【Translation】 Yasashi kute Kawaii Gishi no Otouto


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CV: Suou Renji (周防蓮二)

Track 1: I’ll Make You Cute


Oh. Eh? No way…

Sis, no, don’t look at me!

I’m sorry, this dress was just too cute. Even though it’s yours, Sis, it was so cute and made my heart race so much that when I saw it hanging in the closet, I just had the urge to touch it.

In the beginning, I was satisfied with just touching it, but I just couldn’t stop myself anymore. I’ve always, always wanted to try wearing it.

No one was here today, so…


I’m so sorry! It was too cute, and when I think about how it wouldn’t suit me because it’s cute… It both hurt and scared me, and I couldn’t help it.

It made me happy to see it in the mirror.

I’m really sorry for touching your clothes without permission, Sister. I’ll buy you back the exact same clothes, so please don’t tell Mom and Dad. I won’t do it anymore. I don’t want them to worry needlessly because of me.

Yes, Sis?


You mustn’t spoil me, Sis. I’m a boy. My hair isn’t long like yours, Sis, my body’s merely skinny and I have no chest, so I can’t become cute like you, Sis.

So please don’t say something like that, Sister……


I’m not cute.

No, please don’t say I’m cute. I’ll end up feeling happy about it.


This… You’re giving it to me?

You’re fawning on me and you’re even giving me other clothes. They’re your clothes, so you mustn’t say that, Sis.

I’m sorry for startling you. I won’t do it again, so please don’t tell anyone.


Mhm. I wanted to become cute. Though I know I can’t become as cute as you, Sister.

!? Sis?

You’ll make me cute? How?


Let go… Sis.

This voice is embarrassing.

It’s cute?

Please stop, I’ll start feeling happy about it. …Because it makes me happy when you call me cute, Sis.

Mhm. You can go ahead and make me cute.

Do it.


Is there a particular way of asking for it?

I want to know. Please tell me.

I’m supposed to say, “Please, Big Sister.”

I see. Kisses too.

I got it.

Big Sister. Please make me cute, Big Sister.


Track 2: Too Cute not to Hug


Do you not find it weird to take a bath together? Also, it’s embarrassing to have you see my body, Sis.

I was supposed to say “Big Sister”?

I apologize, Big Sister.

Sorry, I’ll do as you say, so p-please don’t laugh, okay?


I think it’s embarrassing to undress while being watched.


You want to see everything?

It’s hard to take off the b-bottoms with you watching.

No, it’s just embarrassment. It’s not that I hate being watched by you, Big Sister.

Uh, I’ll be removing my underwear then.

Eh? You’ll take it off for me, Big Sister?

Please don’t pull them down so slowly.


Please don’t stare at it so intently, it’s embarrassing.

Please don’t grab my hands. I don’t like being unable to hide it.

Not the base of my legs. It tickles when you kiss there.


This time, I’ll be undressing you, Big Sister?

Ah! Big Sister, your underwear’s cute.

It’s nice. The lace’s soft and so are your boobs, so it matches. Mhm, I thought it was nice how your boobs seemed so soft.

Eh? Compliments are fine?

T-Touch them?

Eh, err…like this?


Even your boobs are soft…

They’re touching me, Big Sister. Am I going to remove your bra like this?

The key to taking it off is this part at the back? The hooks?

Umm, this…

Oh, it’s off.

Your breasts are soft.

Are you fine with me burying my face in them? Do you not hate it?

Kiss your cleavage?

Three times here?


Oh, I did it.

Remove the bottom as well?

U-Umm, I’m embarrassed. Ah! I’ve managed to pull it down.

Your breasts are smushed against me.

I’m happy for your hug. Should I hug you back?


I can really feel your warmth when we’re hugging each other, Sis. And it makes me happy.


I’m happy for your kisses.

Big Sister, Big Sister…


Mhm, let’s head over to the bath.


Sit here?

Err, extend out my arms… Like this?

Putting body soap on using your hands tickles. So you’re going to shave me like this, Big Sister?

Okay, I understand. It’s dangerous to move.

Uh-huh, I’ll try not to move.


Yes, I’m fine.

I’m used to being shaved by others, but there’s a slick feeling in being shaved.

I don’t hate it.

My arm…I want you clean under it as well.

I can tell by touching it myself. It’s slippery from the soup and there’s a smooth feeling to it.


This time’s my legs?

Spread them…? Like this?

Yes, I know. I won’t move.

Big Sister, your hair is touching my inner thighs and it tickles. There’s a different sensation when you touch the area between my ankle and calves that you’ve shaved.

