【Translation】 Ikigami-sama no Ikeniekon Matsuri Hen


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

逝き神様の生贄婚 祀り編

CV: Takahashi Hidenori (高橋英則)

Track 1: Pledging Vows


Pray more. More. So that the forewarnings of disaster will never approach us.


On this joyous day, we have conducted this wedding before the altar. Henceforth, per the divine rites, I vow to maintain mutual harmony and respect and share in our joys and sorrows for as long as I live.

I kindly ask for your eternal blessing.


Ah, thank you for this, Uncle.

I’m done. Now, here’s one for you, Uncle.

Oh, I mustn’t be doing that, you’re no longer “Uncle”, you’re “Father” now.

A marriage between cousins is a complicated one.

Father, please end it there. It is true that my father’s deeds were…there were a multitude of problems that arose because he didn’t take on his duty as a Toudzuka man.

Although you were my father’s younger brother, you bear no responsibility for the person in question as my father married himself into the Toudzuka family. Moreover, he has already received divine punishment.


No, speaking of that accident, he probably was sacrificed to avert disaster as a Toudzuka man.

So please don’t worry about it.

Yes, thanks to you, things have been going well. I was able to properly repay the village for all the trouble I’ve caused and I plan to carry out my duties well into the future.

Everything is for the sake of the Hafuri Village.

Naturally, I ask for the support of the Watase as I have till now to make up for the disarray caused by my father’s neglect.


Though I say that, the one who desired her as my wife was myself. Although I was always aware of the Toudzuka tradition of marrying a girl from the Watase family, I thought of it as fate.

What are your thoughts, my bride?

Thank god. I didn’t know what I’d do if you had shaken your head.

No, it makes me shy that even Father would say that she has always adored me as an older brother figure.

It was worth waiting until you were twenty.


Look, Makoto is glaring at me with quite the eyes.

It’s fine, I don’t mind it. He probably thinks that I’ve taken away his big sister. He’s already missing you at the thought of never being able to see you again.

All more so if your ages are far apart.

As an only child, I’m jealous. Though, I did have Mr. Hito with me when I was young.

Ah, no, it’s nothing.

Makoto might just be irritated because he can’t play games. It’s sad that Makoto is the only child here. Let’s call him over here later and play with me.

Now then, how about you eat a little? It’s a long-awaited celebratory meal after all.


Track 2: Shrine


Light the place up.


This is enough.

This place is a shrine that my grandfather built. It is a place that only the Toudzuka man that is set to become the sacrifice and their wife can enter.

And no villagers would come to visit.

Though I call it a shrine, it only has a simple altar, along with a Kagura Suzu. It’s merely an unimpressive hut.

I arranged a water system so you could live here for the time being but…

You know of the sacrifices, don’t you?


Toudzuka men became sacrifices in order to accept disasters upon themselves for the sake of protecting the Hafuri Village.

It’s an ancient village custom. When epidemics were prevalent or droughts were long, the ones offered up as sacrifices to the Gods of the Earth were the Toudzuka men.

The moment the sacrifice inexplicably dies, they take the village’s misfortune with them, thus protecting the village.

And it appeared that my grandmother wished to be enshrined as a living god in order to protect said sacrifice.

Moved by my grandmother’s sentiments, my grandfather built this shrine and made it the cornerstone of the villagers’ beliefs. My grandparents have long since left this world but the elderly of this village believe in the living god to this day.

And I’m reminded of how deeply my grandparents loved each other every time I come here.


I don’t care about the prayers but I admired their relationship as man and woman.

I wish to love my wife the same way.


What about you?

Your father said that you have always adored me as an older brother figure hadn’t he? Do you mean it as an older cousin? Or have you begun to see me properly as a man when I proposed marriage?

Since when?

Don’t be shy, tell me.

5 years ago at my father’s funeral? And it was my firm conduct during it all despite still being a student?

No, I don’t find it imprudent.

Rather, it makes me happy.


As a sacrifice, the funeral aspect is befitting of me.

I’m the same. That day, when I met you after so long, I thought that it wouldn’t be bad to take you as my wife per custom.

