【Translation】 Ukiuki Weekend 3 Tomodachi datta Kare


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うきうきウィークエンド3 友達だった彼

CV: Kongouzan Juichi (金剛山寿一)

Track 1: You and I and My Apartment



Welcome, please come on in.


This feels kind of odd.

You know, you’re at my apartment, so…

I’m so happy.

You’ve been to my parents’ house, but it’s a little different when it’s uh…the house that I live alone in.

Oh, you can leave your luggage in that area.


Oh, thank you. Are these candies and drinks?

There’s quite a lot of them.

You don’t have to be conscientious about it, is what I’d like to say, but to be honest, I too…


Hehe. We both might’ve been too conscious.

How should I say it? I was super enthusiastic at the thought of you coming to my house and bought so much sweets that the two of us couldn’t possibly finish.

And for appearance’s sake, I bought some slightly expensive ones that I wouldn’t normally buy as well.


What kind of bottled drink did you buy?


Oh, it’s the one that was recently released, right? I wanted to try it, but it was all sold out. So, hey, hey, can I have one?

Thank you.

What would you like?

Here you go.


Damn. This is seriously bad, would you like to take a sip?

Well? It’s bad, right?


I wish I could’ve confessed sooner.

But if I did, we would’ve had dates in our school uniforms, no? And then, we could’ve, you know, went to and from school and enjoyed school festivals, holiday festivals, and seasonal events together.

I’m sure we would’ve made a bunch of fun memories.

That said, we do have tons of memories as friends. Though, I mean, we’ll be making tons of good memories as a couple from here on out.


I lacked the confidence to confess my feelings, and I found that kind of pathetic…

Mhm. I’ve always liked you.

I think I told you this before, but umm, I wasn’t able to restrain myself.

Sorry for being such a pathetic man.


I mean, there’s that as well. I never imagined that our feelings would be mutual, I had always believed that it was one-sided.

If you had noticed then you should’ve said something.

You were scared of destroying our relationship as friends, weren’t you?

I feel the same.

Are you…happy right now?

Me too.


Darn, at this rate, I’ll end up eating you up like a beast.


Say, is it alright if I kiss you one more time?


Haha! Sorry, sorry, haha.

No, umm, I haven’t eaten anything today.

I wanted to show you more of my good side so I cleaned places that I normally wouldn’t clean.

Yes, that’s right, I haven’t drank anything except that terrible juice from earlier.

Eh? You’ll cook!?

Oh, but unless we go grocery shopping, the only things I have are eggs.


Uh-huh, let’s go shopping.

There’s a supermarket that’s about a 5-minute walk from here.

I’m delighted by your home-cooking, I’ll be happy with anything.



Track 2: Full Stomach


Ah…I’m so full.

Yup, it was super delicious. This might be the first time I’ve had it with Welsh onions.

Oh, I’ll tidy up.

Just now, I had the most delicious fried rice I’ve ever had, so please let me do it. Okay?


Though I say that, it’s just the tableware we’ve used.

Ah. When did you wash the frying pan?

Wow, you’re efficient.

So, so, is there a dish you’re particularly good at?

Is that so? Then, then, whenever you’re cooking something new, please let me try it. I want to taste test it.

It’s fine even if it’s a failure or it tastes bad.

Being first has a sense of superiority to it, but I want to be the first to try the food you’ve cooked for the first time.

Well? It feels kind of special, doesn’t it?


Ah, I never noticed. Please take a seat.

Is something the matter?

I see. I’m almost done. Okay?


Okay, I’m done.

Are there anything warm to drink?

Is that so?


I think I might be a tad sleepy. My stomach’s filled and I’m filled with happiness.

Like gyoza?

Rather than make them, I’m simply able to mince, mix, and fold them. When it comes to gyoza, it’s fun to fold the filling nicely into the wrapper.

When I had time, I used to help make gyoza a lot. So rather ten being good, it’s more precise to say that it’s fun and I enjoy it.

Shall we make some together?


Then, let’s make some next time.

Now that’s one more thing to look forward to.

It just keeps increasing. Hehe.


Track 3: Laying Around and Sleeping Together


My neck hurts…


Her sleeping face is so cute, it makes me wanna tease her.

I wonder if her back or neck hurts? But…I don’t wanna wake her.

What time is it?

Err, cellphone, cellphone…


It’s still this early? It’s surprisingly not late.

Oh, good morning.

M-m, it’s still not morning yet, it’s still the early hours of the day. Does your body not hurt? Since I fell asleep while watching the DVD, what happened in the end?

Is that so?

I think I fell asleep first. Sorry.


Sure. Shall we watch it again right now?

I see.

So err, what shall we do? Are you hungry?

