【Translation】 Immorality Prison ~Inraku Choukyou Kangoku~ Choukyou Kanshu Sena Kyouya ~Cool & Sadistic~


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Immorality Prison ~淫楽調教監獄~ 調教看守 瀬名恭也 ~Cool & Sadistic~

CV: Satou Takuya (佐藤拓也)

Track 1: Arraignment


So you’re finally awake, you whore.

Why are you confused? I’m referring to you. If you don’t enjoy being called a whore, shall I call you a slut instead?

Well, well, you’re a whore, aren’t you?

If you don’t cover yourself with the blanket, your man-luring, beguiling body is practically asking to be groped.

It’s too late to be embarrassed now.

Your legs were spread wide open while you were sleeping, no?


More importantly, you were swaying your body seductively. It was almost as if you wereーbegging for a man.

I see, so you were sentenced to carnal training.

Fine, I’ll explain.

You have a direct sentence of carnal training, and your crime… Revealing that you’ve been putting up an act during sex with your boyfriend.

It’s too late to be making excuses now, the evidence has already been presented.

You said “It wasn’t enjoyable. It doesn’t feel good” it seems.

Have you considered how the other person might’ve felt after being told that? Although it wasn’t direct, those are words that wound a man’s psyche.

And so, your boyfriend, no, your ex-boyfriend brought up charges against you to our organization.


That’s right. Although I can’t tell you because it’s confidential, let’s just say that it’s an organization that even major corporations can’t oppose.

Following deliberation by my organization, you were sentenced.

For a period of 7 days, you’ll have that body shaped by me and have it turned into one that revels in lust.

And that is the sentence brought down upon you.

If you’re a good girl, I’ll grant you a conditional release in 3 days.


And that’s the end of my explanation. Any questions?


You have no right to refuse, I’ll have you undergo my discipline even if it’s against your will.

Indeed, I had chosen you.

In this organization, the warden chooses their prisoner; after all, we wouldn’t be able to mold the other person properly if they aren’t physically compatible.

As I’ve just said, my thought was that I’ll be able to shape you well, so accept that as is.

Any other questions?


My, my, do you not have memories of last night? You remember talking about a break-up with your ex-boyfriend at the bar, don’t you?

After he left and you were then alone, brought by the drink you had, you blacked-out.

I wouldn’t say it was entirely the effect of the alcohol, but that drink was spiked with a drug that we developed. So after you lost consciousness, I carried you to this room, this solitary cell.

Yes, that’s an establishment managed by our organization after all. Slipping in some drugs is a piece of cake.

Your ex-boyfriend brought you there so that he could hand you over to us.

So, do you understand now?


Well, there’s no need to force yourself to understand.

The only thing you need to learn is to drown in pleasure, and that alone.


Are you that concerned over the fact that you’re nake?

Worry not, I have no intention of doing anything to you while you’re sleeping. There’s no point in teaching you pleasure unless you’re awake. I simply gave you a thorough inspection.

It’s important to know if there are any irregularities beforehand.

I’m finished with my full examination. I have confirmed that there’ll be no issues in you undergoing my discipline.


I refuse. I’ll not allow you to go against the training and put on clothes. I don’t mind permitting underwear, but first, I’ll have you expose your naked body to me.

Where’s your reply? I won’t allow anything but a “yes”.

I told you to say “yes”, or…would you rather be in pain? I wouldn’t mind teaching you pain instead of pleasure, you know?

So what do you plan to do? Do you want to bring the level of training to another level?

Answer me.

Then what should you respond with? You’re not stupid enough as to not know, right?


I couldn’t hear you. Say it one more time.

Okay, well done. Good girl.

What’s the matter? Your face is red and your eyes are moist. Were you happy to be praised?

Don’t tell me that you’re feeling shy?

Even if you deny it with your mouth, the reality doesn’t change.


As expected of the woman I chose, you seem to have some nice qualities.

Are you dissatisfied with this way of speaking? …Then I’ll put it this way. I saw you in your entirety, found that you were to my taste, and chose you.

