【Translation】 Tsukineko Selene to Kimi no Koe


Thank You to Lux for Commissioning this Translation ♥

Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation


CV: Cooky-tan (くっきーたん)

Track 1: Selene and Haruka


Thank you for patiently waiting upon your order. I have warmed it in accordance with your request, Customer.

This is our store’s renowned hot milk.


Just kidding. This is the first time I’ve entertained guests in this room.

Yes, drink, drink.

How is it? Is it good?

It’s the right temperature, right?

Today was super cold, wasn’t it? Although the weather report said it was going to snow, I didn’t think it’d pile up.

But even so, I was surprised. To think a clever-looking fellow with a beautiful coat like you would be wandering aimless with a mound of snow on your head.


You’re the wandering cat that I’ve been seeing lately, right?

While enduring the cold of this snowy day, what exactly were you doing in a place like that?

Anyhow, please stay the night.

Though personally, I don’t mind if it goes beyond just today; you can stay as many days as you like.

You’re lapping it up happily, aren’t you?

I poured you a lot of milk today, but is that perhaps not enough?

Alright. Before I pour a second cup, I shall drink some here as well.



I should’ve cooled mine down properly too.

It’s cold, but I guess I can’t be making hot chocolate that would way too hot for a cat’s tongue.


As you’d expect, this is what it’s like in winter; there’s a feeling that the sweetness and warmth are permeating your entire body.

Oh, what is it all of a sudden?

If you slap your right paw to me, I won’t be responsible if anything hot spills onto you.


You’ve cleaned up your plate, and now you’re targeting mine?

I told you that I’ll get your seconds.

What? You want to drink mine that badly?

Cats shouldn’t have hot chocolate. Sweet things will give you cavities, and I don’t know how to brush a cat’s teeth.


Oh, jeez. This is mine.


Alright, that was delicious.

But even so, you quickly feel cold at this time of the year. Though thanks to that, I was able to chug it down.

Hey, I told you, it’s gone, I’ve drank it.

I’ll warm some milk again for you, so come on, let go.



There’s nothing inside.

This? …Are you curious about the mark on the cup?

It’s a four-leaf clover. They say that if you were to find one your wish would come true or that you’d become happy.

Haven’t you at least seen one or two of these in real life?

This mug with a pale green, four-leaf mark was bought for me by my grandmother and I would always drink hot chocolate from it during winter.

Come to think of it, I’ve been using this cup ever since I was a young child.


Ah! Haa…it broke straight in half.

Were you listening to what I was saying? There was something really precious to me.

Don’t look so sad.

Even though you’re a cat, you act like a human.

It’s fine, it’s fine. More importantly, are you not hurt?

I’ll tidy it up, so please stay still for a bit.


Alright, there we go.

Come here, little fella.

What is it?

I told you not to worry about it, didn’t I? It’s just a material item so to speak. And by the way, it normally wouldn’t have broken from something like that.

I’m sure it reached the end of its lifespan.

There, there.

And like I thought, you don’t have a collar, do you? …You really have such beautiful fur.


Will you be heading out again tomorrow?

If you’re willing, could you please stay at my place forever? After graduating, I’ll be attending the affiliated university, so I’ll be alone in this room for another 4 years. And I’d probably never bring a girl here.

…Or something like that.

I guess asking a wandering cat to be my family is a bit unreasonable.

It’s fine, I’m alright with being a free meal shelter. You’re a free-spirit, after all. You can survive anywhere.

My friends personally call me free-spirited since I went off to live alone.

But you see, that’sーー


My father was rich and powerful, and my mother was his mistress. And due to those circumstances, I was made into his heir and there were even talks of marriage.

Although I should be free to do as I please, the years without a girlfriend = my age.

No, it’s not that my parents said that I couldn’t have a girlfriend. If anything, my playboy of a father has told me to fool around with women.

Well, that’s come to an end too.

They’ll soon decide on an actual marriage partner for me and I’m sure it’ll be a girl from a good family. And as such, I could never bring them to a place like this, so you’re free to stay here as long as you like.


Oh, right! I haven’t told you my name.

I’m Haruka, Kujou Haruka.

I won’t know unless you have a nameplate. And it’d be bad if I make one up for you on the spot, right?

For the time being, I’ll just refer to you as “little fella”.

I’ll reconsider it if need be.


Oh, it’s already 8-o’clock.

As fellow men, let’s warm up together in the bath.

Wait… You’re a girl?

Ah! Thank you for your casual cat-punch.


Are you fine with baths?

Alright. Let’s warm up, eat, and then plop in bed.


Track 2: Mimicry


What time is it…?

