【Translation】 Ukiuki Weekend 5 Osananajimi no Kare


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Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

うきうきウィークエンド5 幼馴染の彼

CV: Suzuki Yuuto (鈴木裕斗)

Track 1: Black Coffee


Open up!


It’s been a week, hasn’t it?

Sorry for the intrusion.


I’m handling it seriously. Oh, but I was scolded a little by the shop manager the other day.

You see, new merchandise arrived at the store the other day and I ended up discovering clothes that would suit you. And so, while thinking that you’d look cute while wearing it, I wound up staring at it without noticing.

Of course, since that delivery was of new goods, inspecting it was an important task, but I was staring at that one item the whole time.


I’m doing my job properly. It was just that one time.

Ah, I bought the things that you asked for, so is it alright if I put them in the fridge?


Potatoes, pumpkin…

Is it safe to put bananas in the fridge?

Oh? They last longer if you store them in the fridge? Does that mean it takes longer for them to turn brown?

Then bananas too.

I’ll go leave the toothpaste in your washroom.

Washroom, washroom…


Oh. Hehe.

But I’m happy. You brewed that coffee for me, no? Besides, it’s exciting since this is the first time I’m staying over.


That said, I don’t think it’s good to be listening to the sounds of other people’s hearts without permission.

What about you? Is your heart racing?

Just a bit…?

What a let-down.


Yup, I’ll have coffee!

Thank you.

We’ve been dating for 3 months now, huh. I’m super, super happy, but it does feel kind of strange.

Uh-huh. But right now we’re not like siblings, we’re a couple now, right?

Ah! Why did you add sugar and milk? I told you that I wanted my coffee black.

That tastes good, but…

Make it black next time, got it? Otherwise, I won’t drink it. I won’t drink it.


The one calling the other person childish is more childish. But…I mean, that certainly tasted good.

But Sis has a bunch of childish qualities too, don’t you? You get angry, pout, and just won’t let me sleep until you win when you lose a game.

Then why don’t we have a game right now? That way, I can prove it.


Eh? I called you “Sis” just now? No way!

No, no, I didn’t call you that, I definitely didn’t call you that.

Jeez, you’re treating me like a child again. If you do that…


I’ll end up hugging you, got it?


You smell nice.

It’s calming when I do this, but it makes my chest tighten. I love you after all.


Track 2: Fluffy Feeling


Hey, are you a little tired by any chance?

You said that you were fine earlier, but your eyelids are swollen. Were you working overtime again?

I wonder about that. I know full well, you know? Your eyes get swollen whenever you’re sleep-deprived and tried.

I know that it’s good that you’re hardworking, but I’m worried about you.

So you’re off saying that.

It’s not needless, I’m your boyfriend.

That said, I don’t dislike that side of you. I like the way you’re serious when it comes to your job and the way you unintentionally put up a strong front.


Ah! Your hands are so dry.

No, you have to treat them properly.

No, no, what if it gets so bad that you needed to go to the hospital? Do you have any hand-cream?

Let me apply it.

It’s fine, so let me apply it.


Oh, this smells nice. Is it a floral scent?

Oh, is that so? Are hand-creams cosmetics then? The package’s cute too.


There we go.

Ah, my hands smell like cherry blossoms now too. We match.

Does this brand have other scents?

Err, the official site…

It opened.

Oh? There’re peach and strawberry-scented ones, and herbal ones too. There’s quite the selection it seems.

Say, which ones do you prefer?


Let’s go buy it tomorrow, it’ll be a present for you.

But I want to apply hand-cream on you again. Okay?

Oh, umm, I heard that lavender has a soothing effect. If you apply that hand-cream on you, don’t you think you’ll sleep better?

Even if you’re tired, I’m sure you’ll sleep through the night.


Hmm? Are you sleepy?

You’ll catch a cold if you sleep here.

On that note, I’ve gotten a little sleepy too.

We often used to take naps together, didn’t we? I wonder if that’s why, when we lie down like this, I get this fluffy feeling.

It feels nice.


