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XXXPrince ~pearl jewelry

CV: Furukawa Tetsuto (古河徹人)

Track 1: Prologue


The king of a valley nation had children with his many wives, and whenever summer arrives, the king would take all his wives and children to a coastal town.

The king possessed a massive boat that could fit everyone in the family, and it was customary to hold a party on top of that boat every year.

On one summer’s day, the king took his family to the sea per usual and that is when an accident occurred; the king’s youngest prince fell from overboard as the result of his older siblings.

The youngest prince was cast into the murky ocean and was prepared to die.

However, at that moment, what the prince saw was a beautiful mermaid.


The prince narrowly escaped with his life because of the kind mermaid. To the young prince, that mermaid became his savior and at the same time, a special existence.

That meeting with that mermaid changed the prince’s life.

From then on, the prince pondered about how he would be able to see that mermaid again.

In wanting to see her, and wanting to see her so badly, the prince conjured up a certain idea.

……And it was a very simple yet very cruel idea.


Track 2: Reunion


This is a written invitation from my brother…

And this one’s from my sister, huh.

Haa…as always, they’re constantly hosting parties. Even though they don’t do any important work, they’ve got quite the status.


Come on in.

Don’t tell me that’s another party invitation.

What work does it pertain to?

Oh, it’s about time to finalize the contents of the exhibition? …But you haven’t caught anything since then, no?

In that case, proceed the way we’ve discussed last week.

Hmm? What did you say just now…?

Is that true!? When’s the mermaid arriving???


Who cares about arrangements, what are my plans after this?

Then cancel it.

It’s my brother, he can probably guess the reason. To be honest, I found it bothersome so now I’ve got a good excuse.

Hmm? Did you think we got along well?

If that’s your definition of getting along well then us siblings certainly are close.

Though, that doesn’t matter to me. What is the age and sex of the mermaid being transported here?

It’s important to confirm whether they meet the client’s demands, no?


A woman, huh? Then we’ve cleared the minimum requirement.

That’s because it was not the mermaid I was aiming for, I would’ve bought her immediately if she were the mermaid I’m searching for.

Don’t be absentminded, let’s hurry up and go.


Forget the prefaces, hurry up and show me the mermaid you have.


She won’t be going on auction.

Hey, how much can I buy this mermaid for?

Yes, she won’t be put on display, I don’t care how much it is, just tell me how much you want.

Why are you befuddled? I’m saying that I’ll buy her.


Ah, oh, my bad.

Hey, I’ve prepared a sum of money according to the market price since I heard it was a mermaid so take that as the deposit for the time being. And if this isn’t enough, I don’t mind if you demand however much you want from me at a later date.

Then we’ve formed our agreement.


Okay, now quickly make arrangements for her to be carried to my castle.

Hmm? It’s exactly what it means. I’ve bought this mermaid so she won’t be going on auction.

As long as I made sure to pay the price there’s no problems with it, is there?

If you understand then hurry up and make preparations for her to be carried out.


Finally, it’s finally come. I’ve always waited for this day to happen.

……I’ll never let you go.


Track 3: First Love


Please stay still.

How’s that dress? Do you feel good wearing it?

I wasn’t planning anything, I had it prepared since I couldn’t just leave you naked.

If you remained in the water tank then it would be difficult for us to converse like this would it not? Or do you feel anxious whenever you’re not touching water?

You no longer have that water tank, but can you see that courtyard over there?

I had a pond set up here so you can jump in whenever you’d like. It should be fairly comfortable, it’s wide and deep enough for you to swim, and plus the water temperature and quality are tightly controlled.

That said, I haven’t been in there, so I don’t know.


You’re asking quite the amusing question. You won’t die, on land, that is.

When a simple fish is thrown onto land it’ll die sooner or later, but mermaids aren’t like that.

They’re no different from humans when they’re out of water. As long as they’re not touching water, they’ll take on a human form.

It’s convenient, right?

I’m praising you.

What? I thought that was surely a compliment.

If you ask me why I’m so well-acquainted, it’s simple. It’s because I wanted to know more about the girl that I like. And that’s why I know all sorts of things about you.

No, to be precise, you could say that I know of a mermaid’s true nature.