So take a liking to me and yearn for me as well.

I’ll make it so that happens, so show me everything.

ーーI’ll teach you what real pleasure is.


Track 2: Carnal Training Commence


Settle down, or do you want me to bite your tongue?

Now then, without delay, let’s commence with the training.

There’s nothing to be afraid of, I’m just having you start off with teaching me about you. I’d like to know where your sensitive spots are, after all.

Whoa there. Don’t try to escape, this is the punishment you’ve been sentenced with, so why don’t you resign yourself to it?

I’ll slowly teach you just how pleasurable and fun sex truly is.


Hmm? No, I won’t stop. It’s essential for learning about your body, so just let me do it.

Your body’s stiff, are you nervous?

What are you struggling for? Do you not feel it from your nipples? Well?

It’s almost as if you’re a frightened fawn.

I don’t dislike that idea, but if you’re squirming and wiggling around, you won’t be able to fully taste the pleasure I give you. So be more obedientーー

What a troublesome fellow.

It can’t be helped. Let’s restrain those two hands.


Okay, now you shouldn’t be able to move them anymore.

It’s futile, if you struggle, it’ll only hurt as the handcuffs dig into you.

What a silly question. This is an S&M play bed, so of course, it’d at least have handcuffs. Naturally, there’re restraints for your legs too.

If you continue to struggle then I’ll use that as well.


Good girl.

Now then, let’s continue our lesson on pleasure.

First, the nape of your neck…

This place is often an erogenous zone.


How’s that? Are you feeling it?

Next is your nose. Let’s see.

The hips are sensitive for some, so I wonder about you.

So the reaction from your hips is as I predicted. Then what about your butt?

It doesn’t look like you’re feeling nothing at all.


Next are your breasts and nipples. I’ll lick them, suck them, and roll your nipples around with my tongue as I massage your breasts.

How’s this? Are you feeling it?

You’re leaking a sweet voice. Do you enjoy having them sucked? Like this…

Are you not going to acknowledge the fact that you’re enjoying it?

Even if you lie, I’ll know right away once I touch this place.


There’re indecent noises resounding from it, you know?

Listen carefully, this is proof that you’re feeling it.

As if I’d stop. Just give in already, it’s entirely your fault for not being able to feel it.

Don’t worry, I’ll pleasure you so relax, if you tense up, you’re the one who’ll be suffering.

What’s the matter? Does it hurt?

I’ve only touched the entrance, you know?


Don’t lie, you aren’t able to feel it properly, no? Do you intend to fake it in front of me too?

You’re not wet enough.

It seems like teasing your nipples and using my fingers on you aren’t enough to satisfy you.

Well, it’s fine, you just don’t know what it means to “feel it”. I’m here for the purpose of developing that body, so relax and entrust your body to me.

If it’s hard to get you wet with just fingers then I’ll caress you with my tongue.


Now then, allow me to lick it.

Let’s first train the entrance…


You’re swaying your hips slightly. Is it frustrating that I’m only licking this one place?

I won’t know unless you tell me.

Which spot’s aching? And which place do you want me to lick?

There’s nothing wrong with finding it embarrassing, that shame will soon turn into pleasure.

Come on, bring out your courage and tell me where you want me to lick.


My orders are absolute.

Say it.

You are to obey me, or would you rather I bite this place? I don’t mind doing so if pain’s what you desire.

I got it. I’ll lick the place where you feel it most then.


You’ve finally started moaning.

Cry out more.

That’s a nice voice. It appears that you feel it when this place’s licked all the same.

Oh, that place has started twitching.

Do you want it inside of you?


Why are you acting bewildered now? Your body desires it, so why aren’t you acknowledging it?

You think of sex as sinful, don’t you?

As you beg and moan, you believe that you’d be hated once everything’s been revealed.

I knew it.

That said, that’s a mistake on your part. Sex is an act of mutual love, you lay yourself bare, unleash your desires, display your weakness, and drown yourself in pleasure.

