【Translation】 Ikigami-sama no Ikeniekon Nue Tsugu Hen


Disclaimer:I cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of this translation

逝き神様の生贄婚 鵺告ぐ編

CV: Makino Hideki (牧野秀紀)

Track 1: Release


It’s hot today too.

Oh, it’s you. Are you here with food?

Chi-chan hasn’t been coming lately, does she have a summer cold I wonder? …I’m worried.

Hmm? What’s this?


Keys to where?


Do as I’d like? What do you mean by that?

Put on those geta…?

Is it okay for me to take those as my geta? More importantly, why are you deciding that? You’re just a classmate from the neighboring village.

Hey! You’re leaving?


He’s as impatient as usual, he does work tirelessly towards his goals though.

Huh? Something shiny fell out of his pocket.

Oh, right, I mustn’t leave this place.


Father died, right? Then he wouldn’t get angry, right?


These are keys too, right?

I wonder what these keys open.

I’ll take them with me.


I wonder where Chi-chan is? We haven’t met for so long.

When…was the last time I saw her?

Oh, a baby is crying just like Chi-chan did in the past.


Track 2: Hide-and-Seek​


It’s hard to walk on rocky areas with geta.

Where’s Chi-chan?


“Is this my hometown”? I’m a villager.

Please press the shutter of the camera?

Umm, who…are you?


C-Chi-chan? Chi-chan, it’s Chi-chan!!! I’ve been searching for you.

You never came to visit me, why is that? Were you sick?

Chi-chan is Chi-chan, did you forget? You couldn’t quite say your own name and could only say Chi-chan no matter how many times you practiced, so both Father and I began calling you Chi-chan.

Even if you’ve grown, you’re still…

You mustn’t struggle, Chi-chan.

Chi-chan, why are you inside the cave?


Even though I made a promise with Father…and that this is something I mustn’t do. Even though I should’ve known……

Hey, why is it forbidden? I love you, Chi-chan.

Chi-chan, please don’t resist, we haven’t met in so long that I can no longer stop myself.


I’ve finally kissed you haven’t I, Chi-chan?


Thank god, since you were able to struggle this much, you must not be sick, Chi-chan. You were well, weren’t you?

I love you, Chi-chan.


I’ve always wanted to say it. This place gets bigger whenever I think of you, Chi-chan, it always has.

I often went “pain, pain, go away” when we were kids, right?

Whenever Chi-chan fell down in the garden, Chi-chan would stop crying when I did it. So right now, please fix my ouchie with your place here, Chi-chan.


Finally Chi-chan and I…

I’m so happy, Chi-chan. I wish I could’ve done this sooner.


Father spoke about it, right? This cavern is where Father and our Mother who became a living god, met and fell in love.

That’s why Chi-chan was waiting for me here, right?

…For the sake of becoming one and making love with me.

From now on, we’ll always be together, Chi-chan. Although I’m the sacrifice, for some reason Tadahiro told me to do as I like.

But I can’t leave the village. I’ll live properly as a sacrifice just like Father did, in order to protect the village with Chi-chan.


It feels good, Chi-chan.

Hey, you’re feeling good too, right Chi-chan?

I’m cumming, Chi-chan, please give birth to my child. I’ll give you plenty of sperm to make up for the times we couldn’t meet.


I’m still cumming, Chi-chan…




I love you, Chi-chan.

Is it okay if we feel good one more time?

Ugh, I fell on my bottom.

It hurts. What’s wrong, Chi-chan? Why did you thrust me away so suddenly?


Oh, is it a game of tag?

Wait, Chi-chan!

Chi-chan, please wait, you dropped your camera.



Wait Chi-chan, please don’t run so fast!

Something fell again.

What is this? A card…?


(Note: Track 2 feat. a Separate Heroine)


Track 3: You’ve had enough? It’s still not over yet


Chi-chan, where are you? Is it hide-and-seek this time?


I’m the scourge, even though I’m the living god’s son? I’m the sacrifice, though.


Chi-chan, please end this game of hide-and-seek.