That expression…

Are you perhaps doubting me?

I suppose so. For example, a mermaid’s physical appearance is not proportional to their chronological age. Your lifespan is approximately 300 years, but at a certain point, there are no more changes to your outward appearance.

There are variations but it’s generally around their 20’s or 30’s.

And since their appearance doesn’t change no matter how many decades have passed, they were considered miraculous beings that could grant immortality.

In reality, mermaids have better regenerative abilities compared to humans, but of course, that depends on the mermaid in question.

A mermaid’s flesh and blood are practically poison for humans, so there’re barely any benefits to be seen.

Putting mermaids aside, if you transfuse the wrong blood type even amongst humans, you would die, so it’s only natural, right?

Was I wrong anywhere?


Of course not. I told you, didn’t I?

There are very few people that can tolerate mermaid blood and I don’t want to die, so I don’t need yours or any other mermaid’s blood.

What I want, both now and then, is you.

Like I said, I don’t need it, what I want is you.

Plus, since I’ve said this much, do you not feel like you’re being confessed to?

That’s right, a confession.

I’m in love with you so let’s get married.


Huh? Did I say something odd?

This is not the first time. We’ve long since met, do you not remember?

Uh, I knew it, you haven’t taken notice.

I mean, I guess it can’t be helped, your appearance hasn’t changed, but I’ve gotten bigger. That said, I don’t think my face has changed that much, though.

Is it still not clicking for you?

Ah, you’re heading in that direction.

That’s a miss, I’m human in every sense of the word.


Hehe, I guess it’s no use.

That was sort of the impression I got since you’ve been looking at me with the eyes of a stranger ever since you got here.

In that case, will you remember if you see this?

This necklace, just who was the one who gave it to me?

That’s right.

What a relief, I didn’t know what I’d do if you couldn’t remember even after seeing this.

It’s been so long, I’ve been wanting to see you this whole time.


Hehe, because I was saved by you, I was able to safely become an adult like this.

Thank you for what you did that day.

I’m glad, you finally smiled.

I thought you’d surely be lovely if you smiled but you truly are beautiful.

But why am I complimenting you?

Are you not really used to compliments?

Aren’t you being too modest? You’re the most beautiful out of all the girls that I’ve seen.

Your face is bright red…so make those types of cute expressions too.


Huh? A request?

Let you escape…? But why? To repay you for saving me?

Sorry to say but I’ve long since returned that favor and the fact that you’re here is the proof of that.

Oh, I get it, since you were inside the water tank, you didn’t hear our conversation. In that case, I’ll explain.

You were caught by poachers and was about to be auctioned off, however, I claimed you before that could happen. Ain’t it great that you weren’t bought off by a collector or some research facility?

Do you understand now? I pretty much saved you.

And that’s why I have no obligation to let you escape from here. So if you want me to allow your escape, you must repay me with a suitable reward.

For example: returning the money I used to save you.


Haha, of course, that’s impossible though. I’m sure there’s currency in your country but it’s different from the ones we use.

When you have no allies outside of me, there’s no way you’d be able to pull together that type of money is there?

That’s right, I’m your ally.

As long as you’re here, I won’t allow you to live a life of inconvenience. I’ll prepare anything you want nor will I do anything bad to you.

So stay here.

I’ll be worried if you aren’t here…because you’ll become my bride.


!? Argh!

Why won’t you understand?!! I lived for this one moment, I won’t let you escape.

Like I said, you mustn’t run.

You may possess the same legs a human does, but that doesn’t mean you can walk the same way. It’s not part of your daily life so it’s only obvious.

I won’t let you go, I had decided to never let you escape the next time I saw you.


What a lewd sight. Your flesh below is soft. It’s not wet, but who cares.

As expected, you’ve come to understand what I’m about to do, however, you’re too late in your realization.

The actual tightness is regrettable, if it’s this tight, I’ll cum right away.


Of course it hurts, rather than doing it gradually, I shoved it in all the way. It’s your fault for trying to run away after we finally reunited.

In truth, I didn’t intend to violate you like this but…I ought to teach you that I have your entire being within my grasp it seems.

Haha, can you tell? My penis is completely inside your cunt.