So why don’t you tell me what this place is seeking?


Okay, you finally said it.

Look, it’s your reward.

Swallow up one of my fingers first.

Where do you feel it inside? Here? Or up here? Your reaction’s more faint compared to when I was licking you. Are you not able to cum vaginally?

That ticks me off.

I’m sighing at the man who was your boyfriend. I found it dumbfounding that he never bothered to work with you even till the very end.

“It doesn’t feel good”

Having to put on an act is both because of you and the other guy.


I’m sure that guy only thought about his own pleasure and neglected you. And that’s why probably you hold fear towards penetration.

It’s fine, no? I’ll unravel you slowly.

It’ll be alright, relax.

Good girl. It’s loosening up bit by bit.


It has loosened up nicely. Look, another one can fit.

Are you feeling it?

There’s no need to lie, if you don’t enjoy it, just tell me. There’s no need to put up an act here, just be the way you are.

I have no need for fake expressions. I’ll teach you joy, pleasure, and satisfaction.

I’ll give you a good taste of it.

That’s right. Remove that mask.


You squeezed down, didn’t you? …Fingers aren’t enough it seems.

Okay, next I’ll make you moan with my thing.


Don’t be afraid. Relax.


You’ve engulfed all of it.

Well done. Good girl.

Does it hurt?

I’ll start moving then. I’ll make you cry out so loudly that it’s impossible for it to be an act.


Which part do I thrust against to give you the most pleasure?

Tell me.

Would you like me to stir up the area around the entrance? Or do you prefer it when I strike your deepest depths?

Don’t worry, even if you expose everything, my feelings towards you won’t change.

Come on, unleash your desires. Shake your hips and lust after me.


How’s that? Do you think you’ll be able to cum?

I see.

I guess it’s still impossible for you to cum from just penetration. In that case, I’ll lend you a hand and tease your most sensitive part while I thrust.


Your insides tightened the moment I touched you.

Does this place really feel that good?

Not “no”. Use your words properly, this is where you say “it feels good”.

You’re feeling it, aren’t you? So, don’t lie and free those feelings.


You’re tightening up quite nicely. Since you hadn’t cum during sex in all this time, you’re good at delighting men.

Go ahead and cum.


You may have cum, but I haven’t cum yet.

I told you, didn’t I? Sex is an act of mutual love, if you’re the only one enjoying it then you’re just as bad as your ex-boyfriend.

Pleasure me with that body…that’s what sex is.

Don’t worry, I’m close to my limit too. Allow me to add the finishing touches.


Your belly’s tainted with my semen now. That said, it’s a fine sight befitting of a lowly woman.

Men feel a desire to conquer a woman through dirting them with their thing, so remember that well.

Are you spacing out? Did it feel that good?

Then prepare yourself because I’ll be training you thoroughly tomorrow onwards.


Track 3: Absolute Orders


Are you discontent with a diet full of fruits?

I’m glad you’re happy with it. They say you’ll become more sensitive if you eat fruits. I heard that pomegranates, in particular, contain female hormones.

Of course, the main reason is that they’ll make you feel relatively full.

If you eat too much, it’ll hinder today’s schedule.

Naturally, I’m referring to your training. We’ll be heading over to the next room after you’re finished eating.


I guess you wouldn’t be able to understand if I put it that way.

I’m referring to your discipline room.

Now stand. You’re done eating, are you not?

Let’s go.


Come on, get in.

What do you think? It’s a pretty splendid room, isn’t it? It’s something an S&M enthusiast would drool over.

The colors are uniformly red and black as well, and it’s to my liking.

I’ll be able to have you to myself in this room.

You’re happy, aren’t you?


I should’ve taught you this yesterday. You are to respond to me with “yes”.

There we go.

Now then, get on all four over there.

What’s the matter? Hurry up. Regardless of whether you’re embarrassed or whatever else, you are to listen to my orders.

Don’t misunderstand. It’s not a request, it’s an order.


How do you feel?

What’s strange about having a bitch positioning themselves like a bitch.