Uh-huh. Me too.

Then umm, shall we take a bath together?

Oh, is it embarrassing?


Let’s wash each other.

It’s lewd.


Track 4: Bubbly Bath


Hmm? Is something wrong?

Err, I-I’m also a bit embarrassed too but umm…I’m happy. Very much so.

So umm, is it alright if I wash your hair? I’m good at massages, uh, umm, I want to wash your hair.


Hehe. Take a seat over here.

I’ll wet your hair now.


It’s all bubbly.

You see, I enjoy having my hair shampooed at the salon. Doesn’t it give you a taste of what it’s like to be king so to speak?

Uh-huh, the feeling of having everything done for you.

The same might apply to the cutting, but the shampooing feels good.

How should I say it? It feels like you’re being served, hence the king part.

Oh, you’re right.

Instead of “King”, would “Queen” be better?


Is that so? Does it itch anywhere?

This area, huh.

Does it feel good?

I’m glad.

I guess I’m done. I’m rinsing it, okay?


Next is your hair treatment, right?

Err, are you doing any care for it? Because your hair’s all nice and silky.

I see. Umm…

Is there any shampoo left on you?

Huh? Why are you laughing?

Umm, you see, it wasn’t on my mind earlier because of the splashing sound of water, but now that it’s a bit quieter, I’m nervous.

So why were you…



Mhm, I don’t wanna be hated. I want you to like me even more…

That’s not right. Sorry.

To put it simply, I love you, that’s all.

It’s about time I rinsed you, right?


Sorry for saying something strange.

I-It’s nothing.

Did I rinse off all the shampoo?



Hah? Eh? What is it?


I’m so sorry, I got…turned on from looking at your naked body.

Say, it is alright if I touch your boobs?

Eh? Me? Erm…

Then, umm, I’ll shampoo you any time, so please tell me.

Err, does that mean you’ll be doing it with your mouth?


Yes. I thought it was cute seeing you naked in a well-lit place.

It feels good…

N-No way. Wow, the inside of your mouth feels so good.

Hey, can you look this way?

That’s super hot.


This is bad. Sorry, c-can you let go for a bit?

I was so close to cumming.

But when it’s just me-

It feels so good. I’m at my limit, I’ll cum…

Deeper. Yes.

Damn, it feels really, really good.


It’s good.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming. I’m cumming!

Please release it from your mouth. Hurry!!!


I’m so sorry, I ended up cumming in your mouth.

I’m still cumming…


Did you swallow it…?

Err, is it alright if we continue on the bed? My uh, has gotten lively again.

This time I’ll pleasure you.


Track 5: Continuing on the Bed


I…might be too greedy.

I love you. Please tell me if it ever hurts or is hard on you, okay?

Kisses feel good, don’t they?

It’s warm…


Somehow I’m more excited than usual.

Your thighs are warm too. They’re soft and they feel good.

Hmm? What is it?




Does it feel good?

The other side too?

Please let me hear more of your voice. It’s really cute.


You feel it from your ears, don’t you?

I’m so happy. It’s such a relief when you feel good.

Your boobs…


Are you fine with me putting it in now?

Mhm. Uh, umm…

Jeez, you’re so cute.

But before I put it in, let’s do a bunch of other things first.

I’m sorry, can I put it in? I can’t think calmly when you’re in my bed. I can’t stop my excitement.

Uh-huh. Err, please wait a second.


Sorry to keep you waiting. I’m putting it in, okay?


Even though I just came, I feel like I’m about to cum right away.

I’ll start moving.


It feels so good.


I’m sorry, I’m…already at my limit. I’m about to cum.

Really? That’s a relief.

You like it when I thrust deep inside you, don’t you?

Are you cumming? Are you about to cum?

Cum. I’m already-

I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


I see. That makes me happy.



Track 6: Because it is Narrow


Would you like a drink of water?

It’s nothing.

Oh, can you scooch over here?


Say, what shall we do tomorrow?

I see. I mentioned shopping, didn’t I? Today, my mind was so filled with other things that I forgot.

Uh-huh. This is the first time you’ve visited my house after you stopped being my friend and had become my girlfriend, so I’m happy.

Let’s set the alarm to 9 o’clock.


Next time, umm…I want to go to your apartment.

As for that, that was when we were friends.

Eh? Uh, I mean, just a bit.

It’s fine, isn’t it? We’re dating, so of course I’ll think about sex.

Uh-huh. Sorry.


Eh? Really?

Food that takes time? Like what?

Oh, I get it. I’m looking forward to it.

Sure, we’ll have sex.


Are you sleepy?

A narrow bed is nice, isn’t it? We’re able to sleep right up next to each other.

Good night.


