me, you’re the most extraordinary wife in the world.


Track 8: Game of Love / Tametaka side


T: Hello, I’ve come to play today.

T: Like I thought, it’s nice being by your side. You smell nice and it’s calming.

T: Those noisy nobles are annoying, they’re telling me to stop running around and having illicit love affairs.

T: Even though I went through the trouble of showing myself before the emperor today, the entire thing was more or less a lecture. In any case, when it comes to our love, those people don’t have any right to comment on it.


T: What’s the matter? You’re suddenly hanging your head.

T: If you do that, it’s almost as if I’m reprimanding you.

T: Oh, are you worried the rumor spread about us within the imperial court?

T: No need to worry about them. To those nobles, this forbidden love is exciting and a great topic of conversation.

T: But even so, this is incredible. Even though, in the beginning, it was a matter of me stealing you away from Michisada, it became a story of me secretly sneaking into your house in the middle of the night and being discovered by Michisada.

T: Regardless, I would never do such a thing. The power of imagination’s amazing, isn’t it?

T: I mean, although it was a rumor, it blew up and gained a life of its own, so I guess it can’t be helped. Besides, I greatly welcome the circulation, so please bear with it.


T: Why? It’s simple.

T: Thanks to the gossip, everyone knows that you are my lover. So even if there are other men that have taken interest in you, no one would think to steal you away from me, the imperial prince.

T: Having this position is far too constraining, so I don’t really enjoy it, but it’s very convenient during times like these.

T: This is the first time I’m glad to have been born the imperial prince.

T: On that note, while I’m happy that you’ve left Michisada’s estate, why are you unwilling to come over to my place? If you were going to change residences either way, you should’ve just moved in with me.

T: Personally, I wish I could make use of the time it takes for me to visit you.

T: If you were to live with me, I would devote all that time to you.


T: Perchance, are you still conscious of Michisada?

T: Haa…alright, it’s my loss.

T: How sly, if you were to make such a sad expression, I won’t be able to say any more willful things.

T: That said, since I’m holding back this much, don’t you think it warrants a reward?

T: Yes, please reward me with a kiss for being oh so very patient.


T: Turning all red, how cute.

T: But no matter how embarrassed you are, you ought to do it. Since I’m not living with you, I’m deprived of you.

T: I don’t think I’d be able to stop these feelings of deprivement unless you kiss me.

T: Also, isn’t always me initiating it? Don’t you think that’s a little unfair?

T: So, it’s fine, right?


T: Oh, right, right! You mustn’t play tricks like kissing me on the cheeks, you have to make sure to kiss me on the lips.

T: Huh? You really were planning that?

T: How cruel of you to try and deceive me. I’m a little hurt.

T: If you feel bad about it then come on, kiss me on the lips. And if you do, I’ll forgive you.


T: Even with this, you can’t? You simply can’t?

T: Haa…

T: You really are unfair. If you were to make such a cute expression, no man would be able to resist it, would there?

T: You really are a deceitful woman, aren’t you? In all my life, you’re the only person who’s able to manipulate me to this extent.

T: Being played around with every day, I don’t think there would be a day where I’d lose interest in you.


T: M-m, there’s no way such a day would come. If anything, I am the one who should be careful as to not bore you.

T: And that’s why I too shall lead you by the nose until the day I die.

T: As long as we’re together, these exciting days will continue on.

T: ……So look forward to it, my beloved princess.

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