M-m, I’m not asleep. I’m still awake……


Track 3: Taste of Sis’ Cooking


Wow. Everything looks delicious!!! There’s curry with meat sauce and shrimp gratin. It’s quite the odd assortment, isn’t it?

I see, so you put together things I liked!


It looked so delicious that my stomach started growling. Hehe.

Say, is it alright if I eat?

Then. Bon appetit!!!


The meat sauce tastes so good!!! The way the taste hasn’t changed in all this time puts me at ease.

I don’t dislike the taste of my mother’s cooking, but Sis’ cooking is extremely sublime. It is my girlfriend’s cooking after all.

I wish I could boast about how my girlfriend’s cooking is super delicious to everyone.

Ah, but as expected, I can’t.

Eating your home-cooking is my special privilege. You mustn’t cook for anyone else, got it?


Regardless if it’s a boy or girl, in any case, you can’t. Anyone besides me is off-limits.

Is that childish?

But I want to…have you to myself.

Do you hate me now?


Thank god. I like you too. I love you!

Eh? Oh, yes, I’m eating my vegetables properly.

Say, you have cream puffs too, right? Not the custard cream ones, but the fresh cream ones.

I was watching the whole time while you were cooking. You were super, super cute in an apron.

Hehe, you’re cute when you’re shy too.

Oh, sorry, sorry, I won’t poke fun at you anymore, so please let me eat the cream puffs.


But that’s the first thing you’ve ever made for me, Sis. I said that I hated custard cream and selfishly said that I wanted to eat cream puffs, and so you made them for me, right?

It’s a memorable dessert.

Thank you. I’m looking forward to them.

Say, is it alright if I cook next time? It’s nice having a guy’s home-cooking ever so often, right?

Really? Then I’ll do my best to cook.

I’ll definitely, definitely make something delicious.


Mmm, the shrimp gratin is wonderful too! I wish I could take you as my bride.


Oh, uh, somehow I’m wanting something to drink.

Anything’s fine. Also, if you’re making coffee, make it black, got it?


Track 4: On the Bed…


I’m kind of super nervous now.

M-m, it’s just that I…how should I say it, this isn’t what I want. Of course, I’m happy simply sleeping together with you, but right now, umm…

I want to have sex. Is that alright?

Then is it okay if I kiss you?


The lights?

Do I have to turn them off? I won’t be able to see properly if I turn them off.

Please let me look.


Can I touch your breasts?

So soft.

Since they’re so soft, won’t they lose shape?

Ow! Sorry, that’s not what I meant. Umm…I asked out of curiosity, but I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for ruining the mood.

So, it is okay if I take off your clothes? I want to touch them directly.


I feel so happy. They’re so sleek and warm to the touch.

Is it alright if I remove this too?

Err, how do I…?

Oh, it’s off.

Your breasts are cute and lovely. And your nipples have perked up a little.

I’ll kiss you lots.


The nape of your neck, your collarbone…and your ears too.

Your body trembled just now, didn’t it? Are you weak to your ears?

Then I’ll kiss and lick it lots.


Huh? It’s throbbing? Did that hurt just now by any chance?

That’s not it? Then what did it feel like?

Then I just have to kiss your breasts then.


How’s this? Will it feel better if I suck hard on your nipples?

What do you think?

Does it still hurt?

It’s not pain? So it’s not your breasts, it’s lower down.



This place here…even your underwear’s soaking wet.

Oh, at this rate, it’ll get dirty, right? So I’ll take this off too.


This place is incredibly beautiful. Even though I’m merely stroking it with my fingers, more and more is spilling out.

This means it feels good, right?

Is it okay if I touch it more?

Hmm? What is it? Not here, but rather someplace different?

So where? Tell me.

Oh, on top here?


It’s hard and swollen.

Did it feel so good that you ended up trembling that much?

In that case, I’ll lick this place for you.


Wow, even more is spilling out, and that voice is super cute.

I want to hear more of that voice. Please let me hear it.

What’s wrong? Your hips are shaking.

Are you about to cum by any chance?

Go ahead, cum.


