【Translation】 Immorality Marriage ~Netotta Danna to Nettorareta Moto Kare~


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Immorality Marriage ~寝取った旦那と寝取られた元彼~

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀), Kitayama Kyousuke (北山恭祐)

Track 1: Husband


I: I guess I’ll leave my work at this point.

I: Sorry to keep you waiting.

I: Mmm, what a wonderful sight. I knew it, tying you up in a way that emphasizes your breasts is quite sensual, and I made the right decision to have your legs spread nice and wide.

I: I can see all the way inside.

I: To see this figure of yours after I’m finished work…

I: Was it not cold to be naked? Does it hurt anywhere?


I: Oh, this part’s loose.

I: Hmm? Did that hurt? Your upper arm’s red.

I: Did I not tell you that it’ll dig into your skin if you move around while tied up? I tied it in a way so that it wouldn’t hurt as long as you stayed quiet.

I: Could it be that my wife likes it when it hurts?

I: Just kidding, you can’t answer me if you’re gagged. Sorry.

I: Yeah, yeah, I can hear you even if you don’t yell out with such a loud voice. Even though I bound your body so beautifully, it’s cruel that you want to be freed.


I: What should I do? Hmm…

I: Not for today because it’s more exciting that way, I don’t want you to get tired of me.

I: Come on, turn this way.


I: It’s for the sake of my life with you, Senpai, so I have to make a proper living. But it was hard not giving you any attention while I’m working.

I: Fufu, I’ve told you that’s not gonna happen. I won’t free you. I’m sure you know best that no matter how much you beg me, I won’t listen to your request. You haven’t forgotten the story of our marriage, right?

I: Huh? You really forgot?

I: There’s no way…right?

I: Pushed you down against your will, filmed us having sex, proposed to you, and while I was holding the video in one hand, you accepted it. So even if you want to forget, you can’t.

I: I haven’t forgotten for a moment.


I: Did you mistake me for Azuma while you were drunk? I didn’t think you’d hand your body to me so easily, so it shocked me a little.

I: The video from that day is my treasure. If it were for that, you and I might’ve remained a senior and their junior.

I: I view it every so often, but the face you made when you realized I wasn’t Azuma was incredibly cute.

I: And I’m aroused just remembering it. I want to hurry up and stick it in.


I: You’re wet.

I: Were you turned on because you were tied up in an indecent position?

I: How cute. If you had been wetter, I could’ve shoved it in all the way. What a shame. You said no, so I didn’t insert a vibrator, but as expected, that was a mistake.

I: It would be painful if I were to shove it in now, no? So I’ll use my tongue to wet you up some more.


I: You like being licked, don’t you? You’re already panting.

I: You’re shaking your hips, you know?


I: This isn’t just my saliva, right?

I: It’s fine not to be embarrassed, is it not? I’ll hit your sensitive parts.

I: Haha! What a shameful sound.

I: There’s no end to it no matter how much I lap up, is there? It’s incredibly fun to watch you as your reason slowly leaves you while you exclaim “No, stop!”, Senpai.

I: Do you realize you’re moving your hips so that my tongue hits your good spots?

I: You really are greedy when it comes to pleasure.


I: Haha! I’m saying that it’s cute. Look, I’ll insert my finger, so feel it even more.


I: It went in so easily. Senpai’s good spot’s here, right?

I: Rather than pulling in and out, you prefer it when I churn it up, don’t you?

I: You’re so cute, Senpai. Are you already about to cum?

I: I pulled out because you said that you were gonna cum. Since your insides are twitching so much, is it hard on you?

I: There’s no point in looking at me with those eyes, you have to put me in that mood.


I: Hmm, let’s think… Why don’t you say “I love you”? And then I’ll let you cum.

I: Huh? I couldn’t hear that at all. I won’t be able to hear it if you don’t say it more clearly.

I: Oh? So you love me that much.

I: I’m so happy. I’ll insert my fingers then.


I: What a painful expression. As expected, you can’t cum from having fingers thrust inside you.

I: I know.

I: So what do you like about me? Since you’re shy, you never tell me. I’ll let you cum if you tell me one thing.

I: Face…?

I: HAHA!!! What’s with that? I wanted you to tell me something more private, but I guess it’s fine. A promise’s a promise, so you can go ahead and cum.


I: What an incredible sound. If you don’t suppress it a little, the people nearby will find out that you’re a loose woman, won’t they?

I: But well, I’m fine with that too.


I: I’m glad you came properly.

I: That said, it’s unfair that you’re the only feeling good, isn’t it? We’re husband and wife, so we both ought to feel good.

I: Look, it’s this erect after seeing your lewd appearance.

I: You’ll pleasure it with your mouth, right?

I: Why? One would lick the dick of the person they love, no? Or was your proclaim of love earlier a lie?

