【Translation】 Tsuki Yogarasu vol.1 Karasuba


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月夜烏 ~壱・烏羽~

CV: Katou Masayuki (加藤将之)

Track 1: Lunar Night Crow


The year is 1861.

I, who was feared as the three-legged crow for my fearsome swordsmanship, had once been hired by the Choushuu Domain, having cut down countless individuals until now.

Frankly, I have no interest in subjugating shogunates and expelling the western barbarians. I simply wished to become strong.

The weak will die, so to survive, I have no choice but to kill. That is the era I live in.

However, I too was left behind by the daily rapid-changing era.

Without a family, I wander the provinces alone.


There are no gods in this world; they’re merely illusions born from the weakness in people’s hearts.

Losing those who were precious, I spent my days watching as the era passes before me, not knowing what to protect anymore.

Deep inside my heart, the one thing I had left was a promise with a certain someone from my distant past.


Don’t move, you’ll bite my bite.

What I’m doing? …I’m undressing.

I can’t receive gratitude for saving you?

Of course not. Don’t lump me together with them.

Then how about I drag you over to them once more? Although they all have money on hand, they’ll sell you off to some foreign place after they all had their turns with you.

Those guys are famous in this area, you know?

Accumulating their wealth like that is the life that lot leads, so it’s your fault for walking aimlessly during the night.


I didn’t save you out of a sense of justice; I simply happened to be passing back.

I had planned to just walk past, but you called out to me for help and those guys began to attack me.

Although those guys weren’t physically strong, you made me waste my time and energy. And thanks to that, I’m in this mess of sleeping outdoors in this worn-out Shinto shrine.

So I should be able to receive an apology from you, no?

It’s that, obviously. Until I’m satisfied that is.


Speaking of which, it’s been a long time since I last touched a woman.

Woman’s body is truly soft, isn’t it?

You’re thin and frail, and your skin’s silky.

These breasts too…

You’re leaking your moans and this place has become harden too.


Your face’s bright red.

It’s impossible for me to not look. I have to properly check with your body and expression as to how and where I should touch you in order to make you feel good.

I won’t be able to feel good if you aren’t enjoying it, no?

I have to get this place more wet.


Hmm? Not yet.

I’ll lift up your legs a little.

……It isn’t there. Like I thought, I was wrong.

No, it’s nothing.


Your place here has become quite the sight. It’s become so slippery that I can’t grasp it with my fingers.


Before that, I’ll have you take it with your mouth.

Come on, open your mouth.

No saying no. If you don’t want something horrible to happen then quietly obey my words.

Come on, hurry.

I won’t let you off you bite down, got it?


Yes, yes, move your tongue more just like that.

I’m not scared at all even if you glared at me with that type of expression.

Come on, hold it firmly in your mouth.

I won’t shove it in forcibly, okay?


Are you alright there?

Like I said, your glare has no effect on me.

I’ve made you wait, haven’t I?

Is that so? Because this place wants it, quick.

Relax your body.


It’s been a long time since I last experienced this sensation. Since this is a rare opportunity, I have to enjoy it thoroughly, don’t I?


Hey, don’t close your legs, it makes it hard to move.

Oi, move your hips a little.


You can tell that I’m reaching all the way by doing this, can’t you?

You’re squeezing so tightly that I don’t think I can last for long.


Hmm? No?

This place feels good, doesn’t it?


I too am about to…


Hey, wait, where are you going? I told you that we’ll continue until I’m satisfied, didn’t I?

Who cares about your stance.

Let’s continue this a bit longer.


Track 2: Yadoukai


Huh? How did you know where I was?

Oh, right, I told you about this inn.

And so, what do you want? Do you want a continuation of last night?

Hmm, did you bring gifts of gratitude?


Tch. Then hurry up and leave this place. I still want to rest.

What do you want!?


Wait a second.

It’s a pain, I’m not in the mood to listen to your story nor your request. It has nothing to do with me.

If you understand then hurry up and leave.


A reward…? How much?

Oh, that’s a nice asking price.

I got it, I’ll at least listen for now.

Your story, of course. There have been dangerous incidents happening lately, no? I’ll go change my clothes so you can go wait outside. We’ll talk after we change locations.