No, you’re a bitch. Now, how about we have you sink down to a loose bitch?

Come on, repeat after me. “I’m a bitch.”

Say it! I told you it was an order…!!!

Well done.


What’s this? You’re glistening. Are you that happy to have your head patted?

From what I can see, you have the disposition of a lowly animal ingrained in you even without my help.

No need to cower, it’s a complimentーーsince you’ll soon become a dog that only listens to my commands.

Now then, speaking of dogs, would you be delighted if I throw a ball?

That said, unfortunately, there’re no balls here. And so, I’ll have you catch my hat.

Go fetch.


What are you spacing out for? Are you not going to go fetch my hat?

Naturally, you’ll be doing it on all fours. Also, don’t use your hands, if you’re a dog, you should be able to hold it in your mouth.

I don’t like repeating myself.

Listen, I told you that these aren’t requests, did I not? So tell me, what did I say they were instead?

Exactly. They’re orders.

You’ll follow them, right?

Do you want your fair to be covered in whip marks that badly?


You have such soft skin. I’m sure you can imagine that I could leave even more unsightly welts than this.

You’re making sounds.

Did you get turned on when my whip brushed up against your breasts?

I see, so you enjoy this type of scenario.


Are you planning to say that you don’t?

In that case, turn your butt towards me and let me have a look. And if you won’t show me, I’ll go ahead and look regardless.

Don’t talk back!

If you don’t want to be whipped like this then stop disobeying me.


There, there. Good girl.

Now then, go fetch my hat, and then afterwards, show me your ass.

Make it quick.


Okay, good girl. I’ll reward you.


Are you happy with your reward?

Is that so? Then show me your ass.

Do it.

That’s right. Spread it open with your fingers so that I can have a clear view of that place.

Hmph. So you start listening when you hear the sound of the whip, huh. You’re steadily learning manners it seems.

With this, I’m sure you know who your Master is.

If you’re exact, I’ll be gentle, so don’t defy me, submit to me.

That should be your desire as well, and as proof…


You’re already somewhat wet. This is proof that you’re a bitch who enjoys being humiliated.

There’s nothing to be ashamed about, those are words of praise. You have the making of being able to follow my commands obediently.

Don’t disobey my orders again, got it?

I’ll have you do as I say time and time again, and that place will get wet each time you feel humiliated.

And once you do, I’ll reward you. Like this……


These obscenely wet sounds are reverberating around. You’re feeling it quite a lot from my fingers today, aren’t you?

How about we have you cum?

We have to ingrain the sensation of cumming from someone’s finger into your body after all.

Look, I’ve increased the number of fingers. And juices are trickling down from the mouth down below like drool.

You want to be churned up deep inside, don’t you? Well?


So you came. Your insides are trembling and squeezing tightly around me.

You’ve begun to feel it quite easily, haven’t you? However, this isn’t the end, I’m continuing. This is the next order.

I’ll have you cum with my tongue this time around.

After all, you seemed to have felt it most when you were licked yesterday.


My tongue isn’t enough, no? So I’ll caress you with my fingers too.


Tch. We were at a good spot.

It’s guys from the organization, so it can’t be helped. We’re leaving here for today.

Hah, don’t look so disappointed, we’ll continue tomorrow. I’ll take my time with you, so look forward to it.

Today, I’ll carry your flushed body and have you rest fully.

Though, if you’re unable to hold it in, I wouldn’t mind if you comfort yourself. Naturally, you’ll be doing it in front of me.


Track 4: Carrot and Stick


Now then, let’s begin your training for today.

Lie down on that bed.

You’ve become quite obedient it seems. Good girl.

Okay, now, how about we tie up both your hands and feet?

I won’t listen to your objections, I’m sure you understand that, right?



What a fine sight. You’re tied up naked, and your cheeks are flushed red from embarrassment.

It’s quite a tantalizing spectacle.

First, I’ll reward you for being obedient.

I’ll caress your entire body with my whip.