I: I’ll leak the video, you know?


I: You want me to stop, huh.

I: Hahaha!!! You should’ve been eager from the start. In truth, you’re anxious that you won’t be able to make me feel good because your hands are tied, right?

I: Worry not, I’ll feel good from being licked by you, and I’ll move on my own once I’m inside your mouth.

I: Open your mouth wide and lick it gently.


I: That’s good.

I: My thing is moving in and out of your gaping wide mouth and it feels good.

I: Deeper.

I: It hurts? But you’ll endure it since I enjoy it, right?

I: I wonder if it’s because I’ve been holding it the whole time while I was working, but I’m about to cum.


I: I’m cumming!


I: Huh? Did you spit it out?

I: Oh, my wife’s so cruel. Since I came so much if you don’t swallow at least a little… If it’s hard to swallow it directly then, I’ll scoop it up with my fingers and stick them in your mouth.

I: Come on, just lick my fingers. Isn’t the odor less?

I: Please savor it properly.


I: Ow!!! Please don’t bite me, it hurts.

I: The edges of our mouth are all sticky from my cum. Since you hate it, I ought to clean it up for you, don’t I?


I: If you move around too much, you’ll get abrasions at the places where you’re tied.

I: Since you came once earlier, it’ll be fine if I shove it in right now, right?

I: Hmm? I haven’t put on a condom.

I: You never learn your lesson, we’re married, so there’s no need for it. How many times do I need to say it before you understand?

I: I don’t want to because I want you to give birth to my child. Besides…it feels better doing it raw.


I: It seems like your insides have fully remembered my shape. It’s wrapping around me and just won’t let me go.

I: You can squeeze me off any time because I’ll cum inside you as many times as you like.


I: Would you like a boy or a girl?

I: As long as they resemble you, I’ll cherish them to death.

I: Do you have an idea of how many you want? Because I’m fine with any.

I: That said, if a child that doesn’t resemble me is born, I’ll do a DNA test and kill the baby if necessary.


I: HAHA!!! What’s with that expression?

I: It’s a lie. I’m confident that I’ll love any child that is born from you, even if they’re someone else’s.

I: I love you. I love you, I love you.

I: I love you more than anyone else in the world…!!!


I: Your insides clamp down every time I tell you that I love you.

I: It feels so good.

I: You had a mild orgasm, didn’t you? I noticed since you squeezed around me so tightly.

I: I’m about to cum too. I’ll cum inside then.

I: I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


I: Can you tell that your womb’s filled with my cum?

I: That’s great, but please go along with me for a little bit longer. I’m sure you know, but I don’t subside from just cumming once.

I: It doesn’t look like you have any intention of resisting. I’ll untie the rope.

I: Here too.


I: There’re faint marks left behind by the rope and it’s erotic.

I: Don’t you think I’ve gotten better at bondage? It’s left a nice pattern, you know?

I: Your reaction is so weak, it feels like you’re at the limit of your endurance. Oh, I got it, why don’t you lie face-down and just stick out your butt? Afterwards, I’ll move on my own while supporting you. It’ll be easier on you that way, no?

I: Yes, yes.

I: You quite like this position, don’t you, Senpai? I can see the entirety of Senpai’s insides and butt. And the way it feels like I’m violating you excites me.


I: It’s nice and slippery since I came once and the way it’s adhering to you is like you’re seducing me.

I: I’ll cum plenty more inside then.


I: It’s a mess from a mix of my semen and your juices. And it feels so good.

I: Senpai, your place here is hardened to bring down men, you know? Once someone’s been inside you, it can’t be satisfied by any other woman.

I: Your insides tighten from mere whispers to your ears. Is that how sensitive your entire body has become?

I: What a slut.


I: I’m cumming inside you again.

I: Once again, please get pregnant with my child today!

I: I’m cumming. The more you refuse the more forceful it makes me want to be.

I: Cumming!


I: Even though you were telling me to stop, you tighten around me as I came. What you say and what you do are completely opposite.

I: Let’s keep it in for now, it’d be a waste to let it spill.


I: Aw, this mark has grown faint.

I: I’ve made one nicely.

I: I guess I’ll pull out now.


I: Wow, my semen is pouring out from inside you.

I: That gives some rather nice impressions. Oh, that reminds me, it’s okay for us to have sex even when you’re pregnant it seems.

I: Did you know that, Senpai?

I: Senpai.

I: Oh, she fainted. I didn’t plan on being that rough, though. On that note, how did things get to this point?


I: Oh, right, I’m leaving the house tomorrow because of work so I thought I’d load up Senpai.

I: My original plan was to love her super gently, but she was so cute that I lost my reason.

I: Make sure to watch the house properly. Got it, Senpai?


Track 2: Ex-boyfriend


I: Now then, I think I’m ready.