It’s like a dream for me to be having sex with you whom I imagined fucking countless times inside my mind.


This is far better than I had imagined.

Your insides and the feeling of these hips…

You can tell that I’m reaching your deepest parts, can’t you? While adhering right up against your womb, I’ll cum.

Give up already, because right now, all I can do is cum.

I’m cumming, I’m cumming!


Hahaha! Your body, your pussy and everything else are quivering, how cute.

Ah, hey, you can’t be moving around.

I went through all that trouble to pour semen inside you…

If I grab onto your hands like this, you won’t be able to move freely right? So get a grip. It’s fine if you resist, but it’ll only make your pussy squeeze tighter.

I feel good so I don’t mind, this sensation when I rub against the top is addicting.

You feel good when I rub this place too, don’t you?


No need to lie, the feeling your insides give is different from before. The tightness is the same, but my semen and your juice are mixing together so it’s slipperier than before.

I’ll pour in enough to make up for the share you spilled earlier.


Accept everything without spilling a drop. If you spill any, I’ll pour in more to make up for it.

Yes, it’s impossible, right? Because right now my cum is dripping from your cunt.

Thus, I’ll continue pouring in my cum until your stomach is bulging to the brim with my semen.


Track 4: Exchanging Words


It’s me but is it okay if I enter?


Thank you for letting me in.

I thought you would drive me away too today. You’re so kind-hearted, or should I say, good-natured.

Ah! Sorry, sorry, I wasn’t trying to mock you, I was just thinking that you haven’t changed since then and I was a bit happy about that.

Say, is it okay if I come closer?

Thank you, then…


Ah! Was I not supposed to sit here? Would it be better if I stand?

Err, I’ll take you at your word then.

Umm, uh…

Heh? You’re adorning the room with the flowers I left you. Because the items I left the previous day would be gone when I visit each morning, I thought you must’ve surely told the maids to throw them out.

Even though they’re presents from a horrible man…

Sorry, I said something mean.

That’s not it, I…I came to apologize. I’m sorry about the other day for umm, doing something so violent.


The blood ran to my head and I messed up the order of everything, and I’ve been reflecting on it for the past week.

It’s important that I convey my feelings to you but I was thinking that we should’ve been talking about each other first. So, as long as you’re willing, can we start over?

I’d like you to hear about me and I’d like to hear about you. We only saw each other that one day 12 years ago.

Say, how about we reminiscence?

I guess so, where should we start from?


Oh, I’m prince of this nation, but-

What’s with that face?

It’s fine, don’t mind it, I understand full well that I’m not princely. And although I’m a prince, I’m last in line to the throne so I’m not really doing anything prince-like.

Eh? Then you’re a princess of the Mermaid Kingdom?

Oh, as expected, I did not know that. I did hear that mermaid society wasn’t that different from ours though.

I heard this from the coastal town you see, I was dubious, turns out it’s true.

M-m, I said it before but you’re someone I like so I was trying to learn as much as possible about you.

Say, were you close with your brothers and sisters?


I see. Then even if I touch on it you probably wouldn’t be able to imagine it, because you see, my siblings don’t get along well.

Things have settled down now but during those days, they were even targeting each other’s lives.

Yes, it’s unbelievable, right?

That said, that was certainly the case the time you saved me.

Everyone was aboard the ship and having a party, but I was shoved into the ocean by my older brothers.

While thinking that I was gonna die, you saved me.

You were so truly beautiful at that moment that it was almost as though you were a goddess. My meeting with you changed my entire life.


Eh? Huh? Why do you look like you’re about to cry?

Ah, my brothers aren’t trying to murder me right now, so don’t worry.

Like I’ve said, I never really did things in order, I began trading early on and I lived in a world that wasn’t heavily influenced by politics. Plus this isn’t the castle, this is my personal estate.

I’m doing the things I love, approaching the girl I like, it’s a place where I feel happy, so you don’t have to think of me as being pitiful.

The only reason the current me exists is because of you.

Yup, finding the things I wanted to do, being presently successful in business, all of it.


And so, how exactly did you get caught?