Don’t worry, I’ll touch you with the whip as to bring out your lust, so it won’t hurt. It might even feel so good that this place start getting wet again.

That said, there is one condition.

Regardless of how good it feels, don’t let out your voice. Got it?


If you happen to break it, instead of pleasure, I’ll be granting you pain.

Good girl.

Let’s start with teasing those breasts first.


I told you not to let out your voice, did I not?

You’re leaking out some rather sweet moans. Did it feel good to be hit by the whip?

Did you forcibly suppress your voice?

However, the fact that you’re enjoying it is written all over your face. You’re a slut by nature, aren’t you?

That place is throbbing unbearably, is it not?


The place that I hit has turned red. Is your body not tormented by a painful tingling?

How about I check it with my fingers?

Look, you’re acting like you can’t get enough of it.

Feeling pleasure’s a good thing.

Are you planning to deny it? Face your desires upfront and acknowledge what exactly you’re seeking.


I’ll let you release your voice for a bit. However, you are to tell me what exactly you want me to do to you.

If you beg for it properly, I’ll do something about the heat your body’s experiencing.

Now then, what do you want me to do? Tell me your desires.

Hmm? What do you want me to do to that place?

Is teasing enough? Do you want me to trace along the edges? Or, do you want me to pinch the part where you feel it most?

What do you want me to do to your insides?

Say it.


Put in what? My fingers?

I won’t know unless you tell me in detail.

In terms of thickness, the handle of my whip is thicker than my fingers. Do you want me to insert that instead?

My…? Where’s the rest of the sentence?

Say its name.

Not “this” or “that”, tell me the actual name.

Well then, what’s my “thing” called?


That’s a passing marking.

Fine, I’ll grant your request.

When it comes to training, you need the carrot and the stick. I’ve given you plenty of the stick, so now’s the time for the carrot.

I’ll give you so much sugar that your brain goes numb.


You’ve gotten quite good at responding to my kisses.

Do kisses feel good?

It seems I’m seeing results from the training.

Now that I’ve given you the “carrot”, let’s move onto the next step.

I’ll blindfold you with my necktie.


Now then, let’s see how sensitive you’ve become.

It’ll be alright.

Yes, yes.

I’m putting it in. Relax.


It has swallowed it up so easily. It appears that you’ve gotten quite used to it.

It’s all in.

Are you alright with me moving?

Don’t look so uneasy.


Track 5: The Joys of Pleasure


What do you think? How does it feel to be fucked while blindfolded?

Is this still not enough?

You’re a difficult one. Enjoy sex from the bottom of your heart more. Focus only on the sensation of being penetrated by me.

Discover the joy in being violated.


Oh, I forgot to mention one thing. This room has hidden cameras, and the videos captured by the camera will be uploaded onto the internet and shared.

I wonder who might be looking at your body…

You’ve let out quite the loud noise. While you tell me to stop, your insides are clenching down on me.

Lose more of your composure, that way, the people watching might become even more delighted.

They might be spurred on after seeing your appearance.

How does it feel to be used as fap material for starving men?


It’s not it, right? You’re mistaking it with “good”. You’re always messing up your words.

Your insides are this happy. You’re a slut who gets pleasure from being seen by other men!!!

You still can’t cum from penetration yet it seems.

It can’t be helped. I’ll help by touching that place today too.

It’s unbearable, right? So cum.


Don’t worry, I’m about to cum too.

Your insides are coiling around me so nicely that I’m at my limit.


You had some rather nice reactions today.

It was good.


This is the end of today’s scenario.

Oh, I’ll mention one thing. The thing I said about how the hidden cameras were streaming video online was a lie.

Don’t worry, you weren’t watched by anyone.

They are there to monitor for any offenses or illegal acts, and they’re reviewed by our chief when determining conditional releases.

That said, your beautifully indecent state is only seen by me.

I set it up so that you were in their blind spot, so don’t worry. The words I said during sex are the essence of arousing you.


You didn’t dislike it, right?

I’ll come to train you again tomorrow, so look forward to it.