I: Ah, I’m sorry for waking you up. Please continue sleeping, I’ve already got together my luggage, so all that’s left is to leave.

I: I think I told you this earlier, but I have advanced arrangements today and plan to stay over for a night and return tomorrow morning. So please spend your time doing the things you enjoy while I’m away.

I: I’m off then, my wife.


A: I didn’t have to wait at all. I just arrived too.

A: Hmm?

A: You realized that I wanted to hold you just from having my arms out?

A: That is true. You wouldn’t be in this pose other than for a hug.


A: Let me have a better look at your face.

A: Have you lost a bit of weight? Are you eating properly?

A: But I’m worried, I barely get to see you and you’re living together with that man. Has he done something unpleasant again?

A: Really? Then why are you covering your neck and wearing long sleeves on such a hot day? We’re already indoor so you can’t get sunburned, can you?

A: Huh? The air conditioning’s cold?

A: How about we have a drink indoors?


A: Being in that outfit midsummer is pretty much saying that you don’t want me to see your bare body. Would there be a need to conceal it if indeed nothing happened?

A: Take it off and show me.

A: You said that he hasn’t done anything unpleasant earlier, didn’t you?

A: I’m not someone you can depend on and that there’s no point in confiding in me about the forceful things he’s done, is what you’re thinking, aren’t you?

A: But is that not so? Before you used to tell me about all the things that Izumi has done and never tried to hide anything from me.

A: You’ve changed ever so slightly each time I meet you and it makes me anxious.

A: And it makes me think that, eventually, you’ll no longer love me.


A: If it’s just words, you can keep saying it; however, I won’t know unless you demonstrate it to me with actions.

A: Now take it off.

A: So you were tied up, huh.

A: There’re distinct rope marks on your upper arms and your breasts. So you don’t dislike being tied up by Izumi, eh.

A: Then did you lie to me?


A: Sorry for putting it so harshly. You don’t have to be so cautious around me, it’s harder for me if you put up a strong front and say that you’re okay. At least let me worry about the woman I love.

A: It’s fine as long as you understand.


A: For rope marks on you to be this red, it must’ve hurt, right?

A: I didn’t notice this earlier, but your back’s a mess. You can’t see it yourself, but I want you to know the state it’s in. It’s completely covered in kiss marks.

A: I want to just overwrite all of them.


A: Disinfectants have to soak in, no? So even if it hurts, endure it.

A: I still haven’t overwritten even half of them though. But I guess it can’t be helped if you’re able to bear it. Let’s do it on top of the bed next.


A: I’ve finally got to kiss you.

A: Hey, you love me more than Izumi, right? Tell me everything that Izumi has done up till now and I’ll overwrite them.

A: I’ll cleanse the rope marks, so take off your bra.


A: So that’s how he tied you. Emphasizing your breasts by practically making them stick out, so that’s the kind of taste Izumi has, huh.

A: Tell me exactly how he tied you.

A: You can’t say it? …Then show me the marks.

A: There’re several red lines along your thigh and lower legs. I wonder what position that must’ve been? Bondage’s not my thing so I can’t tell by just looking.

A: Why don’t you recreate it for me?

A: Hurry up.


A: So you were bound with your legs spread wide open. What about underwear? That Izumi wouldn’t have let you wear any would he?

A: Repeat the exact scenario, or do you not want me to overwrite it?

A: In other words, you had your boobs sticking, your legs spread with everything in plain view and bound so tightly that it left such distinct marks. Poor thing.

A: So, were you turned on from being tied up?


A: Liar. In reality, you were super turned on from being tied up, weren’t you?

A: Say that you were. I want to know whether you’re lying.

A: Then how can you explain this?

A: Hmm? You’re turned on because it’s me?

A: I’ll leave it at that then.


A: So, since when did you start getting wet in front of Izumi?

A: Well, you weren’t wet while you were tied up, so I’m just asking to see when you actually got wet.

A: Tell me what he did after tying you up.

A: Tell me where he licked you.


A: There? Like this?

A: Are you feeling it? Your clitoris has perked up and has become extremely easy to lick.

A: Say, what happened after Izumi licked this place? Well?

A: Tell me everything. What did he do to make you moan?


A: Since the clitoris has a bunch of nerves concentrated in it, it hurts when it’s bitten, doesn’t it?

A: If you don’t say it, I’ll bite it again.

A: So he inserted his fingers inside. And then?

A: Oh, I want to watch you cum too. Where and how exactly another man touched you, tell me so that I can re-enact it for you.


A: Your weak spots…? Here?

A: And then? How did they tease this place?

A: Stop moaning and tell me properly.

A: Hmm? Like this?

A: You’re weak to this type of thing, aren’t you? I’ll focus on it plenty then.


A: Open your mouth.

A: You’re able to stick out your tongue more, aren’t you?