Ah. it’s fine if you don’t want to talk about it, but I hear that mermaids are extremely wary creatures, so I found it strange.

Considering your age, you should have good judgment so you wouldn’t stick your head out of the water because you wanted to see the world above the ocean, right?

I knew that’s what it was. As expected, you’re so good-natured.

That said, I’m a little happy, you haven’t changed at all from the way I remembered you.


What are your memories of me?

I didn’t leave much of an impression, right? Hehe…

Eh? But you didn’t remember my face?

“I only remembered a lonely expression,” huh. Even if it’s just that, I’m happy to have become part of your memories.

Huh? That’s…because when you said that you’ll be leaving me, I felt so lonely that I couldn’t help myself. In truth, I wanted to stop you that day.

Eh? Then that means you had the slight thought of wanting to see me again too.

Is that why you gave this to me?


I see, that makes me so happy.

Hey, you shouldn’t be patting my head like that. I like you so I might do it with you again.

I’m kidding, I’m not gonna do anything you’re against.

Now then, it’s about time I leave.


Eh, what is it?

You don’t hate me? Then…do you like me?

In that case, why don’t you fall in love with me? If you’d love me then I’ll be super gentle with you.


Say, is it okay if I kiss you?

If you’re against it then I’ll stop. I said that I wouldn’t do anything you hate, didn’t I?

But if you’re not against it then I’d like to kiss you and I’d like to go beyond that.

Hey, what do you plan to do?


Track 5: One Step for Love


There’s nothing troubling about it. A no’s a no so just say it, I’m leaving the final judgment to you.

That said, if you have the slightest thought that it’s okay…how about we test it?

Let’s kiss.


Your lips are as soft as they seem.

What do you think about your kiss with me?

Does that mean you didn’t hate it?

Thank god. If you didn’t hate it then it’s okay if I kiss you more, right?

Open your mouth wider. After all, you aren’t against it, right?


You see, people confirm their love through their kisses. It’s not about how skilled or unskilled the kisses are, it’ll feel good as long as there’s love.

I feel like I understand the meaning of that now, your kisses feel so good.

Is it fine if I don’t ask? With such a melted expression, even I can tell.

Come on, stick your tongue out further.



Because we didn’t kiss the first time we did it, we ought to make up for that.


You’ve completely lost your strength, haven’t you?

Did it feel so good that it brought you to tears?

It only felt hard on you? But well, I’ll settle for that for now since you didn’t tell me to stop.

Hmm? What is it? Did you forget what I told you before the kisses?

I said that I’d like to kiss you and I’d like to go beyond that, did I not? And yet, you didn’t say no.

Not just kisses, I was asking whether you’d be against it… Including the acts that followed after as well. Worry not, I won’t be violent like I was the first time, I’ll be so gentle that it’ll overwrite those memories.

I want us to make up.


Besides, it’ll be harder on you if I did nothing, right? …Because your body has become this hot.

Either way, you’ll end up having to deal with it yourself later. If so, let’s feel good together.

It looks like your nipples are completely stiff.

Hmm? That happens you know?

Look, your nipples are so hard that I can pinch them with my fingers.


It’s so cute how you tremble. I’ll make you feel even better, okay?


Your nipples are firm and delicious…and it has your taste to it.

Besides, I wonder if you’ve started sweating, your scent has become thicker and I can’t get enough of it.

Hmm? Why are you biting down on your lips?

……I want to hear your voice though.

It’s fine to hold it in, your appearance when desperately suppressing your voice is enticing.

I want to hurry up and fill this place with me.


Oh, sorry, did I scare you? Don’t worry, I won’t shove it in all of a sudden today.

Open your legs.

Ah, are you still embarrassed? Or, like I thought, are you scared?

Of course you’re scared. In that case…


Hmm? I thought you’d be frightened if I suddenly touched your precious place so I was planning to slowly ease you in starting from the tip of your toes.

It’s not dirty, or rather, your entire body’s shockingly beautiful.

Your toes too…

Your ankles are so slender and cute. I hear that if your ankles are slender, the tightness of that place would be wonderful.

I guess that’s not entirely wrong because your insides felt really good.


This is bad, my crotch’s aching.

It feels like you’re gasping for breath, are you feeling it that much from your legs?