Wait, why are you talking about ayakashis all of a sudden? Earlier you were asking me to do something since children were being kidnapped.

Don’t tell me you suspect that ayakashis are the culprits?

How ridiculous, so what proof do you have of that?


You don’t?

The kids could’ve simply ran away from home, no? So why do you think it’s the…uh, Yadoukai?


I see. There were testimonies of a being in white clothes and white tabi.

Eh? You’re crying over it?

You’re no longer a child so there’re no worries about you being kidnapped, is there?


Little sister?

I see, then it’s not strange for you to be so desperate.

Like I said, I’m gathering information. I won’t be able to fight if I don’t know who the enemy is, can I?

It’s one thing if it’s human, but especially so if it’s an ayakashi.

……It can’t be helped since you begged me so desperately.

In exchange for working, I plan to extract exact payment, got it?


Come on, let’s go. You help out too.


Track 3: Three-legged Crow


!? What are you doing?


A third leg? Oh, are you referring to this?

My katana is a nodachi, so that’s probably what it looks like when it’s suspended from my hip.

Don’t touch it, it’s my partner.

It’s not something a woman could touch. More importantly, what do you have in your hand?


I can tell that it’s a naginata from just looking at it, but why do you have it?

Idiot, go stay at your little sisters’ side. Even if an ayakashi does appear, I’ll make sure to dispose of them.

Sheesh, if you swing it around without knowing how to use it, I won’t be responsible if you get hurt, so put it down.


Well then, are the kids asleep?

I see.

I mean, it’s better for them to know nothing, that way, they can rest with ease.

Like I said, you should act a bit more firm, otherwise, your anxieties will pass onto the kids.

I’ll stand guard, so you can go rest. I’ll call you immediately if anything happens.


Why are you looking at someone’s face so oddly?

Tch. I’m merely saying it because I want the compensation. You’ll be in the way if you stay here.

Come on, hurry up and go.


Idiot! Don’t startle me by tripping over nothing. Are you half-asleep?

Are you hurt? Have you twisted your ankle?

I see.


Hmm? What’s the matter?

What is it? Why did you turn your face the other way?

There’s no way it’s nothing. In that case, turn this way.

Hah? What are you saying-

Shh, be quiet. They’ve come. Go to where your little sisters are. Hurry!


Are you the rumored Yadoukai?

To target only children for your kidnappings, what a coward you are.

Wait…!!! Dammit.


A katana?

Hmph, so ayakashis are wielding katanas in this day and age, I never knew.

Now then, come at me.

As if I’d let you escape.


Track 4: Procurer


Hmm? Oh, my bad. I never imagined that I’d fail to catch them.

No, they weren’t an ayakashi; they possessed a katana. More importantly, I saw them hesitate for an instant the moment they saw my stance.

That type of move is something only a human would make.

Who knows? I don’t know their goal, but the insignia on that guy’s arm…


What are you saying? Tonight, I’ll definitely catch them this time around.

As if I would leave the work half-done.

Besides, we ought to protect those kids, right?



Oh, those darn kids left them there. They said that they were florists or something.

What’s so strange about that?

I wasn’t playing with them. They wilfully-

I’m taking a nap. I’m resting a little in preparation for the night, so wake me up when it’s time to eat.


How unfortunate, but those brats are no longer in this house.

You truly are a coward to attack while they’re fast asleep.

An uchigatana, huh.

Oh, you’re infringing on the flowers too today.


Hehe, so you know about me? In that case, you’re a mere human like I suspected.

Tch. Go beg with that face.



I’ve cornered you. This leads to a dead-end.

You’re a procurer, aren’t you?

You’re part of the group that buys up young girls and sells them to the red-light districts. And then to kidnap kids…do you understand what that implies?

It’s a capital crime.


You’re breathing quite heavily, old man.

Don’t worry, I’ll end it soon.


Idiot, you-

Good grief, this is why women are a pain. What are your intentions?


So what about her? This girl has already slept with me, I’ve already ingrained my scent deeply inside her.

Now then, let’s hurry up and put an end to this.


Don’t move.

Tch, we’ve made too much of a ruckus.

This is the true identity of the Yadoukai who had been disturbing this area. Someone go contact the magistrate’s office.

Where are the secret police?