A: As expected, it feels good to kiss you.


A: Huh? What is it? Are you about to cum?

A: Cum as we kiss…


A: Your eyes are moist and you have a fine expression. Did you show that face to Izumi as well?

A: Then that means that part of you belongs to me alone.

A: So what did he do after making you cum?

A: A blowjob? You were tied up, so how exactly did you-

A: He shoved it in?

A: That must’ve been painful. Did you swallow it by any chance?


A: I should’ve known, shouldn’t I? There’s no way you’d be able to swallow the semen of a man other than me.

A: That said, it irritates me when I think about how he violated your mouth.

A: Do it for me.


A: You like it when I tuck your hair behind your ears before having you suck me off, right?

A: It hits home.


A: Stop picking on my weak spots…

A: Huh? Payback? For before?

A: But I was merely recreating it.

A: That place…

A: It feels good. You’re skilled at fellatio, aren’t you?

A: Look at me.


A: He looked at you like this, didn’t he? Izumi does this every time, doesn’t he?

A: I’m about to cum…

A: That’s right, you don’t have to swallow it today. I’m fine with letting it out on your face.

A: Not at all, make sure to close your eyes tight then.

A: I’m cumming!


A: Was that your first facial?

A: I see.

A: I’ll wipe your face clean right now, so don’t open your eyes.


A: That’s most of it I think. Now open your eyes slowly.

A: Are you okay?


A: I want to enter inside you already.

A: It’s fine, right?

A: I knew it, it coils around me so nicely that I won’t last if I’m not careful.


A: You’re feeling it every night from being penetrated and having your insides grinded against by a man other than me, aren’t you?

A: It’s not that I want you to apologize.

A: Sex feels good, doesn’t it? But rather than being forced, it’s more comforting for both your body and heart when you have consent, right?

A: Regardless of how many times you’ve had sex with other men, I still love you.


A: Oh, right, let’s do it in a different position than usual.

A: Adhere to me closer.

A: You like doing it while we’re sitting and facing each other, don’t you? That’s what I remember.

A: I’ll slowly start……


A: Hearing that voice at the base of my ear is dangerous.

A: Since you got up with it inside, isn’t it reaching even deeper than usual because of your weight on it?

A: I know, right? You like it deep, don’t you?

A: I always suspected that you’d like this type of thing.


A: Huh? You aren’t heavy. Rather, I’d prefer if you placed more of your weight on me.

A: That’s right.

A: We’re closer than normal and it fulfills me. And you look like you’re feeling more pleasure than usual.


A: I’m fine. You can’t afford to be worrying about me.

A: I don’t know if the position is making you more uneasy, but you’re squeezing down even more tightly than usual.


A: I’m close to cumming. What about you?

A: Let’s cum together then.

A: I’ll push in deep and cum inside.


A: I’m about to…is it okay if I cum?

A: I’m cumming-


A: I came so much inside you that you might just be pregnant.

A: Are you sure you should be saying that? That our child is bound for misfortune before they’re even born.

A: Poor thing.


Track 3: Wiretap


I: I suspected such. Whenever I tell Senpai that I’d be leaving the house for a full day, she goes off to see Azuma without fail.

I: I thought she’d bring him over to the house, but her leaving was outside of my expectations. I went through all that trouble to install cameras and listening devices inside the house, but they’re all for naught.

I: Well, well, let’s see where they are.

I: That’s not a love hotel, right? The GPS coordinates show that…

I: Oh, that’s a pretty nice hotel!


I: Hahaha!!! What a sweet voice, as expected, it’s completely different from when she’s doing it with me.

I: SO CUTE…!!!

I: Ah, I wound up getting hard from hearing my wife’s cute voice.

I: If I were to enter inside her ass from behind while Azuma inside her, would that work? That said, it would feel unpleasant to be rubbing against Azuma while down on her hips.

I: I want to stick it inside her mouth…and cum a full load inside Senpai’s warm mouth. And force her to swallow it in front of Azuma.

I: And once she does that, I wonder what expression they’d make?


I: Azuma’s pretty bold to be cumming inside someone else’s wife. I thought I’d be able to love the child regardless of the father, I’m not sure about Azuma’s.

I: If she really does conceive one, how about I kill it in front of her?

I: It’s far better than having them suffer, right?

I: Hahaha!!!


I: I love you. I love you, Senpai. You’re beautiful and cute, and I love you.

I: You’re kind and soft, and I love it.

I: It’s no use, it’s not enough. Videos and recordings are hardly enough, I want to embrace the real thing. I want to have sex once more not with the Senpai in front of me, but rather, the Senpai that was secretly filmed after mistaking me for Azuma.

I: She was so cute. She laid everything bare and relinquished everything to me. She twined her tongue with mine on her own and yearned for me as her soft insides squeezed tightly around me.