Let’s see. 2-o’clock?

So cold. I have the indoor heating on, so what’s with this cold?

Were the curtains open?

Ugh, the moon’s clear and crisp; the moonlight’s almost blinding.


Come to think of it, something feels missing.


Oh, I remember now. It’s the cat.

Little fella?

Eh? Where did they go?

Hey, little fella.

!? T-That startled me. Eh? What’s this? …Who’s that? A ghost?

Or at least that’s what I think.

Erm…is this a dream? How did you get in? It’s automatically locked from the outside, not to mention, it’s the 12th floor.

And during a snowy, midwinter day, the windows would never be open.


Ah! A burglar.

A naked female burglar, that’s new. Also, you’re naked and covering your breasts with your hands. And how do you plan to do anything with that tiny body?

What? Since I’ve caught you, you’re going to service me?

You’re surprisingly quick with what you do.

Hey, answer me. Otherwise, I’ll report you to the police.

Well, it’s fine. In the end, this is a dream after all. The little fella that should’ve been here is nowhere to be found, but it’s pretty realistic for a dream, though.

Oh. Are you perhaps a transformed version of the little fella?

Surely, that’s the dream I’m seeing.


Is it not cold being naked? I’ll lend you some clothes.

Obviously, I don’t have anything for girls.

Eh? Why are you casually entering the same bed? You’re still naked.

What is being tested of me in this dream?

Oh, you want to sleep together? With me, who gave you shelter on a snowy day? …Did I seem that lonely to you?

Well, it is a dream.

Today is cold, so you’d want to sleep together cozily without thinking about anything extra, right?

You have such a happy expression.



Good night then.


Track 3: Kiss


How could I fall asleep like this?

Hey, why are you staring at me? If you look at me with such enthusiastic eyes, I’ll be the one who’s troubled.

Are you trying to seduce me by any chance?

No, that’s not it. Are you seriously considering repaying me for giving you shelter tonight? But if that’s what you’re thinking, I have no need for such thanks.


After all that I’ve said… Don’t stick so close to me!

Jeez, what kind of dream is this?

Was I that pent up? But even so, is this how it feels to have someone’s body up against your own? …It’s really warm.

Such beautiful eyes. I feel like I’m going to be sucked in.


I instinctively kissed…

This is incredible. The feeling’s realistic.

Did it feel good for you too?

Your eyes look like they’re wet and glistening. Shall we continue?

That “yes, please do it” look is way too enticing.


What is this? This is just amazing.

Now, how should I say it? My throat, my stomach, my lower abdomen…are super hot like they’re burning up.

No. Sorry, my desires are forcing their way up.

Please let me touch your body.

It’s your fault too. …Since you showed up naked.


Your breasts are soft. They’re super sexy.

What about you?

Like this?

That’s no good it seems, your eyes are wide-open. Did I use too much strength?

You wouldn’t know, right?

I think that applies to both of us. I think we have way too little experience with this type of thing.

That day, I should’ve taken my senior’s invitation for the learning experience.

Oh. No, no, I was kidding.


Like this…? What about here?

You feel good from your nipples it seems. Do you like it when I rub your nipples with the tips of my fingers like this?

These secret things too, right? They’re all puffy.

There’s a somewhat weird feel to them.

What a cute voice.

You… Your eyes are always looking at me and never off me. How should I say it? It feels strange. Although the light is flickering, your gaze is constantly fixed on me.


You seem to be feeling good.

Instead of massaging your breasts, how about I caress them with the palms of my hands?

Oh! That voice is lewd.

My body’s hot and my throat is dry. Shall we go grab some water?

You should drink something too.

Are you fine with water?

Mhm. Alright.


Track 4: Touch


Umm…sorry that it’s the same bottle, but let’s split half and half. Okay?

Help yourself to the rest.

Does it taste good?

Somehow it feels like you’re not used to drinking water either. Should I have poured it into a cup?

Hmm. Will you be alright?

Then it’s fine.


Hey, can you tell me your name?

Do you not want to talk…?

There’s also the case of wanting to talk, but can’t, isn’t there? Then until I learn of your actual name, can I give you a name that only I’ll call you by?

There are times where it’d be inconvenient, no?

So it’s just a temporary provision.

Oh. That’s fine.

Let’s see. Since it was snowing and seriously cold, how does “Mifuyu” sound? “Fu” from the word deep, Mifuyu.

And as for me, I’m Haruka.


Ah! You thought my naming was lazy, didn’t you? …Because I’m Spring, you’re Winter.

Well, it is exactly that, isn’t it? My sense is no better than that.