Did you cum?

I’m glad. I’m happy that you felt it because of me.

Sorry, I think I’m sort of at my limit. I was really holding back, my ‘that’ has already become like this.

Is it okay for me to stick it in? Please let me stick it in.

Thank you. Please wait for a moment, I’ll be ready in a bit.



Are you okay? Does it not hurt?

Wait, only half of it is in.

Do you think you can place your hands around my back? I don’t mind if you dig your nails in or bite me, alright?


Uh-huh, I want to kiss you too.

Then I’ll slip it in while kissing you.


Little more.

It’s all in. It’s reaching all the way inside.

No, you mustn’t squeeze so hard. I’ve been holding back all this time, so I’ll cum.

Please don’t kiss me now-


I told you not to…tighten up.

I’m sorry, I came by myself.

I’ll pull out, okay?


Please wait, I’ll go change the condom.


This time, let’s make sure we both feel good.

I’ll put it in again, is that okay?


Your insides are hotter than before.

Nothing hurts or aches, right?

I’ll start moving slowly then. Please tell me where it feels good.


You clamped down really hard just now.

How’s it deep? How does it feel when I focus on this place?

So it feels good.

I’ll go a bit rougher, okay?

Here? Then…I’ll do it even more.


Will you be alright if I go faster?

Sorry, I just can’t seem to stop my hips.


You’re tightening again. Are you about to cum?

Let’s cum together.

I love you.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


That felt incredibly good.

How about you?

I see. That’s good.


Track 5: Punishment!?


You smell nice.

I’m not saying it in any strange sense, you really do smell good.

No, don’t leave, let me hug you more.

We were raised like siblings, but we ended up separating once you started university, no?I really regretted it during those days. I kept asking myself, why didn’t I confess sooner?

But I didn’t want you to be taken by some weird guy in university.


That lack of self-awareness is frightening. You are super, super attractive, after all.

You don’t believe what I say?

It’s because I’ve always been watching you. I had constantly, constantly been watching you ever since I fell in love with you.


Parts I dislike?

I like the whole package with those parts included, so it can’t be helped, can it? On that note, I can’t think of anything about you that I dislike.

Oh, like the way you call me “mean” from time to time maybe?

Look, look, you called me “mean” right now.

Punishment? What do you mean? I did something deserving of punishment?

Eh? Why? But I’m curious.

Come on, tell me.

Don’t say that. Come on, tell me.


Eh? But I’m super curious now. I’m so interested that I won’t be able to sleep.

This is the punishment…!?

Hey, hey, what did I actually do?

Oh, that’s fine.


Does this work?

I’m super happy whenever we do this. You mustn’t move from here while I’m sleeping either, got it?

Well, when that happens, I’ll wake up right away and grab you again.

I’m not a needy child. This is, err…

It’s because I love you.

I’m not used to saying things like that, that’s all. But, my feelings of love for you are real, okay? Believe me.


Track 6: My Breakfast


It’s morning, Sis.

Hmm? I like being with you, Sis.

Oh. Good morning.

Right now, Sis, no…that’s not it.

I dreamt about having a nap with you. You and I were still tiny, and while thinking that it’s the usual dream: when I opened my eyes, you were right there in front of me.

I’m so happy.


Sorry, I wish I could just lay around like this forever.

Oh, right, we could go on a date today. But, just a little more is fine, right? Just a little longer.

Sleeping while being surrounded by your scent’s the best.


If I admit to being a needy child, will you let me cling onto you forever?

Eh? Between me and breakfast, which one’s more important?

You’re so mean.

I’ll get up. It can’t be helped if I’ll be sleeping alone.


Hmm? Now that you mention it…

Bread, I’m in the mood for bread.

Oh, that reminds me, I was taught how to make delicious french toast by my friend the other day. And when I made it at home, it really was super delicious, and I thought to myself, “I’ll definitely let you taste this next time!”

They said that their girlfriend was really happy when she ate it. So, umm, can I make breakfast?

Yup, leave it to me.


On that note, are you planning to add jam? I’m fine with any jam, but I think blueberry jam tastes the best.