It’s slick and your fingers are just gliding across it.


Hey, if you spread my legs that wide…

You’ll be shaving everything, so it’ll be dangerous for me to move, right?

I’ll spread my legs, so please do all of it.

The blade is gliding across the underside of my belly…


Big Sister…

Can you tell that it’s smooth now?

By hugging you, I’ve gotten bubbles on you too, haven’t I, Big Sister?


I love hugging and kissing you, Big Sister. You’re soft and silky and warm, and it feels good.

My heart races when you kiss me, Big Sister.


Hehe. I’ve initiated the kiss too.

Hey, let’s get in the bath. At this rate, we’ll get dirty before we get in.


Having hot water flow across my shaved skin is a strange feeling.

Big Sister’s boobs are touching my head. It feels soft and also, a bit exciting.

Ah! Please don’t spread my legs.

I don’t like having that place touched in hot water.

No. No! My voice is echoing, and it’s embarrassing.

Please don’t grab me from the back. Even if you stroke it slowly, it still gets my heart pounding…and I’ll cum.


It’s not cute. Hey, it’s not cute.

Please don’t stroke it…

My voice. No. It isn’t cute. Please don’t bully me.

Not there. Please don’t stroke it.


I don’t want to say it, it’s embarrassing.

No, please don’t stroke it faster. It feels strange when you do it inside water. It feels good.

No, stop…


Please praise me, Big Sister.

I said not to go faster…

No, Big Sister.

No, no, I’ll cum. No, I don’t want to.

Eh? You stop?


Big Sister, why did you stop? I stillーー

I said that I didn’t want to, but I still haven’t cum yet. It’s not that I didn’t want to cum…

Uh-huh, I want you to touch me.


Not there! No, the hot water will get inside my butt.

Don’t move, the water flowing inside.

Stop, Big Sister.

I’m sorry. Big Sister, stop, no, it’ll flow inside. The hot water will flow into my belly.

Stop, I said stop.

Ah! Please don’t spread it. Stop, stop.

Don’t pull out your fingers.


No way. Why?

My voices are embarrassing. It’s not cute.


I don’t like it, Big Sister. It’s not cute. I’m scared, I’m scared of this.


Big Sister?

M-m, I’m fine. I cried because of the shock, that’s all.

I’m alright. I don’t hate it.


My voice is leaking out…

Having my voice echo is embarrassing.

You’ve increased the number of fingers.

Big Sister…


Hehe. I think I might’ve gotten used to it.

Eh? No, no, if you stimulate even the frontーー

I can’t, I can’t. No. No.

No, stop, I’ll cum. Please stop…


It’s so embarrassing. I came.

Please don’t tease me too much, the blood will rush to my head.


Track 3: Too Cute not to Kiss


Hey, Big Sister, please let me change. It’s embarrassing for me to walk around in a girl’s pajamas.

If someone were to see this, Iーー


If you kiss me any more…

No, my mind will turn hazy.


Eh? Body oil…? What is that?


It smells the same as you, Big Sister.

Please don’t strip me. It’s embarrassing.

The oil smells nice.

Wait, it tickles…! Haha! Big Sister, stop.

No, don’t flick my chest. And please don’t tease the tips with your fingers either, it’ll feel hot.

I said, no.

Big Sister’s scent is wafting off of me and it’s making me dizzy.


Mhm. It’s better if I were to undress completely, right?

I’ll undress then.

Girl underwear are too cute so I couldn’t bring myself to wear them, so I don’t have any underwear on.

It’s embarrassing, so don’t stare too much.


What are you applying next?



Is that what you do?

Alright, I’ll take note of that.


Haha! It tickles a little.

Since you had shaved me earlier, when you touch me throughout my body, I can feel that it is smooth. And when you apply lotion to my skin, it becomes bouncy, so I think I might enjoy this.

The last thing is body milk.

Uh-huh. I’ll tell you if it tickles too much for me to bear.


This time it’s more viscous.

My chest is being directly touched by Big Sister, so having things applied feels good. Though this is my first time having this done to my body.

It feels good, and I’m happy.

So it takes a lot of effort to look cute. I never knew.


You’re drying my hair next?

Yup, I got it.

Am I going to sit over there?

Uh, is it really alright for me to sit at the place where you always do your make-up, Big Sister?

I’m naked and all flimsy.

Eh? I’ll wear this, the dress from before, then sit?


Yup. I trust that you’ll make me cute, Big Sister.

I’ll wear it then.


I’m glad. It’s on.

It’s fluffy and cute.