So Mifuyu, you’re Mifuyu and I’m Haruka. Why don’t you try calling my name?

Haruka. Come on. Ha・ru・ka.

Try saying it.

Of course it wasn’t possible. You can’t talk.

But it suits you, does it not? Your skin is super pale like a scene in midwinter, and the back of your neck is super beautiful.

It’s pure white, translucent…like snow.


See? It’s red.

When I leave a mark, it’s super distinct.

Marking a woman, I’m a pretty useless guy, aren’t I?

…Because you’re seriously cute.

Say, shall we continue from where we left off before?


Hey, please let me touch your boobs too.


Sticking your chest out as we’re kissing……

Me touching your breasts while kissing or me licking and sucking on your nipples, which one do you prefer?

Oh, sorry, I want to lick this place, so…

Your skin’s pale and not only that, your nipples are swollen red.

Have you heard of the “roses of winter” (camellias)? They’re deep crimson flowers that bloom in winter even amidst the snow.

That’s what it looks like.


Are you okay?

It looks like your lips are mouthing something.

What is it? You’re rubbing your thighs against my leg.

Oh. You want me to touch this?

Like this…?

This place is super soft too. How’s this? Is the strength a little bit too much?

Interesting. By looking at your face, I can clearly see how much strength I should use.

Here, does this work?


For some reason, it’s gotten a bit slippery.

Hey, touch me too.

Lend me your hand for a bit.

Here. It’s gotten bigger, hasn’t it? I become like this from looking at your lewd expression, Mifuyu.

With this, you don’t have to do it directly.

Move your hand slowly.


Yes. That’s good.

That way of touching…is, damn. It feels super good.

I prefer a bit more force.


You’re soaking wet, I can even the wetness from your butt.

Nevermind, touch me directly.

Slip your hand in here.

You can use more force, so take it slow.

There. It feels really good.


My fingers are now soaked in your juices too.

The more I touch it the more flows out.

I’m about to…

Stop right there.

Your hands are tiny and soft, and I just love them. I was seriously close to cumming.

Since you did a good job, I’ll give you a reward.


Did I do well?

Then, come on, give me a reward.

Thank you.


Track 5: With Mouth and Fingers


Hey, is this really a dream?

It’s a dream, right? You’re going to disappear when I wake up in the morning, aren’t you?

But even so, the sensations feel super real. I’m fully conscious and my view is clear. Shall I pinch myself super hard to check?

Wait, I don’t want to wake up.

I want to flirt with you like this right till morning.

And then repeat this every day……


Say, do you have that on your mind as well? Will you appear again tomorrow night like you have today?

Could it be that the wandering cat is your temporary form and in actualityーー

I got it. You’re stuck in cat form during the day and you return to human form only in the late hours of the night because of a curse a witch cursed or something like that.

Did I get it right?

And naturally, the curse is dispelled by a prince’s kiss.

Just kidding. I don’t think witches exist anywhere.


You haven’t been talking at all. It’s not because your ears can’t hear, right? Because you seem to comprehend my words.

Well, can you hear me?

That’s a lackluster reaction.

All you’re doing is looking at me with your eyes sparkling. I can’t tell.

Even when I talk to you this closely?


Sorry, when my mouth approached your ears, I felt the instinctive urge to lick them.

Although you can’t talk, you still let out some rather nice sounds.

Say, does this feel good?

Do your ears feel good? Well?

Ah! You have tears welling up. But it felt good, right? You’re panting like you want more, and it’s super cute.

The eyes that only look at me… They’re filled with passion and look so happy.


I think this is the type of happiness I’d receive from a girl too.

Say, is it alright if I lick the place below?

I want to see you feel even more pleasure.


Whoa, it’s already wet.

It’s been touched through and through earlier, hasn’t it?

I’ll clean it up, so please spread your legs a little.

Yes. Good girl.


No matter how much I suck up, it still isn’t clean.

It’s sweet, it’s syrupy, it’s like candy.

This place, this place that’s sticking out, is puffy and red and looks delicious.

Hey, don’t close your legs. It hurts when you squish my head between them.

Are you urging me to do more?


You love being licked, don’t you? …Since you’re constantly leaking that voice.

But hearing your voice kind of makes me happy.

I’ll insert my fingers then.


Wow, it’s deep. But I know, there’re good spots in there, aren’t there?

Oh, it’s surprisingly easy to find. Though I did predict that. Look, there’re 2 fingers inside you now.


How’s this spot? Do you love the top of this area the most?

What a cute voice. Let me hear more of it. Let me know that you’re feeling good from my fingers.

Your voice has gotten louder.

Does it really feel that good?

My fingers are already this drenched.