Also, I’ll add cheese. The ones that melt.

It’s easy to make, so I’ll teach you.

That’s not it, my plan is just to feed you my handmade food.

Though I say that, my repertoire is tiny.


Yup, please look forward to it.

Ah! Wait just a moment.

Please let me hug you one more time.


I’m super recharged.

Really? Because if so, I’m happy.

Negative ions? The ones that come out of waterfalls?

They’re emitted of small dogs too?

Eh, a lot is from animals? Oh well, it doesn’t matter. Say, is it alright if I give you a good morning kiss?


Oh, man, I’m so happy.

How should I say it? The place where my heart is feels warm and fuzzy.

Ah! Patting my head is forbidden. Besides, you’re the one who’s cute.

It is a thing. Even if you don’t do anything special, I find your normal gestures to be incredibly, incredibly cute.

…Such as when you’re feeling shy.


Well then, I’ll go make breakfast, so please wait.

Oh, right, can I borrow your apron?


Track 7: Sunday’s Bath


The bath’s ready.

Huh? Did you fall asleep? Are you going to just sleep like this today?


Today was fun, wasn’t it? It was so fun that I couldn’t help but run around.

What do you plan to do about your bath?

Oh, how about we get in together? That way, I’ll be able to wash your back for you. I won’t do anything weird. Prob.

Even if I end up wanting to do it, I’ll endure it.


Okay, I’ll grab my pajamas too then.


Okay, next I’ll wash your body. I’ll start from your back.

This is enough force, right? It doesn’t hurt, right?

When we do this, I get reminded of the past. Do you remember? We often used to take baths together in the past.

You scrubbed my back so hard that my back was red and swollen.

Yup, yup, and I was crying.

I used to cry so much.


Eh? Wash each other?

No, it’s fine. It’s fine. If you do that, I’ll definitely end up wanting to do it.

Sorry, I got hard just imagining it.

I-It can’t be helped! Just being alone naked with the girl that I love…

That’s how guys are.


Suddenly kissing me like that is…cheating.

So, uh, is it alright if we do it partway? I’ll only touch your body and make you feel good, I won’t go all the way. Okay?

I’ll bear with it even though I’m not too confident I can.

Eh? It’s fine? But aren’t you tired?

Then I’ll kiss you again.


What a cute voice.

And the tips of your breast are already this…

Here too. It’s already wet.

Can you spread your legs?

I’ll lick this place too.


That was an incredible sound. Like I thought, this place feels best, right?

Eh? Hey-

I’m happy that you’re doing it, but you mustn’t…stroke it so hard.

Blowing is even more problematic.


It feels good. Very much so. So much so that I’m about to cum.

I told you, you mustn’t…

I’ll end up wanting to stick it in.

We can’t, I don’t have a condom.

Eh? Bareback?

No, we can’t go there.

Then please wait, I’ll quickly grab a condom-


No, if you do that-

Please don’t suck on it so hard.

It’s no use, I’m already…I’ll cum outside, so let me stick it in, please let me stick it inside.

I can’t? Why? You just said it was okay?

Punishment…? The one you mentioned yesterday?

I’m really sorry about last night. I’m really sorry for cumming by myself. But for that to be my punishment…

You won’t let me do it all the way unless I call you “Sis”?


What do I do? Dragging it out like that is…

Amazing, you’re so good that I won’t be able to last for long.

I’m seriously at my limit, Sis, please let me stick it in. I want to enter inside you, Sis.


Place your hands here and turn your butt this way.

I’m putting it in.


Sorry, I wasn’t able to control myself well. It went in all at once.

I’ll start moving.


Sis, your insides are so hot.

You let out quite the incredible voice just now, didn’t you? Are you weak to being called “Sis” while doing it?

In that case, I won’t stop.

Your breasts are swaying, Sis. It’s cute.

As expected, Sis’ breasts are soft.


Your insides tightened just now. Does it feel good, Sis?

My hips are trembling again.

Let’s cum together.