Hmm? Is there someone inside the shrine?

Mother, you were alive? Despite becoming a god? …But your voice resembles Chi-chan’s.

Is it Chi-chan then?

Let’s take a peek through the door.


Chi-chan, so that’s where you were hiding!!! Chi-chan, you were always good at tag and hide-and-seek, weren’t you? I lost to you every time.

But for you to have been at the shrine…

Were you in such a rush to jump into the car, not because you were playing hide-and-seek, but because you had to return to the shrine?

Are you giving prayers like Mother?

Since when did you learn to drive? It’s amazing.


You’re unable to open the door, right?

Wait for me, I’ll open it for you.

It’s not opening…

It looks to be impossible without the key. Will it open with the keys the guy earlier dropped?

There it is.

Wait Chi-chan, I’ll open it up for you right now.


Chi-chan, I’m in.

I wonder how long it’s been since I was last hugged by you, Chi-chan.

We weren’t able to hug at all earlier, right?

Am I cured…?

Oh dear, I’ve always been well though.


Hmm? What’s wrong, Chi-chan?

Chi-chan, didn’t you go outside? Are you wanting to play hide-and-seek in the shrine?

Then I’ll also…


“Let me out”? Chi-chan, you left earlier and played a game of tag and hide-and-seek with me, you know.

Even though I wanted to continue in the cave…

But Chi-chan, don’t you think that’s impossible after entering the shrine? You’ll get scolded by Father.

Oh, right, Father died, that’s why no one would be angry. And so, it’s fine for me to play with Chi-chan, right?

Hey, let’s get along again.


Me? How did I get out?

Yes, that’s right, he opened the door and told me to do as I’d like.


Chi-chan’s boobs!!! They’ve gotten incredibly big, haven’t they?

There’s milk seeping out…!?


I shouldn’t be doing this? But I’ve been told to do as I’d like, and our frightening Father is already dead.


Chi-chan’s breast milk tastes so good, please give me more.

You have a husband?

Chi-chan, when did you get married?


Oh, right, I remember now, I married you, Chi-chan. The reason we weren’t able to meet in the past was because Chi-chan gave birth to my child, right?

And that’s why you’re producing milk.


I’m so happy, Chi-chan. You might’ve been pregnant earlier but let’s do it again. Let’s do it tons and tons of time and have you give birth to lots and lots of my babies.


Look at me, Chi-chan.

My thing has gotten this much bigger just like Chi-chan’s boobs.

“Please”…? I love having Chi-chan beg me.


Chi-chan, I love you. I love you.

When did you get the license?

Next time, please let me ride in it and take me on a ride around the village. And let’s do this plenty of times inside the car.


I’m so happy, Chi-chan.

Chi-chan, my one, and only Chi-chan.


I’m cumming again.

Tons of my sperm are…


My bride…


Let’s be close even after thisーーjust like Mother and Father.


!? It’s the Kagura Suzu. I often heard its sounds from the outside whenever Mother descended.

Only Father was able to enter the shrine.

Mother was a living god and the only person who could see her was our Father, the sacrifice. And only during the night.

That reminds me, Father told me that Mother’s soul will forever be within this shrine even after she passes away and that he’s enshrining it.


Chi-chan, why were you hiding within the shrine?

Did you want to go in and take a look because our Father is no longer around?

You were enshrined by your husband…? As a living god? But only our Mother was a living god, no?

He laid in wait for our Father’s death so that they could monopolize the Toudzuka’s wealth, and confined his nuisance of a wife?

None of the villagers would object to having a new living god enshrine?

Because he was adopted into the bride’s family, I can’t become the sacrifice? And once a boy is born, there’s no business left to take care of?


What about the child? Are they letting a caretaker raise them?

Who’s that…?

Hmm, I don’t quite understand but I would never find Chi-chan, my wife, to be bothersome.

Am I mistaken? My head hurts.


I got it! I remember now, Chi-chan.

So that’s what it is, Father wanted to make Mother, whom he loved deeply, into a god so he deified her as a living god. I must’ve followed Father’s footsteps and enshrined you, right Chi-chan?