That’s the job of the magistrate’s office, no? If you had been an ayakashi, I would’ve just killed you though.

I no longer have the desire to murder any more people.

Oh, right, before I hand you over to the secret police, there’s one thing I’d like to ask you.

That insignia on your arm looks familiar. When I crossed blades with the lot from Satsuma in the past, there was a guy with that tattoo.

He was quite skilled compared to the rest so I took notice, but…who are you? Who ordered you to do this?


Oi, don’t tell me-

So he bit off his tongue.

What a troublesome situation this has become.


Track 5: Capricious Love



Huh? You tell by this lump of mud, no? Today, they made dangos.

Good grief.

So what is it?

Eh? This is……

I see, then this is from me.

Go buy some dangos for them with this money. They don’t know that actual dangos are much smaller and more delicious.


There’re no more worries about them being kidnapped by the Yadoukai, plus, ayakashis don’t exist to begin with.

Are you alright? You’ll be able to protect them hereafter, right?

People gave a name to the fear and anxiety of what they can’t see and fool people into worship.

It’s the same for both gods and ayakashis.

They’re both nothing more than illusion born from the weakness in people’s hearts.

I sought strength in order to forge that apathetic mindset. So that nothing could be stolen from me and so that nothing would be lost by me……

However, when I saw you, I suddenly realized that that simply might not be enough.


You have the strength to survive, so even if I’m not around, you alone would be enough to protect them.


I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning. It’s only been a short while, but I’ve been in your care.

No, I’ll pass. I, by nature, am bad at dealing with kids.


Oh, it’s you.

That was my intention, but I thought I’d hurry my plans.

Why that is?

That’s exactly why. Words of farewell aren’t like me.


I’m the one who should thank you.

I’ve lived alone for an extended amount of time, so I have no memories of such a bustling life. Because of that, I’ve forgotten a whole bunch of things including the warmth and compassion of a family.

But thanks to you, I feel like I’ve remembered that a little.

Frankly speaking, I’m concerned about your futures and would like to stay by your sides, but if we’re together any longer, it’ll be harder part ways.


I’m sorry, but I can’t, there’s something I must do.

I thought I’d disregard it and just give up, but when I saw you, I realized that I had to follow through no matter what.

I’ll be going once more to fulfill my promise.

Thanks to you, I’ve remembered something important, so thank you.


!? You…

If you have me by your side, no one would take you as their bride.



Huh? What’s this? You’re far more aggressive compared to last time.

Oh? So you’re able to say such cute things. In that case, please let me hear more of your cute voice.

I won’t be able to hear it if you hold back your voice, you know?

Come on, feel it more.


That was amazing.



Even though you were against this before…

Don’t lick that place too much.

Yes, that place, do it more firmly.


It’s my turn this time.

You just have to wipe that up later, no? Because I’ll be cumming again either way.

Come on, spread your legs.


I’ll start moving.


If I remember correctly this is your weak point, right?


Wow, your body jumped up.

Was that how good it felt?

Your insides are twitching, would you like a break?

Just kidding, I just wanted to try asking. You’re the one who seduced me, so be my partner till the end.


Damn, it’s so tight.

If you let out such a loud voice, they’ll hear, you know?

If they found out that their precious old sister is doing something like this with a rounin like me then they’ll surely be angry, right?

But before that, they’ll be shocked to see you in this state.

This look of you drowning in pleasure is shameful and not something you want to show anyone else.


Though you say that, you’ve been squeezing down on me extremely tightly since earlier, though.


I’m cumming.


Hmm? What is it?

I get it, I’ll stay here till morning so sleep soundly for now.

Uh-huh, I promise.

Good night.


I apologize for leaving my words of farewell in a letter, but I was indeed with you until Sunday morning.

While looking at your sleeping face, I had this feeling. If it’s you, I’m sure your fate is bound with a better man.

And so, I pray for your utmost happiness.


Speaking of which, I should’ve at least asked for her name.

No, perhaps this was for the best.

Now then, it’s time for me to go.


The year is 1861.

There was once a man known as the three-legged crow.

The formerly renowned swordsman was deserted by an ever-changing era. Without a family, he wandered the provinces aloneーfor the sake of fulfilling the promise he made with a certain someone long ago.

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