No, rather, that was precisely what I wanted to do.

I began to think that, if it’s you, the two of us would unmistakably become a married couple who only loves the other.

Don’t be shy. Look at me properly.

Entrust everything to me.


Let’s spend our wedding night here.

I’ll take your everything in this place…


Bathed in the light of the red candles…

It’s your first time, isn’t it?

I see. I’m so happy. When I think about how I’d be the only to know of this body in this lifetime…


I’ll loosen it up so that it hurts as little as possible. And so that you can feel it more from this stiff part here.

Your breasts too, the tips are already erect.


That’s right, feel it more. From my fingers and my tongue.

Don’t hold back, move around and moan all you want, I’m the only person here.

Cum for me.


Your naughty juices are flowing endlessly from inside you.

Ah, I was thinking of loosening it up some more but when I see you cum…I end up immediately desiring you.

I’m putting it in, okay?


Please forgive the pain, and for that…

Could you tell that my thing is forcibly prying your insides open?

It’s squeezing so tightly that it hurts for me too.


With this, you’re now my wife both in name and reality…for the rest of our lives.


I can’t not thrust my hips.

It’ll start feeling good so bear with it for now. I wanted to strike your insides and impregnate you so badly that I can’t stop myself.

I’ll make you cum countless times as well, by licking your breasts with my tongue.


The mix of blood and love juices…

I’ll stroke this swollen bit with my fingers.


The pain has turned into pleasure, hasn’t it?


Your inner depths have opened up. Your inner depths have opened up even though your entrance is clenching down on me hard.


You’re about to cum, aren’t you?

I’m about to cum too.

It feels so good…

I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


Your body is the best.

No, it’s not just your body…


Let’s embrace each other till morning.


I’ll make you remember my body.


Track 3: Living God


You’re finally awake.

You can no longer leave, you have already been enshrined as a living god. And the living god can only be met during the nightーsuch is the Hafuri’s-no, Toudzuka’s edict.

Even speaking through the door was originally something to be hesitant over.

Having been married into the Toudzuka family, your fate is to be enshrined.


You don’t have enough resolve to be the wife of the sacrifice it seems.

Give up on leaving the shrine and pray for the sake of the village. Got it?

I’ll arrange your meals, and everything else you need to live is inside, so rest assured and offer your prayers.

Oh, I threw away your cell phone so calling for help from the outside is an impossibility.

This village believes in the living god, you see. They would never allow the precious living god to escape.

But well, that’s only if you manage to leave the Toudzuka residence.


What’s this? The place is pitch dark.

Sleeping on the floor…did you cry yourself to sleep?

It can’t be helped then. Start praying properly starting tomorrow.

Oh, there’s no set way to pray. You simply have to pray for the village’s safety or pray that calamities don’t encroach upon us while shaking the Kagura Suzu as you face the altar.

In any case, you just need to pray.


Wave around this Kagura Suzu.

But well…I guess it’s not unreasonable. Only the sacrifice of the Toudzuka family knows of the details regarding the living god.

Although you were a girl from the neighboring village, the discussion about sacrifice frightened you.

Even if you believed in superstitions, it’s hard to accept the reality of being enshrined as a living god even if it’s for the sake of the man you love.


You don’t want to pray for the Hafuri Village?

Is that so? Then let’s do this.


I told you that resistance is futile did I not?

Curse your own fate of having been close in age to the Toudzuka sacrifice and born to the Watase family.


I said that escape attempts are pointless, didn’t I? You are my living god.


Your breaths grow hot just from the simple lick of your neck. I had sex with you countless times till morning after all.

You have completely remembered my body.

Don’t wear these clothes any longer. I have a kimono prepared for you on the shelf so wear that instead; that is what befits a living god.


It swallowed it up so easily.


Living god, you can no longer escape from me.

And since I’m a sacrifice, I can’t escape either.


I believe in superstitions as well.

Not believing that sacrifices take calamities upon themselves, the way outsiders of these villages find this practice twisted angers this village.