I: I wonder what I need to do in order to embrace the Senpai from that day?

I: Oh, I got it, I just need Azuma to be there.

I: Cumming!


I: Hehe. HahaHAHAHAHAHA…!!!


Track 4: Coercion


I: I’m home.

I: I’m exhausted from the meeting.

I: My fatigue disappears right away whenever you thank me for my hard work. Were you not lonely without me?

I: Well of course. Of course, you’re not lonely.


I: Hey Senpai, there’s something I’d like to ask you. Is that okay?

I: You went off to see another man, right?

I: Oh, I should’ve said it in a way that’s easier to understand. Senpai, you’re cheating on me, aren’t you?

I: Oh? How firm. Then how do you plan to explain this?


I: What a nice reaction.

I: This is yours and Azuma’s voice, is it not?

I: I know all about how you’ve constantly been seeing Azuma ever since you and I got married. So your claims are a complete lie.

I: I don’t normally have meetings so far that I wouldn’t be able to return within the day, do I? I was testing you, Senpai. I was wondering how long that’d continue.

I: Huh? Your face is completely drained of color. Are you okay?

I: Ah, did I scare you?

I: Don’t worry, it’s not like I plan on stopping you from cheating. After having sex with another man, the thought of you returning to my side in the end no matter how much you hated it was super arousing.


I: Haha! That said, I can’t take the fact that you and Azuma are having fun without me any longer, so let me join too.

I: If you do that, I wouldn’t mind turning a blind eye to your adultery.

I: Oh, right, if you don’t want to then, I’ll take this proof of adultery in my hand and consult with a lawyer I’m acquainted with about it.

I: You know Senpai, it’s not hard for me to completely destroy the social standing of the Azuma whom you love so, so deeply.


I: Haha, I’m the worst? Are you sure you should be saying that when you’re cheating on me with other men despite being married?

I: Either way, you have no choice but to obey me.

I: My wife’s so well-behaved. Let’s have fun with the three of us.


Track 5: Complicit


I: He’s here.


A: I arrive in front of your house, but am I at the right place?

I: Let him in.


A: Is it really alright to be at your house-

I: Haha! Are you surprised that I’m here? It has been a long time, Azuma. Even though I went as far as inviting you to our wedding, it was cruel of you not to come, wasn’t it? I had been wanting to meet you.

I: Rather standing here talking, why don’t you come on in?

A: No, it’s fine. I merely came to retrieve something I forgot from when we used to date.

I: Something you forgot? That’s completely different from what I heard from her.

A: She just didn’t tell you.

A: So, what did I forget?


I: There’s no need for you to make such an obvious lie. There was something I wanted to discuss with you today, so I asked her to invite you.

I: You have an idea of what that might be, don’t you?

I: I’ll take that silence as a yes.

I: You can leave if you really want to; however, in that case, I intend to settle things through legal means. I’m sure you realize it, but Azuma has 0 chance of winning.

A: I’ll go.

I: I’m glad you cut to the chase.

I: Senpai, why don’t you show Azuma the way? And I’ll go brew some tea.


I: Once again, it’s been a while, Azuma.

A: It’s been a long time, Izumi.

I: Isn’t your expression a little too tense? Are you being cautious because I brought up legal means?

I: I may have been speaking that way earlier, but I didn’t call you over to attack you, so ease up.

A: There’s no way I could ease up.

I: Well aren’t we close, Azuma? When the three of us are together like this, does it not remind you of our university days?

I: Azuma, you and Senpai were so beautiful together that it felt as though you two were the ideal couple.

I: You were admired by everyone, you know?

I: Since you two give me special treatment, it honestly makes me proud-


A: I couldn’t care less about that. Hurry up and move to the issue at hand.

I: So hasty.

I: There’s something I’d like to ask of you, Azuma.

A: You want me to break up with her, no?

I: No, what I want is to join in on the sex between you and Senpai.

A: Hah!?

I: I’ve always wanted to have a threesome with you, Azuma. A 3P as they call it.

A: I can’t comprehend. You’re messed up in the head, aren’t you?

I: I’m sure it’ll be exciting and feel even better than usual.



A: I understand your feelings of anger after finding out about the relationship between me and her, but even so… Stop treating her so trivially just to make me suffer!!!

I: I don’t want to.

I: I hate to be firm, but you’re the other man. So could you stop defying me?

I: I absolutely hate the fact that you’re here acting like you’re the righteous one here. What we do during sex is always on your mind, is it not, Azuma?

I: You would ask her insistently about it every time. And you would go about it as though you were reproducing my movements.

A: Why do you know that? Don’t tell meー!?


I: I possess endless proof of your adulterous relationship together. I can even line them up by date.

A: It’s a crime to set up wiretaps.

I: Sorry to say, but it’s not a crime to install listening devices onto my own possessions. I merely placed one into the bag I bought for her.

