【Translation】 Ukiuki Weekend 4 Toshiue no Kare


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うきうきウィークエンド4 年上の彼

CV: Ishii Kazutaka (石井一貴)

Track 1: Road Trip


There we go. Is this all your luggage? You haven’t forgotten anything, right?

Haha! “Probably”

Well, if you are missing anything, we’ll buy it en route. Please don’t hesitate to tell me if something comes to mind.

Now then, let’s depart.


Ah. Wait.

Okay, please go on ahead.

Oh, careful where you’re stepping.

I’m opening the door because I want to.

Okay, I’m closing it.

Let’s go.


Hmm? It’s still a secret. It’s something to look forward to for when we arrive.

I’m not being mean, I just want to see the joy on your face when we arrive, that’s all.

Mhm, please bear with it for a little longer.


Oh, that drinking cup.

I thought you might drink from it, so I filled it with coffee. If you’d like, please go on ahead.

Of course. Oh, but since I just poured it, it’s probably pretty hot. Careful not to burn yourself.

I obtained some rather nice coffee beans the other day, so I made a blend with that and the other bean that you said tasted good. I think it should be to your taste, but what do you think?

I know, right?

That’s a relief.

Thank you. I’ve still got ways to go, though.

That said, I enjoy pouring the exact right amount and letting others drink it. In particular, having you say that it’s good makes me happiest.


Hmm? Scent?

Oh, I changed the air freshener in the car.

I see. You hadn’t had a chance to ride my car ever since I changed the car’s air freshener. Plus, it’s been a long time since we were last able to spend a full day together.

That was 2 weeks ago and we only went out for dinner together, so it wasn’t much of a date.

In truth, we should’ve had time, but I suddenly had business the next day.


It helps that you say that. That said, I can’t just blame everything on work.

Sorry for dragging you down because of work.

Well of course. Precisely because this is the vacation that I am finally able to take, I want to spend it with you.

Please don’t make me state the obvious.

How could I be tired? On the contrary, I feel so much better when I’m around you. Besides, today’s a special day.

Do you remember what day it is?


That’s right, today marks 1-year of us dating. And that’s why I wanted to be with you no matter what.

We’ll be together all day, so if there’s something you want me to do, tell me.


Oh, it’s almost noon. How about we have lunch en route?

Is there something you’d like to eat?

You can’t think of anything? Then, is it alright for us to go to the restaurant that I looked up?

It’s decided then.


It’s a shop that features tea-ceremony dishes​. It’s famed for its in-house tofu it seems.

I had a hard time making a reservation, but there just happened to be a cancellation, so we’ll be super lucky.


Track 2: The Ryokan You Wanted to Visit


Indeed, thank you for your consideration.

Yes, we’re in your care.


You must be tired. So, what do you think? Does this place not look familiar?

Yes, that’s right. This was the #1 ranked ryokan on that “Must-visit Hot Springs” T.V. feature from before. You said that you wanted to visit it, no?

Of course I wouldn’t forget, I wanted to go here with you too.

It makes me happy when you’re that delighted.


It certainly is large.

Okay, how about we take a look inside the room? My house has wooden flooring, so tatami mats feel new to me. That said, it’s somehow really calming.

It has a Japanese feel.

Mmm, it’s the wonderful smell of soft rush.

Oh, look, there’s a bed in the bedroom.

Mhm. The way it matches the Japanese-style is nice. So, would you like to lay around on it for a bit?


My princess, is it comfortable to sleep on?

That’s great.

Well, of course. It comes with an open-air bath as well, my princess. That window is linked to the outside, so why don’t we go take a look?


Oh, it’s true.

It’s bigger than it looked on T.V., and not only that, the view is beautiful.

Look, it’s the setting sun.

Mhm. The mountains are dyed in red, aren’t they? It really is like a dream world that’s separated from reality.

I got an idea! There’s still time before dinner, and since we went all the way here, why don’t we take a dip?


Eh? You want me to go first?

Thank you. However, I want to go in together with you.

Yup, it is a rare chance. So, can we?

I’m glad.

Well then, let’s get in.


I’m ready, but-

Huh? Are you embarrassed because I’m here?

True enough, I’ll head in first then. I’ll wait for you, so take your time.


It feels good…

Oh, you finally came. The temperature’s great and it feels really nice.

Careful not to slip.

Yup. As expected, an open-air bath feels good, doesn’t it? Being able to view the scenery while bathing is wonderful.

On that note, why are you so far away?


So you’re embarrassed? This isn’t the first time we’ve bathed together, though.

Precisely because it’s been so long, I want to look at you more closely.

Come on, give me a break.

Come closer this way.

There we go. Caught you!


Like I thought, it’s calming when you’re close to me.


Hmm? The blood’s about to rush to your head?