Incredible. Your naughty juices are pouring out non-stop.


For some reason, this pointy bit here seems lonely.

I’ll lick it while rubbing your insides.


Both your clit and your insides, you seem to be enjoying it from both.

So you’ve become like this from my mouth and finger, huh.

I want you to need me more.

……Even if it’s like this.

How about I switch up my tongue and fingers? My fingers will focus on here while my tongue will be inside.


Your insides are super hot. My tongue feels like it’s about to melt.

Even your body’s trembling now.

Do you like it when I rub your clit?

But by looking at your face, I can ascertain how much strength I should use here too.

Here, or here.

Like this…? I’ll insert my fingers inside too.


That’s a super lewd voice. It’s almost as if your face is burning up too.

You seem to be in pain, yet you seem to be feeling so good.

Your insides are squeezing down so tightly.

You want to cum?

Go ahead, cum. Make more of your cute noises because of my fingers. I love your voice. Pain, pleasure, I want to hear all your different sounds.


Your insides are twisting so much.

Cum. From my fingers.


Did you cum?

That’s good to hear. You were super cute there.

Hmm? What is it?

Pressing your head against me, are you trying to headbutt me?

Oh, are you trying to tell me to pat it by any chance?

Like this?

What’s with that dissatisfied look? I’ve never patted a girl’s head before, so I don’t know how exactly to do it.

Good grief.

There, there.


How’s that? Are you satisfied now?


Track 6: Caress


What’s wrong? You’re rubbing your legs together.

Are you feeling restless?

Why is that? Did I get a bit carried away and rubbed it a bit too much? Does it hurt anywhere?

I don’t know, what should I do?

Oh, I got it! You want me to fuck you. Is that what it is?


But even so, we should take it…uh, more slowly.


Eh? Uh, were you holding back your pee too?

Stop. Stop.

I guess you can’t.

Oh dear, the sheets are now warm and wet.


Do you feel refreshed now?

To wet the bed, what a naughty girl you are.

You look like you’re about to cry.

Don’t make that expression, I’m not angry. Either way, it was already wet with our sweat and other bodily fluids, so it was inevitable that I’d have to change the sheets.

But wow, your… It’s colorless and odorless.

It’s almost as if the water you drank earlier came out the same way it went in.


Hey, it’ll be cold if you stay there, so come here.

Hey, I told you to come here, but I didn’t tell you to sit on my lap, so get off already.

Don’t touch weird places. It tickles.

Enough, get off.

Hey, don’t stick your hands under my clothes.

Jeez…I told you to stop. If you don’t stop-


Your lips feel super good.

It feels good, but even so, it tickles.

Eh? You’re still continuing?

I can’t seem to calm down.


Ow! Oh, uh, sorry, did I startle you?

But it’s because you bite me all of a sudden and you’ve even left a bite mark. Was it perhaps on purpose?

Don’t bite it. Suck on it.

Just like how I did it to you with that earlier.

Lend me your hand for a bit.


Like this. Got it?

Alright, now try leaving a mark.

Well done.

Hmm? You’re still licking me.

I was weak to being tickled to begin with, though. It tickles so much that I can’t take it. It’s almost as if my entire body’s an erogenous zone.

That place feels kind of strange.


There. Prodding my nipples with your tongue feels way too good.

No, that’s enough. Stop! The lower parts are-

No, don’t stare at that so much. I told you didn’t I? …It’s almost as if everything’s an erogenous zone. I felt so good from your tongue that this place has become like this again.

Wait, wait, you don’t have to go that far.

That’s, even if you don’t lick it……


Damn, it feels really good.

Also, why does my dick feel good from being licked…?

I really like that spot. That spot. Drag your tongue along the entire length and lick from the base to the top.

Yes. Like that.


Good girl. Now press down on the tip with your tongue.


Hey, please. Could you please insert it inside your mouth?

I like that expression. It’s super erotic.

The inside of your mouth is hot.

Make sure not to bite down on it, take it in as deep as you can and then let it out.

Yes, that’s good.

You’re doing your best to blow me with that tiny mouth of yours, right?

How cute. It’s lovely.


I’m at my limit, please let me shove it inside of you.

Hey, please.


Track 7: Final Moments


Spread your legs.

I’ll be entering inside here, so relax. I’ll take it slow, so please bear with it for a bit.

You’re way too nervous.

You’re a good girl, so you have to relax more.


Your eyes are teary.

Like I thought, is it too much for you? If so, would I wake up from my dream?

I feel really good, though.

Just a bit more.

See? It’s all in. I’ll gradually start moving.



Even though I just inserted it, you can hear the wet sounds. Plus, your moans are loud.