Aah… Sorry for being such a forgetful husband.

I love you, therefore, I wish to enshrine you. That is Toudzuka men’s…the destiny of the sacrifices.


Oh, right, I mustn’t meet the living god during the day. I can only visit during the night.

For me to have forgotten even that custom…

The reason Chi-chan was in the cave earlier was that you weren’t able to wait till night, right?

That said, you mustn’t go outside.

Chi-chan is a living god now so you ought to pray and shake the Kagure Suzu around while the sun is out, okay?

You mustn’t be selfish, Chi-chan.

Chi-chan, haven’t you always been a very good girl?


I’ll come again during the night then.

I love you, my bride. I’m happy that I was finally able to say “I love you” many times over.

Oh, right, what’s the name of the baby?


Ah, you made sure to add the “Kazu” in my name to theirs. I’m so happy.

No, wait, we decided it together, right?


I ought to make sure that nothing evil approaches and that no one enters.

There we go.


Track 4: X


Today the main house is quite boisterous.


Legally declared dead? What’s that supposed to mean?

Oh, I’m already legally dead.

Then I can’t take on any of the villagers’ sins even if I become the sacrifice.


I can’t endure this any longer, Father. I don’t want to see her married off to my classmate.

Like I said, please allow me to commit suicide for the peace of the village as the sacrifice…!!!

The sacrifice is forbidden from taking their own life???

For the sake of the Hafuri Village, the sacrifice will take calamity upon themselves when they hear the forewarnings of disaster. Is that the fate of the sacrifice of the Toudzuka men?



What is this calamity supposed to be!? Even if Mother and Father had that power and saved the village countless times, I…I’m powerless.

If I’m not allowed to take my own life then please lock me up somewhere.

I don’t want it to be the confinement room of the main house, and if it can’t be the shrine then the cave or anywhere else is fine. Please do it before I fall into genuine madness and rape my own sister.


Track 5: Pain, Pain, Go Away


I’m here, Chi-chan.

Have you been praying till night again today?

You’re working so hard every day.

Thank you for your hard work. Is it okay if I hugged you like this as you pray?


What were you praying for?

That the people you hate are cursed…?

Chi-chan, did someone make you suffer? Did something bad happen while I was confined and separated from you?

It’s all my fault, it’s all because I wasn’t able to protect you.

Am I the scourge to Chi-chan? Is that why Father locked me up?

It can’t be, right? I’m Chi-chan’s husband so I would never hurt you, Chi-chan. After all, I’ve always loved you.


You dropped the Kagura Suzu…

Chi-chan, are you crying?


There, there. Pain, pain, go away.


That’s impossible for me to do, Chi-chan. I’ll die if I leave the village, so we can’t leave the village together.

Sorry for being such a pathetic husband, Chi-chan.

Hmm? It wasn’t just curses? You prayed for my illness to be cured?

Jeez, Chi-chan, I’ve told time and time again that I’m healthy.

Then, if I’m sick, what sickness do I have? And what’ll happen once that’s fixed?


Hmm? What’s the matter?

Oh, so it was a joke. Were the curses a joke too?

It’s alright, I’m right here.

I’m only able to meet you during the night but I’ll visit you every night. And I’ll say “good girl, good girl” to you all night, Chi-chan.

Chi-chan, you must be tired from praying, right?

Come on, let’s go to sleep.


Hmm, are you not going to sleep?

Then wh-


Chi-chan, for Chi-chan to desire me to this extent…


Straddle on top of me.

It really feels good to embrace each other naked.


Oh, Chi-chan, I love you, I love you, I love you.


The Nues have been crying quite often lately.

It feels good, Chi-chan. It feels so good.

I’m about to…


Track 6: Nothing Could be Heard


Once again you’ve prayed zealously till night.

What was it for today? Did you pray for the happiness of me and Kazuomi again today?

I’m so happy.

Are you going to get naked again tonight?

Me too.


Please continue praying, I’ll embrace you from the back.