Sorry. Sorry.

Don’t submerge yourself all the way up to your shoulders. If you expose yourself to more of the outside air, you’ll be able to bathe without becoming dizzy.


When we’re relaxing together like this, our usual busy lives seem almost like a lie.

Of course. When we get out of the bath, how about we put on yukatas and take a walk around the building?

There’s a fancy bar and a souvenir shop, so let’s take a peek at those.

Great idea! Let’s head to the public bath once we’re finished dinner.

Well then, we can’t stay in here for too long, let’s get out in a bit.


Track 3: Delicious Dinner


This is my first trip with you, so I splurged a little. Don’t hold back and eat lots, okay?

Now then, let’s have a toast.

Cheers to 1-year of us dating!


That tasted good.

Oh. Thank you.

M-m, it was the same when we got out of the bath, but having you here in a yukata makes today’s drink taste especially good.

Okay, now let’s have dinner.

I’m digging in!


Mmm…the sashimi tastes good.

What’s wrong? Is that something you dislike? Don’t tell me you put too much wasabi on it?

Wait! That’s an aperitif, you’ll get drunk if you drink it all at once.

Here, water.


Are you alright? Would you like another drink of water?

It’s real, freshly shaven wasabi after all. It’s spicy, but the aftertaste is refreshing, no?

Hmm? This roast beef?

I’ll have some as well then.


You’re right, it’s super delicious!

I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. I’m happy seeing you happy too. I wonder how long it’s been since we last had such a delicious and enjoyable meal.

Hmm, the last time was when I ate the food you cooked I think.

Ah. No, I’m eating properly. But how should I say it? No matter what I ate, it never felt enough and things tasted bland.

When it comes to food, instead of how wonderful the cooking is, what’s most important is who you’re eating it with is what I think. Regardless of how delicious something is, it can’t compare to the taste of the meals I eat with you.

And so, today, it made me realize how long it’s been since I had such tasty food.


You too?

I see.

Hmm? How many glasses is that? I haven’t been counting.

I guess so. I was just so happy that I couldn’t help myself.

Since we’ll be heading to the public bath after this, I have to make sure I don’t drink too much. It’s such fun being with you that I wound up finishing the drinks without realizing.

You’re right, I’ll keep it in moderation.

If I get drunk and fall asleep, my long-await time with you will go to waste.

After we finish eating and take a short break, let’s head over to the public bath.


Track 4: Night Spent Together


Oh, welcome back. Have you warmed yourself up nicely?

M-m, I hardly waited, I was in there for quite a long time too.

Ah. No, I was just thinking that no matter how long I look at you, you’re cute in a yukata. It really suits you.

Now then, how about we return to our room and drink something cold?

Oh, right, I’ll carry your bag.


It’s fine, it’s fine, what your hands should be holding is not your bags, but rather, my hand.


How was the public bath on your side?

Oh, there were three?

There were only two for me. I guess there’s more on that end. The landscape was dark so I couldn’t really see it, but the night sky’s beautiful, isn’t it?


Here you go.


Yup, I’m having water too. I drank quite a lot earlier, so I’m refraining myself from drinking any more. If I get carried away and drink too much, and then fall asleep early, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.

Are you sure you’re fine with me sleeping? Even though it’s been so long since we last saw each other?

I want you to say “please don’t sleep”, though.


How about we head over to the bed?


Your hair’s still wet, isn’t it? Did you not have a chance to dry it properly?

I see, so you didn’t want me to wait.

You could’ve taken your time, you know? If I remember correctly, there’s a blowdryer in the washroom, so I’ll dry it for you.

I’ll go grab it right now-

Idiot, if you say something that cute……


Are you alright?

Is that so? Then let’s do it here.


You didn’t use your regular shampoo today, right? Is it the one provided in the bathroom?

Mhm, it smells nice.

It’s sweet and feminine… You have an erotic scent on you. Is this what they call pheromones I wonder?


The yukata’s nice, isn’t it? It’s not just cute. If I slip my hand under the seam of the yukata…

Look, I can touch your breasts right away.


I wonder if the hot springs are already making a difference. Your skin’s softer than usual. It’s mellow, and it feels good.

I’ll untie your obi, okay?


Whoa, that’s a pair of lingerie I’ve never seen before. Is that a new one you bought?

I see, so you went out of your way to prepare something brand new because you were seeing me.

That makes me happy. It’s cute, and it’s arousing.

It feels like a waste to remove it.

That said, I hear that female bras are delicate. If I touch them the way I usually do, it’ll ruin the shape, so let’s take it off.

I’ll take off the bottom as well. Can you lift your hips?


You were cute while wearing it, but you’re cute without it too.

That’s what I actually think, so I can’t help it.

Look, you’re this cute.