The skirt goes down to my knees, so it’s not too short. Plus, I also like the color. It has an airy design, so it definitely is cute.

Umm…Big Sister, t-these are my underwear.

Eh? They’re mine.

No, they’re not. The frills are super cute, it’s fluffy, so it’s a girl’s.

Mhm. They’re cute.

It’s embarrassing, but if that’s what you say, Big Sister, I’ll wear it.


I’m scared, I can’t see the mirror.

Uwah! Am I still not allowed to look?

Oh, I should close my eyes while you’re drying my hair?

Okay, I’ll make sure to keep my eyes closed until you say it’s okay to open them, Big Sister.


Big Sister, you’ve always had a nice smell to you even back then.

You’ve always been with me ever since I arrived at the house, and whenever I’m lonely, you’d give me hugs. And during those times, you’ve always smelled nice, Big Sister.

And now that I smell the same today, it’s strange.

Hmm? Did you put something in my hair?

Hehe. I remember this scent.

Oh? It was a hair treatment. I had always thought it was the scent of shampoo.

It smells nice.


After mixing a bunch of scents, I now smell like you, don’t I, Big Sister?

I thought I liked sweet smells, but I never knew that this smell was made up of so many things. And I never even considered it.

Oh, I still can’t open my eyes yet, right?


Are you going to apply toner to my face now?

Hmm. Oh, is this smell, roses?

I think I might like this smell. Is the body milk also roses?

So they have the same scent.


I had the image that when you are doing make-up, you would pat on the foundation, so is it really alright to be wetting my skin this much?

I see. Skin does quickly dry.

I’d rather it not be dry and chapped.

After making my skin bouncy with toner and letting the body milk absorb… What is it that you’re applying now?

Liquid base. Liquid base?

What is that? Even though it’s make-up, you’re not patting it on.

Liquid? Liquid foundation is indeed make-up, right?


Oh, are you already done?

Err, next up is…

Liquid foundation; the feeling on the skin is similar to those things from earlier.

I never really worn it before, so I don’t really know. Oh, but my skin feels different from when it’s just the toner, I think. The places where it’s been applied are smooth and dry.

Spread it thinly on my forehand, the bridge of my nose, my cheeks, and under my lips with a sponge.

I got it. I’ll remember it.


Next is face powder.

Is this the one you pat on?

Uh-huh, I’ve been wanting to try it, so please do.

Haha! I think it kind of tickles. But, this smells nice, and I think my skin’s become a little slick. How strange.

Color of eyeshadow…?

Erm, I don’t know what color would suit me. Can I leave it to you, Big Sister?

I’m not knowledgeable about those things, so I’ll leave it to you.

Oh, for lipstick. I think that pink would be nice as my lip color. Instead of dark, I prefer light colors.


Mhm. I know. I’ll stay still.

Hehe, that tickles. It’s like the base is being tickled.

I’ll bear with it. Hehe. Haha!

Are you done?

What is it?

Eyeliner? Is eyeliner over with that quickly?


Hmm…next up are eyebrows.

M-m, I don’t think eyebrows will tickle that much, so let’s get it over quick.

And after that is lipstick.

Press my upper and lowers together firmly… Like this?

Hehe. I did it.

What is this sticky thing for?

Oh, I see. So this is lip gloss.


Can I open my eyes now?

I’ll open them then.


Wow! So cute!

I know. I’ll ruin the makeup if I were to cry.

I won’t cry, I won’t cry.

It’s cute. I’m happy to be able to wear such cute clothes. I’m glad you were there to make me cute, Big Sister.

Thank you.


Kiss on the lips too?





Being too cute not to kiss… If you say something like that, it’ll make me feel so happy that it’ll turn me strange.

Big Sister, please. Please make me cuter.

Right now, it’s weird, I feel happy just being reflected in the mirror with you.

Until now, whenever I was reflected in the mirror with you, my cute, beloved sister, I felt that I was not worthy to be by your side. …Because you were cute, Big Sister.

Yet right now, I’m so happy that the mere sight of me being kissed by you through the mirror makes me giddy, Big Sister.

I want you to touch me more.

Please, Big Sister. Caress me.


Track 4: I’ll Make You Even Cuter


Big Sister, Big Sister……

You’re touching my thighs from under my skirt.

The place you touched earlier in the bath, mhm, I’m fine with you touching my butt. I want you to touch it.

I’ll lift my leg.


You’re applying something…

What is this?


My butt’s all slippery with lube.

Your fingers are slipping in and out, again and again.


What is this girly voice? …It’s leaking.