You’re so wet, you’re completely drenched.


Hmm? What is it?

You’re happy that you’re this loved? And that this is the first time you were ever loved?

I seriously should’ve told you that I loved you, much, much earlier, Chi-chan. That way, you would’ve never felt lonely and would have experienced happiness a lot soon.


As long as we’re together then calamities are nothing to fear, right?


I am the Hafuri Village’s sacrifice, and Chi-chan is the living god.

Hmm? “I am the sacrifice for the sacrifice”? What do you mean by that…? Is it an oracle?

No, Chi-chan, Chi-chan, you are my living god, and the sacrifice is me. You mustn’t die for my sake.

Come on, turn this way.


You mustn’t die before me.

We’ll love each other forever. Forever and ever.


Chi-chan’s insides are coiling so tightly around me.

I’m about too…

Let’s cum together, my bride. I’ll pour plenty of my sperm here again today.

I’m cumming!


Let’s kiss.


Chi-chan’s skin has turned white from breast milk.

Please let me drink, I’ll drink tons of it again.


Your boob hurts from the swelling right?

I keep drinking but it keeps coming. It’s just like my sperm.


Stop praying and make plenty of love with me, your husband, instead. Because either way, I know nothing about the forewarnings of disaster.


I’m cumming again.

I’m cumming so drink it all up, Chi-chan.

I’m cumming. I’m cumming, my bride.

I’m so fortunate right now.


Track 7: Late Summer


Chi-chan, where are you? Why did you run off again?

Even though we were that deeply in love…

I even made sure to lock the door to the shrine.


Oh, Kazuomi, you followed along.

Say, where’s Mom?

Hehe. Mom isn’t dead, she’s my living god after all. You see, “living god” means a god that is alive.

Kazuomi is still small so I guess you can’t understand.

Also, I’m not “Mr. Hito”, I’m “Dad.”

Jeez, you still get it wrong no matter how many times I point it out.

Now then, let’s play as we search for Mom.


What should we do today? Should we go on a treasure hunt again?

We still haven’t found my treasure, right?

Hmm? You want to view the ocean from the cliff?

That’s dangerous. If you want to see the ocean, you need to go down the steps and view it from the cove. After all, a cliff is……


ーーWhere you jump off to end your life.

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  1. Amaretta

    Wow so much to unpack here, thanks so much for the translation and explanation! Was a very interesting read, had to go over it few times until I realized that Kazuhito was mentally ill. The last line made me wonder though if he subconsciously knew his sister was dead? Does that line that a cliff is meant to end your life mean that his sister could have potentially committed suicide when he left the shrine unlocked by accident (which seems to be implied by him saying “I even made sure to lock the door to the shrine”)?

    Have a Happy Holiday!


    1. Criy

      Track 4: X is flashbacks that references that past and the reasons behind Kazuhito’s 13 years of solitary confinement (and him being legally dead).
      Track 1 He is let out by Tadahiro (his sister’s husband) and told to do whatever he wishes.
      Track 2 He stumbles across a tourist at the cavern his parents met and mistakes that person for his sister, and assaults her. Afterwards, said person thrusts him and away and escapes in her car, but not before dropping her camera and license.
      Track 3 & 5, 6 Thinking the person he met in Track 2 was his sister, he goes to search for her in the village. From there, he eventually made way to the shrine where his actual sister is. At first, she was happy to see thinking that he’s finally better (she knew he was locked up) but eventually learned that is not the case (hence praying for his return to normal).
      Turns out, her husband had been treating her as nothing but a tool to obtain the wealth of the Toudzuka family and enshrined her to get rid of a thorn on his side after she gave birth to a son.
      Being as out of touch of reality as Kazuhito is, he ended up believing he was the aforementioned husband, so as per tradition he kept her enshrined and visited her every night.
      Track 7 Several years later, his sister dies but, being mentally regressed from his confinement, he has yet to accept that as reality.
      Note: He was keeping the camera and license the person in Track 2 dropped as his “treasures” under the mistaken belief that she had been his sister.


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