Hmm? Does it feel good?

Is that so?

It almost seems as though you’re more sensitive than usual. Is it because of how long it’s been?

I’ll touch the bottom too.


You’re super wet. And if I were to fiddle around with it with my fingers…

Well? Do you hear the sounds?

I’ll lick this place for you.


Hmm? You’re already about to cum?

How about I insert my fingers inside you while licking the ears you love and tease them at that same time?

You want it already?

Alright. Please wait for a bit.


Sorry to keep you waiting. I’m putting it in.

Since it’s been a while, please don’t hesitate to tell me immediately if it’s ever too much.


Will you be alright?

That’s a relief. In that case, it’ll be safe for me to move, right?

I’ll make you feel tons of pleasure.


I feel good too.

This is bad, even though I want to be gentle, your insides feel so good that I don’t think I can.


Is it okay if I go a little bit rougher?

Thank you.


I’ll wipe you up.

Nope, let me wipe it. Okay?


Okay, there we go.

Come here.

Did I satisfy you?

I see, that’s a relief.


Mhm. I’m satisfied and I feel super fulfilled. That said, I lost my composure because of how long it’s been. Sorry.

I hope I wasn’t too focused on myself.


I see. Thank you.


Track 5: Shinjirou’s Vow


Are you sleepy?

You don’t have to force yourself to stay awake.

Wait a sec.

Oh, it’s only 9 o’clock. Normally speaking, I’d still be at work.

When we first started dating, we had more time than we do now. We were able to go to a whole bunch of places together and we were constantly in touch. And once the weekends came along, we would stay over at each other’s houses and spend time together, right?


You’re not wrong. It almost feels like the distant past.

We were barely able to contact each other during these past few months, and even though you told me that you wanted to see me, there were many times where we couldn’t be together.

You know, just by the fact that you didn’t mention it because you didn’t want to bother me, it makes me wonder if I’ve actually made you feel extremely lonely.

It’s okay to say the truth.


Of course, right? I’ve burdened you a lot, haven’t I?

I’m sorry for making you feel lonely all this time.

From now on, come hell or high water, I’ll make sure I see you at least once a week. I won’t ever make you anxious or lonely again, so could you please continue to remain by my side?



“I love you”, huh.

It’s short, but those are incredibly warm words.

Erm, thank you.

Thank you for saying that you love me. I love you too.


Track 6: Morning Inn


Oh, did I wake you? Good morning.

It’s only 6 o’clock.

Breakfast starts at 7 o’clock, so there’s still time. So, what shall we do? Shall we sleep a little more?

Is that so?

Since we’ve sweated, how about we stop by the hot springs? They switch the male and female baths at 4 o’clock in the morning it seems, so you can enjoy different baths from what you did yesterday.

Yup. Now then, let’s get ourselves ready and head over to the public baths.


I’m glad I didn’t leave any last night.

Hmm? Ah, no, I refrained from leaving kiss marks while we were doing it yesterday. Considering that we’ll be visiting the public baths again, I was thinking that it would’ve made you feel embarrassed.

You wouldn’t have minded if I left some?

Is that so? Then I’m glad I held back.


Now then, a new towel and, oh, there’s new yukatas, so let’s grab that as well.

And then…


Yes, yes, thank you.


Breakfast just arrived, so we returned at a good time, didn’t we?

Despite saying that it was okay for you to take longer, that was rather short. Were you feeling self-conscious again?

So that’s what it was! You wanted to bathe in our room’s open-air bath.


No, there’s still time before we check out. I wanted us to enjoy ourselves, so I made it so that we can stay till noon.

Yup, we can take our time.

Let’s eat breakfast, take a short break, and then jump in.


Well then, I’m digging in.


Mmm, it’s delicious.

Whenever I’m by myself, I’d settle with simple toast in the morning, but having Japanese food is nice.

This freshwater clam miso soup tastes so good.

Let me try.

You’re right, it’s a very refined flavor.


Haha! Not at all. Breakfasts like these are nice every so often, but I like your tamagoyaki more.

You see, anything you cook for me has a special taste to it.


Track 7: In the Open-Air Bath


No matter how many times I’ve been in one, hot springs remain the best.

Hey, come a little closer to me.

Bathing in the hot springs while embracing you from the back is very sensual. Your neck’s a weak spot, right?

It tickles? …Is that so? Then, does it tickle here?


I know, there’s no way your lips would tickle.

Sorry about that, I just wanted to kiss you.

If your voice is too loud, other people will hear, so you have to suppress your voice.


They’ve perked up.

Look, do you see it?

Hey, why are you wiggling your hips around?

Spread your legs for me.

That’s right.


Oh, it’s nice and wet. Also, this place had swelled up and stiffened.

M-m, I’m the same.