I feel so happy when you call me cute, Big Sister, that my heart won’t stop pounding. You can touch me more. And I’ll spread my legs, so, please.

No way. To increase to 3 fingers…

3 of Big Sister’s fingers are inside of me. My insides are being pried open by Big Sister’s fingers.


It feels good. It feels good when you rub the inside of my butt.

Big Sister, Big Sister……

Your fingers have been touching the pleasurable spot inside my butt for the past while, and when you slowly stroke with your fingers…

M-My hips have been trembling since earlier.

I can’t stop the girly-sounding voice.


It feels good, and I can’t stop.

Big Sister…

No. No, not there, not there. Stop. It’s too rough.

Stop, stop, I’ll cum.

I’m cumming-!


Big Sister, did I, did I cum from just my butt?

My body’s trembling and my butt felt good.

Wait, it feels too good.

Please don’t move your fingers! I’ll cum again from my butt.




I came again, but I haven’t ejaculated yet.


This is my first time, so I’m scared that I’ll break. But since Big Sister is the one doing it, and since Big Sister is making me cute…

I’m happy.

As thanks, it’s my turn to do pleasurable things to you, Big Sister.

I might not be good, but I’ll try my best, so please give me the orders.


Okay! Umm…I’ll start touching your boobs then.

I love you boobs, Big Sister. They’re soft and mellow. And when I pinch your nipples hard, your voice gets cuter, Big Sister.

Mhm. I’ll kiss your cleavage then.


I’m happy that my cheeks are tucked between your soft boobs when I kiss it.

It’s warm, and I closely hear the sound of Big Sister’s heart beating and it gets my heart pounding too.

I’ll lick it lots.

B-Big Sister, I…I’ll be licking your nipples, so please watch me.


Did I do well? Your left nipple is sticking out.

It’s pink and cute.

I’ll do the same to the right side this time, so I’ll stroke the left with my finger while I’m at it.

Big Sister, do you like it when I caress the center of your nipples with my tongue? Because when I caressed it earlier, I felt like your voice turned sweeter.

I see. That makes me happy.

I’m happy that I did something you like.


Hehe. Both your nipples are erect.


Big Sister, you’re joining in too?

Your fingers feel good.

I-I’ll use my fingers too.

I like it when we touch each other’s chests.

Don’t tug on them so hard. I’ll start feeling it if you flick them. If you go so far…I won’t be able to control myself.

I’ll end up pinching your nipples when I feel good, Big Sister.


Big Sister. I love you, Big Sister.


When you embrace me, that place in my belly will slowly but steadily​ grow hotter.

I like kisses. When I kissed your cleavage 3 times, I did well, right?


Hmm? What is it?

Lift my butt?

Stand on my knees and spread my legs a little?


Go ahead. Stick your fingers inside my butt.

Having fingers inserted into my butt and having them move… My hips will start shaking.

Big Sister, Big Sister. Big Sister…

I love kisses, and I like having my butt teased too.

I’ll do things to your boobs, I’ll lick them, with my tongue, so please make me cuter!


You’re going so fast with my butt.

I love you, I love you.

No, I’ll cum again.

I’ll cum! I’ll, I’ll cum again. I’ll cum…!


Big Sister……

Big Sister too. I want to touch you too.

I’ll churn up Big Sister’s pussy, so please make me cum more. I want us to cum together.


While holding you and touching you from the front, your fingers have gone in. Big Sister, your fingers are inside my butt.

It’s wet. Even your insides are warm.

I’ll churn it with my fingers. I’ll make you feel good too, Big Sister.

I feel good. Do you feel good, Big Sister?

Thank god.


This place, does this place feel good?

Do you like it when I press down on your clitoris while I churn up the inside of your pussy?

Okay. I’ll do it more. I’ll do it.

I feel good. You’re stroking the pleasurable spots in my butt…

I, I’m about to cum from having them stroked.

Are you about to cum too, Big Sister?

Uh-huh. I-I’ll cum. I want to cum together.


No. Please. Please don’t touch my penis.

Is it okay? I want to cum like this. I love sex with you, Big Sister. I want you to treat me like a girl. That’s what I want.

I don’t mind if I’m no longer able to use my penis; I like having my butt teased.

So please, treat me like a girl.

What I want from you, Big Sister, is for you to treat me like a girl. Please, I’m begging you so, please…


Did we cum together, Big Sister?

I knew it. I love you, Big Sister.


Track 5: Who does the Cute You Belong to?


Sis, are you awake?

I’m sorry for being so abrupt. I heard that Mom and Dad will be going out today, so umm…

Please make me super cute, Big Sister.

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