A: Blackmail, huh. That’s an undeniable offense.

I: You’re right, but there’s no proof of me threatening you, Azuma.

I: Azuma, I want you to witness firsthand the exact way we normally have sex.

I: Now then, let’s begin.


I: Azuma, make sure to watch, okay?

A: Why aren’t you refusing him? Don’t tell me that you’re being threatened by him too?

I: Haha! I’m threatening her? What are you saying? She has such a look of pleasure after being kissed by me, does she not?

A: You were never the type of person to do this!!! You aren’t trying to protect me, are you?

A: Forget about me. Just protest it if it’s against your will.


I: We can’t have that. If you aren’t looking at me…a bunch will trickle down.

I: What a mess.

I: You’re doing this with me out of your own free will, right?

I: The way your eyes are moist is cute. Is it a little embarrassing since this is the first time you’re being watched by another person?

I: Try imagining it. You’ll be receiving plenty of love from me and be pushed to climax while being watched by your beloved, beloved Azuma, you know?

I: ……I’m sure it’ll be extremely arousing.


I: Such a sweet sound. Let’s have him listen to plenty of it, okay?

I: How about we take off your underwear?

I: Are you more turned on than usual because Azuma’s watching? Because you’re already wet.

I: If I rub a bunch of your juices onto your clitoris and then stroke it… What do you think?

I: It feels good, doesn’t it?

I: That reminds me, I have to give Azuma a clear view of it…


I: Look, it’s easy to see when I do this.

I: Azuma, don’t you think she’ll become even more aroused if you stare at her so intently?

I: Hey Azuma, is the way I’m touching her pleasuring her properly?

I: Are you not going to tell me?

A: How would I know?

I: You’re acting so cold.

I: Since this position is more embarrassing, does it turn you on more? Juices are pouring out from inside you again.


I: If it’s like this, my fingers can easily slip in.


I: Did you feel it just from having fingers inserted inside you?

I: There’s no need for you to hold back your moans.

I: Do you hear these wet sounds?

I: How lewd. I won’t edge you today, so I’ll touch all your pleasurable spots.


I: Does it feel good when I lick your ears as I tease your clit?

I: Your ears are bright red. How cute.

I: Hmm? What is it? Are you about to cum?

I: Sure, I’ll let you cum.

I: Go on, cum.


I: I’m happy you watched the whole thing without complaining.

I: Since you’re this wet, I think it’ll be okay for me to enter inside.

I: It’s fine, right?

I: Oh, right, why don’t you ride on top of me today?

A: Stop!

I: Are you opposed to it?

A: Are you planning to do it with another man right in front of my eyes???

I: I’m sure you know who to listen to, right?


A: Why aren’t you against it…?!!

I: You can move however you like on top of me.

I: Lower your hips slowly.


I: Are you teasing me? Move.

I: Even though you usually shake your hips more vigorously, are you holding back before you’re in front of Azuma? Is it because it’s embarrassing?

I: I’ll lend you a hand then.

I: You like it when I thrust up from below, after all.


I: Yes, that’s right, move around so that you can hit your pleasure spots.

I: You’re doing great. I love that expression of yours, it’s extremely wonderful.

I: Azuma, do you hear it?

I: You’re more sensitive than usual, are you? Is it more of a turn-on than you imagined to have Azuma watch you?

I: Hahaha! What’s with that? That’s way too splendid.

I: Then lose more of your composure. I want to show him the sight of you when you’ve lost your reason.


I: HahaHAHAHA!!!

I: Azuma, Senpai’s telling you to not look, you know? But it’s impossible to not look, right? Because I understand that feeling quite well.

I: No matter how hard you try to hide it, you’re the same as me, Azuma.

I: I’ll impregnate her right in front of your eyes, Azuma.


I: Her insides are tightening, and it feels so good!

I: As expected, it feels good doing it raw, doesn’t it?

I: I’m about to cum…

I: Azuma, please make sure to watch as I pump my loads inside her.


I: Stop…? Even though your inside are squeezing me so tightly and trying it wring it out of me?

I: You’re more turned on because you’re being watched, aren’t you? Then, don’t you think it’ll feel even better when I cum inside you?

I: I’m going to cum, okay?


I: Since I came so much, we really might’ve conceived a baby today.

I: So Azuma, how was it?

A: I understand now.

I: What do you mean by “understand”?

A: I’ve finally realized that you’re a loose bitch and complete whore.

I: As a person who played around with someone else’s wife, what do you think you’re saying?

A: If you two hadn’t married, there would’ve never been a need for me to be in an extramarital affair. Both of you are to blame!!!

A: All I’ve done is love you wholeheartedly, and yet…


A: You’ve changed after getting married. You’ve deteriorated into a slut who easily spread their legs and willingly shake their hips for other men.