No worries, please let me hear more of your voice.

It feels super good. What about you?

Does it feel good?

Eh? What is it? Are you about to wet yourself again?


Why don’t you just go ahead? It is what it is.

That’s not it?

Hmm? Yes? You’re making a suspicious look.

Oh, are you going to ride me?

Cowgirl, huh.


This is a wonderful sight; the outline of your body from below is super sexy.

Come on, move however you want.

I wonder if you’ll be able to satisfy me?

Lift your hips then lower them.

That’s no good, it doesn’t feel good at all compared to your service earlier.


Eh? What’s this? You’re quite good at it, aren’t you?

Watching a woman move from below…is super lewd. Both your breasts and hair are swaying, your eyes are moist, and both your breathing and voice are ramping up.

I’m super happy that you’re putting in your all for my sake.

Your wet place is rubbing against me, and it feels good.


You’re done?

Well, it is exhausting.

It’s fine, allow me to do the rest. You can just stay passively there.

There we go. I’ll thrust you from the back. It’s a shame that I can’t see your face, but I’ll give you plenty of love.


I knew it. It slips in so easily.

Feels good.

Your insides are super wet. It’s like we’re melting together and melding into one.

Can I confirm one thing?

Like I thought, you like it rough. Your insides are twitching so much.

I want to stay connected with you forever, but I…


Jeez, what is this? This is too quick.

Sorry, doing it from the back feels too good. I’m at my limit.

You too?



How should I put it? This dream is way too realistic.

Dream, is this not a dream?

Hey, if on the off-chance this isn’t a dream, could you please stay with me forever? I may not know who you are or where you came from, but that I can learn later on.

Oh, right, the curtains are open.

Well, it’s the 12th floor, so it’s not like we’re in plain view.


It’s bright outside.

Even though it had been snowing so much, the entire sky is filled with winter stars. …It’s beautiful.

Why don’t you take a look outside as well, Mifuyu?

My, my, has she fallen asleep?

Though, I guess you would be tired about moving around and moaning that much.


Huh? You, there’s a tattoo on your shoulder…? It’s not a birthmark, right? …Since it’s such a vivid green.

Four leaves. It’s a four-leafed mark.

It feels almost nostalgic.

No, I’m very, very familiar with it. But that’sーー

It was packed into a plastic bag and thrown into the garbage can.


Eh? Oh, tiny cat. Is there where you were?

I didn’t realize at all that you were inside this room. And now you’re crawling into Mifuyu’s cleavage.

Even though you’re a female, you’re such a perv.

I guess it wasn’t you.


Mhm. I understand now.

She came to say a final goodbye, didn’t she?

Little fella, is this perhaps your power? Because if so, thank you. It was a super wonderful dream.

So, please allow me to meet her again tomorrow.


Track 8: After


Uh-huh. Alright, I’ll return home one time during the weekend.

It’s fine, you don’t need to prepare a meal. I’ll be leaving as soon as it’s over.

Well, it is true that I don’t cook at all. It’s almost always convenience store bentos or instant noodles and the like.

But during the day, there’s the school cafeteria. Plus, I also go out to eat as well.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it.

You don’t have to go out of your way to come cook meals for me. I’ll make sure to cook properly for myself.

Even if it’s a hectic time since it’s near graduation, there are still club activities due to it being an affiliate school.

Saturday was my precious day off, you know?


Anyhow, why are you apologizing, Mother? It’s not like I’m too concerned about that, I’ll participate in the marriage interview and whatever else.

More importantly, I’m that both Mother and Father seem to be doing well.

I’ll look forward to Saturday then.

Mhm. Mhm. I got it. I’ll leave that to Father then.


Haa…an arranged marriage in this day and age.

This is the picture of the other person.

What do you think? They’re more beautiful than you, don’t you think?

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. It was a joke.

That aside, I apologize that this study desk is the only place I could place you. While I glued together the places that broke, as expected, I still can’t use you as a cup.

Shall I stick flowers in you?


Hey, do you happen to know where that cat went? …That tiny black cat that came here on that cold snowy day.

After leaving the next morning, I never saw them again.

Well, it had been a flighty, wandering cat, so it has probably moved onto the next town.

That day, it was snowing and the little fella was there. And I guess because you had reached the end of your lifespan, I saw a one night dream.


I know it’s probably an impossible wish, but even if it’s just in a dream, I want to see you again in your human form.

Do you have the same thoughts?

Well, Mifuyu?

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  1. Lux

    Cute story, but this line – “Oh, I got it! You want me to fuck you. Is that what it is?” I laughed at this more than I should have XD


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