Are you a little more mentally prepared now? I’ve already made it up this far.


Hehe, what an incredible reaction, you really are sensitive.

It’s unbelievable, I never imagined that you would feel it to this extent. Slowly learning each one of your pleasurable spots one by one is somewhat nice.

Aah…looks like we’ve reached the goal.

Your pussy’s soaked isn’t it? I don’t think I’ve touched this place yet, though.

It’s wet as though you’ve had cunnilingus​.

With this, it’s probably fine.


Oh, oh I see. Since I did it from the back last time, this is the first time you’re getting a proper view of my dick.

This super erect penis is gonna go inside you.

Can you tell? It has already gone in this far.

My penis is spreading open your insides all the way to the deepest of the deep…

Eh? You quivered just now, though?

Ah, it’s that, it’s because my penis touched your clit. Look, just like this.

You would make such a lewd expression when my penis rubs against your clitoris. And if I continue rubbing it, both of us will cum.


It’s fine to cum like this, but it’d be a waste for me to cum outside and I’ll once again…

Relax, I’ll insert it slowly.


Unlike before, your pussy’s drenched.

I told you to relax, didn’t I? Even if you don’t tense up your body that much, I won’t ram it in all at once. Today, I’ll fully insert it gradually.

I’ll slow rub against you so that your vagina can get used to my shape.

If it’s this shallow spot, it doesn’t hurt that much, right?


It feels good…

It’s just the tip but it feels so good.

Your insides are twisting as though it’s trying to engulf my penis. This is bad…

Is it alright to try going in a little bit deeper?


About half it is in.

Hey, let’s kiss.



What’s the matter? Your insides have been clenching down on my penis since earlier.

I’m simply going by what I’ve said and being as gentle as possible.

That said, if you say that you want it inside you deep, I don’t mind inserting the other half. So what do you plan to do?

If you say not yet, I’ll be a good boy for now.



How would you like me to move? Do you want me to continue grinding up against you like this? Or do you want me to thrust you deep?

Come on, say it.

Are you sure that’s what you want to say? If you want it deep, I’ll ram you with full force.

Hehe, your insides squeezed down just now. Did you imagine me penetrating you fully? Could it be that you’re aching from remembering what happened that day?

It can’t be helped then, your place here already knows how it feels to be stuffed with my penis.


There’s no reason to deny it because…I’m the same. I can’t forget the sensation of spreading your vagina as it goes and cumming deep inside you countless, countless times.

Look, your insides squeezed down again. Your body is saying that it can’t help but desire me.

Wait, because right now, I’ll insert it all the way for you.


What an amazing moan. Did you cum simply when my penis reached your deep parts?

How it is? This is the thing you unbearably wanted.

I apologize since you just came but this is just the beginning.

I’ll start moving okay?


Can you tell that my dick’s hitting your womb?

Here…I’ve found your good spot. Look, I’ll grind up against it plenty.

Did you by any chance cum again?

Nope, I won’t stop because you came because I haven’t cum yet.


You really don’t let out your voice but you let it leak out unintentionally earlier though.

If you’re embarrassed to have me hear your moans then call my name. I wish for you to call my name.

This is bad, if you call me with a hoarse voice, I won’t be able to stop myself.

Please call it more.



I like you, I love you. I love you, I love you so much that I can’t contain myself.

Please fall in love with me.


Crap, I’m about to cum too.

Let’s cum together this time.


Wait…I’m still cumming.


I’ve finished ejaculating.

Say, could you hug me?

Thank you. Your boobs are soft and they feel comforting.


Hehe, that’s not it, you’re mistaken. I didn’t ask you to hug me so I wanted to bury my face in your boobs.

It’s really soothing to be tucked into your scent and warmth like this, it feels like there’s nothing for me to be afraid of.

I’ve always, always yearned for this.


Oh, hehe, you’re pretty lively over my sense of loneliness.

I don’t think I asked you to go “there, there” though.

Ah sorry, please continue.

Since you’re being this kind to me, have you come to like me?


I see, but for you to think that you can’t leave me alone, that’s enough for now.

I’ll see to it that you say that you genuinely love me……no matter what methods I have to use.