Track 6: Parole Decision


Sorry that it’s in the middle of the night. Were you asleep?

That’s a relief.

No, I didn’t come here for training.

Put on those clothes, you’ve been put on parole.

I suppose so. I won’t say that it was enough, but it’s been concluded that your wall against sex is gone.

More than anything, this is the result of the appraisal of your obedient attitude towards me.

You’ve done well.


Don’t say such stupid things, there’s no way I’d be lonely. Also, shouldn’t you be happier? Are you not happy about your conditional release?

I see. If so, I’ll let you experience it.

As a congratulatory gift for your release, you’re free to use me however you wish.

If you so desire, I’ll get on all fours and act like a dog. I don’t mind if you punch me over the resentment from my discipline.

So, what do you desire?


What’s with that? Are you fine with having a wish like that?

I get it. I was the one who said I’d do anything.

As you wish, I’ll have hardcore sex with you. That’s the form of affection I have towards my lover.


Let’s head over to the bed.


What’s the matter?

Oh, I have a rule against undressing during training. However, I’m making love with you as a lover right now, so there’s no need for clothes, is there?


With this, we’re both in the state of which we were born.

Why are you staring at my thing?

I’ve doted on you, so why don’t you give this some love this time around?

Take it inside that mouth and lick it. To begin with, I never taught you how to do this, so I don’t have any expectations of it being good.

I see. I’ll leave it to you then.


You’re quite skilled.

Were you taught this by previous men? The way you use your tongue is good, it almost makes me jealous of the man who did.

It’s not fun when I’m the only being licked.

I’ll lick you too.

Straddle on top of me. Naturally, while sticking out your butt towards me.


Continue. I’ll lick you too.

You really are good with your tongue.

How about I insert my fingers too? Because it looks like it wants it.


What’s the matter? You’re neglecting your mouth.

I don’t mind, go ahead and cum.


Did you cum?

Your body has gotten a lot more sensitive compared to the beginning.

Oh, but you were lewd from the start. I guess the qualities had always been there. Now then, why don’t you please me with this indecent body of yours?

Come on, lower your hips and slowly go down on me.


Do you feel my shape?

Etch this feeling into your body.


It’s all in.

I told you to take your time, but you were rather quick with it. Were you unable to wait?

Then I ought to meet your expectations.

I’ll thrust up hard from below.

Savor the entire thing and cry out.

Shake your hips more, I taught you to be faithful to your desires, did I not?


That’s right, my thing against the places that feel good.

That place feels good? Then I’ll concentrate more on that area.


You’re about to cum?

Cum then. I don’t mind since I’ll make you cum time and time again.

Huh? You’re saying such cute things. In that case, turn this way while it’s still inside of you.

With this, we can clearly see each other’s faces.

Let’s continue.


So you’ve started moaning in such pleasure, huh.

Since the chief has decided on a conditional release, don’t return here again. Though, if you do return, I’ll love you more than I’ve already had.

You’ve been trained by me, so that won’t happen, I’m sure you’ll desire sex with men.

I have mixed feelings about that, butーー

What am I saying? I wonder if it’s because it’s the first time I made a visit during the night for sex?

That said, you’re special. If possible, I’d like a different type of relationship with you…


It’s nothing.

I see, then let’s cum together.

Come here.


Did that feel good?

I see, that’s a relief. I’m glad that I was the one to discipline you too. I took an interest in you the moment I first saw you.

It was your voice and the atmosphere around you.

I stepped forward because I wanted to be in charge of you without fail. And as the situation continued, I fell in love with you.

I’m happy about your parole, but on the other hand, I’m sad.


I’ve spoken too much.

I’m thirsty, could you get me some water to drink?


Are you thirsty too?

Then I’ll help you drink.


You’ve swallowed it properly… The drug, that is.

Don’t worry, it’s a simple sleeping pill. And when you wake up from your sleep, you’ll probably be at your own house.

You’ve had it hard this past while, so for now, sleep tight.

I pray that one day, we’ll meet once again.

Good night.

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