A: Who’s woman are you even?

I: It’s hardly persuasive when you say that in this type of situation, Azuma.

A: A woman like you couldn’t care less who their partner is as long as their body’s satisfied.


A: Izumi, you said you wanted to watch us in the act earlier, didn’t you?

A: Fine, I’ll let you see.

I: It seems like you’ve grown more eager.

A: If that’s how you are then I have no reason to be gentle. Now service me. You love me more than Izumi, right? Then we ought to show him.

A: Take it into your mouth and lick it.

A: Are you planning to refuse the idea of having sex with me in front of Izumi? I’m going as far as being willing to make do with such a worthless woman like you, so hurry up and suck it.

A: And once you put me in the mood, I’ll ram it inside you.


I: You’re turned on from licking Azuma’s dick, aren’t you? Your love juices are trickling down non-stop… This is beyond my expectations.

I: Senpai, turn your butt this way.

I: I’ll insert it from behind while you’re giving him a blowjob.

I: Haha!!! What an amazing sight, it’s like a skewer. It’s countless times more thrilling than everything up till now.

A: Don’t think your tongue can slack because Izumi’s inside you. At least try to please me.


I: You’re sucking off Azuma while you’re being fucked by me. Do you even realize what you’re doing?

I: My wife’s such a sinful woman, both your top and bottom are eating up men splendidly.

A: This type of situation is an absolute pleasure for a loose bitch, is it not?

I: Haha! HahaHAHAH!!! Were you turned on by Azuma’s insults? Your insides squeezed down tightly, you know?

I: Perhaps you might be a masochist?


A: How does it feel to be fucked by two men at the same time?

I: There’s no way she can reply when she has your dick in her mouth, Azuma.

A: You’re able to do better, no? So stop thinking about your own pleasure.

I: Her insides tighten every time you say something cruel to her, Azuma. And it feels good.

A: Izumi, don’t you dare make her cum before I do.

I: I get it. It can’t be helped, can it? If you want to cum then you have no choice but to quickly get Azuma to cum.


I: Azuma, aren’t you already about to cum?

I: Just a little more to go…


I: Haha! Did you cum?

A: Drink all of it.

I: Have you gotten to the point where you feel good whenever Azuma orders you?

A: She was a full-on masochist from the start it seems.

I: But that’s cute in its own way. Let’s have you swallow all the cum from Azuma that’s filling up your mouth.

I: Senpai, you’re a girl who swallows it all on their own if it’s Azuma’s cum, right?

I: I know, so come on, turn this way and swallow it.


I: Yes, yes, one nice gulp.

A: You’d be willing to drink anyone’s cum as long as they tell you to, no? You’re a loose woman who threw me away and married Izumi, after all.

I: You say some rather cruel things, don’t you?

I: You don’t have to worry about what Azuma says because you’re a good girl, Senpai.

I: That said, it does make me a little jealous, so this time, make sure to drink up with the mouth you have down below.


I: I won’t tease a good girl who listens to what I tell them, instead, I let them cum.

I: Azuma, are you watching?

I: Since I went through the trouble of doing it from the back, make sure to look at Azuma when you cum.

A: I should be hating it when my woman is having sex with another man, yet…

I: You’re an indecent woman who cums from being violated in front of Azuma’s eyes by me.

A: Why am I aroused?


I: Cum!

I: It seems like you came; however, I haven’t cum yet. I’ll make sure to cum inside you.

I: It feels so good. It feels so good when I’m rubbing against your inside so much.

I: I’m about to cum inside, okay?


I: I came loads again.

I: For you to be that erect from watching us have sex…

I: Hey Azuma, did you get aroused again from seeing her cum? Despite having just cum inside her mouth, it’s quite lively.

I: Azuma, you’re a serious pervert who gets turned on from seeing the person they love have sex with another man. HahaHAHAHA!!!

I: Now then, it’s Azuma’s turn next, isn’t it?

I: You can go ahead and put it in.


A: I would’ve done it even if you hadn’t told me to.

I: Oh, right! Please wait just a sec.

I: There they are.

I: Here, take this. It’s a condom.

I: You need them don’t you, Senpai?

I: I bought them for the sake of today. I don’t mind if he sticks it in, but I have no need for Azuma’s child.

A: I just have to put it on, right?


A: Say “please shove it inside me”.

A: Tell me, what do you want me to do after I’m inside you?

A: What are you acting embarrassed now for? You want me to churn up your insides, don’t you?

A: Why don’t you tell me who’s gonna make you cum?

A: I’ll fuck you till you’re satisfied, so be prepared.


I: You’re acting so conceited. …And it’s unpleasant.

A: You can forget about Izumi.

A: I’ll definitely make you drown in more pleasure than Izumi can. I’ll hit all your good spots.