My grandfather, my grandmother, my mother, and Mr. Hito…

A living god is allowed for the sacrifice. That way, the sacrifice that is merely permitted a quick death is allowed one sole thingーーa sacrifice for the sacrifice.

And that is what the living god is.


The living god is nothing more than a being who prays for the village and is embraced by the sacrifice night after night.

If you don’t want that then…

Pray for my safety alone. Just pray for the safety of your husband, so that the day I’m sacrificed can forever be delayed.

And so that we can love each other forever.


Pray for me. For me and me only.

I’ll hold you, I’ll embrace you every night, and seek you out till morning. Such is the Toudzuka’s prayers.


Your insides are sucking me dry.


I’m cumming. Let’s cum together, my living god, my one and only living god.


Turn your face towards me…

You’re the only one. Even if you cry and plead, I can’t reverse your enshrinement.

Even in the past, I was truly hopelessly superstitious. And even more so after I entered middle school and came to know of the outside world.

However, my father devoured the Toudzuka’s assets and laid hands on the village’s woman.

Although he was a sacrifice, it came to a point where he was nothing but a nuisance. And finally, 5 years ago, during that…


I considered the possibility of running away so that there would be no more Toudzuka men and wondered who would protect the village when the Hafuri Village is struck by an unimaginable disaster.

It’s not a pointless death. If hundreds of villagers are able to feel at ease because I’m around and if I can protect the village, then there’s meaning in me being a sacrifice.

This is fate…for both you and me.


I thought that if I loved you then I wouldn’t be capable of enshrining you, that’s why I hoped to postpone those plans even when I married you.

But because you fell in love with me…

I enshrined you here because I ended up wanting to make you a god, my one living god, mine and mine alone, precisely because I loved you.


Track 4: Twin Gods


There’s no need to be so rushed.

As always, you never light the candles.


So you prefer to do it with me, huh. What a troublesome living god you are.


The living god doesn’t need to service me, but when I think about how you waited anxiously for it……it makes me love you to no end.


In this one month of your enshrinement, I could only yearn for night to come even when I was doing work within the village and you’re properly praying all day long as the living god.

And thanks to that, I’ve been safe.

You truly process strange powers, don’t you?


I’m cumming inside your mouth, okay?

You want to drink my cum, don’t you? Then do it more intensely.

Yes, that’s right, stroke the tip thoroughly with your throat.

I’m cumming, so swallow it all.


Aah…you look like you’re drunk on high-class wine.


Show me. Open your mouth wider.

Oh, you swallow it all up cleanly tonight too.

Would a woman that hadn’t ascended to godhood become this indecent?


Come, tonight I’ll penetrate you while sitting.


My living god, when will I be sacrificed?

You don’t know?

Well, of course, I was just asking for fun.

That’s not it? You’re still saying that? I thought you were finally self-aware of your position as the living god but…

Eh? The living god is me, Kazuomi?



I see…

Confining you within the shrine, not allowing you to meet or speak to anyone aside from the odds times I visit you during the night…and on top of asking you to pray for my safety alone, Iーー

Why are you shaking the Kagura Suzu…?

An oracle saying I, Kazuomi, am the living god?

AhahahHAHAHAHAH!!! The living god is saying that I am the true living god? So what that’s you’ve ended up thinking, huh.


I’ll give you another divine message, shake the Kagura Suzu even harder with the arms that are wrapped around my back.

I’m your living god and you are the sacrifice.

As the sacrifice of the sacrifice, you’ll forever be intimate with me. For decades and decades to come.


Just now…

That’s the calamity’s-


You felt it too didn’t you? The forewarnings of disasters are encroaching upon us.


More. That’s right, MORE.


Let’s climax as is. Let’s cum together as you pray…so that the harbingers don’t approach us and so that we protect the village.

Cum, cum. Yes, just like that.

I too…


Oh, it’s already turned into morning.

Looks like your prayers have been heard, and both you and I are safe and unscathed.

Naturally, the village is safe as well.

To me…

That’s right, I…


The living god is you and you alone.


I’m your entire world and I am your living god.

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