Track 7: First thing in the Morning


Good morning.


Oh, you.

Since you gave me such a passionate kiss first thing in the morning, my ‘that’ is all energetic now.

I-If you touch it like that, I’ll end up wanting to do it.

Jeez. I’ll make you take responsibility, got it?

If I told you to lick it, would you be against it?

Then shift your legs this way.


Yes, it’s because I didn’t get a chance to do it yesterday.

Hmm? Did you feel it from the kiss? You’re wet.

You’re the same as me, aren’t you?

So much is spilling out.

Like I said, if you’re going to cum, don’t hold back and just let yourself cum before me.


Well? It feels better when you have my fingers inside you, right?

Are you about to cum?



Did that feel good?

I’m happy.

Yes, what is it? I won’t know unless you say it properly.

Was I being mean?

But please say it.

I’ll put it in. Please wait a second.


Okay, turn around.

I’ve left a mark.

I’m putting it in.


It’s super wet.

Wow. It seems like you were really feeling it.

I feel good too.


This is your good spot, right? Then, I’ll focus on that place.

Hmm? What is it? Are you about to cum again?

Go ahead. Cum.

I love you.


Did you cum? Because your insides clenched down on me.

Say, is it alright if I go a little faster?


I’m going to cum!


That felt good.

I see. That’s a relief.

Uh-huh, it felt good.

We’re kind of a mess, aren’t we? How about we take a shower before we head out?

Shall we take it together? …At least that’s what I want to say. It’ll be troubling we end up wanting to have sex again, so let’s take them separately.

In that case, please go on ahead.


Track 8: His Special Skill


I’m home.

Ah! Wait. Wait. It’s fine. Come on, do it, say “I’m home”.

Welcome back.


That restaurant earlier was great, wasn’t it? When did you come across it? I often pass by that street yet I never noticed.

Oh, is that so? I’d like to go there again.

Uh-huh, let’s go there together.

Ah. Oh, oh, what time is it right now?


Umm…there’s a T.V. show I want to watch no matter what. Is it okay if I watch it? Is it alright if we leave the rest of that DVD from before till afterwards?

Thank you.

It’s a 1-hour program, so take your time in the shower.

Do you know where the towels are?


It’s pretty swollen.

As expected, when you’re out in heels for a whole day, it becomes like this. Today’s shoes were new, weren’t they?

It really suited you.

The dress you wore today was the one I gave you, isn’t it? I was really happy that you wore it, but you bought those to match that, right?

I’m happy, but your feet look a little painful, though. Fashion’s tough on girls.


Okay, I’m done.

How is it? Do your feet feel a little lighter now?

Then let’s get in bed.

I’ll turn off the lights.


It had a happy end, didn’t it?

I’m glad that we were able to finish the DVD together. Since it’s being returned the day after tomorrow, it’s great that we were able to make time to watch it. It would be a bit of a waste to have to rent it again.

Yes, what is it?




Somehow it’s a bit embarrassing to sleep while holding hands.

M-m. It feels very pure, something along those lines.

I love you too. I really love you


I’m glad we were able to spend the entire weekend together.

It may not be possible every week, but let’s have another 2-day overnight day. And let’s make gyozas together.


Ah. Yes, I’m looking forward to it. To your home-cooking and a date at your apartment.

Oh, please visit my house again, okay?


How about we sleep?

Good night.


Track 9: Let’s do our best again this week


Something smells good.

Good morning.

Oh, breakfast.

Yes? Eh? You made it? I’m so happy.

Thank you. Sorry for making you wake up early even though you don’t have lectures today.

Yes, I have things I need to do, but you could’ve slept a little bit longer. So, I’m really thankful.


Eh? Oh, so that’s what it was.

Oh, but that wasn’t a lie. I said it was delicious because it really was delicious.

Ah…I’m so blessed.


No, it’s nothing. I said it was nothing. I was just thinking that I loved you.

Let’s both do our best this week.

I love you.


Secret Track



It’s sweet. I wonder if it’s because you ate chocolate earlier?


If only we could always be together.


Does it feel good when I churn up your insides with my fingers?

Your voice’s cute. Your boobs are soft.

Move your legs this way.

If it feels good, please let me hear your voice properly, okay?


Wow. This is truly amazing. Does it feel good?

This is the spot that feels good, right?

Go ahead, cum. I get excited just from hearing you moan in pleasure.

Yes, what is it?

Are you cumming?

Sure, cum. Cum. Go ahead and cum.


Did that feel good?

Hehe, that’s a relief.

So, I want to feel good too. Is that okay?

Please wait.


I’m putting it in.


Damn, it’s wrapping tightly around me.

It feels so good.

I’m close to cumming…


I love you.

I love you deeply.

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