I: That voice, that’s the voice I’ve been wanting to hear. That voice as she moans so helplessly…

I: Hey Senpai, does it feel good when your insides are lubricated by another man’s cum?

A: Are you about to cum?

A: Me too.


A: It feels better with me, doesn’t it?

I: Hahaha! I don’t think she can reply if you’re that rough with her though.

A: I’m cumming!


I: Here’s some water, Senpai.

I: You must surely be exhausted from doing it with two men, so take your time and rest. And then, let’s have plenty of fun together with the three of us.


Track 6: Whore


I: Come on, look at Azuma properly.

A: You truly are a loose woman, aren’t you? You’re tied up and pinned down, and you moan in pleasure even when you’re fucked hard from the back.

A: You realize who’s inside you, right?

I: Senpai, you’re weak to be me striking this place, right?

A: Does it really feel that good when Izumi’s doing it? Tell me.


A: Who and what are you pleased by? …Say it clearly.

A: Well, ain’t that great, Izumi?

I: Of course. We’re married, so our physical compatibility is perfect. Azuma, you like watching as she moans in pleasure while she’s being fucked by me, don’t you?

A: I won’t deny it, but I hold absolute contempt for you.


I: Senpai, do you still love Azuma even when these are the type of things he says?

I: I’m envious. But as expected, you’re the best when you’re being watched by Azuma. Please let me hear more of your cute voice.

A: You look like you’re about to cum.

A: You want to cum?

A: I won’t allow you to cum without my permission, so don’t cum until I say you can.


I: When both your ears are attacked, your insides tighten more than before and it’s great.

A: It doesn’t matter if you’re intimate with Izumi. I told you that you can’t, did I not? So endure it.

I: Let’s ignore what Azuma says. I’ll strike you plenty deep, so cum.


A: Did you cum?

A: I told you that you can’t, didn’t I? Are you not able to do something that simple?

I: Izumi, please don’t tease my wife too much. It felt too good so it was inevitable. Isn’t that right, Senpai?

I: Also, because you have no skill, things had to be a bit rushed, Azuma.

A: What am I unskilled at?

I: Have you not noticed?

I: Senpai, your arms are at their limits, right? Because there wasn’t enough blood flow, they’ve turned a little blue.

I: We could’ve had a little more fun if you had been better with your bondage techniques.


I: Relax your arms.

A: As if I’d want to be at your level, you degenerate!

I: That’s unexpected. Bondage is an art, you know?

A: Says you, it only makes me think of S&M play.

I: Those are inexcusable remarks. That’s precisely why your bondage techniques have never improved.

A: There’s no need to.


I: Haha!

A: Why are you suddenly laughing?

I: I was just reminded of how we used to argue back and forth during our university days. How nostalgic.

A: I’ve forgotten. Also, isn’t it about time?

I: Jeez, you’re so hasty Azuma, are you that backed up? My, my.

I: In that case, I’ll re-tie her. If I don’t tie her like this, she’ll get no blood flow and she won’t be able to remain in the same position for long, you know?

A: Yeah, whatever.


I: You enjoy being tied up, don’t you? Does it turn you on when you’re forced into an embarrassing position?

I: Now that I’ve tied you…

I: You’re looking quite greedy. How about we try some double penetration today? If I’m the in front and Azuma’s in the back, we can both fuck you raw. So, what do you plan to do?

A: It can’t be helped.

I: Senpai, this is your first time being double penetrated, right?

I: No need to look so worried, it’ll be fine. I’m sure it feels super good for the woman.


I: Well then, I’ll put in mine first.


I: I don’t know if it’s because you’re a little anxious, but your insides are tighter than before.

I: Azuma, do you think you’ll be able to stick it in from the back?

A: Yeah.

A: This place hasn’t been loosened up much, so it’s a bit constricting.

I: I sense what you’re feeling, Azuma, from that resistance.

A: I’m no different.


I: I’ll start moving.

I: I guess there was worth in doing this when you have such a nice reaction, Senpai.

I: Haha! Your insides are clamping down and it feels good…!!!


I: Azuma, are you already about to cum?

I: There’s nothing better than this, is there?

A: Shut up.

I: I got it! Let’s both cum into the front and back at the same time.

I: ……I wonder what’ll happen to you once that happens.


I: Azuma, bear with it until I cum, got it?

I: You’re about to cum too, right?

I: Then let’s have the three of us cum together.


I: I’m about to cum. I’m cumming!


I: This was a 3P that I proposed because I wanted to hear Senpai’s cute voice, but I never imagined that the two of them would fall this far. To think that we’d go as far as double penetration… Senpai’s truly a captive of mine who can never leaveーa magnificent woman.

I: What shall we do next once she gets used to this thrill? I ought to start thinking about that now.

I: Hahaha! HAHAHAHAHA…!!!!

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