Being unable to be loud, the openness of an open-air bath really turns me on. Somehow, it feels really lewd.


Hey, you mustn’t leak your voice too much, people will hear.

Come here.

Can you open up your legs and straddle on top of me?

Yes, that’s right. Lower your hips just like that.

You’re doing good. Your insides are so hot that it feels like I’m about to melt.


Shh. Careful, your voice is loud again.

The way this position allows me to do it while holding you is nice.


Hey, is there not somewhere you want me to touch more or something you wish for me to do? I want you to ask more of me.

I want to grant every request you have.


Your voice is leaking out.

Your insides are twitching so much. Could it be that you’re about to cum?

I’m about to cum too.


Today, we came together, didn’t we?

Even though we just washed earlier, we’re covered in sweat.

Come here, I’ll wash you clean.


Track 8: Where would you like to go today?


Okay, I’m done. Is it fully dry?

Eh? You’ll dry mine?

Thank you.


No, not at all, not at all. I was just thinking that it feels good to have it dried by you.

Of course it is. I see. I see.

Thank you. You must be thirsty, right?

Let’s drink something and relax before we check out.


What would you like to drink?

Drinking while it’s still bright out might be nice on occasions. Plus, this doesn’t have a high alcohol content.

I see. As for me…I’ll have the mineral water.

Here, take this.


M-m. Drinking alcohol at noon now and then is kind of nice since it’s vacation-like. How about we travel by bullet train next time?

Then it’s decided.


Oh, it’s already noon.

After we check out, let’s go out for lunch. The soba restaurant​ you saw on T.V. is a slight walking distance from here.

Yes, that’s right, it’s that soba restaurant.

Then soba for lunch it is.


That’s great. Is this any place you want to visit afterwards?

I knew you’d say that. You’ve been always saying that you wanted to see the dolphinarium that you saw on T.V.

No, I wanted to go there too.

Yup, that’s settled.


Track 9: Continue to Keep at it this Week


Are you done preparing?

Then, it’s about time we leave, I’ll drive you to your workplace.


Sorry for ultimately making you stay over in the end yesterday. Also, since we were out until the late hours of the day…aren’t you tired?

I see.

Mhm, I was happy and had an incredible amount of fun too. Time passes by when you’re having fun, doesn’t it? Sunday went by so fast.


Say, just a little is fine, right?

Okay, I’m recharged.

Now then, let’s continue to keep at it this week.


Secret Track


I’m really sorry about today, I made you wait alone by yourself for so long. I promised you that I’d never make you lonely again at the hot springs and yet…

I was happy that you cooked dinner and were waiting for me.

Thank you.


Yup, it was super delicious!


What’s the matter?

I see. In that case, as an apology and thanks, I’ll do the things you desire. Please tell me everything request you have for me

Don’t be embarrassed, just tell me.


Understood. Let’s kiss each other lots.

Hmm? Your breasts too?

Sure, of course.


Ah. You don’t need to move, I’ll be removing it for you. Focus only on the things that’ll make you feel good.

You don’t have to do anything today, just entrust your body to me.

Yes, that’s right.

I’ll strip everything then.


You want me to suck them harder?


Fingers? What do you want me to do with my fingers?

So you want me to tease this spot with my fingers as I continue to suck on these?

You’re extremely wet. Does it feel good?


Hmm? I’ll lick this place lots as well then.

Together with my fingers?



It’s leaking non-stop. Does it feel good?

How about this?

So this feels good, huh.

Don’t think about it. Until you’re satisfied, I’ll continue to suck on it.


You want it inside you?


Wait just a moment.


Sorry to keep you waiting.

So, what position would you like to do it in?

We can’t have that, I want to do the things you desire today, so tell me. …Like usual? So while holding you in my arms?

Okay. I’m putting it in then.


Do you think it’s safe for me to move?

Please tell me how you want it, okay?

Here more?

How’s that? You like it when I rub against this place?

Is that so? Since we’ve been dating for a year, I didn’t think there was something I didn’t know, but this is a new discovery. And that makes me happy.

I’ll thrust up against it again and again.


You’re squeezing so tightly…


I know. It’s this place, right?

Was I correct?

I’m glad.


Are you close to cumming?

Go ahead. Cum.


You’re trembling. You came properly, right?

I’m relieved.

I’m close to cumming too. Is that okay?

Thank you.




Did that feel good?

I see. That’s a relief.

I felt good too, and it felt nice serving you. If this is how it’s like, I don’t mind doing it each and every time.

You don’t want that…? Because it’s embarrassing?

I get it. I get it. How about on occasions?

Let’s go with that then.


Eh? Requests from me?

Hmm, now that you mention it… The one thing I wish to do most right now is to make you happy, is what I’d say.

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