You’re so cute, Sis. Sis. Sis! I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!


It’s very hot when you’re covered in my cum, Sis. You look like you felt really good too, Sis.


What do I do? That reaction is so cute that…as I thought, please let me continue calling you that a little longer.

You were super cute, Sis.


Track 8: Talk of the Past


The date was extremely fun, wasn’t it? And the dress that we bought today really suits one.

I mean, I am a store employee after all.

I’m glad I was able to give it to you as a present. Plus, I was happy that you were relying on me a little.

So, why have you been looking away for the past while? Are you angry?

Is that so? I don’t think I’m wrong, though. I didn’t think you’d react that way, so it felt like a triumph.

I guess I’ll call you “Sis” from time to time.


I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Sorry.

We used to often take baths together in the past, but I suddenly became conscious of the fact that you were a girl and then we stopped bathing together, right?

Uh-huh, I think it was around that age.

The theme for my summer research project was airplanes, so I was in the 3rd-4th year of elementary school. During those days, because I already liked you, I kept saying that “I won’t get in the bath with you, Sis!”

It’s so nostalgic.


I’m already an adult now.

I’m really, really happy right now. We’re now a couple and are now like this, sometimes I wonder if it’s all a dream.

Let’s have lots and lots of fun, so much fun that it can’t possibly be a dream.

What do you plan to do during your next break? Is there any place you’d like to go?

As long as I’m with you, anywhere’s fun.


Oh, right, you said that you wanted to go on a trip a while earlier, didn’t you?

Then let’s plan for a trip.

Make sure to decide on where you want to go, and I’ll brainstorm too.

Hot springs are nice too. We could reserve an open-air bath and stay over at a Ryokan that has good food and scenery.

It would be fun to revisit places in our memories as well, right?


Say, is it alright if I kiss you one more time?


Track 9: Morning at the Beginning of the Week


That tasted so good!!! If I’m able to eat such delicious breakfasts every morning then I think I can work super hard at work.

I think there’s still time. Are you making it?

Black, got it?


That’s not it! I just choked on it a little. It’s true.

Now then, I have to leave your house, don’t I? Please let me hug you for a bit.

Okay, I’m fully recharged.

Let’s do our best today.


You gave me the spare key last night, so how about I see you off next time?

But it’s lonely being the one to see the other person off, right?

Really? Are you really fine? You’re alright?

I got an idea. How about we leave the house at the same time?

Oh, wait, a safe trip kiss.

Thank you.


Okay, listen, we’ll leave on my mark.

Ready, set, I’m off!!!


Secret Track


Your insides are twitching again. This means you’re about to cum, right?

I see. Then…


You haven’t cum, right? Because this is payback.

I was curious about what would happen when I pull out when you’re about to cum, though.

Yes, this is payback for punishing me in the bathroom. It was really hard on me that time, you know? I want to give you the experience of being close to cumming, but not being able.

You’re always teasing me, so I thought I’d tease you for once.

But…in this situation, I think I might be the one to lose control first. But, not yet.


Wow, three of my fingers were able to slip inside. Does it feel good when I move them like this?

It’s making such cute, naughty sounds.

You can’t be touching me.

I said you can’t…if it’s like this, it’s no different from normal.


I think I know your pleasurable spots better than before. Here, and here, right?

Your insides are amazing.

I’ll forgive you, or rather, I’m the one who’s at their limit.

I’m putting it in.


Are you okay? It doesn’t hurt, right?

Damn, I’m hopeless. You’re too cute…

Hey, are you feeling good because of me? You’re squeezing tightly again, and it feels so good.

Please feel better too.

No, let yourself feel even more pleasure.


Hmm? You’re about to cum?

Sure. Let’s cum together.

I know, you just came, right? But today, I just can’t seem to stop myself. Is it alright if I cum?


Your insides are tightening around me…

I love you. I love you so much.

Do you love me too?

Thank you. I’m about to too-

Cumming, cumming, I’m cumming!


I was being a little mean today, wasn’t I?

I’m sorry. Do you hate me now?

Thank you.

I love you too.

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