On that note, don’t tell me you thought it was over?

I’m sure you know full well that I’m not satisfied with just one round so let’s go at it one more time.


Track 6: Gentle Cage


Yes, yes, that’s good.

You’ve gotten pretty good at walking. Well then, do you think you’ll be able to walk all the way over here?

Yup, go on, slowly.


Whoa there!

Rather than saying sorry, I’ll be happier if you thanked me for catching you.

Yes, you’re welcome.

If you think you can walk for a little bit longer, how about we head over to the courtyard?

You haven’t used the pond I prepared for you, right?

I want to know about the ease of use so I want you to enter it at least once.


Okay, then wrap your arm around mine.

Yes, that’s good.


No matter how many times I witness it, it’s usual, the moment you touch water, your legs melt away and transform into a tail.

Do you understand its mechanism?

Haha, you surprisingly know little about yourself huh. But as expected, you’re beautiful inside the water.

Eh? Ah, I’m happy that you invited me on an underwater date but…

Yup, right on the miss. I don’t know if it’s because I nearly drowned, but I’m kind of bad with water.

I’m fine with touching it like this, but jumping in is probably impossible though.


After first meeting you, I attempted to get inside the ocean to hurry up and see you again, but I couldn’t do it.

I had slight hopes that if I’m drowning again, you’d come save me.

Eh? I don’t hate it, I don’t hate it but…could you promise me that you wouldn’t let go of my hand?



I’m more alright than I thought I’d be, I’m still not used to the feeling of having nothing under my feet though.

I wonder if that’s because I’m with you? Even though I’ve always thought of it as frightening, I’m strangely not scared.

Look, I can even afford to kiss you.

You promised not to let go of my hand, didn’t you?

Oh, but it’ll be bad if we continued on like this wouldn’t it? I can’t move the way I’d like here.

You knew though, what exactly I wanted to do with you that is.


Don’t worry, they’re my subordinate, they simply came to discuss work.

It’s fine, stay where you are, it’s a conversation I’d like you to hear as well.

You can tell by just looking, right? We’re on a date.

Yes, that’s what I said so go ahead and report to me regarding work. Don’t worry about her, hurry up and tell me.

Yes, make preparations for the auction for the time being, if anything happens, I’ll give you further instructions.


It’s exactly what you heard, they’ve caught a mermaid and that mermaid will be put on auction.

I’m a trader.

Even if I didn’t tell you, you knew.

I handle creatures that aren’t human. When the captured creatures are auctioned off, transferring them over to the collector, or the research facility is my job.

Of course, I do have a respectable occupation as well, but this is my underground job.


It’s not a coincidence, anything that’s caught will surely come my way, so that’s how I was able to save you.

Though I don’t think an explanation is needed for that.

As I assist the research institutes, I’ve seen all their research data. Rather than reading the old literature where you can’t be certain of which sections are true, you’d learn more if you dissect an actual body, no?

Yes, I knew you’d say that and that’s why I let you listen in to the details of my job.

If you make a single promise with me, I don’t mind stopping the inclusion of mermaids within the trade. I can return the mermaid that was captured today back to the ocean unharmed as well.

Swear that you’ll remain by my side both now and forever, that you won’t go anywhere, and that you won’t return to the oceans regardless of whatever may happen.


That’s not it! To me, this is most important.

Even if there’s a drop in future revenue and my company crumbles as a result, there’s still meaning in having you by my side.

…..Because I went into this line of work solely for the sake of finding you.

There’s no meeting you if all I did was wait, in which case, I just had to catch every last mermaid in the ocean.

I thought if I did that, I’d see you eventually.

And that’s why, the moment I’m in possession of you, I have no more need for mermaids because I have you.

So what do you plan to do? I don’t intend to do anything you hate.


I understand, if you’re gonna make that promise then I’ll take my vows as well.

I swear to you that I won’t capture any mermaids following this, nor will I use them as part of my trade.


It’s about time for you to get up, let’s warm your cold body.

Oh, that’s right, do you remember when I confessed to you the day we reunited?

I’ll repeat the words I spoke of that day, because this time, you’ll give me a reply.

I love you so let’s get married.

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